Uefa safety regrets while Scottish football remains blind


Celtic have a healthy record at Tynecastle.  We lost Ange Postecoglou’s first league game there, in July 2021.  Three years before that we lost there in the second game of the season and famously, our record 69 game unbeaten run in domestic football ended there in 2017.  Those games aside, we have won 16 of 17 visits there, a run that goes way back to when Neil Lennon was under pressure from the new Craig Whyte regime across the city.

Still, our games there are usually tight.  In our last six visits we have only won by more than a single goal once (0-2).  Our visit there earlier this season could be described as heroically tight.  The Scottish Cup draw, which sees us away to Hearts next month, could scarcely be tougher.

In our favour, we have them at Celtic Park a few days before the cup tie.  It will be an opportunity to use our football investments to best effect, put them through a strenuous test, making the most of our depth of squad.  They may be able to compete well at Celtic Park, but doing so will take a toll.

In other times we would focus on the league but our glut of trebles still overhangs the consciousness of Scottish football.  Few trophies escape Celtic, making every trophy more valuable, including to Celtic.

It is unlike football to quickly get to the point and accept responsibility, but Uefa did just that in their report into the serious safety failings at the Champions League final last year between Liverpool and Real Madrid.

The leaked report laid primary responsibility for the danger on Uefa itself, while the Paris police and French government were also condemned.  If risk to life can still happen when the world’s media are there, broadcasting every second, it can happen anywhere.

Scottish football mostly feels safe, unless you are part of a kettled few hundred, boxed in by horses, or with bottles raining down on you.  Complacency shown on these matters when we visit Ibrox is a disgrace.

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  1. Like most of the sectarian, racist attacks, and problems, they are hurriedly swept under the carpet, there really is nothing to see here! por cierto

  2. I found it interesting that there was quite a few comments in the media about taking points off us and them for sectarian singing after Andrew Smith mentioned the awful songbook in Govan. That seems to have been VERY quickly forgotten. I do hope we get back to singing Celtic songs. I can’t see them ever changing. It’s who they are sadly. Witness their abuse of their manager on Sunday when he does the decent thing.

  3. Don’t agree, Paul 67.


    The league is the most important competition.


    Anything else is a bonus.

  4. Tynecastle first up after BR left was with the benefit of hindsight, a perfect tie for us.



    Hopefully this cup game can have a similar effect. Fully focused and a good win will set us up nicely for a return to Hampden.

  5. Paul 67,



    Tickets at Greyskull are outwith our control. Personally I would tell them to ram them, however if our fans want to go then it is their decision.



    At Paradise we have the control. On the grounds of continual H&S concerns we should give them hee haw.and challenge authorities.



    The cup draw at Tynecastle is a mouthwatering tie which we should embrace. If it tests us, then good. We want and need competition, especially in a hostile atmosphere. Our successful participation in European competition requires games like this and that is the bigger picture in my opinion.



    Cups are for fun and instant excitement, the league and Europe are necessary for continual growth.



    HH, the journey continues.

  6. its snake mountain, ffs how many times.



    He Man was the goodguy.



    Castle Grayskull was green.






    – Sold Out –








    – Sold Out –

  8. Upcoming fixtures



    18th feb Aberdeen H league 3pm



    26th feb Nooklub dump LCF 3pm



    5th mar St Mirren A league12noon



    8th mar Hearts H league 7.45pm



    11th mar Hearts A to be confirmed



    Plenty of football to be getting on with. Aberdeen saturday is the focus




  9. Not that it really matters (as we have to beat them all) but I thought the draw was a bit dodgy with the numbers on the balls and a fairly big hole you could see in to …



    Ball 4 – Hearts … BAM Ball 2 – Celtic!


    Next up BAM Ball 8 – Huns at home against any lower league tram …



    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MuTgQGkrfLM … from 7:00 mins



    Hmmmm …



  10. I don`t think the draws are rigged but I DO think the reason many do feel that way is because we have every right to distrust the Scottish Football Authorities.

  11. So now the paranoids are claiming the hole was big enough to see into.



    Jesus wept.



    This place gets crazier by the day.

  12. glendalystonsils on




    Of course it’s nonsense . Even if the balls were completely uncovered , if you swish them around while looking away , how on earth could you keep track of which ball is where ? Unless it’s some kind of conjuring trick .


    However as Hot smoked says, it’s symptomatic of the distrust we have for the SFA when otherwise rational people harbour irrational suspicious beliefs.

  13. Greenpinata – I remember a guy on Twitter years ago who reckoned that God clealy didn’t exist or he/She would have manifested to congratulate his creations on having left Earth and reached another planet.


    To which i replied that the moon landing was obviously a fake then! Lol!



    Anyway just my natural suspitions and distrust of the SFA.


    Who cares, let them do their worst – we’ll still beat them!



    And conspiracy theory is now a thesis! lol

  14. Why would you be worried about facing them twice in a week we will cane them easily ffs ,🍀🍀🍀🍀

  15. TOM MCLAUGHLIN on 14TH FEBRUARY 2023 2:17 PM



    So now the paranoids are claiming the hole was big enough to see into.



    Jesus wept.



    This place gets crazier by the day.






    What is your line here Tom?



    As Glen Dalys says of course its nonsense,but with the current ongoing history in Scotland°,pertaining to one club particularly since it was purchased in 1988 is most certainly not paranoid.


    °mintys purchase and selfharm as econ policy


    °mintys financing and lamb media ‘waiting to be told’




    °one hundred pence sale. 100 pence.




    °100,000,000 malicious circus since



    ^^The redaction and editing of history battle is on Tom.its based on fact Tom.not paranoia.The pebble has only dropped in the pond as far as that event occurring in 2012,in historical terms.most probably it will be left for future generations to delve.maybe by then the liquidators report will be out.:-)




  16. Weebobbycollins on

    Greenpinata…agree about the tickets for Greyskull being out of our control. I would like to see us refuse tickets for Greyskull. Greyskull is not very safe for our fans. In fact, Greyskull is not even safe for our players nor our staff. Down with Greyskull and that sort of thing…

  17. Go tell the Spartim on

    I dont think its a rigged draw, but the amount of times TFOD get a home draw against lower league opposition is an abhoration of the compliment rule in probability (i expect to get shot down for that analogy as im sh*te at Mathematics).



    Tom M beats this continual drum towards paranoid individuals, acting the Lon Chaney, a parody of himself perhaps.

  18. Weebobbycollins on

    Yep, as soon as ball 4 was drawn I saw the hand swishing around feeling for ball 2 which was obviously very E. And then the hand was feeling around for a ball that had been in a freezer just minutes before, ie. n°8 which made sure thems got a home tie at Greyskull. We should have demanded Michael Beale do the draw. That man has a degree of dignity unlike the SFA…

  19. It seems they found 2 musicians who were Kilmarnock fans with eyes on the back of their heads just to deliver a tough draw for Celtic.