Unacceptable conduct’s interesting consequence


We had an interesting couple of announcements from the Scottish Premier League yesterday.  Safe Standing areas, where instead of a seat, spectators have a crush barrier in front of them, is no longer against league rules.  Before the introduction of standing areas council Health and Safety officials would need to give approval, as do the police.  Council approval should be straightforward, crush barriers separating each row of spectators make the environment safe, but I’m less sure the police will be keen.

Policing huge stadiums with seated spectators is straightforward compared to policing standing fans.  Disturbances tend to cause those involved to stand up, drawing immediate attention to the incident, while knowing exactly who is sitting on which seat would allow transgressors of the Scottish Governments new interpretation on making the sign of the cross to be pursued after the event.

League rules (note: not the law of the land) have also been updated to clarify the definition of “Unacceptable Conduct” as ‘using words, conduct or displaying any writing or other thing which indicates support for, or affiliation to, or celebration of, or opposition to an organisation proscribed in terms of  the Terrorism Act 2000’.

New rules on how clubs are expected to tackle Unacceptable Conduct, with fresh procedures, if necessary, have also been introduced.  Clubs are now required to bring occurrences of Unacceptable Conduct to the Match Commander.  Failure to do so will bring the club into breach, should an incident subsequently be reported, by TV spectators, for example.

Clubs are also charged to “Take reasonably practical steps, including consultation with police, to identify those who engage in Unacceptable Conduct”, which creates obvious dissonance with the new Safe Standing Area policy.

We’ll see how these rules work out in practice but look out for an interesting consequence.  Some Celtic fans are often cited as singing about the IRA (who are on the Proscribed list in their various historical formats) but they are not the supporters who sing most about that organisation(s).  That ‘honour’ falls to Rangers fans, who are bound not to sing in “opposition to an organisation proscribed”.

The notion that Rangers (and let’s not forget Hearts) are compelled to identify and sanction any of their supporters caught “effin’ the IRA” in fear any TV viewer reports them is what keeps this country unique.

Box clever.

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  1. Where´s Davie King ?, the South Africans sing,


    The old is past, there’s a new beginning.


    cash raising frendlies dreams of 9 in a row


    hun minds are numb at the faces on show



    Pay tax time, penalties and fines


    Asset strippers saying all is fine


    Not one single buyer and with Ibrox for free


    A time to rejoice in the good that we see



    Its a time for waiting, a time for getting,


    A bill from the taxman and this time no forgetting.


    Love and laughter and joy ever after


    ours for the taking, just ignore the b******s



    Pay tax time, penalties and fines


    Asset strippers saying all is fine


    Not one single buyer and with Ibrox for free


    A time to rejoice in the good that we see



    Whyte nights property rights



    Its a time for waiting, a time for getting,


    A bill from the taxman and this time no forgetting.


    Christmas is love, Christmas is peace,


    A time for hating and fighting to cease.



    Pay tax time, penalties and fines


    Asset strippers saying all is fine


    Not one single buyer and with Ibrox for free


    A time to rejoice in the good that we see


    Not one single buyer and with Ibrox for free


    A time to rejoice in the good that we see.




  2. Celtic First



    If they go into liquidation during the season, a newco will not be allowed in this season, the SPL will continue withh 11 clubs, every game played by them already played and those still to happen wil be 3-0 to their opposition and there will be no relegation. The newco would have a legal fight with the team who win the 1st division if they get invited back.

  3. New rules on how clubs are expected to tackle Unacceptable Conduct, with fresh procedures, if necessary, have also been introduced. Clubs are now required to bring occurrences of Unacceptable Conduct to the Match Commander. Failure to do so will bring the club into breach, should an incident subsequently be reported, by TV spectators, for example.





    So do new league rules mean 60,000 stewards required at Celtic Park to report to the Match Commander after each match, just in case Billy from Larky hears something he is offended by on Sportscene?

  4. Afternoon Paul,



    So part of what your saying is, if i’m watching highlights (or live game), and i hear a song that I find offensive I can contact the authorities?



    Some kind of email address to send your disgust. Who investigates? Which songs are offensive? Under what charge? How did the police/match commander miss this illicit chanting?



    SNP, what a joke! Never mind bring back standing, I need a lie down………..

  5. Mighty mouse back on first.



    Who’s on first?



    Interesting times ahead indeed. 28th is going to be something else. A football match against der dark side is always and never just about 3 points. This one is no different but so very different, time for new rules as Bill Maher says. Make sense?



    HH all and happy Tuesday wherever ye may be.

  6. Should the Match commander not be informed of any breech by his officers getting paid a fortune to monitor the crowd?




    St Stephen’s Day 1891 League Home St Mirren W 2-1 Campbell , Brady



    Christmas Eve 1892 Friendly Home Third Lanark W 3-2 McMahon , Madden 2



    St Stephen’s Day 1892 Friendly Away Ardwick W 5-0, McMahon, Others Untraced



    Christmas Day 1895 Friendly Away Bury D 3-3 Unrecorded



    St Stephen’s Day 1895 Friendly Away Everton L 2-3 Unrecorded



    Christmas Day 1896 Friendly Away Everton L 1-6 Unrecorded



    Christmas Day 1897 League Away Clyde W 9-1Allan 5, Russell 2, McMahon, Campbell



    St Stephen’s Day 1897 Friendly Home Sunderland W 1-0 Unrecorded



    Christmas Day 1900 Friendly Away Blackburn Rovers L 1-2 Unrecorded



    Christmas Day 1901 Friendly Away Manchester City – Match was abandoned after 60 minutes with Celtic trailing 1-2



    St Stephen’s Day 1901 Friendly Away Bohemians W 2-1 Unrecorded



    St Stephen’s Day 1902 Friendly Away Bohemians W 3-2 Unrecorded



    St Stephen’s Day 1903 League Home Port Glasgow Athletic W 4-1 Gilligan 3, Hay



    Christmas Eve 1904 League Home St Mirren W 1-0 Somers



    St Stephen’s Day 1906 Friendly Away Woolwich Arsenal W 2- 0 Unrecorded, Arsenal’s 20th anniversary of founding



    Christmas Day 1907 Friendly Away Blackburn Rovers L 0-4



    St Stephen’s Day 1908 League Home Clyde L 0-1



    Christmas Day 1909 League Away Kilmarnock W 1-0 Quinn



    Christmas Eve 1910 League Away Morton D 1-1 Quinn



    Christmas Day 1914 Friendly Away Manchester United L 1-2 Unrecorded





    St Stephen’s Day 1914 League Home Hamilton W 3-1 Gallacher 2, Quinn



    Christmas Day 1915 League Home Airdrie W 6-0 Gallacher 3, McColl, Browning, McMenemy



    Christmas Day 1920 League Away St Mirren W 2-0 McInally, Cassidy



    Christmas Eve 1921 League Home Falkirk D 0-0



    St Stephen’s Day 1925 League Away Cowdenbeath D 1-1 McLean



    Christmas Day 1926 League Home Kilmarnock W 4-0 McInally 2, W McStay, McGrory



    Christmas Eve 1927 League Away Hibernian D 2-2 Thomson, McGrory



    St Stephen’s Day 1931 League Away Dundee United L 0-1



    Christmas Eve 1932 League Away Aberdeen L 0-1



    Christmas Day 1933 League Away Queens Park W 3-2 F O’Donnell, Napier, McGrory



    Christmas Day 1934 League Home Queens Park W 4-1 Delaney 2, Crum, McGrory



    St Stephen’s Day 1936 League Home Albion Rovers W 4-0 Delaney 2, Murphy, McGrory



    Christmas Day 1937 League Home Kilmarnock W 8-0 Crum 2, Divers 2, Murphy 2, Delaney, McDonald



    Christmas Eve 1938 League Away Aberdeen L 1-3 Delaney



    Christmas Day 1943 League Southern Division Away Hamilton D 3-3 J Gallacher 2, McAuley



    Christmas Day 1946 League Home Queens Park W 1-0 Rae



    Christmas Day 1947 League Home Hearts W 4-2 McDonald 2, Bogan, Walsh



    Christmas Day 1948 League Home Aberdeen W 3-0 McPhail, Paton 2



    Christmas Eve 1949 League Home Queen Of The South W 3-0 Collins, Haughney 2



    Christmas Day 1950 The Glasgow Cup Final Replay v Partick Thistle was POSTPONED



    St Stephen’s Day 1953 League Away Clyde W 7-1 Mochan 2, Hemple, Higgins 2, Collins 2



    Christmas Day 1954 League Home Clyde D 2-2 Boden, Collins



    Christmas Eve 1955 League Away Hibernian W 3-2 Mochan 2, Sharkey



    St Stephen’s Day 1955 Glasgow Cup Final Replay Hampden the huns W 5-3 Collins 2, Sharkey 2, Fernie



    Christmas Day 1957 League Home Queen Of The South L 1-2 Conway



    St Stephen’s Day 1959 League Away Kilmarnock L 1-2 Mochan



    Christmas Eve 1960 League Home Motherwell W 1-0 Divers



    St Stephen’s Day 1960 League Home Dundee W 2-1 Conway, Byrne



    St Stephen’s Day 1962 League Home Dunfermline W 2-1 OG, Hughes



    St Stephen’s Day 1964 League Home Motherwell W 2-0 Hughes 2



    Christmas Day 1965 League Home Morton W 8-1 McBride 3, Chalmers 2, Hughes 2, Murdoch



    Christmas Eve 1966 League Away Aberdeen D 1-1 Lennox



    St Stephen’s Day 1970 League Away Morton W 3-0 Chalmers, Lennox, Wallace



    Christmas Day 1971 League Home Hearts W 3-2 Hood, Johnstone, Deans



    St Stephen’s Day 1976 League Home Aberdeen D 2-2 Craig 2



    Christmas Eve 1977 League Home Dundee United D 1-1 Edvaldsson



    St Stephen’s Day 1977 FRIENDLY Away Queens Park L 2-3 Unrecorded



    St Stephen’s Day 1987 League Away Dundee United W 2-1 Walker (pen), Miller



    St Stephen’s Day 1988 FRIENDLY Home Red Star Belgrade D 2-2 Walker 2 (1 pen)



    St Stephen’s Day 1989 League Away Hearts D 0-0



    St Stephen’s Day 1992 League Home Dundee United L 0-1



    St Stephen’s Day 1994 League Away Aberdeen D 0-0



    St Stephen’s Day 1996 League Away Aberdeen W 2-1 Di Canio, Cadete



    St Stephen’s Day 2000 League Away Dundee United W 4-0 Sutton 2, Larsson, Petrov



    St Stephen’s Day 2001 League Home Livingston W 3-2 Larsson 2, Moravcik – Valgaeren was sent off for his second bookable offence



    St Stephen’s Day 2002 League Home Hearts W 4-2 Hartson 3, Larsson



    St Stephen’s Day 2004 League Away Hearts W 2-0 McGeady, Petrov – this was the day of the catastrophic Tsunami



    St Stephen’s Day 2005 League Home Livingston W 2-1 Nakamura, Maloney



    St Stephen’s Day 2006 League Home Dundee United D 2-2 O’Dea, Nakamura



    St Stephen’s Day 2007 League Away Dundee United W 2-0 McManus, Vennegoor of Hesselink



    St Stephen’s Day 2009 League Home Hamilton Academical W 2-0 Loovens, McGinn



    St Stephen’s Day 2010 League Home St Johnstone W 2-0 Du Ri, Ki




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  8. Moonbeams



    I believe you will find that Bada Bing ‘blows with wind’the ghuy diasnae


    know his A from his S.


    keep up the good work ,hail hail.

  9. So let us imagine the scenario where 50,000+ of us take offence to their bile. Each of us tae a man can contact our fine local constabulary and they have to investigate our wee videos that we send in.



    Interesting times ahead, I’m offended already.

  10. Steinreignedsupreme on

    BOB: 20 December, 2011 at 12:28



    Sorry to burst your bubble – but the case has gone beyond tax inspectors. An independent tribunal have been sifting through the evidence and will resume in January with a verdict coming towards the end of March.



    Also, very important to understand this bit – Rangers are not allowed to contact HMRC about the big tax case.

  11. So the club has to tell the police if a crime takes place? What are all the police officers at the game going to be doing – waiting around to be told who to arrest?



    And if someone was to say, “Don’t sing about the IRA or similar proscribed organisations,” are they in breach of the law?



    Is it offensive to suggest that the law is offensive or is that an illicit suggestion?

  12. !!Bada Bing!! Kano 1000 on

    MWD- Now that you’ve located me,please don’t hesitate to get in touch when IT happens.Thanks in advance.

  13. Paul67



    Wondered if you had the chance to read the Celtic Trust’s minutes of their meeting with ACC Corrigan?



    It makes interesting reading, Eddie Smith had been instructed ‘From Above’ to wade into the GB on the day of FAC Protest, that Ooh Aah was to be treated as a Breach of The Peace and lastly the way the arrested 17 year old supporter was treated was ‘not normal’.



    One Nation…




  14. Philvisreturns –



    Something like this?



    If you want I’ll buy yir dyin institution.


    Queens people, right time; and 20 bob investment


    I’ve got a good idea: Just you keep me near. I’ll be so good for you.

  15. winningemmell, I try to forget them.



    angelfc67, league rules are independent of the police, who might require more evidence to take action.



    ASonOfDan, yes, I did.

  16. WG



    Amazing. All those games on Christmas Day, including all those friendlies in the north of England.



    How did the Bhoys get down? Were the trains running? Was that because Christmas Day wasn’t a holiday in Scotland?

  17. !!Bada Bing!! Kano 1000 says:


    20 December, 2011 at 12:49



    Good afternoon my goodgoodgood friend :O)


    That’s me without an invitation to your party as well.

  18. The Honest Mistake on



    Are the clubs responsible for their own fans only or for opposition fans too.


    For example if the orcs go through their repertoir at Paradise, do Celtic have a responsibility to report them to the match commander? If they don’t report them and a complaint is made are they held accountable for the actions of the orcs?

  19. Paul – so you can’t sing in agreement with a proscribed group?



    Right got that.



    But your also not allowed to sing in opposition to a proscribed group?






    So the potential is there for 2 sets of fans at the same game to be charged and fined etc for doing opposite things?






    Is it just me?




  20. Greenjedi



    I responded to your post on the last thread. I’m astounded of forehead at the prospect of the injustice to the winners of the SFL first division.

  21. Sounds like the best action is for everyone to get offended and innundate the polis with incidents to investigate.



    Of coure this could just fall into their hands and they’ll get the overtime they want.

  22. Uly



    You should put a tune to ‘Down with this sort of thing,’ and it could become a generic expression of opposition to any bad boys doing or saying anything bad, anywhere, anytime.

  23. The Van Beuren Bhoy on

    Johnny Thomson Posters



    Still two giant posters for sale on e-Bay from the recent play at the Kings. They are 60” x 40” and all proceeds are going to the Johnny Thomson Memorial Fund. Starting bids of £20 for a rare piece of Celtic memorabilia. Go on it’s for a good cause !













  24. WG



    Thanks for printing that Christmas Sellik. List. Brought back memories.



    I was at the 1971 game v the cousins of William. Imagine that Fitba on Christmas day. We even got the SMT bus from the Neuk to parkhead that day.



    If I remember correct we also played on New Years Day that season tho i’m buggered if I can remember who and where.



    Merry Christmas!

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