Uefa safety regrets while Scottish football remains blind


Celtic have a healthy record at Tynecastle.  We lost Ange Postecoglou’s first league game there, in July 2021.  Three years before that we lost there in the second game of the season and famously, our record 69 game unbeaten run in domestic football ended there in 2017.  Those games aside, we have won 16 of 17 visits there, a run that goes way back to when Neil Lennon was under pressure from the new Craig Whyte regime across the city.

Still, our games there are usually tight.  In our last six visits we have only won by more than a single goal once (0-2).  Our visit there earlier this season could be described as heroically tight.  The Scottish Cup draw, which sees us away to Hearts next month, could scarcely be tougher.

In our favour, we have them at Celtic Park a few days before the cup tie.  It will be an opportunity to use our football investments to best effect, put them through a strenuous test, making the most of our depth of squad.  They may be able to compete well at Celtic Park, but doing so will take a toll.

In other times we would focus on the league but our glut of trebles still overhangs the consciousness of Scottish football.  Few trophies escape Celtic, making every trophy more valuable, including to Celtic.

It is unlike football to quickly get to the point and accept responsibility, but Uefa did just that in their report into the serious safety failings at the Champions League final last year between Liverpool and Real Madrid.

The leaked report laid primary responsibility for the danger on Uefa itself, while the Paris police and French government were also condemned.  If risk to life can still happen when the world’s media are there, broadcasting every second, it can happen anywhere.

Scottish football mostly feels safe, unless you are part of a kettled few hundred, boxed in by horses, or with bottles raining down on you.  Complacency shown on these matters when we visit Ibrox is a disgrace.

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  1. Nick Walsh will take charge of the Viaplay Cup final between and Celtic and thems for


    first domestic trophy of the season at Hampden a week on Sunday, February 26. Walsh has been awarded the tie and will be assisted by Frank Connor and David Roome, with Kevin Clancy on fourth official duties. John Beaton is the VAR and he will be assisted by Graeme Stewart.

  2. My daughter thinks Nick Walsh is a bit of a dish



    PS scary that he was born the same year i graduated!

  3. Prestonpans bhoys on

    Walsh was on VAR duty for the hun game against St Johnston were he didn’t disagree with Collum the saints player being sent off.



    That sending off was overturned, in England if you make an arse of VAR you get binned, in Scotland you get to ref a final!!

  4. onenightinlisbon on

    Walsh/Beaton.VAR – perfect storm.



    We are the better side bit will we be allowed to win?



    Answers on a postcard…..

  5. MCPHAIL BHOY on 15TH FEBRUARY 2023 4:10 PM


    Saint Stivs





    I’m not a planner nor can I see into the future but I don’t think those flats will ever be built.






    It is the old follow the investors in money game.



    When the original Rangers were still alive back in the early 2000’s and talk of casino developments in collaboration with Sands of Las Vegas fame coming to Ibrox as the first of its kind in Britain, I just thought what a heep of crap and simple questions to people in property told me it was a non starter, all about publicity, and maybe a con to get investments to Rangers first.


    Remember this is near 15 years after the garden festival which was to kick start something special in the Plantation area. and nothing happened for years and years and years.



    I then argued that the PRW corridor from the wee rangers club right into the town centre would take multiple phases of a joint up master plan , dependent on local government to invest, and Rangers couldnt and wouldnt be able to build it and they will come, it was a non starter, unless, unless, someone with deep pockets (the Sands group) bought Rangers first, is that what Murray wanted ? the double bluff he did with Joe Lewis ?


    If it was a goer, and given the free money available to the Murray group, why not buy up everything around the place and sit on it till they come calling ?



    And so it came to pass.



    For the modern day Motherwell born billionire read the same in 2005 for Casino and a Hover pitch and a 70,000 Ibrox. This was part of the real Murray downfall, chasing the big cup and hating that fergus delivered the bigger stadium and higher revenues. His ego drove him to corporate death.



    Often in these things, it is not the cost of land to be built on, it is the unquantifible cost of remedial works to remove 200 years of industry waste products seeping into the ground that becomes a bigger factor. You can only do so many inspection bores to find what is underneath.



    The whole area akin to the Docklands London, but what happened there was 8 million people all around the location to be developted and massive foreign crooked money coming in. Watch Long Good Friday and now The Gold drama. Dirty money needs a rinse.



    18 years later.


    The landscape of the old A8 through old govan to the quays, the new media district, the clearance of industrial waste lands and high tower blocks, ongoing social housing built on top (and nice they are to),


    Demand in these areas from normal people in jobs. The new hospital, KGV docks, Thales, still some BAE yards, ordinary folks need to live somewhere.


    The grey brick developments around Ibrox are fully occupied.



    These new flats proposed will be filled by eager occupiers.



    And onto another development miracle.



    The Plantation , Festival park has houses on it now. Town houses with a garden, upwards of 400 thousand pounds. Who could possibly buy these in that area, well the Media lovies at the BBC and STV\ for thier close to work apartment, and the really well paid incomers at Barclays in Tradesston.



    These two are the game changers for the corridor, it has the real property investment potential that our east end around barrowfield does not (social housing only out our way).



    So why even mention this, well Murray only missed the opportunity by around twenty years. he cut up his parcels of land and prime property assetts to pass onto his family,



    If he had run that Rangers entity sensibly the original Rangers could be quids in now,



    I actually chuckle everytime I look out the Braehead office window at this.



    Sure he is a digraced tinniolaire, but i bet this hurts him.



    anyways where is Ernine and Madmithc on this momentus day.

  6. SCULLYBHOY on 15TH FEBRUARY 2023 3:46 PM


    Why use a disgusting, derogatory term that is particularly offensive to women?





    Im not looking for an argument, but lets look at in a different light…



    What IF the Banner had said ” DOUGLAS ROSS is a TIT….or a DIDDY”….Would those descriptions be viewed as offensive to women ?


    Ive heard many women use those words in Pubs and at the Fitba.


    Havent YOU also ever called certain Players and OFFICIALs at the Fitba by the very same…” Your a TIT or a DIDDY” ?


    In the Comedy show ” CHEWIN THE FAT”….Wasnt there numerous sketches where some of the ” Young Team”, called Two OLDER Guys…..” A PAIR of F@NNIES” while playing a trick on them ?



    Did most of us laugh at those sketches, or were those sketches also offensive to women ? IF they were also offensive, why did many of us laugh……and I include FEMALE VIEWERS ?


    I would concede that if the GB had used the words, ” JEREMY HUNT”…..Instead of what was used, MAYBE some/many supporters would have found THAT more Funny ?


    But, I cant assume that the BANNER was meant to be ” FUNNY”….it was a serious view in my opinion…..and one that I can NOT DISAGREE with…regarding Mr Ross.




  7. Council takes a gamble on GBP200m Ibrox super-casino Rangers given first such permission in UK




  8. TINYTIM on 15TH FEBRUARY 2023 5:14 PM


    Any update on Kyogo’s injury?




    That has been on my mind also the last couple of days.


    Could it be that Big ANGE is trying to keep Aberdeen and The HUNS GUESSING for a wee while longer ?




  9. Scullybhoy



    “Why use a disgusting, derogatory term that is particularly offensive to women?”



    There was an older woman, an infrequent attender (the man usually brings his son but I assume he was missing and his mother came instead), seated next to me at the game> She was laughing at the banner and calling him the word that you feel she should find offensive.



    I am heartened that aspects of female and male anatomy can be used as both derogatory and appreciative terms, interchangeably. That is an Equalities issue and a tribute to our facility with language

  10. Just a quick jump in to say well done to the Green Brigade for their banner.


    Succinct, accurate, & amusing.


    I’d have a go at them for the language used but i’ve got genuine stuff to moan & fret about rather than a word.


    Well done GB!



    Back to lurksville

  11. Holy hell – ‘All Quiet on the Western Front’ is a great filum but not for the feint hearted.

  12. Big Jimmy on 15th February 2023 5:21 pm



    How about…..” DOUGLAS ROSS is a TORY BASSA” ?


    To the best of my knowledge the word ” BASSA” is NOT a swearie word ?










    Now, I could live with that Big Jimmy.






    Walsh/Beaton.VAR – perfect storm.







    We are the better side bit will we be allowed to win?







    Answers on a postcard…..




    Be careful , you’ll get called paranoid!

  14. bigrailroadblues on

    Good evening all.


    Coneybhoy, if you are about, booked up Dublin for 2-5 May. Brian M coming with me, he’s never been so I’ll show him all my old haunts. Celtic maybe playing midweek too so Almore and WITS can buy me a few beers 🍻 😂

  15. glendalystonsils on

    UNCLE JIMMY on 15TH FEBRUARY 2023 4:45 PM


    No new article today?



    Hope Paul67 hasn’t been banned




    Naw , he’ll be away composing a bumper article on wee Nicola for tomorrow’s CQN! -))))))

  16. BRRB



    Sounds great, i have no clashes in my social calendar at this stage. Great benefit of working in town is that i can be in the centre in 20 mins after knocking off

  17. I dont want to comment on the lady that is missing case, but the media coverage of this and the access given to multiple weirdos and their actions, and I including the diver who is never off the tv with a running commentary of what he thins, its an absolute disgrace.



    every news channel, hours a day coverage, leave the police to get on with it, and the family alone.

  18. St Stivs



    Great point ; feels voyeuristic





    Gutted about the young Thai fella. Beyond tragic

  19. Nipped into the pub on way home. Barman tells me John Hartson was in for lunch. On the Viaplay panel for EPL game.(round the corner)



    Said he was in great form and a gent as always

  20. D.Ross will have to lump it, we pay his wages. Meanwhile in Bute House, sounds like the Duke of Rothesay’s residence, the First Minister bails out. One football-hating politician less.

  21. F.A.O….BIG JIMMY



    Celtic receive Kyogo Furuhashi injury boost


    ByDominic LundPosted on 15 February 2023, 17:45



    Celtic have received a big injury boost, with Kyogo Furuhashi now said to be feeling hopeful of returning for the League Cup final against Rangers at Hampden.