Uefa get tough on non-payers


Not before time but it’s good to see Uefa get to grips with clubs which fail to pay their dues.  Malaga, who are still this season’s Champions League, have been banned from European competition the next time they qualify.  In the event they win the competition this season, they would join a short ignominious list and become only the third team in history to be banned from defending their trophy by the European governing body. Think of the shame.

Eight other clubs have also been barred from Europe for a season, including our very old friends, Vojvodina.  The message is simple, pay your bills!!!

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  1. Just catching up after an exciting day of decorating the kitchen…rock n roll…



    Anyway, I for one will NEVER allow the idiotic but apparently acceptable lie that is being peddled now about Newco = Oldco to go unchallenged…even if I’m correcting them for the rest of my life! To drop it would be understandable (cos it’s boring) but also unforgivable. Shameless…never let them forget it. They will airbrush this all out if we let them. Stolen money from every taxpayer in this country, stolen trophies from every Celtic supporter in the world and stolen 140 years of history from an auld deid club. We have a duty…to those before us and those coming after us too…not just ourselves.



    The 140 year tifo / celebration a few weeks ago underlined the need to stay on top of this…they are the people don’t you know…

  2. saltires en sevilla on

    Dushanbe BB 17:29



    I’m surprised you still buy that blatt!



    Are you back in Belfast for Christmas this year?



    Best wishes to you and yours for 2013 and hope to see you and the Bhoys at Wembley in late spring :)




  3. oldjunglebhoy



    In this season of goodwill,I would say……………..fekn spot on ,stick it to them.


    Merry Christmas to everyone on the planet ,except huns.

  4. Can Newco play in next season’s Europa League if it MIBs its way to the Scottish Cup?



    No it cannot.



    How’s that then, if Newco is the same as Oldco?



    Some things are far less complicated than Daryl Broadfoot makes them out to be.

  5. The McGeady thing reminds me of Traynor and Young et al getting all upset after Aiden’s father had contacted the station to ask them to respect the surname’s pronunciation.



    One of the enlightened wags was heard to say, live, ‘When I was young my mother never sent me to the shops to get breed…’



    And the confederacy of dunces agreed…



    Wonder how they’d have got on with Norman St John Stevas?



    And he was a catholic to boot…




  6. We have an enemy here. We have people telling us to forget about it. And we have people trying to start arguments with fellow supporters…who have been victim to the hun establishment.



    I can understand those who are falling for the obfuscating and just want to get back to the football.



    Fact is, this is the reason HMRC Delayed the verdict of Ftt, and Now the Appeal which is still to be requested. Yes And so to HMRC Appointed BDO, who were found to be wholly untrustworthy by a QC Only last year.



    I too am growing impatient in waiting for our governing bodies doing something/anything.



    Well so do we all.



    But lets just put it to bed because im sick of hearing about it. And you know what, those keeping it going ought to zip it too.



    Int that right!

  7. Celtic_First




    17:27 on 23 December, 2012



    I listened to an away game two or three years ago – where it was I can’t remember. Celtic were a goal up but Begg was telling a grateful nation what a pounding we were taking. Celtic then scored a second and Begg just went dumb. He did not mention that Celtic had scored for a full minute after. This did happen.

  8. Cheers voguepunter…it infuriates me…more as a taxpayer and a kinda fair play guy than as a Tim to be honest. If we make sure they need to keep repeating the lie (which they won’t need to do if we all just get bored and let it go) then they’ll become even more despised by supporters of other FCs who are also taxpayers and kinda fair play guys. I see absolutely o excuse for letting them ‘walk away’ from their carnage with no ramifications beyond a couple of years in the lower leagues.



    Anyway, Merry Christmas to you and yours…hope Santa’s good to you…

  9. charles kickham on

    “@SkyNewsBreak: Hillsborough tribute single ‘He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother’ by the Justice Collective has taken the Christmas number one spot”


    saltires en sevilla


    18:44 on


    23 December, 2012


    Dushanbe BB 17:29



    I’m surprised you still buy that blatt!



    Are you back in Belfast for Christmas this year?



    Best wishes to you and yours for 2013 and hope to see you and the Bhoys at Wembley in late spring :)





    Tanx, Saltires. I’m staying in Dun Laoghaire this Christmas. Too much nonsense about “flegs” up there in “Never, Never land”. Recession, what recession? “Flegs” are more important than food on the table.



    Just back from a business trip to Budapest and of course I took in Honved’s stadium (out in the Budapest suburb of Kispest) and stood in the same spot as you and I did, back in 1988. Big Guenter look-a-like was n goals for them (Pietr Disztl) that night, who is a now a Honved legend. And of course we got bait 1-0 but won 4-0 back in Glasgow. (agg 4-1). Those were the days when we couldn’t buy a goal away from home in Europe, never mind garner a point. How times have changed. Aah the memories of going behind the Iron Curtain and staying in Mrs. Attila’s guest house near the train station.



    Change money?

  11. Radio Clyde told those who were unfortunate to listen this week..that they are getting sick of this newco oldco ‘debate’ so thou must do as he is told. Its getting tiresome.



    Threats and intimidation of those who diverge from the PARTY LINE will be dealt with…. the likes of Montrose. They won’t make that mistake again. Aye and Dundee Utd they know the score. They’re now offering tickets regardless to the hun after having discussions with them.



    Are we goin to hear the same shit a year from now when the excuse Will be used.



    That wisnae us that wIz Charles green…. like….. That wisna us that wiz Craig white.

  12. prestonpans bhoys on

    So let me get this right because DUFC are selling tickets direction to them, then there could be a riot, according to the Yorkshire pitbull.



    Looking at the SPL table, I’m only aware of ICT, Dons, RC and Dundee selling tickets exclusively to Celtic. The rest are either a pick and mix or like Hibs/Hertz only sell direct to us. So what yur problem pitbull??

  13. David Begg- the away game v Falkirk Nov 2010 (the Poppy Day), 3-3 draw, his excitement contrast in the Falkirk goals v the Celtic ones were, well you all know what I mean.


    It couldn’t have been a coincidence 6 times in the one game (plus a 7th when Skippy’s late winner was incorrectly ruled out for offside).



    He certainly wore his heart on his sleeve.

  14. I’ve not seen the 5way agreement mentioned on here.



    Yknow the pact made between the Football Authorities and Chic



    Yknow that secret that noone else but they and a select few were party to.



    Yknow that little handshake that permitted a new outfit to barge its way back into our league structure ahead of the muted Spartans and their like.




  15. Evening all



    Re the apparently never ending Oldco/Newco/Sevco debate which is becoming increasingly , er, tiresome.



    We have reached the stage where supposedly intelligent people have convinced themselves that 2 plus 2 is 5. Let them think it – increasingly I feel that they are beyond reason. Increasingly I feel that the biggest fiasco came on that day that seemed so happy – that day the Newco found out they’d start the new season in SFL Div 3. One club, Stranraer I think, got it right in voting for them not to be let in at all. The lies pedalled by Green and everyone of those liars in the Laptop Loyal , the blatant on the record contradictions of those cretinous sychophants have become beyond parody. The lack of leadership provided by the game’s governing bodies at home and abroad has been depressingly predictable. I can only hope that the Quintessentially British Club Mark 2 goes belly up .



    Freedom is the right to say 2 plus 2 equals 4.



    H x 2

  16. Fritzsong



    i remember that game well. it was against the jambos. it was a full minute before begg actually said we had scored. he sounded gutted.

  17. Been dipping into lurk now and then today and surprised that a site I do not go on often but used to when it was the RTC have decided that the biggest story in sporting history in this country is now not to be mentioned. I dislike. Has someone been got to regarding censorship I don’t know but I find this distasteful and worrying. Censorship in any form is unacceptable.



    We value your opinion just as long as you don’t mention that festering, money making nuclear spoiled brat in the corner that is stinking out the whole village.



    I will take part in my own censorship and not visit the site again.

  18. izzy



    They 5way agreement was a blur of handshakes and backslapping. The MSM don’t dare mention it and when it is mentioned they move on. Legal? Doubt it. We are all obsessed don’t you know.

  19. Off to Rotovegas for Crimbo so will get my best wishes in early.



    Thank you Paul67 for allowing me to be a guest in your home. May you and your family have a very Merry and blessed Christmas.



    It has been a fantastic year for Celtic supporters all over the World. There are legends in the making in this Celtic team and Neil Francis Lennon is taking his place.



    How many sevconians does it take to change a lightbulb. Ten. One to change the lightbulb and the other nine to insist it is still the same lightbulb.



    Merry Christmas to every CQN’er out there posting or lurking. May you, your families and friends have a great festive season and enjoy the good things in life. Look after each other. Hail Hail.




  20. Paul and the Bhoy posters °°°° I wish you all a Merry Xmas and a great start to 2013.






    Mon the Hoops!




  21. Philbhoy - It's just the beginning! on

    Who the feck is david begg?



    I don’t buy newspapers, i don’t listen to hun radio programmes, i don’t have access to hun tv channells.



    I’m just a happy Tim who logs on to CQN to get my footballnews.



    Whats not to like?



    Although it seems if you are a hun you get loads of replies to your posts or you are discussed to death!



    I hope begg did not retire due to ill health.










  22. I liked the Scottish Football Monitor site yesterday.


    I like the same site today.


    I think the guy is quite right to say that the Rangers issue is GONE.


    So is the club that brought about the dispute.


    They are DEAD.


    It is strange that it is CELTIC men who want to continue talking about the deceased.


    I understand the guy now wanting to move on to the other issues in Scottish football which follow from the removal of the club that used to be Rangers.


    Some of us seem unwilling or unable to MOVE ON.


    That is not the fault of TSFM.


    There is NO Armageddon.


    Scottish football is in a better place than it EVER was before.



    BE STILL & KNOW………………………….



    The Naked Truth brings you ”THE BULLINGDON CLUB” of which a lot of the present Tory government as well as past were members, such as David Cameron, George Osbourne and Boris Johnson, and this club can tell you a lot about the people some of you voted for, to run the country and to have the interest of the majority at heart.


    The Bullingdon Club, Is built on its members being elite from most of society and the belief that they are the absolute masters of the working classes,it is a sect rather than a club and its members are socially exclusive elite students and a fine dining society that are infamous for their destructive drunken binges and taunting of the lower classes. Membership is by invitation only and prohibitively expensive for most. The Bullingdon Club was founded over hundred and fifty years ago, originally as a hunting club and NOW is primarily a dining club supporting the local hunts. ( David Cameron is well know for his boosts about all the magnificent Stags he has shot dead) Members traditionally dress in TAILCOATS specially made royal blue with ivory silk lapels, facing brass monogrammed buttons and mustard waistcoat… AT A COST OF OVER £2,000 each.


    When David Cameron was a member of the wretched Bullingdon Club they smashed up a pub outside Oxford breaking every glass and window in sight but got away with it because their parents paid for the damage and the police refused to bring any charges despite the landlord demanding their prosecution.Other pubs and restaurants received the same treatment but the owners were told not to worry as they would pay cash for any damage at the end of the night plus a little extra for the cleaning up.Their mentality was that they could do what they liked, where they liked, and to who they liked because they could throw money at your feet afterwards and then laugh as you bent down to pick it up.


    Another member remembers how they journeyed to London one evening, drinking bottles of champagne and shooting out traffic lights on the way… Again no charges were brought when they were reported to the police by concerned members of the public.


    They also enjoyed burning high denomination bank notes like £20s and £50s in front of street beggars from car windows and throwing the ashes on the floor in front of the poor souls then driving off laughing and tooting their horns.


    David Cameron and the rest have now tried to distance themselves from this elitist club.


    Maybe by telling everyone to ”Just call me Dave” he thought he had done the trick, meanwhile behind the scenes the Tories have now attempted damage limitation and got the photographers in Oxford who own the copyright on the photo in which Cameron is wearing his Bullingdon club uniform and standing next to his fellow members to have it withdrawn from publication and to warn people like us at ”The Naked Truth” not to reprint it in the public domain or risk breaking copyright laws.. Oooops. !!


    So to all you hard working men and women who gave ”Call me Dave” your vote,you will be glad to know he hates your fu@king guts as well.. David and Boris are both in the photo..







    Like the huns oldco or otherwise, They ARE the People



    As long as we let them.

  24. 16 roads - Neil Lennon walks on water. on

    Izzy – Calm down brother.



    Everybody agrees with the points that you have made.