Understanding the perpetrators walked among us


We will never know the scale of sexual abuse in our institutions, or how far back in history they go; “historic” covers a lot of ground.  What we know for sure is the lifelong damage caused by this abuse.  Yesterday’s SFA review, apologies from clubs and the Association, and many criminal convictions, cannot repair the damage done, but it vindicates those who brought the issue to light.

It is hard to understand that the perpetrators walked among us, lived otherwise normal lives and held positions of respect.  It could be decades before we know if the problems of the past persist today, such is the imbalance of power between abuser and victim.  As a society, as families or as parents, we cannot be complacent.  Boys clubs, churches and youth organisations were targeted in the past, but if these types still walk among us, and they almost certainly do, they will look where vigilance is less.

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  1. The weaponising of this tragic subject by fans of any team is beyond comprehension.



    Citing child abuse to score a petty point over your rivals because your football team isn’t very good is really the lowest of the low.

  2. NOTTHEBUS on 12TH FEBRUARY 2021 12:53 PM






    Though it’s interesting how it crashes up against the same club narrative.

  3. Gene @ 12:26 PM,



    That has always been Rangers agenda on referees – moan about them until Celtic or other clubs do, then protect them



    I’m not at all sure what the big surprise is vis~a~vive Scottish referees and Neil Lennon’s comments.



    In fact during the Brendan Rodgers era at Celtic there were less concerns about Scottish referees.



    1 – We were too good for referees to make a difference



    2 – Rangers were vying for second place so their rivals for this position were more likely to be subject to the “honest mistakes”. In fact, so much soo when Celtic played these rivals we often got the officials rub of the green.



    Despite popular myth to the contrary Brendan Rodgers often called out Scottish refs…



    My two favourite…



    Scottish referees don’t seem to know the rules and…



    We could use English referees.



    In fact Steve Clarke’s Kilmarnock were probably worse hit, yet Aberdeen and others also.



    So much was the discontent in 2018/19 and after the “honest mistakes” of that season’s old firm game and the Rangers penalties… (Four in one match!?)



    The managers were raging (cheif BR and SC) and demanded action. Gerrard who had been critical of the officials pulled back, cardiganesque behaviour.



    So in January, yhe referees, their bosses and the SPL managers met up to have a clear the air discussion.



    The managers formed at committee to put forward grievence and enact changes. Neil Lennon was the chosen representative, that was two years ago and Neil has done nothing about.



    Since BR left and Clarkey went to the National team – zilch.



    Hail Hail

  4. Seen a wee interview with Dougie McGuire who as a lad i had few games against.He was lucky enough to play 4 first team games for Celtic.Very skillful player with a great cross but no the strongest or bravest imo.He mentioned Tony Shepherd who he regarded as the star player of the resreves.Tony was some player at 15 and starred at Wembley for the scottish schoolboys but like so many never kicked on.

  5. Well worded article Paul .


    I played against Celtic Boys Club back in the day.


    Then helped my auld mans team that played against them


    The perpetrators did advertise a crime that wasn’t on anyone’s radar. Some were mentioned in glowing terms in autobiography.



    The victims are the ones that matter .I hope Celtic FC have supported them in every way possible. God give them strength.

  6. JJ Kenny will be on a contract at least the equivalent of our top earners, not sure how long is left on it,but we would need to make sure he was worth the outlay,to be a cast iron first choice RB.We need to be far more sensible with the wage bill, which has been out of control for years,due to bad buys,squad fillers,projects and failed loans.Maybe look at the Ajax model of say 8 players on top money,12 on middle money,and the rest youth/reserve money? That’s where a DoF can work with the manager to assess,and prioritise ins and outs.




    Sorry for the football post…

  7. The perpetrators got away with it because the main one funded Celtic Boys’ Club and gave Celtic first pick of the decent players.



    The board didn’t have to finance a youth development project so more for them.



    They ignored rumours, and there were plenty going around years ago, because they maybe thought, naively, that it couldn’t be true.

  8. Please correct me if I’m wrong, but did Jim Baxter not get 2 liver transplants, neither of which stopped him drinking?







    But, I remember the rumours including one spoken about by an ex Celtic Boys’ Club player I knew when he was a few years older.

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  11. Bada…..Kenny contract expires summer 22……Burnley (i think) were quoted 10 million early Jan for him………I like him….but no way is he a 10 million player!…..

  12. Indeed.



    Best got two and there was a fair bit of an outcry about it. I think he also had that treatment that they insert something in your stomach that makes you violently sick if you drink.

  13. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Good one Paul.



    A very difficult subject to broach.



    But needs aired.



    Now the final report is published and all clubs involved are named ….



    … hopefully the weaponising and sickeningly immoral point scoring will diminish.



    And the focus moves back to the victims.



    Celtic’s statement is fine but, IMHO, there appears to be a truth here that all Celtic supporters have to be prepared to swallow about historic child abuse viz …



    Many clubs are culpable but our club is possibly the most culpable.



    To that end I would personally like to see a temporary memorial to victims erected outside Celtic Park.



    Possibly in place for the next 18-24 months as a focal point of past crimes and, more importantly, for driving forward the “never again” agenda.



    Hail hail



    Keep The Faith

  14. Interesting debate on Liver transplants…



    Knew a local fellow a few years back, he needed a liver transplant, they said he needed to give up drinking for a year.



    He did



    A few months before his year was up and his transplant was due he went for an examination.



    He had liver cancer and nothing they could do, he was given three months to live, he died twelve weeks later.



    So, I’m sure lifestyle is something the health professionals look into…



    Couple of caveats on the case I mention; as a young man he injected drugs, and became very ill, he put this down to the main cause of liver damage and not his drinking.



    He actually didn’t drink very heavily, preferring a joint and found it very easy to give up alcohol.



    Hail Hail

  15. emeraldbee



    who did you train ? any who went pro ?


    played for them between 1977-1985


    went to germany 3 times, france, england


    i knew guys in the older teams

  16. As a society, as families or as parents, we cannot be complacent. Boys clubs, churches and youth organisations were targeted in the past, but if these types still walk among us, and they almost certainly do, they will look where vigilance is less.





    Well said Paul67 but unfortunately for victims in the past, present and in the future the overwhelming majority of abuse and neglect happens in the family home, primarily perpetrated by close family members, friends and neighbours. Speaking out on high profile cases within organisations such as today at football clubs and boys clubs does allow victims to realise that what has happened to them/is happening is not ‘normal’ or somehow ‘their fault’. But as individuals, families and as a society we need to believe children (and adults) and support them even when what they have endured is visited upon them by a ‘loved one’. We have come a long way but have a very long way to go unfortunately.

  17. drew1967



    tony shepherd (pie) was considered the best player in scotland for his age group around 14-16

  18. Perhaps the SFA will do the right thing and correctly focus the nation’s grief for this trajedy……..


    a national monument to those that suffered would be a decent gesture.

  19. SPIKEY



    Got married in ’74, first son ’76 so had to pull back from the fitba involvement after that (or so I was ‘advised’ by Mrs Emeraldbee.



    I went with the Under 14s – 16s then back down again so coached a fair few bright young uns,, quite a few that went on to play professionally. Biggest name was Graeme Sharp, strangely not the best or most natural footballer in the team over the years, but had a fantastic work ethic for a young boy so wasn’t surprised he went so far. There was a guy called Eric Steel who could do things with a ball I had never seen before, I found it hard to even get a (gentle) kick at him in training games – spent some years at Burnley, but didn’t make it down there and played with Partick for a short time before disappearing.



    The Euro tournaments were a great experience for so many young guys that had hardly left Glasgow at that time!

  20. I have a fatty liver and it was killing me last week.



    Stopped the Drink last week and been eating a lot of chicken, fish, fruit and veg, feel great this week, no sore side as I had last week….probably placibo effect.



    Go for my yearly scan on 23 February, fingers crossed I’m ok.



    D :)

  21. Oh and believe it or not I only drink when we are playing.



    Never been a big drinker but this last year I probably did overdo it especially the first lockdown, sun out – Lager out.



    Foolish I know, but what’s done is done.



    D :)

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