Uefa target Milan on FFP, action on others in June


Cynics everywhere were probably stunned last night when the Investigatory Chamber of the UEFA Club Financial Control Body (CFCB) referred AC Milan to the Adjudicatory Chamber for breach of Financial Fair Play regulations.  The Investigatory Chamber view is that Milan’s circumstances do not permit them to agree a financial settlement – they are pushing for a ban from Uefa competitions.

The Uefa statement concluded by saying the “Investigatory Chamber will further communicate in June its other decisions in relation to the monitoring of the clubs under investigation”.

Taking down big beasts like Milan is a huge political step for Uefa.  If I bought a Scottish club three years ago, with an unfulfilled commitment to have a Nominated Advisor in place “within 48 hours”, I would be worried my expected 180 minute European season could be in jeopardy.

Fortunately, Dave King has more to worry about that this.  The Europa League first qualification round is a long way off.

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  1. AC Milan, WERE, a big club, not been big for a long while. But the mighty do fall, so , here’s hoping,eh.


    Any similarity to a team across the river anyone?









    “we did the treble again.”

  3. MiT



    ‘Not great habits’ …. and that m’lud is why he’s a defence lawyer supreme!!!






  4. Looking forward to “One Night in Lisbon” on Friday night, hoping to meet and greet many old friends and make some new ones. I hope to have a limited number of Stornoway Black/White Puddings to be given to worthy receipients. Hail Hail Hebcelt

  5. As I am almost bound to have forgotten some,which other current players have we sold who have done at least OK in England:




    van Djik,


















    I mentioned on the blog yesterday that we should have booked the big table in the Blane Valley for the meet up before the ONE NIGHT IN LISBON party, I got a call from Stephen this morning saying that he’s booked the big table for 13 4.30 pm for that’s the number that we have going to the Lisbon doo, Stephen has the tickets for the big night so everyone at our table will be picking up their ticket in the BV,



    As long as I get one of the seats, no problem, the rest is first come gets the rest of the seats,Maybe we should have booked more tables,(are you reading this BT) anyway I’m looking forward to Friday.



    I’ll bring that bottle to the BV,

  7. Oldtim67 no prob will be there btw the bottle of gin is’nt necessary, jeez that pink/rose gin is nice. hail Hail Hebcelt




    PINK?. get the facts right it’s Salmon Pink, my Lisbon Green Hat ,Green Shirt, Not made a choice of trousers yet, but they will match up with the rest of my outfit.:(.see you in the BV .




    I don’t think you need a pink Jacket, but Yellow laces would mach up with a pair of pink shoes, You can dress what ever way you want, you’d still be welcome.




    My jacket might not fit me now. I lost Five stone in four months about 8 months ago,if it fit’s me, I’ll wear it but I’ll try it on tomorrow before I make a decision.

  11. !!Bada Bing!! on

    HS- I think Hooper crashed and burned after he left us, Engerland World Cup Squad and all that guff, a former Norwich manager from round these parts, called him the worst pro he’s ever worked with…

  12. Oldtim


    Salmon Pink jacket and green shirt – you are Michael Portillo and I claim my £5

  13. Martin Skrtel



    On the face of it, Huns go for a player known to the Manager but can’t agree terms, deal not happening, no big deal you would think.



    However, what we are seeing is Gerrard being undermined already. Think of it this way, let’s say Brendan wants to sign a player, John Terry for example, Celtic make an enquiry but the wages are unaffordable. In the meantime Celtic leak the story to the SMSM but shortly afterwards John Terrys agent dismisses the possibility of a deal. Wouldn’t that be an embarrassment to Brendan? Of course it would.



    In accepting the position, Gerrard and his advisors have failed to do due dillegence. Either that or his ego has got in the way. He is already being undermined. If alarm bells weren’t ringing before they should be now. It will not end well.

  14. ‘It will not end well……’



    Oh but it will!!!!



    Mwah ha ha ha ha ha ha ????




  15. THE BATTERED BUNNET on 23RD MAY 2018 11:56 AM



    Just logged back in; thanks for the clarification. It will be an interesting summer!





  16. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    Next season may well see Hibernian struggle around the bottom of the SPL they are likely to lose several of there top players and they will find it difficult to find quality replacements.They could also lose there manager a if Lennie feels he is not being backed he is likely to walk.So third could well be as high as Hibernian are likely to achieve .H.H

  17. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Ian Wright and all these prks questioning new Arsenal manager, last 7 years he won 3 Europa Leagues, everything with PSG (I know loads of money), WTF has Wenger done in last 7 years?

  18. Delaneys Dunky on

    My son just phoned me from Oban. Him and his lady are up there for the James concert. Seemingly Oban is scorchio and full of Green and White hooped shirts. We are taking over Scotland us Tims. Magic.



  19. i'vehadtochangemyname on







    the levying of tax.


    “the progressive nature of taxation”


    money paid as tax.


    “direct taxation was low”

  20. TOSB



    “Did you know that we are now only 10 trophies away from becoming joint ‘most successful club in the whole wurrrrld ever’? Can we win another 4 successive trebles to ease past them? :-)) ”



    Your calculations are a bit off mate. You appear to have failed to factor in their 3 divisional titles and their eventual capture, at the 3rd time of asking, of the Ramsden Cup. Ra Berrs are currently claiming 118 “major” trophies – not 114 and we of course are stuck on 104.



    Of course, that’s not even factoring in that our total is tainted as they (quite literally) haven’t competed in the last 21 trophies up for grabs!

  21. Cosy Corner Bhoy on

    Heroes Are Forever: Prayers said and candles lit in St. Winin’s. KTF.


    TAL: Lucky Toronto GCSC top did the biz again…..12 months and not lost a game??

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