Uefa target Milan on FFP, action on others in June


Cynics everywhere were probably stunned last night when the Investigatory Chamber of the UEFA Club Financial Control Body (CFCB) referred AC Milan to the Adjudicatory Chamber for breach of Financial Fair Play regulations.  The Investigatory Chamber view is that Milan’s circumstances do not permit them to agree a financial settlement – they are pushing for a ban from Uefa competitions.

The Uefa statement concluded by saying the “Investigatory Chamber will further communicate in June its other decisions in relation to the monitoring of the clubs under investigation”.

Taking down big beasts like Milan is a huge political step for Uefa.  If I bought a Scottish club three years ago, with an unfulfilled commitment to have a Nominated Advisor in place “within 48 hours”, I would be worried my expected 180 minute European season could be in jeopardy.

Fortunately, Dave King has more to worry about that this.  The Europa League first qualification round is a long way off.

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  1. … stunned onlookers witness a trail of would-be contenders trudging wearily back to their seats …

  2. “I would be worried my expected 180 minute European season could be in jeopardy.”



    Quote of the week, any week



    Chapeau Mr 67




  3. “I would be worried my expected 180 minute European season could be in jeopardy.”



    To be fair there was some added time in both legs of the tie and I’m sure if one of the scottish brethren was refereeing they would still be playing now.

  4. South Of Tunis on

    Paul67 .



    ” big beasts like Milan ” .



    I ‘m not sure that basket case Milan merit that description .



    Finished 6th in Serie A .31 points behind Rubentus . Managed by the cheap option former youth coach whose Managerial career includes being bagged at Sion , Palermo and OFI Crete . A Club which has been been making ever increasing net losses since 2005 . A Club which has required to be recapitalised twice in recent years. A Club currently owned by Chinese business men who possibly don’t have the money they claimed to have when they bought control of the Club .

  5. AC Milan is indeed a big beast for UEFA to take down – but perhaps it is intended to signal to other big(ger) beasts that they are not above the rules (PSG, Barca, City, Madrid) rather than scaring non-entities like Sevco.


    Let’s be honest, if UEFA had any appetite to deal with them or use them as an example to other clubs about liquidation, continuity etc. then they would have done so by now. A nod and a wink that all is ok from the SFA is suffice to keep the illusion going.

  6. !!Bada Bing!! on

    TBB- TGSL said a couple of weeks ago that no loans will be paid back, trying to convert to worthless shares……

  7. Just thought I’d glance at CQN today.


    My god what an OAP Legion of Mary and PLC compliance palace of pish CQN has become and the murderators can’t even stop a deleted account from being hacked. How old are you lot? ?

  8. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Milan don’t have the Strong Rangers Association looking after them…..

  9. South Of Tunis on

    DENIABHOY @ 12 40 .



    Some cynics in the Italian media openly state that UEFA express their irritation with the likes of PSG and Manchester City via UEFA referees in the Champions League

  10. Let me tell you about Texas Radio and the big beat


    Out here with a catheter there is no pish we have gall stones immaculate

  11. The Battered Bunnet on




    What he says, and what the loan agreements say are not necessarily mutually inclusive. After all, there are no extant examples of a glib and shameless loan contract.



    Also, bear in mind, the RIFC annual report details that all of the loans thus far provided have a repayment date, implying that they require to be repaid or renewed on the given dates – variously July and December 2018.



    There is £3M owed to Paul Murray, John Bennet and Douglas Park due repaid or rolled over in July, plus a further £4.6M due to the George’s, Ross, Scott and Murdoch due same time.



    Johnston also piled in with £500k recently, terms unknown.



    These are well off guys, but by no means “rich”. Murray particularly is no more pecunious than his pal Dave.


    Murray and Scott have already gone, and you’d expect they’d want their money going with them. Paul Murray, apt as he is to be well coiffured, certainly can’t afford a £500,000 haircut at the Ibrox Salon.



    I wouldn’t be surprised if one of Murdoch or the George’s have had enough of the circus either, while John Bennett has a career existential problem with the Takeover Panel issue.



    If/when they exit, they’ll be inclined to take their dough.



    All well and good for Glibby to give assurances to the press, but the loans aren’t subject to the rules PR.

  12. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Rooney to meet with DC United. Sevco will have to get a move on if they want him in their front three with Torres and Defoe…..

  13. After all that has been said on the subject of Sevco. I haven’t yet read a reasonable explanation of why Steven Gerrard has taken the job as manager. It still doesn’t make sense. Who would have advised him to take the job.




    They have no money. A stadium needing money spent on it to pass safety checks. An overpaid squad of poor players with no transfer value. Poor Commercial deals. Poor financials with loans to various lenders. A Skeleton Board. and facing several court cases and SFA enquiries.




    They have Rangers history(invented) and a large support of Orcs and social pariahs.




    What are the positives?

  14. BIGBHOY on 23RD MAY 2018 2:07 PM


    After all that has been said on the subject of Sevco. I haven’t yet read a reasonable explanation of why Steven Gerrard has taken the job as manager. It still doesn’t make sense. Who would have advised him to take the job.






    Totally agree. On the surface nobody could be that stupid. ( He may be thick but I assume his highly paid advisors are not )



    I wonder if another side letter was part of the deal. ?




  15. timmy7_noted on

    I think the Gerrard decision is pretty straightforward, he has been told that a small, maybe 5 %, improvement will guarantee second and maybe even one of the cups hence he’ll be a success. In his mind he believes that it is an easy thing to do, and if he improves the defence he may do it, all it takes is for us to have an off night in a cup tie and he is a hero.



    I see it as a short term thing for him, he’ll move back down south with two years experience and a trophy to point to.



    Unless he makes them worse and surely that’s not possible with the budget they have, its a win win for him.

  16. timmy7_noted on

    Where I think the Gerrard thing is bad for the huns is that almost any journey man manager could get 5% improvement for buttons and a few verses of the sash. He will be expensive, however he also sells season tickets.

  17. When does the fitba start? I’m getting edgy sitting around.



    Has Brendan signed young Odsonne yet? Is the deal predicated on Moussa being sold to provide the transfer fee? I don’t want Moussa to leave and I don’t think he does either.



    Will Armstrong go? Or has he undergone a change of mind after a season punctuated by injury?



    Then there is Lewis Morgan. This young guy excites me. I think he is the real deal. Two footed can go by defenders on either side. Scores great goals. He’ll be pushing for a place in the team from the off. Will Brendan play him wide or in a No. 10 roll as advocated by Kris Commons?



    Did you know that we are now only 10 trophies away from becoming joint ‘most successful club in the whole wurrrrld ever’? Can we win another 4 successive trebles to ease past them? :-))



    These are just a tiny number of the questions besieging my mind and frankly driving me nuts at the moment. I’m wishing my life away, desperate to see those green and white hoops go for the Rebel Treble.

  18. mike in toronto on

    Is Gerrard possibly the anti-Paul LeGuen?



    As I understood it, under PLG, the scottish/british zombies were not happy with this discipline , and revolted …



    BR seems like a serious no nonsense sort of coach (i remember the video of him while at Liverpool) ….



    while Gerrard seems like a bit of a ned…. will he not be disciplined enough for some of the non-UK players?



    I could be wrong, but players like Moussa Dembele, and Ajer seem like good pros … and wise/responsible beyond their years …



    (although, as noted on CQN, some of the foreign zombies are reputed to have some not great habits as well)….



    the more I think of this appointment, the more I can see it going spectacularly badly for the zombies…

  19. On a too rare visit back to Glasgow, walked up and down Byers Road this lunchtime looking for a wearer of cowboy boots. Sadly no one fit the BRTH Legend.

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