Uefa-Res 12, Craig Thomson, take a look at yourself


The document from Uefa to the Resolution 12 team, which emerged online over the weekend, is genuine. The headline part of this correspondence was always going to be Uefa confirming that whatever errors or omissions on the part of Old Rangers and the SFA’s Uefa vetting process, no further action was possible as New Rangers are a “new club/new company”.

Priceless, I know, but a delightful wee surprise, though it was, the status of Newco Rangers wasn’t the purpose of Resolution 12. Res 12 was about SFA process and accountability.

There was a great deal of correspondence with media figures since the letter was produced. It’s probably worthwhile noting the chronology of correspondence:

Uefa wrote to the Res 12 team on 6 June, copying the SFA and Celtic. After this date Grant Russell at STV asked Uefa for an update and received pretty much the same information that was sent to the Res 12 guys, without the supporting “new club/new company” line.

You may be of the view that after receiving the 6 June letter, the SFA could have asked Uefa not to offer such information in future (the layers of this story are endless). We’ll never know, but the horse had already bolted.

As correspondence on Res 12 continues, the team decided not to attempt private conversations with Uefa while making correspondence public, which is why this leak didn’t come from the Res 12 team. But I’m glad it’s out. It’s the definitive and irrefutable reference point on the status of Newco Rangers, and it’s on Uefa headed notepaper.

I don’t expect I’ll be goaded about Res 12 online as often going forward.

While we’re on the subject of the SFA: Craig Thomson, take a look at yourself. You know this is not good enough.  Your decision-making this season has been atrocious. James Forrest booking, for staying several yards away from the crowd after scoring a goal, was ludicrous, capping a multitude of errors this month.

If only people at the SFA were accountable. Which brings us back to the point above.

Getting nervous about tomorrow.  So much on the line……


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  1. TOSB: Fair play to you. I got tired of waiting for the new article so I went out to watch the grass grow. I won’t be doing that again.

  2. Whilst the UEFA letter was pleasing, was res12 not supposed to be about exposing the SFA? Are we now satisfied the SFA acted appropriately? Or are we snatching victory from the jaws of defeat with the letter being used as a compromise?


    No comment on the £1k an hour charitable drive Paul 67



    £34248 and going up




  4. Truth_Beauty_and_Freedom on

    Hi Fellow Celtic Fans,



    Just got back from holiday with family and friends in Krgyzstan; amazing place and amazingly hospitable people! If you know nothing about Kyrgyzstan then I think you will be pleasantly surprised to check on this link.



    I did manage to get onto CQN each day; always pleased to read the articles and a selection of the craic on here.



    I am SO looking forward to the game tomorrow, though I’m unsure which Channel, if any it’s on. Regardless I’ll be following the updates on here. Not Complacent as we will need to work for this, but quietly confident that we will prevail.



    Yours in Celtic,




  5. This answer from UEFA however welcome was not what was asked of them regarding the conduct of the SFA, it appears they UEFA are quite happy to let this lie and do nothing about a governing body breaking or being indulgent of a member club namely RFC 1872-2012.


    I wonder if they know there is a case and think the requistioners will settle for this, in the meantime we are stuck with a biased and unaccountable refereeing department that has not changed one iota since the removal of Dallas, removed to a cushy number at UEFA HQ that is.

  6. vfr800a8 on 22nd August 2016 11:18 am





    I pretty much agree with your comments. I also agree with a lot of what TD67 says.





    I do however, have a couple of questions, just in general and not directly to you.





    A. Who is administering this GoFund account?





    B. How do we know the money is going where its supposed to?





    I’m not suggesting its not going to where its supposed to, i’m just saying how do we KNOW?





    i know the 2 mentioned charities exist, ive been on they’re web sites you can donate there if you wish.





    So why would I want a third party to donate MY money for me? Just askin like!





    HH, enjoy your day.

  7. Re tomorrow,


    I’ve faith in Brendan’s football savvy, and the impact he’s had on the team so soon in the season is, I think, remarkable.


    The verve of the team on the park is eye watering following last seasons endemic lethargy.


    We should score, we should go through… faith in Brendan’s Bhoys.



    Its an absolute delight to watch this team right now.




  8. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Well done to all involved in Res12.


    Anyone know if STV have published a letter from UEFA about “Rangers” three year European “ban”? Would love to see it!

  9. BIG-CUP-WINNERS on 22ND AUGUST 2016 1:20 PM






    Think the appeal process is restricted to red cards.




    Cheers dude. I did wonder…

  10. Barney67 – it’s a member of the Green Brigade who set the account up. The reason for setting it up is obvious – so Celtic supporters can see how much THEY have collected for the two Palestinian charities. It has created momentum of its own. If people had just been asked to donate directly to the charities it would have raised a lot less. But you probably know that anyway.

  11. South Of Tunis on

    Craig Thomson ..



    Malaga publicly called him out for being incompetent ( or maybe a UEFA lapdog cheat ?) in their CL game v Borussia Dortmund a few years ago. . .Poor Stewart Regan was mortified .

  12. POGUES1967 –



    Great to read some positivity.



    I think we’ll get a score draw tomorrow. 2-2 sounds about right.



    Nerves tingling already, with well over 24 hours to kick-off.

  13. Paul67



    ‘Craig Thomson take a look at yourself?’ – are questioning Scotland’s


    ‘top whistler’



    The more Celtic yellows he chalks up the more he’s guaranteed our first league game against





    ThatsThePlan CSC

  14. Craig Thompson IS taking a good look at himself.



    And his reflection is wearing a pinny and magician’s gloves.



    Between him and the mirror stands a trembling goat, and behind him a wee hatchet-faced goon in a bowler hat and sash places a hand on Thompson’s arse and gently pushes forward…



    Tomorrow night, qualification for us means DOOM for them, again.



    Mon the Hoops.

  15. Apparently the family of an assassinated black,60s activist are planning to open a camping equipment store in Glasgow city centre and they want Tony D to run it.


    It’s to be called Malcolm Tents. ;))



    I’m hee hee here all week.

  16. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    The question has to be why did Celtic PLC leak the letter ?



    How untrustworthy are our PLC ?



    There is enough face to face experience with the gang of four and the CQN arbitrator to form an opinion ?



    The PLC clearly don’t care and still playing games.



  17. Paul, far be it for me to defend Thompson, however I think he booked Jamesie rather than send off Griff for a second offence – it was Griff not Jamesie who went into the crowd – the law states the the instigator should be cautioned – I feel that was what was in Thompson’s mind, that he could hold Jamsie to be the instigator, if questioned later.



    The rule is wrong however on this occasion I think he ‘bent it’ in our direction.

  18. Chavez on 22nd August 2016 1:27 pm


    As long as ALL of it gets to the charities i’m fine with that.


    I just asked how do we KNOW?

  19. Thomson is the SFA’s go to guy to kill a game- see LCgame v Sevco a couple of years ago, his plan is to stop the game as often as he can, and slow down our team and kill the tempo , a rat.

  20. Ray Winstone's Big Disembodied Heid on

    Craig Thomson would fail by any reasonable person’s idea of a competent referee.



    He is partial and selective in his interpretation and application of the rules, massively favouring one club and discriminating against another.



    I cannot think of any other way of describing his actions over the years, and particularly recently.



    He obviously doesn’t have any professional integrity or pride, having sold his soul for whatever the modern equivalent is of 30 pieces of silver.



    Shame on you Mr Thomson.

  21. I didn’t know the plc leaked the letter, but if they did, good for them getting the message out there.

  22. Not that I didn’t know this, but some do think this is new news.



    Shark Jumping & Acronym Trumping



    As I have stated on numerous occasions, Rangers are Scottish football. They are too big to fail. The gaming sponsors that have infested Scottish football like a plague of betting-slip locusts require a viable Rangers. Stewart Regan, of the SFA, requires a viable Rangers to justify his £250,000 per annum annual salary. Neil Doncaster, sucking on the teat of the blue pound, is happy to swear blind that the team playing at Ibrox is mother’s milk; the one, only and inimitable Rangers. Showbusiness is back and he wants a larger slice of the broadcasting pie to justify his salary that this year will be fast approaching £300,000, excluding broadcast negotiation bonuses. The SMSM require a viable Rangers as they find it difficult to write about Celtic as they are a team that they despise. If you attend Ibrox you are inculcated with the belief that Rangers ‘are going for 55.‘ You will watch a team with a 5 stars crest to signify more than fifty league title wins, five of which were won by cheating, as acknowledged, but not enforced, by Stewart Regan and Neil Doncaster as they attempted to sweeten a deal to expedite a new Rangers club’s access to the top tier of Scottish football.



    Every possible means of reinforcing the myth of continuation is played out by a series of three letter acronyms.We have had ECA, ASA and my personal favourite, STV. As Grant Russell is quick to assert, as soon as the SFA transferred the old licence of Rangers Football Club to Charles Green’s The Rangers Football Club Limited, they were one and the same. However the Rangers Football Club plc, incorporated in 1899 as RFC (1a) is being liquidated. The club at Ibrox is a phoenix club that has been allocated 114 titles by the SFA and SPFL. These are the facts. To sell TRFCL to as wide an audience as possible, those that govern Scottish football have decided that Charles Green’s new club must be seen to be the most successful club in domestic world football. Those looking on with an agenda-free eye are astonished at the SFA/SPFL sleight of hand. They are astonished that their clubs are so drunk on ‘Blue No-Nuns’ that they are active participants in the deception. Why don’t we just award the titles to Rangers this year and let the other clubs play for second place? We might as well as TRFCL managed to pick up 114 titles on its four year ‘journey‘. I’m surprised that The Guinness Book of Records has not been on the phone to Neil Doncaster and Stewart Regan.



    Scottish football is corrupt to the core. It is run by self-serving individuals on behalf of a criminal at Ibrox and a cute businessman at Celtic Park. The officers of the SFA and the SPFL sit on their hands in their well-upholstered chairs and count the days to their next £20,000+ pay day on the 26th of the month. If you want to launder money at Ibrox, you can go right ahead. If you want to destabilise a boardroom using £25,000 of hacked information, step right up. If you want to engage in systemic tax evasion, don’t wrinkle your brow as Campbell Ogilvie, Sandy Bryson and Stewart Regan will subvert the facts to give you a £250,000 slap on the wrist. They will even dress up a retired judge for you in a SFA/SPFL pantomime. If you want to drive a club off a cliff with £168.6m of debts, don’t fret because the SFA and the SPFL will bend over backwards to sweep this under the carpet and introduce the innovation that is Scottish football jurisprudence.



    The latest acronym to enter the new club fray is that of UEFA. The following is a statement by Andrea Treviso, UEFA’s Head of Club Licensing and Financial Fair Play:



    “To sum up, as a consequence of decisions taken in 2012 as well as the administration of the club and the events/ measures that followed (including the


    new club/ company being ineligible to apply for a licence to participate in UEFA competitions for three seasons), there is clearly no need for UEFA to investigate this matter any further since the club was not granted a licence to participate in the 2012/13 UEFA club competitions, the club/ company entered the fourth tier of Scottish Football and it was not able to play in UEFA competitions for the next three years in any event.”





    This is quite clear. Many would consider it the incontrovertible truth of the matter. However there are those who won’t accept any truth in regard to Rangers.Rangers must be the most successful club in Scottish football because they are Scottish football. Neil Doncaster has stated that Rangers are the same club and that’s good enough for everyone. Those who oppose the party-line are from an SNP, CFC , IFA conspiracy to discredit the finest football club Scotland has ever seen.



    Will a four letter acronym trump the 3-letter acronyms? Probably not.Will the continued club concept that has been openly derided in Scottish courts go forth, prosper and multiply? Indubitably. Anything other than this is unaccaptable to those that earn a living from the entertainment that is Scottish football.

  23. kevinlasvegas on 22nd August 2016 1:35 pm



    £35,355 of £40k goal


    Raised by 2,183 people in 1 day




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