Uefa safety regrets while Scottish football remains blind


Celtic have a healthy record at Tynecastle.  We lost Ange Postecoglou’s first league game there, in July 2021.  Three years before that we lost there in the second game of the season and famously, our record 69 game unbeaten run in domestic football ended there in 2017.  Those games aside, we have won 16 of 17 visits there, a run that goes way back to when Neil Lennon was under pressure from the new Craig Whyte regime across the city.

Still, our games there are usually tight.  In our last six visits we have only won by more than a single goal once (0-2).  Our visit there earlier this season could be described as heroically tight.  The Scottish Cup draw, which sees us away to Hearts next month, could scarcely be tougher.

In our favour, we have them at Celtic Park a few days before the cup tie.  It will be an opportunity to use our football investments to best effect, put them through a strenuous test, making the most of our depth of squad.  They may be able to compete well at Celtic Park, but doing so will take a toll.

In other times we would focus on the league but our glut of trebles still overhangs the consciousness of Scottish football.  Few trophies escape Celtic, making every trophy more valuable, including to Celtic.

It is unlike football to quickly get to the point and accept responsibility, but Uefa did just that in their report into the serious safety failings at the Champions League final last year between Liverpool and Real Madrid.

The leaked report laid primary responsibility for the danger on Uefa itself, while the Paris police and French government were also condemned.  If risk to life can still happen when the world’s media are there, broadcasting every second, it can happen anywhere.

Scottish football mostly feels safe, unless you are part of a kettled few hundred, boxed in by horses, or with bottles raining down on you.  Complacency shown on these matters when we visit Ibrox is a disgrace.

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  1. BIG JIMMY on 16TH FEBRUARY 2023 10:32 AM





    Maybe so Mate….BUT…..What IF its BRRBs Lawyer who is control of the Computer ?






    A fair point, well made😂

  2. CONEYBHOY on 16TH FEBRUARY 2023 10:25 AM









    you don’t need a passport to fly within the Common Travel Area of UK, Ireland, Channel Islands. Driving licence or certain other cards are adequate. Ryanair do make you show a passport as part of their common processes business model.






    Apart from my ” Mis Laid ” Birth Certificate…the ONLY PHOTO ID that I have is my BUS PASS.


    HH Mate.

  3. Yorkbhoy,



    True that. If we had any brains in the SFA they could start to change the game in a way that helped everyone build for something different going forward – less clubs, better facilities, pricing, etc




  4. Was looking for something in my favourites and came across this old gem…..





    Hall of Fame


    Hall of Fame




    Senior Member




    25,530 posts




    Location:Berwick On Tweed


    Posted February 22, 2011


    I have said this before but after our last 2 games against the scum we must get back to playing 11 Protestants in our team again. Guys that know what our club is all about and will play for the jersey and not just for the money.



    We should have a clear out of all the tims who are employed by our club in most of the jobs and get rid of all the tim stewards. We should also be allowed to sing what we want, and would even go further and have the club play the Sash or Billy Boys over the tannoy as the darkside have no problem playing their songs.



    Also we should have a flute or other band playing all our songs at half time to get the atmosphere going again.

  5. St Stivs – From last night



    enjoyed reading your piece on property development in Glasgow and especially around Govan, Plantation (dodgy name) and Snake Mountain.



    I’ve always thought the area was crap for a football experience and as you say, you would need the council, gov, investors etc do revamp the whole route to town along PRW



    I think the walk up to Celtic Park is pretty good , plenty of newer social housing and decent pubs (I hated Baird’s and i won’t apologise!)

  6. Art of War,



    That sentiment will be back with a vengence next season with McGregor and Jack moved on and not a natural born hun in sight. Of course he could keep them around, pay their overinflated wages just for that reason.



    They will always eat themselves, thankfully.




  7. CONEYBHOY on 16TH FEBRUARY 2023 10:25 AM









    you don’t need a passport to fly within the Common Travel Area of UK, Ireland, Channel Islands. Driving licence or certain other cards are adequate. Ryanair do make you show a passport as part of their common processes business model.














    My passport is still stuck with Royal Mail due to their cyber attack – have to cancel a trip to Dubai with camels,










    is it an emirates flight ? they are very good for the extra legroom letting the camels go under the seat

  8. Coneybhoy,







    is it an emirates flight ? they are very good for the extra legroom letting the camels go under the seat




    IF the Camels do NOT get the extra leg room…do they ” Take the HUMP” ?





  9. Aside from a few kids and grown ups having a giggle on Celtic websites can someone tell me what it is achieving for Celtic and our quest for more trophies and European success ?????



    Agreed. The GB should forget the TIFOs like Barcelona, the foodbank drives, the protests against the sfa & the gov, being the sole providers of any kind of support and atmosphere at the majority of home games. They should stick to the songs from a Glen Daly album and get straight to bed after the game.


    When they get up on Monday morning, they should also ask for a refund from those folk in the Gaza Strip and send it to the Wummins Institute in Moray.



    We should also tell that wee Kyogo guy that hes a naughty boy for even daring to acknowledge those folk who contribute nothing to Celtic. Shame on him,



    More than a Club ? Seems some on here would rather it was a private members golf club.

  10. Superbru Update



    Round 26 was finally completed with Motherwell’s win last night in the SPFL. And………………………..



    We now have a new leader in the individual weekly points total. Surpassing the previous target of 14.5 achieved by Melvin Udall and Ayrshire Tim we have this week’s winner:-



    1st- The class of 67 – 15.5 points (one of 12 who got the Well score exact)


    2nd- Apple- 14 points


    3rd= Call Me Gerry


    One Malloy


    Hopeful Hoops- all on 12 points



    Our wooden spoon seems to have been awarded to one of our absent participants- Craig 76 – because he had predicted the result of the Well v Saint Mirren game earlier this season but did not predict any of the other ties. Unlucky!



    Overall, we have the same top 3 but 2nd and 3rd places have been swapped:-



    1st – A thing of beauty- 151.5


    2nd- Ayrshire Time- 141.5


    3rd- Leggy- 141.



    The class of 67’s performance has moved him up 22 places to 14th. We now have 56 of our 68 posters on 100 points or more.



    Everyone’s involvement and donations are appreciated but I am going to monitor our bottom 3 participation rates over the next few weeks. The wooden spoon award will go to someone who is proving bad at the old predictions game rather than someone who stopped predicting after a number of rounds. You don’t have to be predicting every week or every game but the wooden spoon will got a fairly regular predictor.



    And, to encourage we now have a new weekly target of 15.5 points to aim at, which will net you a good money prize, regardless of how often you predict.



    Next set of predictions are due in by Saturday 18th at 3 pm. Many thanks for your continued support.

  11. CONEYBHOY on 16TH FEBRUARY 2023 10:55 AM


    St Stivs – From last night




    enjoyed reading your piece on property development in Glasgow and especially around Govan, Plantation (dodgy name) and Snake Mountain.








    reading back I missed the word PROPERTY from “following the development money”.



    But for sure, in my mind, if Dodgy Dave had kept the original club solvent and played the long game they would be in a far better place now. He couldnt, he lived on the never never, and he let his club die ( I actually love typing that, for any ner do wells looking in if still infuriates them).



    Onto Plantation.


    Growing up in the Port, spending weekends in the town at my grannies we had several church graveyards we would use as shortcuts. Obviously these old places never had catholic gravestones, as these peoepl are dead 100 years before the Irish arrive in the town, and the biggest , most ornate would be the mill and shipyard owners, followed by town provosts and owners and the like.




    The oldest graveyards had many Ships Captains, and explorers, and St Marys episcopalian had many Masonic graves with all the simple symbols, skull and cross bones, pendants set squares and all that stuff.



    Often though they had strange words on them, In memory of Captain Maxwell of Newark and Kingstown Jamaica, lost at sea 1777, that sort of thing, exotic place names Antigua, Montego Bay, and so on.



    That peaked an interest for me, of the towns history, obviously happened but never really celebrated, other than sailing ships on the municipal buildings and coat of arms, and even my school blazer.



    So my softer , gentler, curious, history nerdyboy side, took to the libraries and with encouragment of my English granda we build up a knowldege of the town before my Irish (tyrone) and Ulster Scots (Belfast yardies) arrived in the 1850 onwards.



    We discovered a sea going town, building wooden ships, then sailing them to the parts of the know world, bringing tobacco and sugar and timber back with them. The names on the stones often had plantations and owned and operated the ships and took all the profits, then build mansions in glasgow and ayrshire and further afiled, the captains of the ships doing the heavy work.



    Very seldom mentions of slavery, they just didnt think it was,



    When I got to Glasgow in the early 80s for college this story continued to fascinate me via place names , the merchant city, the biggest buildings being their old mansions, the roads names after them, the squares after their plantation names even, and the quays named after the places they travelled to.



    This went further for me when the garden festival was on, I am almost certain it was built on the Former Plantation area, which was a grand parkland and mansion owned by one of these people, and a reference to his property and land in the carabien.



    And so to today.


    The woke term is long overdue, an acceptance of wht the 2nd city of the empire and the scottish banking system was built on should be accepted as what happened, hidden for two long, while standing in plain sight, its good we ger curious as to what happended.



    Those in Dublin, I am curious and never really asked, did any of the Irish ports, have similar merchants ? taking the wealth from abroud, owning slaves, I assume so for the wealthy landlords ?



    God I am getting more boring by the day.

  12. St Stivs



    Not boring for me. I’m only a blow in so I’d leave the Irish trading history to others on here but I’m pretty sure Trinity College got funding from tobacco barons and we recently had an issue over statues on the steps of famous Shelbourne Hotel around the time of the Bristol statue incident – they were removed and put back again as they had been misinterpreted.



    I’d hazard a guess that Belfast and Cork would have a bigger trade as they have bigger harbours and estuaries

  13. For my recent trip to Dublin with Ryanair, I went online to advance check-in. As my UK passport expired in less than 6 months, I could not use it. My intention was to use my drivers licence as photo ID. However, the online check-in facility only works with passports.



    I contacted Ryanair and was told if I check-in at the airport I would be required to pay a £35 surcharge. Fortunately I have an Australian passport and used that to check-in online. I had to show my Aussie passport while travelling to and from Dublin. That presented no problems.



    Just to make people aware that there could be a financial cost to using a non-passport photo ID.



    Daylight robbery but there it is.

  14. St.Stivs.



    If ever in Cork visit the port for listings,ie the food exported(esp during the famine.





    Many irish slaves were transported to many caribbean isles,martinique was called the irishisle as so many arrived there.Touched on by Dr joe Ohlemeyer at Trinity in this interesting podcast










  15. Reply to







    The rules for PPV mean that games kicking off at 3pm on a Saturday are not allowed to be broadcast via PPV.


    You really need to invest in IPTV.



    Hi Tom,



    How do I get this?.




  16. CONEYBHOY on 15TH FEBRUARY 2023 7:01 PM


    Has anyone other than Kyogo scored a cup final goal where no-one watching on TV couldn’t see it?




    It must be one, if not the, best cup final double ever. Unfortunately, it’s hardly viewable. I don’t get the flare attraction. Selfish pricks😁

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