Uefa’s incredible playable pitches, diversionary bans


Having seen European football played on what could easily be mistaken for a swimming pool, I would be surprised if Uefa postponed Wednesday’s game Quarabag-Celtic game. Champions League and Europa League football takes place on pitches which are unplayable every season.

The combination of clubs travelling thousands of miles, crammed fixture schedules, competitors from hundreds of towns, many of which are not in natural grass growing regions, forces match supervisors to turn a blind eye. If the pitch in Baku is truly in a bad shape, the best Celtic can achieve is to have the game moved to an alternative venue., but even that would take an unlikely alignment of stars.

To some or other extent, everyone wants to control what the media reports about them. This is not in itself bad, but there are limits to the extent a football club, or any other group, should take this desire to control. Often for the reason that it will simply not work.

If some numpty reports that Ronny Deila said something off about Neil Lennon, and Ronny said no such thing, the numpty in question would find (found) himself banned from Celtic Park for using falsehoods to cause the club trouble. His newspaper would have to suck it up, as they were in the wrong.

When it comes to journalists reporting an unwelcome fact the rules are completely different. BBC’s Chris McLaughlin, who was banned from Ibrox days after reporting police arrested fans at the Hibs – Newco game for sectarian offenses has been publicly backed by the BBC.

The Corporation eventually backed Jim Spence after he was subject to significant intimidation for using the phrase “some people will tell you, the club that died” in connection to Rangers, but from the outside they appeared to be on the back foot early on.

In his excellent interview with Phil Mac Giolla Bhain, published today, Spence talks about this, saying “It has been and still is a blatant attempt to coerce and ultimately take journalists livelihoods away from them”.

Banning journos work in some circumstances: when they are factually wrong and doing you harm, but if they are factually correct, you’re handing the perceived enemy the initiative, and the high moral ground. A comment about a small number of arrests for sectarian offenses, which few people read, has now been magnified beyond comprehension. It’s a complete PR disaster of their own making, Newco should buy-in some expertise in this area.

Incredibly, when Craig Whyte made himself busy banning journos who reported what he was up to, those who should have been most alarmed were so lustfully delighted at the bans and invitations to demonstrate, they didn’t stop to consider Whyte was diverting their attention.

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  1. Have to ay I’m a bot worried about a bad pitch on Wednesday,, both in terms of its influence on the tie and of possible injuries. I’d settle for a very dull 0 – 0 and safe passage without injury.



    If only more journalists would tell the truth about events down Ibrox way …

  2. BAWSMAN on 3RD AUGUST 2015 12:37 PM


    Would be fun if UEFA sue the Record







  3. Careful With That Tax, Moonbeams on

    I remember the good old days when European Football was actually European football.

  4. Dena29


    Thank you for your effort on coming round to catch up with me on Sat ,


    it is much appreciated and you are now officially in the clique, wae my wife and daughters who have earned the right tae call me whatever they like :))))))))))).




    You are a special Lady ,hugs tae the gang please :)))

  5. Careful With That Tax, Moonbeams on 3rd August 2015 12:41 pm –


    For Champions annawwwwww


    Not just a money making exercise.


    Till later all

  6. ruggygman on 3rd August 2015 12:37 pm, nah, this is simply my lunch hour at work, i’ve quite often had one of the first (sometimes first) posts but it’s simply because of the time I log in, I have 11.30 – 12.30 break.

  7. What is the Stars on

    Wycombe bhoy


    When it happened, I said to myself ” he’s off” I was shocked that it was only a yellow . I would have expected and hoped for a red had it happened at the other end.


    That said it was good that Gordon stayed on the pitch. I fear that the old adage” these things even themselves out over a season” will come in to play next time craig is involved in a fifty fifty.


    That said I thought mccann really let his anti celtic bias get the better of him. Do you think he would have ranted like that if he was analysing a Sevco game and their keeper was involved in something similar

  8. time for change on

    paul67 (and probably winning captains) enjoy the new layout of the site.



    Good start to the season so far. Find it interesting that the Craig Gordon incident is played up so much (whilst I agree that either yellow or red could have been shown) nothing has been made of the lack of action at the penalty incident (no cards) and a player ultimately lost to the game (not the first time either).



    In positive mood for the game on Wednesday and think that the pitch is a non story. I read that Calum McGregor has travelled with the squad and ask why? The blazing comet that he was at the start of last season very quickly fizzeled out and James Forrest is not showing signes that he is returning to pre injury form (though there is evidence of him tracking back to defensive duties) and I was surprised that he finished the 90 minutes on Saturday. Would like to see a more solid and possibly cautous midfield this week.



    Back to lurking again as in process of finalising a home move (happily still within walking distance of Celtic Park).



    Hail Hail

  9. Jim Spence sitting down with Phil Mac – Spencey is leaving nothing to chance with his forthcoming Holyrood candidacy on the Tayside List. He is ensuring he gets the Irish/Celtic vote in that SNP stronghold of Dundee.





    Some may say opportunism, and ‘nose in the trough’ on Spencey’s part, he’s never going to earn £70k/year plus expenses at the BBC, – his “Rangers” outburst looks like turning in to a ‘nice little earner’, I wonder was ‘it’ part of his ingratiation plan all along?




    I say predictable cynicism by the SNP, and of course our gullibles, and we have so many now, will fall for it, ‘hook, line and sinker’ – but hey, no surprise there!

  10. What is the Stars



    I guess we’ll have to wait and see on that, I’m sure we won’t miss him or others if they don’t :-)

  11. I wonder what negative crap the rags will hit us with before our game on Wednesday.



    They hurt so much it’s laughable seeing the nonsense they ‘report’

  12. ThompsonTwin on 3rd August 2015 12:54 pm



    but hey, no surprise there!



    yep no surprise a cheap tawdry personal attack on Jim Spence…………………just like a H..

  13. ....PFayr supports WeeOscar on




    McCann has a clear anti CFC agenda …he has the platform afforded him by Sky to voice it



    He should not be ignored …rather ,called out and banned from CP

  14. There is no way it was an OBVIOUS goal scoring opportunity. Yellow card all day long.


    Next time there is a “miscarriage of justice” a la the semi final against Inverness Saturdays decision will be wheeled out as evidence that these things even themselves out over the course of the season.


    Arrant nonsense.


    HH onwards to Baku


    God bless the Celtic

  15. bournesouprecipe on

    Good article Paul67






    SMSM would like us to forget about the BBC report, from the challenge cup. It’s happened time and again, and remember the ole Rainjurs did everything in their power to eradicate sectarianism.






    Sevco don’t like the word sectarian they prefer the much more popular in Scotland, offensive, as in the OBA.






    You’ll have a hard shift convincing the Neil McCann’s that Willie Collum is allowed to interpret the rule as he sees fit, when it falls in Celtic’s favour.






    I think Qarabag are at it with the pitch story, and they will be up to so much more than sad Neil McCann bawbaggery on Wednesday.

  16. glendalystonsils on

    ThompsonTwin on 3rd August 2015 12:54 pm



    You take cynicism to a whole new level.

  17. ....PFayr supports WeeOscar on

    Jim Spence jeopardised his career by telling the truth…a truth that all others in the MSM avoided …he did so for political reasons …hmmmm



    I was quite happy the truth did out

  18. On the bhoy Tierney – he did look assured and ‘part of it’ on Saturday, however whether he could “save Celtic a fortune”, is as well left on the ‘back-burner’, at the moment.




    Henderson and McGregor were similarly vaunted over the past two years and these youngsters appear to have stalled and fallen out of the picture.




    I genuinely hope that all three could make it into the starting eleven at some stage – but it’s early days.



    We know, going back to the ‘Quality Street Kids’ days – when Dalglish, Connelly, Macari, McGrain and Hay, made their breakthrough, they stayed in the team and became established quickly – other such as Wilson, Davidson, Cattanach, Gorman and McCluskey, although showing great promise, failed to become recognised regulars.




    Let’s wait and see !!!!

  19. BOBBY MURDOCH’S CURLED-UP WINKLEPICKERS on 3rd August 2015 4:34 am






    You really should get a breathalyser fitted to your phone,laptop,etc.





    That’s twice now you have made that statement on here,a statement which you know to be false as you phoned me to apologise for it a few months back.





    Allow me to refresh your memory.




    Your original plan was to drive down to Swindon,and we would then have a dayooooot in Bath. You changed your mind two days beforehand and booked a train to Bristol.




    The location was your choice,the date was your choice. I had no knowledge of a parade until a few days afterwards when you mentioned it. But even had I known beforehand,it would have made no difference to me. I’m not homophobic.




    From your post,I assume you are in agreement with the religious fanatic who stabbed six people at a Gay Pride march in Israel,killing one of them? Or with IS throwing gay men off buildings?




    That’s some religious fanaticism you guys have,not sure my God would approve.




    In addition,I notice you also chose to bad mouth FFM. Is that the same FFM who has never done you a bit of harm? The same one who goes a long way out of his way to ensure your well-being?




    The same one who took you back to Dumbarton because he was insure you would be ok on your own,then got a taxi to Airdrie?




    Ironic that you extend the hand of friendship to someone like McCann,as a good Christian should. Then attack those who have offered it to you.





    OK, so you still don’t remember talking to a stranger about that guy on a horse and the wee molehill, and all for my benefit, obviously.



    And that is without any drinks, oh, ok perhaps 2. Strange coming from one so intelligent as you?

  20. The Battered Bunnet on

    I’m less concerned about whether it was a Red or a Yellow, than I am about Craig’s decision making in these circs.



    Losing a goal is recoverable.



    Losing a goalkeeper is not.



    For further reference, see the Scottish Cup semi final v ICT.

  21. LIONROARS67 on 3RD AUGUST 2015 1:04 PM


    ThompsonTwin on 3rd August 2015 12:54 pm



    but hey, no surprise there!



    yep no surprise a cheap tawdry personal attack on Jim Spence…………………just like a H..



    – See more at: http://www.celticquicknews.co.uk/uefas-incredible-playable-pitches-diversionary-bans/#comment-2644110





    If it is true – is a “cheap tawdry personal attack “/




    It is my opinion of a convenient colliding of events – not “cheap and tawdry” at all – I have drawn my conclusions, you choose to attack me for having an opinion, rather than addressing the facts as presented – now that’s “cheap and tawdry” in my book.

  22. bournesouprecipe on

    ‘By the way before you get on the plane, the pitch might be unplayable but it’s o.k we’ve phoned the Daily Record’






    Qarabawbaggery? csc



    Jim Spence jeopardised his career by telling the truth…a truth that all others in the MSM avoided …he did so for political reasons …hmmmm



    I was quite happy the truth did out



    – See more at: http://www.celticquicknews.co.uk/uefas-incredible-playable-pitches-diversionary-bans/#comment-2644113





    “If the cap fits”

  24. antipodean red on




    The signings of Armstrong and Mackay-Stevens were welcome and very good, the other four were straight replacements for Bailly, Matthews, Denayer and Guidetti. We are still some way short of genuine quality and seriously needed a decent midfielder who can pick a killer pass along with a striker who can score goals. Without these I fear that we will be back in the Europa League for another year. Saturday’s effort, particularly the second half was painful to watch and certainly won’t get those you would like to buy a season ticket back to Celtic Park.



    Harsh realities.

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