Uefa’s Nations League, a competition too far


There is every chance you do not know if tonight’s Czech Republic – Scotland game is competitive or a friendly (it’s Nations League, so somewhere in-between), but, like me, you will be concerned that during European qualification, several Celtic players will take the field against the remaining Czechs who have not tested positive for Covid.

This disease has an incubation period of up to 14 days.  The Czechs have lost their first team due to infection and we now roll the dice hoping there has been no cross-contamination around Czech football circles in recent days.

Nothing about this is right.  The Nations League should have been one of the many things we have sacrificed due to the pandemic.  It required international travel and sporting bubbles to be mix.  What happened to the Czechs following their win over Slovakia on Friday will have consequences for both nations and for clubs across the continent.  I know the SFA are far from competent at most things, but the issue here lies at Uefa.

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  1. The funny guy said to Bowie. Banging old Classics.



    Trying to appease an audience.



    I quote…. and said with such sincerity. “Nightclubs Loves a Virus George.”



    How many Laws are going to be?



    Never waste a crisis.



    Nae wonder I Drink

  2. prestonpans bhoys on

    The number 19 is Kenny something. Perfect replacement for Jack, does nothing apart from side passes

  3. Its Over.



    The Global Governance is Starting.



    Javier Solana isnae the bad wan but he is Baaaad.



    I do not hate Anyone.



    I voted Brexit.

  4. GENE on 7TH SEPTEMBER 2020 7:32 PM


    Scotland or Bob Ross – both will be watching paint dry. 😅




  5. Just dreadful……….as per usual. No imagination at all and lack of basic footballing skills.


    Apart from that, they are fine.

  6. Even this early it’s very clear it’s a makeshift team who have been flung together at the last minute and have virtually no idea what they are supposed to do with the ball…..and theCzech team aren’t much better !!!!

  7. Dykes looks like the only shining light in that team. I think he would have been worth a punt .

  8. Goebbels?






    How much?



    The Book of Revelations is Likely comingAlive. BrB.



    Children of the Revolution…….Atheists?

  9. Far too many midfielders, all getting in the way going forward and not enough realising they have to track. Fleck and McLean annoying lax