Underestimating Celtic


I get confused with these de Boer boys, one was decent, one was very good, was it one or both who borrowed money through a Rangers Employee Benefit Trust? Who cares, what’s important is that many more than just de Boers took money through EBTs, leading to an unsightly liquidation.

It’s surprising, therefore, to read the Ajax manager refer in his media conference to the consequences of those EBTs, namely “the loss of Rangers”. The price, Mr de Boer, is an honest, clean, game, where everyone respects the rules. No one hides documents from HMRC, the SFA or SPFL. No one goes through the indignity of having their instructions to shred their contract read out in court.  No club would live in fear of having to submit ALL required information to a league Commission.

The price is a clean game and we are thankful for it.

News that Scott Brown is out for several months was an enormous blow. Added to the suspensions of Nir Bitton and Stefan Johansen and we are totally without central midfielders. Charlie Mulgrew has been out for 10 weeks and may limp onto the field, but this will, without doubt, be an emergency line-up.

Despite that, there’s no Surrender Monkeys here. Celtic are never stronger than when they’re underestimated, an no one underestimates opponents quite the way Frank de Boer did yesterday.  Bring it on.

Mike Ashley, why do they prod him with a stick? Don’t make statements which he can and will easily refute.


I watched and read the response to the Foundation Sleep-Out event earlier this month. Celtic fans do things in the name of our club which continues to astonish. If you’ve not gotten involved yet, you can do so on Saturday.

Before the Hamilton game the Foundation are having their annual Christmas Appeal Bucket Collection. Come along early, pick up a bib and bucket, and get a free ticket to the game. It’s great fun, a great cause and a wonderful way to pay a bit back to the ethos which brings you to Celtic Park.

Details on signing up here.

Thanks to all who’ve bought The Winds of Change, a great read for anyone who lived through the great changes in our club from Liam Brady to Martin O’Neill.

Alex Gordon picks up the story in 1991 as Liam Brady replaces Billy McNeill and the Celtic support were about to have their boast of being ‘faithful through and through’ put to the ultimate test as barren years followed.

Eight Celtic managers, if you include Kenny Dalglish, sat in the Celtic dugout as our manager with some being much more successful than others. The book ends with Martin O’Neill leaving but there was time for CQN to add a note about the events of November 4, 2015 so that the reader can appreciate the task Celtic faced in these years, playing opponents with a loaded dice.


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  1. Did anyone have Callum McGregor in any of their lists of possible line-ups? Can’t see the logic myself & no Izzy either?



    With such a threadbare squad you’d think we’d need as much experience as possible. Hopefully I’ll be singing a different tune after the game & hailing RD as a genius but as of now not convinced.



    Keeping the faith but only just! HH!

  2. Relatively inexperienced team at this level but if the bhoys work hard and don’t hide then I see a 2-1 win for the Hoops.






  3. I know he isn’t everybodys cup of tea but I am surprised at the exclusion of Efe.


    The one thing he does have is experience and a tendency not to panic if things go wrong.


    But this is Ronny’s team and we have to get behind them.



  4. Think this team could do something. At the end of the day, Europe has been about performances this Season or more correctly the lack if them.



    Rogic and McGregor can both score. They’ll be dangerous – but can they protect the back 4?






    Lustig, Boyata, Simunovic, Tierney



    Rogic McGregor,



    Mackay-Steven Armstrong Forrest,






    With MacKay-Steven besides him and playing in his natural position I think we’ll see a performance from Armstrong.






    Hail Hail

  5. Neil Lennon & McCartney on

    “We have a great bunch of lads in that changing room, whoever plays, and the gaffer has put a lot of faith in players coming off the bench, and some of them might have to play from the start on the night,”



    “It will be a good game for them. It will be in front of our home fans with a good crowd.



    It’s going to be interesting and hopefully we can do it.



    The crowd always get behind us and are there for us, especially on these European nights and they really spur the lads on.”



    Scott Brown

  6. Well…..we have been mince defensively with what would(certainly imo)be stronger selections on paper than the team given the nod to don The Hoops tonight so what have they got to loose.


    May well be 3-3 tonight but what the hell……get yerselves buckled in!!!!!

  7. Fingers crossed, but doesn’t look good, especially in midfield. Too lightweight.


    Would like to have seen Scott Allan stRt as he has a good football brain.


    Hope I ‘m proved wrong .

  8. I wasn’t confident this morning but I’m less confident now. I’ll cheer the bhoys on for the 90 minutes and pick the bones after the game. I sincerely hope I’m wrong but I think we are too small and too light. I know any selection would be a risk. Mulgrew back from injury, Ambrose untried at midfield, Allan untried full stop, Stokes frozen out since last August but the thought of Forrest & GMS on the same team gives me shivers.


    At least we will know how good Jozo is after tonight.


    Final word if it’s not working, I hope we don’t wait too long before changing it.


    Having said all that, what the Hell, Come on The Bhoys.

  9. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    Just been attacked in Emerald Isle by scum bastards


    My nephew up from Liverpool with his mates and one has 2 big cuts on his head


    Police useless

  10. I think with Allan the problem is this.


    If he comes in, he will play well- do a good job at least in midfield.


    We will all see it. So will RD. And that might be a problem.


    It will then be difficult to justify dropping him- so keeping him out is RD best option.


    He simply doesn’t want an Allan style Celtic team/players.


    Nuts I know, but that’s my take on it.


    He doesn’t want to play him, because he will upset his vision and projected idea of what he thinks a balanced Celtic side should be.

  11. This will test the metal of a lot of out BHOYS, this is a very young team, I hope like everyone else on here, that every one of them steps up to the mark and makes Rinnies life hell with future selection choices.


    Sneek a wee 5-0 tonight and I might be ok with that :)

  12. 020 scumbags attacking scarfers as per usual. Fkn cowards.



    Let’s get this place rockin



    Come on the CELTIC

  13. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family



    Take care mate by scum I guess you mean Ajax??



    Anyone who attacks scarpers needs a severe doing..




  14. Not much luck today. Three midfielders missing, three injured during the game, and missed chances from Griff. I thought we were going to do it up until their goal.

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