Underestimating teams in August, win Walfrid hospitality tomorrow


You and I have enough recent experience to know teams we’ve never heard of, or know little about, cannot be underestimated when it comes to European football.  We should expect, and will get, a very difficult game tomorrow.

The good news is that Hapoel Beer Shiva have lost goals in three consecutive matches after a solid defensive run which saw them keep 8 clean sheets in 12 games.  But they scored four while conceding in two of those games, the only reversal coming at home to Ashdod in the League Cup last midweek.

They shut up shop away from home in their two earlier Champions League qualifying rounds at Sheriff in Moldova after a narrow 3-2 home win, they kept out Olympiakos before winning the return 1-0 in the last round.

Unlike in previous years, we are not facing a team midseason in the playoff round; Hapoel have had a few cup games but will not open their league season until Saturday.

Hospitality for 3 people at Celtic-Hapoel Beer Shiva at Walfrid Restaurant

Celtic sponsor, Intelligent Car Leasing, have given us three tickets for fantastic hospitality at the Walfrid Restaurant, before, during and after tomorrow’s night’s Champions League qualifier.  This is another money can’t buy opportunity for three people to watch Celtic in a hugely important game in sumptuous comfort.

Anyone can enter the competition, however, as this prize of so incredible, I’d like everyone who enters to donate a recommended £10 to the good work of the Celtic Foundation.

You can donate at this MyDonate page.

The Celtic Foundation work to improve Health, promote Equality, encourage Learning and tackle Poverty (H.E.L.P.) in Scotland, the rest of the UK and Ireland, and worldwide.  It’s your Foundation, you built and maintain its good work.

A few guidelines for the raffle:

Raffle closes at 21:00 BST TONIGHT, so there’s not a lot of time and I’m not expecting many entries.  You will not be entered into the competition if you donate or apply afterwards.

Enter with an email address you are going to check later tonight or early tomorrow, add a phone number, if you like.

You can enter two ways:

By making a recommended £10 donation to Celtic FC Foundation here.  Then email me at celticquicknews@gmail.com with Walfrid in the subject line, to make sure I can get in touch with you.


By emailing me the names of every Celtic shirt sponsor and official kit manufacturer.  Ever. To celticquicknews@gmail.com

One of the above will be pretty easy for most of us.  The other will be pretty difficult.  Do the easy one.

Great prize.  Only open for a few hours so there will be little competition.  Go for it!

Thank you, and thanks to Intelligent Car Leasing for supporting our fundraising efforts.

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  1. SOAL,



    where are ya? Come on then, where are ya? Lets hear ya!








    DeliaSmithPodium CSC




    From previous with slight edit



    Concessions are £30, Students £40 (still ridiculous).




    £49 is to upgrade a concession seat to a non-concession ie you don’t want to expose your kids to their fans and take an adult instead.




    “Concessions Season Ticket holders can now purchase their seat for this match. (Not applicable to special season ticket holders) The deadline to purchase is 5pm on Tuesday, 23rd August.



    Tickets are priced as follows:-



    Concessions – £30



    Students/Overseas STH – £40.



    Tickets can be purchased online, by calling 0871 226 1888* or by visiting the Ticket Office.






    Concessions season tickets can be upgraded for the use of an adult. Upgrades are only available from the Ticket Office or by calling 0141 230 1967. General sale prices of £49/£46RV apply. No upgrades are available in Rail Seating. Booking fees apply via telephone.



    Match tickets will be issued for all purchases. Concession season tickets will not be activated for this match.



    Rail Seating – Rail Seating match ticket must be presented with yellow season ticket to enter Rail Seating section.



    *calls cost 13p per minute plus your phone company’s access charge.”

  3. Are people willfully posting wrong information about the ridiculously high ticket price for TRFC game, to make it seem worse than it already is? If so, why?



    To recap:



    Concessions – £30


    Students – £40


    Upgrades – £49

  4. Saint Stivs says SACK THE BOARD on

    I didnt explain myself good there, so trying again.



    If you have a concession ticket for your kid, to take them to the game versus 2nd rangers it will cost them £30.


    To compare a childs ticket for aberdeen game is £15.



    If however you want to upgrade that seat to take an adult its £49.


    yip £49.



    the aberdeen game standard seat is £26.



    profiteering , and unneccesary.



    the seats that will be occupied then broken by the zombies are £50.

  5. Paul67,



    very rarely do we ever have an easy game at this level or do we make it easy for ourselves for that matter!


    However, keeping a clean sheet tomorrow will certainly help on that score, as it were.


    2-0 will do rather nicely thank you!



    Great comp yet again and great cause.






  6. “£49



    For a concession?



    Ffs,that’s ridiculous.”



    Bobby, it’s only 30 quid for a concession.



    But you can be forgiven for thinking so as it was presented to you rather unclear.




  7. BSR,



    now that is a Podium that Im sure we would all like to ahem, climb…..






  8. “How much are we charging the Huns? Tell me it’s more,please.”






    Unless they have changed, league rules would prevent this.




  9. BABASONICOS71 on 16TH AUGUST 2016 12:46 PM


    repost from last thread:



    Good day fholks,been off the grid for a couple of weeks,hope i’ve not missed much?



    Birthday greetings to TOHG,Didier Agathe and John Fallon.And many hoopy returns.




    I feel like i’m six and it’s Christmas Eve.Somebody should invent a fast-forward device for use in situations of extreme Celtic-game-anticipation.Got a 3-0 victory vibe.





  10. BT


    Happy Birthday tae yer father, make sure he has a great day.


    Maybe see you in BV tommorow




  11. A fiver for your thoughts on

    A fiver for your thoughts on 16th August 2016 12:50 pm



    THE EXILED TIM on 16th August 2016 10:35 am



    Repost incase you missed it on last thread



    A Fiver….



    I am happy for you to think I am deluded, but I will ask you the same as I asked MacJay, provide me proof from an indy source that doping in Russian Athletics-Sport is State Sponsored.




    Nothing from a pro brit or pro american source.



    I have said I believe that there was a state cover up, a world away from being State sponsored.



    But never mind, we can all watch and marvel at the brit and septic drug cheats and take comfort that the big bad Russians are not stealing their medals.









    Oh c’mon do you expect there to be documentary evidence available on line?



    That’s rather naive no?



    That’s a bit like asking me to show you Hillary Clinton’s emails but it doesn’t mean they don’t exist



    If the state requires success they make the funds available through obscure sources but they know what it’s for and where it#s going



    I didn’t comment on UK or US sportsman but obviously there are problems with drug cheats in most countries, that’s how it is, high stakes and plenty people prepared to do whatever it takes to gain an advantage in the knowledge that drug testing will always be a couple of years behind the performance enhancement specialists




  12. weebobbycollins on

    Bobby Macjay TTT…


    Earlier you were talking of Venezuela…


    I have family in Venezuela and I spent a total of 12 years there, 4 in the 70s and 8 in the 80s. I have visited once since 2000. It is probably the most violent country in South America. Caracas, a city physically smaller than Glasgow but with a population approaching 5 million, the majority of whom live in los barrios. When the charismatic Chavez came to power, he had fantastic support from the populace who were hopeful that the big families were finally going to be put in their place…So, what happened? The corruption that had been rife for many decades, probably ever since the Spanish arrived, continued but this time it was a really aggressive corruption. People who had never before smelled power were now taking advantage of the situation, possibly thinking, this opportunity may never come round again. The effects have been catastrophic, dividing whole communities and setting the ‘escualidos’ against the ‘chavistas’…


    Now Chavez is gone and Maduro has taken his place and the close ties with Cuba have strengthened…What Venezuela needs now is a new generation of politicos but that has been a mantra for many years. Will it happen? I can’t see it. Military coup? Possibly, in order to avoid a bloody civil war, but the armed forces are as corrupt as the others. Corruption is in the Venezuelan DNA…Sadly, I am not optimistic…

  13. Why are we charging £49 for the Sevco game? We wouldn’t be charging that to watch any other diddy team or indeed any other team in the league. We’re just confirming ‘Old Firmism’ and that they are different.



    Why aren’t we calling them by their given name ‘The Rangers’?



    Sometimes Celtic piss me right off.




  14. This is my first season as an over 65 year old season ticket holder. Will I have to pay an an additional amount to see Celtic v TRIFC?

  15. ‘Our team has Jews, Arabs, foreign Christians, and we sign players according to merit, not ethnic or religious background’



    Quote attributed to Alona Barkat, owner of Hapoel Beersheba FC.



    Whatever one’s views on politics of the middle east, I hope that she and her club are welcomed to Celtic Park tomorrow evening in solidarity with Celtic and not the object of a protest against her government or her nation.

  16. Shame on the club for those Sevco prices. Shocking absolutely shocking. £49!!!!!!!!!!



    They have to be kidding us on

  17. It’s NOT £49 per ticket.



    There are special season tickets that exclude games v Gers. If you have one of those special season cards, you can upgrade it to a FULL season card for an additional one-off payment of £49, giving you access to 2 games v Gers. That equates to £24.50 per game.



    Calm down people.

  18. OK ive thought about it, sevconians paying 50 quid to get into Paradise has cheered me right up. :-)))

  19. MadMitch on 16th August 2016 10:43 am



    DP @ 10.19



    I do wonder if the GB and their acolytes have the mental capacity, the political ballast, the desire for joint action to make something of the the Hapoel history?



    The whole Middle East / Palestine issue is not for the simple minded sloganeers.



    Israel as a nation is not some one dimensional organism that can be easily typecast if you have the time and effort to look into its history and it’s changing make up.



    They are in a bad place at the moment — they have moved on from their original plucky underdog vibe and they are struggling with being top dog surrounded by the poor, the starving and the oppressed.




    With BN they have the prototype DT figure with twice the brains but half the vision.



    The results are the same but the future does not look good as the composition of the electorate has been transformed with a very focused immigration strategy and its self generating element.



    Become more nationalistic and muscular in your politics.



    Attract people who like nationalistic and muscular in their politics.



    If anybody progressive gets to the top and wants to talk — shoot them.




    Make sure the plebs are scared fartless by having a bogey man tap you can switch on and off at will. Then play your desperate neighbours by yanking their chain now and again and then bombing them to the point of just re-arranging the rubble.



    Consequently the GB / StAl’s politics types have a decision to make.



    Go for the tried and tested.



    Or do something innovative.



    Could I suggest



    You have made the desert / Negev bloom.



    What about the Gaza Strip — send seeds not retribution.



    Less hammer and more sickle?



    Glesga humour will go far / student politics will not.



    The Jews are a funny people / religion — unfortunately what prospered in New York has not travelled too well to the Middle East. I blame the schools.




    as Always, your posts are a Must Read. I’m not saying I agree with anything you type, I may agree with Everything.



    Keep dropping the CQN BOMBS.

  20. So are those getting moved getting Paper Tickets?



    All those not getting moved just added to the ST card?



    First Ever ST so I have no idea.



    No Big deal this Time.



    As I will be there well on Time, probably just off Springfield Road about 18:00 – car parking is crucial.



    The Israeli team will be Good



    And difficult opponents but they will not try to kick us off the park.

  21. Some amount of info to digest here guys.



    I have a kids ticket that excludes New Rangers.



    If my kid wanted to go to the New Old Firm revisionism game is it:



    a) £30 for one game


    b) £30 for two New Old Firm revisionism games ie. pay £30 2 games against New Rangers included.




  22. Hrvatski Jim on 16th August 2016 1:12 pm



    ‘Our team has Jews, Arabs, foreign Christians, and we sign players according to merit, not ethnic or religious background’


    Could be a quote from us… We are an ALL Inclusive Club.



    Like you.. Lets welcome them, as we do anyone else to Celtic park, (one exception!!).. and not bring unwanted (desperately sought) attention on our Club.



  23. prestonpans bhoys on

    Auld Tam on 16th August 2016 1:14 pm



    That’s not how I read it. Important bit is this “can now purchase their seat for this match” which is singular not plural therefore I would say £49 for a one match upgrade.

  24. We can overestimate teams too.



    Go after them. Make fortress paradise count. This should be a stage where players who play for lesser clubs with smaller stadia can’t settle in to their game.



    Players from bigger clubs have withered under the heat of the paradise lights.



    So will our Palestinian based opposition.

  25. Moan all you want.


    The game against Sevco will sell out.



    I’m not saying that you are wrong to moan.


    Just that it will have the same impact as flying a Palestinian flag at tomorrow’s match will have on Palestinians.




  26. bournesouprecipe on 16th August 2016 10:54 am



    Was speaking with Ian Douglas at the TO, not a season ticket to be had unless you want restricted view, or the family section.



    Tempted to switch to the family section as your’e guaranteed to miss Sevco



    BR CSC






    I couldn’t believe we were sitting next to the Jambos and a few others with Loud Support. Family section don’t make me laugh.



    They sung Vile songs.



    I’m delighted to be right beside the Hate Factory. Someone has to be there, this Time I will be left side…..Justin case

  27. weebobbycollins on

    Let’s welcome the Israeli team tomorrow night…Hanthala (probably) says, “Be’er Sheva are not our enemy”…

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