Uefa’s Nations League, a competition too far


There is every chance you do not know if tonight’s Czech Republic – Scotland game is competitive or a friendly (it’s Nations League, so somewhere in-between), but, like me, you will be concerned that during European qualification, several Celtic players will take the field against the remaining Czechs who have not tested positive for Covid.

This disease has an incubation period of up to 14 days.  The Czechs have lost their first team due to infection and we now roll the dice hoping there has been no cross-contamination around Czech football circles in recent days.

Nothing about this is right.  The Nations League should have been one of the many things we have sacrificed due to the pandemic.  It required international travel and sporting bubbles to be mix.  What happened to the Czechs following their win over Slovakia on Friday will have consequences for both nations and for clubs across the continent.  I know the SFA are far from competent at most things, but the issue here lies at Uefa.

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  1. Belmontbrian – another great clip.



    I was an old man of 16 by then. People forget how many good teams we had to overcome during those years. Hibs, Dundee United, Dunfermiline and evening the original Rankers marched confidently across Europe.



    The Hibs team we overcame that day where excellent.



    Oh and I might have had an illicit can of Tennents 😀

  2. King Lubo



    “why does society not promote with the same zeal how badly our mental health is run and how quickly, when some poor soul with a massive mental problems kills someone, he is branded a demon etc. If more or the same effort was given to these poor souls and helping them then it has to be.



    I’m more concerned for them than I am for the LGBT lot, who can look after themselves.”





    You are going to tie yourself in knots trying to justify that first post, which had nothing to do with Mental Health issues.



    However, yet again, these are separable and not yolked issues. We can do more for those with Mental health problems without doing less for LGBT rights. In fact, some of the people who identify as LGBT will suffer Mental health isses because of societal disapproval such as that being displayed by yourself.



    BTW- Look at any Government expenditure and the spending on Mental Health is x factorial the amount of spending on advancing the rights of the LGBT community. Mental Health could do with lots more expenditure but, if we are really going to increase it, we should be raiding a far more lucrative departmental spend than the fraction spent on LGBT issues by Home Office, Education , Health or Social Work.



    How about looking at the Defence budget and, in particular, nuclear weapons. That would be much more beneficial.

  3. Belmontbrian



    Back in the day – Maverick wouldn’t have got into my first eleven 😀



    Bob Fripp and King Crimson where my go to’s back when Celtic ruled they world




    My fall back position from football (‘mon the hoops!!) is ‘choons


    Beatles to up to date stuff, I’ll give it a go,



    Recently i’m enjoying Snarky Puppy.




  5. Belmontbrian



    Be great to have a pint when the world stops spinning.



    I will listen to your suggestions



    As a wee aside – try – Pete Atkin and Clive James – Beautiful Stranger would. Be a good start

  6. Good morning troops from a dry but overcast Garngad



    Roll on Saturday to we get back to real football.






    D :)

  7. No need to Run or Hide,



    Its a Wonderful Life.



    Neil go make Incredible History.



    That Samaras pass.



    Poetry in no motion.




  8. Really,really enjoyed the game v Leeds utd.Memories of a fantastic era when we were a top side in Europe and denied world club champions status by the tactics employed by Racing club.I was not present at the game but I had a few pals that got over and brought me back a Celtic tea towel,remember them?A great result by a great team led by a great manager.




    I never had a celtic towel but I remember buying a pair of Celtic pants for a girlfriend who had no interest in football when I was 17 (white with a celtic badge on the gusset – y’know, tasteful). Surprisingly, that relationship did not last…

  10. My friends in Celtic,



    Whether I agree or not it doesn’t matter. Realistically we must face the prospect of little or no fans at games this season.



    I am sure Celtic et al will be making contingency plans.


    The fans have shown remarkable faith with record ST sales and our worldwide family have ensured that we have already exceeded Adidas’s wildest expectations for kit sales.



    However fans will not or can not pay indefinitely for a VST. Our revenue loss next season could be extremely substantial.



    The Ferenovaros result could really come back to haunt us.



    I hope I am wrong.




  11. I think football will not be with us for very long.


    Scotland’s new national sport is now CoViD Roulette.


    It is now running with legs and we are well of the pace regarding a plan to deal with it.



    Sturgeon is rapidly making an erse of herself over this.



    Very happy to put the boot into working class young men but very reluctant to chastise a middle aged / middle class slapper who is throwing it about a bit in a pub with her pals.



    I fear the politics of the sisterhood is in full flow throughout these two very contrasting episodes.



    As for CoViD I think we are in deep doo-doo.


    Locally Sturgeon has been very lazy and testing averse.



    Shell wallowed in the 6 weeks of low numbers but did nothing to winkle out the reservoir of asymptomatic cases that were bubbling away in the background.



    Self isolation is just part of the new normal where all governments do nothing and everything is the responsibility of the individual — we need an active response not call centres and DIY quarantine.

  12. People complain about being told what/what not to do, then complain that they are being left to be responsible and think for themselves if they are not told what to do.

  13. ERNIE LYNCH on 8TH SEPTEMBER 2020 9:24 AM


    Any update on Christie?



    Still developing but not as good as he thinks he is. Coached to shoot on sight a la Commons 2011 when better decision-making is called for and whilst I love his energy he needs to learn when not to run around like a headless chicken so much.



    Has he kicked on enough from his breakthrough season? Will Turnball provide some competition?

  14. Any thoughts on Jack Aitchinson’s imminent departure?



    What happened to OkoFlex?



    Afalobi not trusted when we had no strikers?



    Are we about to lose wee Dembele?



    Lee O’Connor is an irish international (not that it’s a badge of honour) but is ambling around the giants of football, Tranmere and Partick Thistle?



    Luca Connell looks technicallhy gifted but that kickaround pre-season against Hibs has him elevated to legendary status he doesn’t merit? Does he have a future?



    Huns have 7 U21 in the SWcotland squad. We have One…should we be worried?



    Has the youth assembly line dried up?



    So many (football) questions….so few answers…

  15. BW @ 10.13



    Very worried.



    We are going backwards — the clear out last year had players not getting picked up by the SPL they had to go down to the Championship.



    That is players aged 20 / 21 not being good enough for an SPL squad after 4 years with us.


    This is shockingly bad — looks like we are trying to mine a couple of diamonds every year while filling the rest of the team with stiffs to get them a game.



    Reminds me of stories from my time in Essex — Very Spurs / 2005 not Southampton 2005 where everybody was seen as a genuine prospect not a minority with the rest being seen as jersey fillers.



    The coaching staff when you do hear them speak come over very passive or they are ex players coming back to a level of comfort to do their coaching badges.



    In contrast TFOD2 seem to have the focus and desire that comes from being desperate.




    Apologies for the late reply.



    Will take you up on your offer when the time is right,



    I’ll give your suggestion a listen.



    Stay safe




  17. RON BACARDI on 8TH SEPTEMBER 2020 10:03 AM



    There’s going to be height restrictions ?




    More worried about fat restrictions, or to be more pc, portly challenged.

  18. Greenpinata,



    When you look at what other stadia around the globe now look like we do look very outdated. I’d love to see it happen but in a world where we are pushing back on large crowds assembling, not sure there is an appetite. What would it cost? How could we fund it when we have clear funding shortfalls at the moment.

  19. GP @ 10.48



    The design they are putting forward — the South Stand rebuilt to mirror the profile of the JS / LL stands — will not provide a capacity of 75K.



    It would only add another 6K or 7K extra seats.


    You would need to scale up the corners as well to get anywhere close to a 75K capacity.



    My thoughts are that we should rebuild the South Stand with a lot more hospitality / Free Pie seats to get to 67K capacity — nice round number — meaning around 60K season tickets and have an attic available for high days and holidays when there is the demand.



    For this to work you need a growth agenda.



    May 2019 in Liverpool — surprised at the huge out of town / tourist element to the LFC support that day.


    We need to tap into that revenue stream — CoViD19 will slow this down but it will come back and we should be ready.