Uefa’s Nations League, a competition too far


There is every chance you do not know if tonight’s Czech Republic – Scotland game is competitive or a friendly (it’s Nations League, so somewhere in-between), but, like me, you will be concerned that during European qualification, several Celtic players will take the field against the remaining Czechs who have not tested positive for Covid.

This disease has an incubation period of up to 14 days.  The Czechs have lost their first team due to infection and we now roll the dice hoping there has been no cross-contamination around Czech football circles in recent days.

Nothing about this is right.  The Nations League should have been one of the many things we have sacrificed due to the pandemic.  It required international travel and sporting bubbles to be mix.  What happened to the Czechs following their win over Slovakia on Friday will have consequences for both nations and for clubs across the continent.  I know the SFA are far from competent at most things, but the issue here lies at Uefa.

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  1. SoT- took a couple of sabbaticals from here,as most of us do, but can’t remember him having a major bust up with anyone, hope he’s ok

  2. Think your post was a bit harsh.


    Will not read well with the many gay Celtic supporters, some who read and post on CQN.


    Each to their own.

  3. CONEYBHOY on 7TH SEPTEMBER 2020 12:42 PM


    An Tearmann: hi mate



    I’m losing track of all the various factions within and without Sevco over the years. All as bad as each other.


    😊I wonder if that is not intentional.not on your part my friend but in the micro-managed release of information,over time by state authorities and as Hrvatski jim outlines the cost is leaping as the state circles the wagons defending Sir Hunner of Pence


    .it is getting out of hand.


    imran et al done what they did.manage assets.


    so far it’s 160m poss in compo.😊



    Interesting that the bouffant one and King have been very quite, as has minty and recently , Park



    😊 Paul k may be back in a garden centre!


    king lying somewhere,minty won’t be near a food bank as he still is involved in large corridors of land with potential planning permission already given along the m8.


    all subtly done/ transferred to his sons as his debt maiden business voided into the black hole of liquidation.he personifies business,The knuckle and masonacism.😊





    In fact, we only hear from Slippy G these days. The new PR /politician guy must have said ‘less is more’ for the incumbents but I feel there is more dirt to be dished and a truce has broken out


    😊 true.more focus on the team while continuity and history are selectively picked- ie the unbeaten defence from 1920s.lol


    oh Sir Hunner the damage you have done- to give view club was not toileted.😊



    If there is a true investigation of the ‘malicious’ prosecution, it will be interesting if anyone of a Masonic persuasion breaks ranks.



    😊 yup the fear of being ostracized will close ranks as 33° masons protect their brithers.


    The embarrassment and impact of 2012 really shows sir hunner pence and masonacism failure system are a cancer in Scotland😊

  4. Jaysus, that homophobic diatribe from Kinglubo is a new low for the blog. The fact that people openly congratulated him also worrying.



    Club open to all, my arse.



    Shameful stuff.



    Is it international week that brings the worst out of people?




    I have heard the same speech growing up in Scotland against Catholics… usually with the start


    I’,m not anti Catholic …but…

  6. It took Stephen Lawrence’s parents 6 years before the McPherson Report concluded that the Met was institutionally racist.



    I call of every football supporter and citizen of Scotland to support an independent investigation into what influence was applied at the very highest level of Scottish Government (with David Cameron also chipping in that he wanted a solution to be found to allow Ranger to continue) and at the very highest level of the Police and the Criminal Prosecution Service in Scotland.



    Will it find that there was “institutional favouritism” at play in the case of Rangers?






    now that’s a podium jim 😊



    and nothing I disagree with in it.and I agree with every sentiment from the last part about a public enquiry into the establishments handling of the continuity fraud.one we are still accumulating costs in.i think I will follow you down the road of correspondence.



    To me Sir Hunner of Pence should be the subject of a public enquiry.from his take over via “tick” from Gavin onwards.history will out him




  7. King Lubo



    I don’t understand the logic behind saying, if you help these people have more access to the rights we enjoy and experience less discrimination and prejudice, you are, in any way, diminishing the rights and security of those of us who are not them.



    If we provide education suitable for people with Autism, do we prejudice the rights of the Neurotypical population in any way?



    If we allow a child to be raised by parents in a loving same sex relationship are we providing better life circumstances for them than if they were raised by abusive heterosexual parents? Surely it is the quality of the parenting that provides the family life and not their sexual preferences? Children raised by same sex parents can turn out ot be straight or gay, just as they can if they are raised by heterosexual parents. There is no research at all that suggests that fostered children living with homosexual parents experience significant negative outcomes. In fact, the outcomes are remarkably similar. It is difficult to successfully foster a child but large groups of heterosexual and homosexual parents do just that, with little to discriminate their respective success rates.



    If we offer women equal rights to men, and people who are black, brown or yellow equal rights to white people, and enable Catholics to have equal rights with Protestants, we are not removing any right from men, white people or Protestants; we are merely removing their unearned advantages.



    The poor whites in Dixieland resented emancipation for slaves because they lost someone to look down on (for a while, at least, until their terror campaign re-asserted their advantages) not because their position had worsened. Most of them never owned slaves anyway and were kept as ignorant and impoverished as their masters wanted them to be, but at least they had one group worse off than them.



    You retain the right to not like these things- nobody is asking you to like them. You are allowed your prejudices just don’t use them to limit others right to do the things you are allowed to do.



    That way lies seeing people as less than human and when people are seen as less than human, we tend to treat them as less than human. And that rarely ends well.



    So, if it’s alright with you, I am happy to be that snowflake. A snowflake is a beautiful thing. I take it as a compliment.

  8. Big Wavy


    CQN is becoming more like Follow Follow by the day.


    Very sad to witness.


    British Unionist views and Homophobic views being applauded. Disgusting what this once great blog has become.

  9. Delaneys Dunky,



    I’ve always appreciated our support comes from a broad church, but it seems some have now left the benches and gone so far right there’s people in the orange lodge embarassed at their beliefs.

  10. Fred C.Dobbs 2.23



    cheers mate.😊




    it probably be a blog on its own the subtle nuances,foibles we all have on going to a game.i probably just take them for granted.its just I have no match to go to so have time to think of them.😊







    Don’t eat the yellow snowflakes :-)

  12. Swan, Foxes and Dog time.



    I fear the worst come Wednesday, total lockdown even although our death rate is lower than this time last year.



    To reitterate, be wary the powers we give our ” leaders” . Very seldom do they wish to relinquish them.



    HH to all.

  13. Dessybhoy,



    You’d expect them to be pretty lucrative (that’s usually the deal) so I’m not thinking he’ll be around but could be wrong. Love the man but not sure the stamina / fitness is there to make him dependable.

  14. Great post SFTB



    Heard it all too often throughout my life ….”I have nothing against (insert a minority group of choice), but…..”



    My good lady once highlighted, ‘everything before but is bullshit!’






    HH jg

  15. With an optimistic mind to ‘possible’ signings, here’s my post-transfer window line-up:



    ——-Barkas ——



    Ajer —— Duffy ——- Julien












    Subs: Frimpong, Christie, Klimala, Brown, Bain, Johnston, El Hamed, Bitton, Taylor.

  16. Jamesgang



    “My good lady once highlighted, ‘everything before but is bullshit!’”



    You told me that once at CQN Corner and I thought it was neatly perceptive but I don`t totally agree with it :-)))

  17. Dessybhoy



    I hope Tom stays


    .it is strange to see where all this “story” originated the only source I could find was a hun clickbait bot.picked up and talked of raising the wave of speculation.suddenly the non story is picked up here in rejkkord and hun.tom continues to go about his job.now it’s getting hushed or put on the back burner


    in time to destabilize us as the transfer window near a shut.


    I hope Tom stays 😊

  18. SFTB @ 4:05pm



    … and when people are seen as less than human, we tend to treat them as less than human. And that rarely ends well….



    Some interesting observations on LGBT’s etc.



    I look forward to the day when CQN can get through a Post/Comments without using the demeaning and de-humanising term ‘Hun’. I won’t hold my breath. (And NO, I’m not!)



    Keep Safe and Take Care,



    Yours in Celtic,



    TB&F. 😊