Uefa safety regrets while Scottish football remains blind


Celtic have a healthy record at Tynecastle.  We lost Ange Postecoglou’s first league game there, in July 2021.  Three years before that we lost there in the second game of the season and famously, our record 69 game unbeaten run in domestic football ended there in 2017.  Those games aside, we have won 16 of 17 visits there, a run that goes way back to when Neil Lennon was under pressure from the new Craig Whyte regime across the city.

Still, our games there are usually tight.  In our last six visits we have only won by more than a single goal once (0-2).  Our visit there earlier this season could be described as heroically tight.  The Scottish Cup draw, which sees us away to Hearts next month, could scarcely be tougher.

In our favour, we have them at Celtic Park a few days before the cup tie.  It will be an opportunity to use our football investments to best effect, put them through a strenuous test, making the most of our depth of squad.  They may be able to compete well at Celtic Park, but doing so will take a toll.

In other times we would focus on the league but our glut of trebles still overhangs the consciousness of Scottish football.  Few trophies escape Celtic, making every trophy more valuable, including to Celtic.

It is unlike football to quickly get to the point and accept responsibility, but Uefa did just that in their report into the serious safety failings at the Champions League final last year between Liverpool and Real Madrid.

The leaked report laid primary responsibility for the danger on Uefa itself, while the Paris police and French government were also condemned.  If risk to life can still happen when the world’s media are there, broadcasting every second, it can happen anywhere.

Scottish football mostly feels safe, unless you are part of a kettled few hundred, boxed in by horses, or with bottles raining down on you.  Complacency shown on these matters when we visit Ibrox is a disgrace.

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  1. Nae need to apologize.i have no interests in the knuckley swiveleyed gokky bassas.wrang yins.




    Very good AT.




    HH Mate.

  2. Good morning all from a dark, chilly but dry at the moment Garngad.



    Bring on the sheep.



    D :)

  3. Prestonpans bhoys on

    “The Scottish Senior Football Referees’ Association is pushing the SFA to take action against Celtic over a banner at Saturday’s Scottish Cup tie against St Mirren.”



    Didn’t even know this association existed, anyway none starter as there is nothing in the rules to insigate any action.



    However if they want to introduce reform and change things then it works both ways. How about action taken against officials who can’t do their job properly, like the course of action recently in England, would make or officials accountable.

  4. DalriadaBhoy on 14th February 2023 8:59 pm






    That is some beautiful stuff you have posted today about Love in the Irish language.



    I have checked possible holidays for August and i think i should be ok getting hols in August.



    Will post dates tomorrow.









    Excellent news. I am free all of August (tough life I know) and we only need JOE to be able to do TOUR GUIDE.



    BRB hopefully will join us as well.







    Scottish football doesn’t operate a policy of strict liability, which means clubs cannot be held responsible for the behaviour of their supporters. So they’re on to plums.



    In any case, surely written abuse on a banner is on a par with verbal abuse during a game. Has anyone ever called for action against the huns for chants like “who’s the fenian in the black’?



    No me neither.

  6. Prestonpans bhoys on




    Correct, what angers me is that VAR’s introduction in this country has been shambolic without any impact on those causing the chaos.



    Whether it’s complete incompetence, bias or both not a peep from the SFA or the invisible Crawford Allan. We have examples of them applying the wrong rule; handball inconsistencies; red card inconsistencies etc. These officials act with complete impunity however a four letter word and they are up in arms.



    We had a discussion about official expenses on SC recently. Ref £850 others £450 plus misc expenses like 45p per mile for car mileage. This mob are a expensive protected species.

  7. The hand of God on

    Dalriada bhoy…I also remember the article about match fixing on CQN regarding the Rangers 6 Dunfermline 1 May 2003 match

  8. PAUL 67


    Scottish football mostly feels safe, unless you are part of a kettled few hundred, boxed in by horses, or with bottles raining down on you. Complacency shown on these matters when we visit Ibrox is a disgrace.




    There was a chance to change the landscape of Scottish football ,unfortunately the clubs bottled it (pardon the pun) .



    Maybe we (football supporters ) will get a chance to correct the mistakes of others and not be blindsided by silver tongued Ceo’s .



    Then again plenty are happy with the status quo …..



    I like it… I like it.. I like it …here we go-oh 🤣



    Maybe a wee song for our new striker .

  9. bigrailroadblues on 15th February 2023 7:53 am





    Can make August except 23-31. 👍



    Good stuff. Hope to hear from JOE soon.




  10. Garngad to Croy on

    The Referee Association (lodge 1228) demand that the SFA get someone to look into the Douglas Ross Banner.



    Must be a Gynecologist !

  11. That explains the absence of ERNIE LYNCH ….he’s prepping his speech for parliament …



    Ernie for Scottish leader .


    You heard it here first .

  12. AN TEARMANN on 15TH FEBRUARY 2023 10:20 AM


    Political nooz.



    Never again will labour be labour



    Jeremy Corbyn not to run.







    Fixed that for you 😜

  13. Looking back to the past, seeking guidance and a parallel for todays conundrum.



    When the locals complained that the steel structure was interfering with their tv signals, for the new build stadium, Mr McCann said ok in the spirit of neighbourliness, we will pay for the licenses, just turn up at the front door with your receipt and we will make you a refund ………….




    all the Referees representative have to do is provide the evidence that Mr Ross is not a CNUT, and apoligies can be made.

  14. Bognorbhoy.



    Fair bit of editing there :-))



    Hope all good bout the south east today.




  15. Re Ross the @@##er



    The truth spoken, shouldn’t MPs /MSPs be holding surgeries to listen to their constituents problems concerns not chasing money via a 3rd job, he is a C**T



    Unionists whit are they like.




  16. Not surprised that Sturgeon is gone. The independence legacy wasn’t happening anytime soon, a catalogue of failures in government run/funded schemes piling up at the same time (bit of bad luck there), populist policies not getting full backing by the public or SNP senior figures, an internal putsch (bit like the one against Corbyn).



    The longer she went without another referendum was going to ruin her rep. She was , however, a very talented politician and i struggle to see who will do better.



    Someone just mentioned that the step down of Ardern in NZ as her crown was slipping may have influenced Sturgeon.



    Who are the runners and riders? Sturgeon didn’t delegate so no-one in Holyrood. The new leader at Westminster, the old one and Cherry might go for it.



    Corbyn is a brilliant man, MP and advocate of the weak. He will win his seat by a mile so Labour just lost another seat. He is in no way shape or form an anti-semite, just not cut out to be leader

  17. Back to Ross.



    we can use the words “a club open to all@, but for me this does not extend to visitors, officials, clubs and other supporters who are the antipathy of what our club was founded on , or our supporters customs and practices overtime. Many hate us, many treat our history with contempt, and our current position with envy. Fruck em.



    I try to figure out why the public figure of Ross, what he represents, the comments on record regarding refugees, travellers, those who dont vote tory, why does he want to continue running the line or being a referee ? Beyond mucho monies, why does he do it, what does he crave ?



    Would you give up your weekends and a week night to go officiate at a game where the majority despise your politics ?



    Maybe the banner fills him with glee, oh look at me the Panto villain, but I am brave wee soldier, I go to their lions den and come out unscathed, I do this for King and Country, or some other such conservative unionist pish.



    I mean seriously what is his mind set, what is going on.



    Meanwhile I dont mind if the GB have another banner for the next cheating bastard officiating, just keep them factual bhoys ………………..



    Brother Beaton – Oranje Bassa

  18. I thought weekends for MPs/MSPs were for their constituents. Yon Ross was far far away from his constituency on Saturday….



    Oh, I heard thon infamous chanter, Allan Crawford on BBC Radio Scotland this morning. He wasn’t on about us but about abuse refs get in general. I have no regard whatever for him but what he said made thon banner pale into insignificance. So, if they are making a complaint about that, it would seem to me that again it is simply an attempt to get at us.

  19. Douglas Ross will be delighted at the Nicola news.The amount of slap downs he got,no wonder his Linesman performances were so bad.Still dizzy from them.

  20. Coneybhoy



    Re Corbyn



    You and i know that Corbyn is a fair man



    The party he led doesnt.



    They are the true scum.remember that.It is they, the Labour party who pumped him out.



    A marketing exercise.




    Still Unelectable.