Unbearably tight managerial market, Kalju Nomme upset


Just when I forgot football was unpredictable, Estonians, Kalju Nomme, won in Montenegro to progress to the Champions League second qualifying round, where they are expected to face Celtic (it’s not that unpredictable).

Last season Kalju Nomme were knocked out of the Europa League in the first qualifying round by Icelanders Stjarnan (whom we beat 6-1 on aggregate in 2015).  A year earlier, Kalju Nomme beat Faroese Torshavn to reach the second qualifying round of the Europa before losing to Hungarians, Videoton.

They hit the heights on 2016 by beating Trakai of Lithuania, then eliminating Maccabi Haifa on penalties.  They were eliminated in the Europa third qualifying round by Turks, Osmanlispor.  If there is a shock for Celtic tonight, or in the next round, there will be some inquest!

Until last month, Newcastle were managed by former Real Madrid, Valencia and Liverpool manager, Champions League winner, Rafa Benitez.  They are a business with £178 million turnover, operating in the most desired environment in the world, but today made Steve Bruce the happiest man in the land, by appointing him manager of one of the biggest clubs in England, reward for 20 years of meandering manager randomness.

No matter how badly you think some football clubs are run, Mike Ashley, the ultimate decision maker at Newcastle, did not make this appointment lightly.  I am sure he wanted to keep Rafa, and then wanted someone with Rafa’s credentials, but he’s ended up with a guy previously sacked by rivals Sunderland.

What Newcastle have discovered, is that the market for managerial talent is unbearably tight.


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  1. quadrophenian on

    Hugely impressive young man, is big Kris:




    Watch the meeja try to trip him up around the ‘RB’ issue – he’s having none of it, instead praises Lenny, the backroom staff, the quality of his team-mates. The meeja are left grasping for angles as KA says this is the best place for any young pro to develop. Thanks Ronny D!!


    Oh and Mr Ajer should be directed to sit down with Mr Ntcham and give him comportment lessons; misrepresentation or not. Classy Kris. HH

  2. !!BADA BING!! on 17TH JULY 2019 12:26 PM


    He played against us in both games v BMG three seasons ago. Got sent off in the game in Germany for bringing down Moussa for our penalty.

  3. Personally,I am delighted that Ollie is back in the fold.He is,on his day,a very good midfielder.If we were looking to buy him now,we would beblooking at around£15 million.A dopey EPL club,add on another 10.If he stays,great.If he goes,its not under a cloud,and we get full money.


    If I was Lenny,I would be on to Mc Inness,asking if he would like Kouassi for a season loan.Boy needs serious game time.Now that Petrie has gone,even Hibs.I think there is a gem there.


    Anyone going to the game,enjoy the feast of goals.I hope.

  4. weebobbycollins on

    Quadrophenian…the problem with those journos is they lack imagination and ask really dumb questions…padding! They are there….so better ask a question…uuhh!…It’s supposed to be a pre-match presser but so often it’s the last question asked…Oh aye! Tomorrow’s game, are you looking forward to it?…


    A headline…always looking for a headline…



    Lewis Morgan Celtic F.C. (hope he scores tonight)

  5. TURKEYBHOY on 17TH JULY 2019 12:38 PM



    The Hail Hail 67 ‘news’ site is straight out of the Recurd stable so well worth skimming by. Haven’t opened an article of theirs in months since I found that out. You’re right, there was always a negative about us somewhere in their articles.

  6. Tim Vickery, South America football expert on Cifuentes;



    One of best all round midfielders potentially to come out of South America he’s seen for a long time, he’s got it all. The beating heart of the Ecuador under 20 team. Rates him very highly

  7. quadrophenian on



    Aye – a headline of only the mischievous or all’s-not-quite-right variety…Meanwhile, over at Deals-Are-Us south of the Rio, everything’s on the up and up.

  8. PAUL67….



    Without wanting to sound pedantic, wasn’t it North Macedonia our opponents won in – not Montenegro?

  9. weebobbycollins on

    Quadrophenian…That’s the way it is…after the press conf they stand around conferring what is the top line…


    If big Kris were to say he wasn’t terribly happy playing right back then tomorrow’s papers would all have a version of…”Ajer Slams Lennon!!”

  10. Shkendija are from North Macedonia, not Montenegro. Ask Chris Jack. He knows everything about them.

  11. CELTIC40ME on 17TH JULY 2019 3:42 PM


    Tim Vickery, South America football expert on Cifuentes;




    Heard that


    summed up the ” who will get him Celtic or Man City ”



    with whoever gets the chance sign him

  12. Timmy’s in Torreblanca on the Costa del Sol is where I’ll be watching the match tonight.



    C’mon the HOOPS.

  13. Fool Time Whistle on

    WBC & Qaudrophenian



    Toe curlingly awful media sessions for NFL & Kris Ajer. This is normal



    Questions that are closed, meandering, irrelevant, repetitive and…..



    From a distance of some thousands of miles it still beggars belief that questions are asked by what sounds like wee boys/girls mumbling like they’re in confession after a night on the razzle.



    To foreign born players these questions sound like a foreign language :o))


    But just not English.



    The reaction of some players is bewilderment & confusion as they ask for clarity.


    Second time round it still sounds like Greek to me.



    These peolple are meant to be professional wordsmiths and they can’t articulate a thought coherently.



    Patience Award to both manager and player.



  14. Fool Time Whistle on

    TERJE VIGEN on 17TH JULY 2019 4:53 PM


    Shkendija are from North Macedonia, not Montenegro. Ask Chris Jack. He knows everything about them.



    You’re just a very naughty bhoy

  15. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    Right – that’s me and WeeBGFC arrived in Koln for the evening.



    Just freshening up, getting the Celtic tops on, having a first German beer, then heading out to the Dom cathedral for a wee visit / prayer – will remember everyone on here who has had a hard time or personal loss during the past year..



    After that – Irish pub to watch the game !!!



    Hail, Hail Bhoys and Ghirls



    BGFC and WeeBGFC




    I am chuckling at the suggestion that our mssm could be professional wordsmiths.


    Some lovely writing by the cricket journos lately our guys resemble the puppets used by spitting image some years ago which depicted the Fleet Street guys as slobbering pigs.




    I hope you contacted Kolncelt that you were going to be in Koln tonight,He’s a great Celtic Supporter and would welcome you with open arms, One way to spot him is his Celtic Scarf. it’s covered in Celtic badges and weighs a few pounds,Keep your eyes open for the Scarf.

  18. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    Hi Oldtim67 – I never thought to do that – I’m an eejit!!



    Can’t have too big a night tonight – off to Therme Erding near Munuch tomorrow morning – leaving at 6:30 am !!



    I think we are heading to the Corkonian or Barney Valley’s – both are close to the Dom. Last time I was here was for the Celtic game in 1992 – Paul McStay et. al.




  19. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Only info on Korb i know ive read on here,got a message saying we are linked with him HH




    Enjoy Germany lovely Country,and nice friendly people, in fact you will enjoy your visit there,have a drink for me.scol.

  21. Fool Time Whistle on

    BORGO67 on 17TH JULY 2019 5:55 PM



    Oh for the days of Glenn Gibbons, John Rafferty, Hugh McIlvanney, Ian Archer..




  22. Doors to automatic!


    I’m sure the Iron Horse rider will be passing through any moment….

  23. CELTIC: Bain; Ajer, Bitton, Simunovic, Bolingoli; Brown, McGregor, Christie, Forrest, Morgan; Edouard.


    Subs: Gordon, Jullien, Ralston, Hayes, Sinclair, Henderson, Griffiths

  24. whitedoghunch on

    All our young boys further forward have a great picture of the game around them and how they together can make it unfold positively at speed.



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