Uefa safety regrets while Scottish football remains blind


Celtic have a healthy record at Tynecastle.  We lost Ange Postecoglou’s first league game there, in July 2021.  Three years before that we lost there in the second game of the season and famously, our record 69 game unbeaten run in domestic football ended there in 2017.  Those games aside, we have won 16 of 17 visits there, a run that goes way back to when Neil Lennon was under pressure from the new Craig Whyte regime across the city.

Still, our games there are usually tight.  In our last six visits we have only won by more than a single goal once (0-2).  Our visit there earlier this season could be described as heroically tight.  The Scottish Cup draw, which sees us away to Hearts next month, could scarcely be tougher.

In our favour, we have them at Celtic Park a few days before the cup tie.  It will be an opportunity to use our football investments to best effect, put them through a strenuous test, making the most of our depth of squad.  They may be able to compete well at Celtic Park, but doing so will take a toll.

In other times we would focus on the league but our glut of trebles still overhangs the consciousness of Scottish football.  Few trophies escape Celtic, making every trophy more valuable, including to Celtic.

It is unlike football to quickly get to the point and accept responsibility, but Uefa did just that in their report into the serious safety failings at the Champions League final last year between Liverpool and Real Madrid.

The leaked report laid primary responsibility for the danger on Uefa itself, while the Paris police and French government were also condemned.  If risk to life can still happen when the world’s media are there, broadcasting every second, it can happen anywhere.

Scottish football mostly feels safe, unless you are part of a kettled few hundred, boxed in by horses, or with bottles raining down on you.  Complacency shown on these matters when we visit Ibrox is a disgrace.

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  1. 22. “They’ll slip into liquidation within the next couple of weeks with a new company emerging but 140 years of history, triumph and tears, will have ended. No matter how Charles Green attempts to dress it up, a newco equals a new club. When the CVA was thrown out Rangers, as we know them died. They were closed and a newco must start from scratch.”



    Jim Traynor, Daily Record

  2. Paul 67



    “Scottish football mostly feels safe, unless you are part of a kettled few hundred, boxed in by horses, or with bottles raining down on you. Complacency shown on these matters when we visit Ibrox is a disgrace”


    Well said




  3. Saint Stives


    That’s all very well but once the Sevco paid Traynor a shed load of money none of that was true any more. He even recorded an interview with the Fat Gardener to tell the Hun hordes how he’d got it all wrong!

  4. Saint Stivs



    Thank you for posting on the blog about the Tommy Burns supper.




  5. For those with faith …no explanation is necessary…for those without no explanation is possible ….St Thomas Aquinas …simple logic but an effective answer



    Saint Stivs



    Thank you for posting on the blog about the Tommy Burns supper.








  7. YNWA has just come on Radio Angus. I had to restrain myself from getting my scarf , standing and joining in !!




    That is some beautiful stuff you have posted today about Love in the Irish language.



    I have checked possible holidays for August and i think i should be ok getting hols in August.



    Will post dates tomorrow.




  9. TIMMY7_NOTED on 14TH FEBRUARY 2023 4:55 PM



    An T



    14TH FEBRUARY 2023 3:23 PM



    I passed St Mary’s last weekend for the first time since the memorial was unveiled, I was walking my grandson down to the green. It was quite an emotional experience.




    Yo Timmy good to see you on:-) i often pop in have a min or 2’s peace and breath,walking up to game.hope all good your side.i think they do tours.always liked it.💚




  10. I can’t see how that draw was fixed.


    IMO much more important to focus on the odious individual’s doing very bad impersonations of impartial refs



    Also think it is much more important to tackle the violence from the fans at Mordor before someone gets seriously hurt or worse.




    It was some of your posting previously that made me think of this.



    I would love to see the green brigade doing a banner var decision the ref is a Jeremy Hunt.



    Or if the Roma hating tory is running the line against us would love to see their banner saying Douglas Ross is a Jeremy Hunt




  12. Did anyone else notice at Celtic Park on Saturday they had reverted to last seasons giant scoreboard which is illegible from east and west stands due to the font being too small?



    I hope that was just a one off.




    Possibly. But you’d think they’d have tested it with the ad before going with it.

  14. DALRIADABHOY on 14TH FEBRUARY 2023 9:40 PM



    I Couldn’t find the CQN story about possible match fixing, Have you pulled it Paul67



    But for the day that is today below is link to David Murray sorting out the DAFC manager for his “brother of the mystic tye” Gavin Masterson’s club



    We were never as a support paranoid enough.





    I dont recall Paul writing in such a way, he may have implied/inferred ‘the knuckle’ but i think he would leave you or i to introduce our own bias with “(brethren) brother of the mystic tye” influence.i think it came out on radio,check out early sfm podcasts archive youll get better info.there is an audit trail.i suppose left for history,but we know the start,2 feral capitalists highlighting how the union does business.



    Dont deal in para,deal in facts,and there are plenty to just laugh at the guff,masonicism is in there,as part of the failure process now redacting history,pretending the shitinoot did not happen.but sometimes its only more cloud instead of clarity when bringing it in,its been fluid always.



    Yup,no need for para,plenty of facts covered david and his demise.









    Where do you sit in Paradise? I’m in Jock Stein lower section 138 about 15 rows up between 6 and 18 yard lines to right of goal.

  16. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Always good to end a long day on a chuckle.



    If any of us ever get ahead of ourselves in terms of how Celtic are perceived, perhaps Japanese site Sponachi will bring us down a peg or two.



    According to Video Celts the Japanese site report the clubs being considered for a trip to Japan in July as



    “The prestigious Paris Saint Germain”


    “The prestigious B Munich”


    “The prestigious Manchester City”








    Night all




    Sorry not deliberately trying to conflate 2 separate.



    I seem to remember Paul doing a piece some years ago where he had advised that he had received possible evidence of match fixing in the Huns 6 DAFC 1



    This story didnt go anywhere as i remember the DAFC manager in question was diagnosed with a progressively degenerative disease.



    I can’t find it only this and i thought that Paul had put this story out there. Even though not named i thought it was Paul the Daily Ranger were having a pop at in the below






    The VideoCelts link i posted previously was my poor attempt to highlight the fact that David Murray and Gavin Masterton were both freemason


    In an attempt by me to imply that that may have had a bearing on the money that HBOS



    It was not my intent to imply that Paul had ever ran a story either stating or implying that the Mystic Tie connections between those to snake oil salesmen had a bearing on the Money that David Murray got from BOS and then HBOS.



    so apologies




  18. D Bhoy relax mate,its awrite your not on any stand :-)


    Happy huntin in the murray archive section,tinkles a memory of one written,round bout sutty comment time.the air was rigid wi the smilin cynicism of karendunbar.all am saying was Paul would enable us to call them cheatin masonic bassas,he widnae lol.



    DBhoy a rekkkord link really? Lol Those masons you mention, is there a media wing active,complicit in the whole minty/gav cheatery-pokery shenanigans :-)))


    They done their bit.it is their narrative.same as vidcelts and here(cqn magazine side) to a certain extent pushin there own line



    The snakeoil salesman and masons whatever degree they are,am sure Gavin and David took turns at being snakeoil salesman,they are one and the rancid same.same audit line of self harm that ran out of banks to tap lol.it encompasses the transition to hbos but it also does the interconnectivity of the whole banking sector,which was feral at that time.



    Nae need to apologize.i have no interests in the knuckley swiveleyed gokky bassas.wrang yins.




  19. In the early 1970’s a Band called ” LIVERPOOL EXPRESS” recorded a song called ” YOU ARE MY LOVE”.


    I only became aware of them when they played ” support” to The SENSATIONAL ALEX HARVEY BAND” ( SAHB ), in Hamilton Town Hall BEFORE SAHB hit the Big Time.


    it wasnt a bad wee Song, my Burd bought the record soon after.



    That was the GIG in front of ONLY 40/50 Punters, and at which Alex Harvey jumped off stage and he and I did some ” JIVING” together in the front aisle, and the bold Alex took a swig of my Kerry OOT !



    BEFORE the GIG started, Alex Harvey came out and stage and APOLOGISED for the poor ” Turn Out”, and then said…” The Feckin Show must go on” !



    The next time I saw The SAHB a few months later, it was in front of 3,000 punters in the auld Greens Playhouse or had it become The APOLLO by that time….I cant remember ?



    SAHB….A FANTASTIC ” LIVE” BAND….I saw them six or seven times. They Boys KNEW how to entertain.




  20. It appears that I was wrong about the Group “Liverpool Express” and the song ” YOU ARE MY LOVE “.


    It wasnt the ” early” 1970’s that they recorded the song it was….1976 !


    I was sure it was earlier than that ?


    The Group only formed in 1975 apparently, and had TWO NO.1 Hits in South America. They toured South America and they were mobbed by fans at the Airport.


    They played in front of 25,000 fans in Brazil, with 5,000 more locked out.


    25,000….Thats a wee bit more than Hamilton Town Hall could hold ?






  21. They toured South America in 1977.


    When they played ” You Are My Love” in South America…the fans went RADIO RENATAL, and invaded the stage ( in a good way ), with the Lead Singer BILLY in Tears, and he couldnt sing, until a few minutes later after composing himself.


    They couldnt believe how much they were loved in South America.



  22. bigrailroadblues on

    Good morning all from Govanhill.



    An Tearmann 3.01


    “knuckley swiveleyed gokky bassas.”


    A modern classic, old pal. Ffs hahahaha 😂😂