Uncommon penalties and chaotic weeks of back-biting


Kris Commons looked like he had put a lot of practice into taking penalties yesterday.  The ball was firmly hit and found the corner of the net, a feat which is far from impossible but which has been beyond various Celtic players for the last few years.  We have little a little over a month before we could face a penalty kick competition against Juventus.  Penalty kick practice should be on the menu every day between now and then, for the entire squad.

I’m delighted Lukasz Zaluska has had an extended run in the team.  No player will be at his best if he is seldom tested and never in important games.  Lukasz carried his share of the blame for last weekend’s Hampden defeat but not every keeper can pull off a Nigel Spink.  Good to have Fraser back for Inverness.

If you read on a Celtic site that The Rangers chief executive and chairman are “at loggerheads” after “a chaotic week of back-biting” or that there is a prospect they will “frighten the life out of those institutional investors who ploughed £17million into the coffers little more than a month ago”, you would be forgiven for discounting the claim as a case of wishful thinking.

When it comes from the Daily Record and recent colleague of the club’s newly installed head of media you can be sure there is a little more to it than that.

You would think with all the positive feedback Green and Murray would have received form the SPL Commission they would be flush with joys.  I sincerely hope, for their sake, that Phil’s Bridge over Troubled Waters ditty was more wishful thinking than another leak from the media team.  That would be embarrassing.  “Squelch.”
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  2. Im sure I just heard Andy Gray (talking of Italy’s victory over France at the old rugger) say: “Its not the first time, but still a unique event”. !!!!!!!!

  3. Not only has Jingle Jangle came out with a critical piece on the Zombies I see that Bill Leckie has also had a go at Chuckles. While I am extremely dismissive of much of Phil’s work I hope something maybe afoot after all.

  4. ArranmoreBhoyLXV11 on




    Spent a lovely day at No7 lounge yesterday,for one of my junior ABs birthday.. A great family day out,service first class..

  5. ArranmoreBhoyLXV11


    12:50 on


    4 February, 2013




    I imagine it would have been quite a contrast to the Ibrox beam back 24 hours before. ;-)

  6. Richard the Third, being a bluenose, took his name after the division in which Sevco play and he also shares his middle name with Winnie the Pooh and Attila the Hun.

  7. FIFA’s rules-making panel will consider changing how the offside law is interpreted at its annual meeting next month to clarify when attackers can legally influence play.



    FIFA said Monday the panel, known as IFAB, will also examine closing a loophole regarding uncontested dropped balls after a controversial goal scored by Shakhtar Donetsk against Nordsjaelland in the Champions League in November.



    A progress report on introducing goal-line technology before the 2014 World Cup will be submitted when the rules body meets March 1-2 in Edinburgh, Scotland. The group comprises officials from FIFA and the four British football associations.



    The main proposal comes from FIFA’s refereeing department to clarify the interpretation of rules regarding attackers standing in an offside position.



    Proposals state that an attacker should be considered offside when “gaining an advantage by being in that position.” This would include receiving the ball from a rebound or deflection from the goal frame or a player in the defending team attempting a tackle, block or save.



    However, an attacker should be allowed to continue play when receiving a deliberate pass, such as a backpass, from the defending team.



    “A player in an offside position receiving the ball from an opponent, who deliberately plays the ball (except from a deliberate save), is not considered to have gained an advantage,” the proposed new text of “Law 11 – Offside” states.



    FIFA said the Denmark Football Association made a proposal after one of the most disputed goals of the season.



    Shakhtar forward Luiz Adriano provoked outrage when he ignored the sportsmanship code against Nordsjaelland after play was stopped to treat an injured opponent. After play restarted with an uncontested drop ball, he chased the ball down and scored when the Danish champion’s defenders stopped to let it to reach their goalkeeper.



    UEFA accepted that the Brazilian forward acted within the laws of football yet banned him for one Champions League match and ordered him to perform one day of community football service.



    The Danish proposal calls on IFAB to ensure that a goal cannot be allowed if one team expecting to receive the ball after the uncontested drop has not touched it.

  8. I am just a poor boy


    Though my story seldom told


    I squandered my resistance


    For a pocket full of mumbles such are promises



    All lies and jests


    Still a man hears


    What he wants to hear


    And disregards the rest

  9. bournesouprecipe


    12:52 on


    4 February, 2013




    More to the point, has he paid the parking ticket?

  10. News just in



    Super Ally heaps praise on Murray Park Scouting system for unearthing hidden talent Richard III.Ally says were hopefully he’l provide that dig we need in midfield.

  11. Can you imagine Fat Sallys face as they confiscated his steak bakes…



    The saga of Diego Maradona’s tax woes in Italy has taken another turn with his solicitor, Angelo Pisani, claiming that the Argentine’s tax bill, had been cleared by the Central Tax Commission, a claim that has been dismissed by Italy’s tax collection agency, the Agenzia delle Entrate.



    Pisani, told Italian press agency, ANSA, his client had been cleared of a tax bill of almost €40 million, of which €36 million was interest built up since 1984, when Maradona joined Serie A club Napoli.



    Pisani said Maradona “can return to Italy a free man. He is free from every debt because he was never a tax evader. He said he will return to Naples to say hello to the city, the Neapolitans and hopefully the football too.”



    He said his client would be claiming at least €40 million in damages for damage to personal image, equity and loss of opportunity “suffered in these years of persecution”.



    However, later in the day, the Agenzia delle Entrate issued a statement saying the Argentine had not been pardoned over tax debts.



    “The central tax commission has not annulled, declared extinct, nor modified the debt that Mr Diego Maradona has with the Italian tax authorities,” said the statement.



    Indeed the Agenzia said they had rejected a request to cancel the debt and is considering if there are grounds for action against Pisani.



    Italian authorities have been pursuing Maradona for the outstanding tax bill which relates to the sale of image rights during the time he played for Napoli from 1984-91. In 2005, an Italian court ordered Maradona to pay €37.2m, €23.5m of which was interest.



    When he went to Naples for a benefit match in 2006, police stripped him of two Rolex watches worth £8,700. In 2008, his payment for appearing on “Dancing with Stars” was confiscated. When he visited a weight loss clinic in 2009 his diamond earrings, worth £3,500 were taken.



    The case was reopened in 2011 due to a series of procedural errors and also involves Brazilians Careca and Alemao who also donned the blue of Napoli.

  12. Blindlemonchitlin on

    It just gets worser and worser on FF.



    Not content with casting aspersions on the integrity of super smart and punchy law firm Harper McLeod last week , including improper use of their letterhead, today finds one poster stating as fact scurrilous and libellous views as to Lord Nimmo Smith’s character.



    If I were a big fat publisher of a certain Rangers fan website, which was a commercial enterprise taking money for adverts, I’d be getting legal advice toute de suite on whether allowing such views to be published left me open to personal legal action.



    I know but I’m not telling him. Hope he’s got Donald Findlay on the batphone.

  13. BarryBhoy



    12:50 on 4 February, 2013



    ‘Not only has Jingle Jangle came out with a critical piece on the Zombies I see that Bill Leckie has also had a go at Chuckles. While I am extremely dismissive of much of Phil’s work I hope something maybe afoot after all.’





    Looks like people fighting a war by proxy by selectively briefing hacks.



    Investigative journalism it ain’t.




    alex thomson ‏@alextomo


    HMRC just emailed. For clarity their leave to appeal on R tax case has been granted. Appeal has been lodged.

  15. Zbyszek


    Thoughts & prayers with you and your now and in the days ahead.


    May you be blessed with the strength to cope with whatever comes your way.



  16. Re penalties…



    Can’t understand the action of changing your penalty taker just because he misses one. I realise however, with so many substitutes & player rotation etc. that the regular taker may not be on the pitch when penalties are awarded.



    I noticed the Dons missed one yesterday & Niall McGinn missed one last week. I am assuming NMcG was on the pitch yesterday so why didn’t he take it? He is by far their leading scorer.



    Celtics performance from the spot has been appalling & Im pretty sure that the constant changing has contributed.



    Maybe Im just old fashioned.

  17. alex thomson ‏@alextomo


    HMRC just emailed. For clarity their leave to appeal on R tax case has been granted. Appeal has been lodged.

  18. ernie lynch



    Mentioned this morning the laptop loyal seem to be distancing Fat Sally from Green and his actions.



    They definitely know something.

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