Uefa need champions to be nominated


You and I have known for a while that the chances of football resuming to allow domestic and European seasons to conclude by the end of June are zero.  Uefa almost certainly knew this too before their videoconference meeting with the national associations last week, but they agreed to setup a working party to explore all options before issuing a decision.

As the virus spread, what was unthinkable only a few days earlier becomes the accepted norm.  By the time the working party reports, almost everyone in Europe will know football across the continent will be in lockdown until at least August.  Before then, transcontinental travel will be irresponsibly dangerous, so there is no chance of staging Champions and Europa Leagues finals in June.  These outstanding games, like the three remaining Scottish Cup ties, can take place anytime, even after the start of next season.

As we discussed two weeks ago, and today’s Daily Record reported “a source close to the discussions”, leagues and associations across Europe have asked Uefa to issue clear guidelines on what to do with their domestic competitions.  Whatever happens, many will be unhappy across Europe, but if Uefa guidelines are followed, outcomes will be transparent and free of interference.

What football needs now is money and the biggest pot available to much of the continent is from Uefa competition.  Heaven and earth will be moved to ensure the Champions and Europa Leagues will take place next season, ensuring TV and sponsorship income flows as usual.

For this to happen, Uefa will need champions to be nominated.  It is not how we wanted nine-in-a-row, but we all have more to worry about that football glory right now.

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  1. Macjay



    Can you offer any insight into which erroneous advice was being given by the WHO to which Faraage took exemption.



    The stuff on Mugabe is, of course, to be cindemned but its as moot to this issue as Oliver North getting a pardon from Reagan for all his crimes.



    Now, what about the very moot point in my first sentence here?

  2. macjay1



    Good to see you back on at this time. Not that I always agree with you. It seems to me that the British government has come round more to the WHO position than vice-versa.



    james forrest



    Again good to see you posting in this dear green place. You are right on the money with you with your latest blog.



    Hail Hail to both of you.

  3. Canamalar and kickinthenakas



    So very sorry to read about the deaths of your fathers. RIP. I’m doing a lot of praying during these difficult times for everyone. I’ll add both of you to my list. 🙏

  4. first look in all day; 5 hours of Skype today from home. Reckon i am getting more work done and less breaks than in the office.



    If SARS had gone global, there is no way most office based companies could have operated from home with tech and internet speeds then.



    I think nominating CL and EL teams is fine but we need to finish the season even if it overlaps with next season


    how would we have felt if the huns had been awarded the 1996/7 season for 9iar when we could have caught them?



    from my 100 Facts about Celtic book my daughter bought me at Christmas



    ‘ in 1909, Celtic were in 5th place in the 1st division after the cup final but had enough games in hand to win the league. They had to play 8 games in 12 days but won on the last day’

  5. Canamalar and kickinthenakas



    It’s hard when you lose a parent.



    Think of the good times with them.

  6. In the 2007/8 season (the Tommy Burns one) we were something like 14 points behind Rangers though we had 2 games in hand.



    They’re 13 points behind us with one match in hand atm.



    Not a huge difference TBH.



    Some great mments in that run in though –



    Naka’s screamer against them.


    JVOH’s last minute winner.


    Barry Robson’s penalty.


    JVOH’s vital goal against Dundee Utd in the last match that sealed the title.

  7. Bhoyjoebelfast on



    Sad news regarding your father.Candles will be lit at Clonard Monastery.

  8. fairhill bhoy on

    PETETHEBEAT-think we played them twice on the bounce which helped.Don’t think they have the players or capabilities to come back at us the same as we clawed them back,going by there form before the stop

  9. Fairhill Bhoy – Agree with all that but they would be within their rights to quote that.



    AFAICR, after an indifferent time until March, we didn’t drop any more points which was quite something.




    Sincere condolences on the death of your father.



    May he Rest in Peace.




    Entirely up to the Scottish Government, as is the creation of an NHS Volunteer scheme as has been set up in England.

  12. fairhill bhoy on

    PETETHEBEAT-I think the BBC has us at 98% +to win the league.One dropped point from the restart after Christmas.Them on their arse to be honest,I think it’s two different situations (obviously)but they were never in a month of Sunday’s going to catch us,and everyone knows it

  13. Canman and Kickin…. Really sorry for your loss ghuys.



    Jobo… Great post earlier re league.



    If I was PL, I would save Scottish football by organising and implementing the following plan…. This is based roughly on Aberdeen FC figs



    All clubs defer 50pc of wages and agree to pay the deferred amount over 2 years.



    All clubs beg their fans to buy season tickets asap.



    SPFL ask SKY to pay next 3 years amounts in some sort of front-loaded way.



    Celtic get a deal in principle for say, Kriss Ajer,for £20m.



    We buy Hearts goalie and Hickey for £3m.


    We buy Ferguson for £2.5m.


    We buy Turnbull n Campbell for £5m.



    These clubs keep 40 pc of fees then buy, Dykes, Shankland, Boyle., Docherty etc.



    Sevco, Dundee Utd, Hibs and Livi then keep 40pc and buy players from Killie, St Mirren, Ross Co and Accies.



    A bit Roy of the Roversy but possible.



    We will probably get our 9th title in a row in the next few weeks but when we do, we should ask for an equal share for all top 12 clubs.




  14. My daughter is bringing us some vital food later this afternoon.


    Online order placed last weekend not due to be delivered till Friday

  15. Any deal to save SPFL clubs will be scuppered if not skewed to prop up the Huns.


    Personally I would declare the season over by awarding the rest of the games as 0-0 draws.


    Of course the Huns and their mindless mouthpieces would object for sporting integrity reasons.


    My gluteus maximus.


    Any rescue plan should include teams operating within their means and demonstrating that they have the means to complete the season without resorting to administration or LIQUIDATION.

  16. glendalystonsils on




    Not a bad plan apart from the last bit . An equal share for 11 of the top flight clubs and F all for the cheats.

  17. Neustadt-Braw on

    evening Timland ….



    one of our own needing a hand oot…..am an awfy braw couple ….



    The Exiled Tim


    Anyways, I hope Mahe, Bobby and the blog doesn’t mind, but if anyone can spare a few bob it really would be much appreciated, the young fella is on his plums if he want’s anything back from the administrators, the hotel are just ignoring him on top of losing their jobs to boot, trying times.





    smiley as ever Keith regards to the smile thing




  18. !!Bada Bing!! on

    GG,or buying or getting loan players in, after posting £14 million losses,and begging for another £10 million to see the season out,absolute joke.

  19. Fairhill bhoy…. So we have a league next season…. Also the fees aren’t too bad if Turnbell, Campbell and Hickey can become 1st team players.

  20. fairhill bhoy on

    NALLY81-the three players you mention are good players,but it shouldn’t be put on us to bankroll this clusterfuk of an organisation.Regarding the young hearts player ,I think we have a sell on clause

  21. Glendaly…. They would have to oppose the idea and hence, publicly admit they were skint. 👍

  22. FB…. It’s extraordinary times and it’s in our interests to help the other clubs.


    We should remember that since RFC were liquadated, the vast majority of Scottish clubs have been well run.

  23. fairhill bhoy on

    NALLY81-I agree with the sentiment,but helping the other teams probably means helping them(again)

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