Underestimating Celtic


I get confused with these de Boer boys, one was decent, one was very good, was it one or both who borrowed money through a Rangers Employee Benefit Trust? Who cares, what’s important is that many more than just de Boers took money through EBTs, leading to an unsightly liquidation.

It’s surprising, therefore, to read the Ajax manager refer in his media conference to the consequences of those EBTs, namely “the loss of Rangers”. The price, Mr de Boer, is an honest, clean, game, where everyone respects the rules. No one hides documents from HMRC, the SFA or SPFL. No one goes through the indignity of having their instructions to shred their contract read out in court.  No club would live in fear of having to submit ALL required information to a league Commission.

The price is a clean game and we are thankful for it.

News that Scott Brown is out for several months was an enormous blow. Added to the suspensions of Nir Bitton and Stefan Johansen and we are totally without central midfielders. Charlie Mulgrew has been out for 10 weeks and may limp onto the field, but this will, without doubt, be an emergency line-up.

Despite that, there’s no Surrender Monkeys here. Celtic are never stronger than when they’re underestimated, an no one underestimates opponents quite the way Frank de Boer did yesterday.  Bring it on.

Mike Ashley, why do they prod him with a stick? Don’t make statements which he can and will easily refute.


I watched and read the response to the Foundation Sleep-Out event earlier this month. Celtic fans do things in the name of our club which continues to astonish. If you’ve not gotten involved yet, you can do so on Saturday.

Before the Hamilton game the Foundation are having their annual Christmas Appeal Bucket Collection. Come along early, pick up a bib and bucket, and get a free ticket to the game. It’s great fun, a great cause and a wonderful way to pay a bit back to the ethos which brings you to Celtic Park.

Details on signing up here.

Thanks to all who’ve bought The Winds of Change, a great read for anyone who lived through the great changes in our club from Liam Brady to Martin O’Neill.

Alex Gordon picks up the story in 1991 as Liam Brady replaces Billy McNeill and the Celtic support were about to have their boast of being ‘faithful through and through’ put to the ultimate test as barren years followed.

Eight Celtic managers, if you include Kenny Dalglish, sat in the Celtic dugout as our manager with some being much more successful than others. The book ends with Martin O’Neill leaving but there was time for CQN to add a note about the events of November 4, 2015 so that the reader can appreciate the task Celtic faced in these years, playing opponents with a loaded dice.


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  1. Just what i’m hearing



    Gordon, Lustig, Boyata ,Simunovic , Tierney, Rogic, McGregor, Armstrong, Forrest, Grifiths, GMS.

  2. mike in toronto on

    Bada Bing/SFTB



    How ya doing lads?



    with RD’s favoured 4231 system, only the 2 are what us old guys would call midfielders … the 3 are more like auxilliary forwards …. wingers and/or secondary strikers …



    we have a plethora of these sorts of wingers/false forwards … JF, GMS, SA, SA, KC, SJ …. but for true midfielders, we only have NB and SB … LH is out on loan …. I know SJ can play deeper, and has done so for his country, but that doesn’t seem to be how he is viewed by RD …. so we are short of true mids ….



    for a system that puts so much emphasis on the 2, we haven’t really come to grips with guys that can play that … I like NB, but think SB is a bit one dimensional for that system ….



    last season, JD and VVD brought the ball out, and supplemented the 2, but we have been missing that this season … although I think Jozo looks promising …and, when fit and playing regularly, will really help in this respect



    but overall, I think we have too many forwards, and not enough true midfielders in the squad ..

  3. BURGAS HOOPS on 26TH NOVEMBER 2015 6:21 PM



    Just what i’m hearing



    Gordon, Lustig, Boyata ,Simunovic , Tierney, Rogic, McGregor, Armstrong, Forrest, Grifiths, GMS.



    The bird from snyde has just read out the same side, although she said not officially confirmed as yet.

  4. MIT-weakest looking team we have had for a European game for a long time,stick to positions and keep the ball as best we can,C’mon the Hoops

  5. mike in toronto on

    a bit surprised to see Callum McGregor starting … but hopefully he repays RD’s confidence with a big performance today.

  6. mike in toronto on

    Bada bing …. it is a small team, but as my mum used to say, ‘if you’re good enough, you’re big enough’…. although now that I think about it …. she hasn’t said that since I was about 17 and had my last growth spurt to my present 6’ 3″

  7. What does McGregor offer? Its like playing with 10 men. Swap him for Allan and it looks a young exciting attacking team.

  8. I like McGregor he has an eye for goal which is a rare talent in our squad at the moment. He should play through the middle as he is not a wide player. Did not have much hope for this game with a full strength team but if Ronnie has actually learnt anything is his time here we will see it tonight. If as usual we play wide open then I think it is time to call it a day on Ronnie s celtic career

  9. mike in toronto on

    burgas … or – hopefully – McGregor has been brilliant in training recently, and has forced his way into the team … here’s hoping!



    … and no … my account has not been hacked by some happyclapper … just thought I’d try it for a change! :)




  10. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    Bhoys what ever Celtic team is picked lets give it a chance and cheer them to the rafters.This negativity about certain players before a ball is kicked is most un Celtic like the time to discuss performance is after the full game has been played. Come on you Bhoys in green. H.H.

  11. Glad Tierney gets the nod ahead of Izzy. A tough night for him up against Fischer but I’m sure he’ll cope. And will be good to see Armstrong in his bed position in the middle.

  12. mike in toronto



    I suppose yiv just got to go with the managers pick, if as they say McGregor will slot in just behind Griff it might just work.

  13. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    GARY67. I hope Armstrong gets out of his bed I have heard of a relaxed attitude but being in his bed takes the biscuit. H.H. :- )

  14. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    Watching PSV make an ordinary ManU side looking even more ordinary, I fear Ajax ball retention, passing and movement will cause us major problems.



    All I ask for is total commitment and courage.

  15. lets hope so, it has been a long time since I went into a home game with so little hope of victory. I have not seen anything to suggest Ronnie will actually play a tighter game.

  16. Confirmed.



    Gordon, Lustig, Boyata ,Simunovic , Tierney, Rogic, McGregor, Armstrong, Forrest, Grifiths, GMS.

  17. mike in toronto on

    so, how will they line up? …. the back four is clear … but will McGregor and Armstrong be the 2 mids … with Rogic between Forrest and GMS … or will Rogic and McGregor swap positions?

  18. mike in toronto on

    Murdochauld … given the talk of our injury crisis, that is actually a pretty decent bench ….





    That’s 100% correct. McGregor is in his natural position tonight, previously played wide and suffered for it.

  20. Neil Lennon & McCartney on



    Lustig, Boyata, Simunovic, Tierney




    McGregor, Armstrong


    Forrest, Griffiths, Mackay-Steven

  21. mike in toronto on

    there was some talk previously about Man U’s James wilson coming on loan, but it looks like he has gone to Brighton for the season …

  22. Captain Beefheart on

    Evening everybody.



    Seldom have I been so deflated by an impending game. Molde was a disaster.



    GMS? Good luck to him but he may be invisible again. Happy to see Rogic getting an opportunity but I fear we won’t win.



    The downsizing is killing us slowly but surely.

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