Unequivocally difficult and the SFA


Champions League sections are never easy so we are as well having one which is unequivocally difficult on paper.  Despite finishing second from pot 4 in their group last season (a remarkable achievement), Celtic spent the vast majority of their time in the tournament under pressure.  They had possession less than their opponents in all six group games, so although we were successful in the group stage, there should be no doubt as the the size of the challenge.

Conversely, we looked Juventus in the eye, which, in retrospect, could be regarded as over ambitious.

When Martin O’Neill’s Celtic drew Barcelona and Milan in the group section of the Champions League the manager was clearly exasperated at the apparently preposterous task.  It was Martin’s last throw in the competition and he was anxious to break into the knockout stage for the first time.

The mood music seems different this time.  Neil Lennon has been to the knockout stage already so the pressure to breakthrough is not there.  Celtic can take one game at a time without the burden of having to prove themselves in this competition.  They are now a part of this league, they might not win it, but they can compete with anyone.

We will be second favourites for each game, which is surely the way we would all prefer it to be.  Despite what happened last year, even Barca will expect to comfortably overcome Celtic.  Surely we can’t be as organised again?

Don’t bet against it.

STV painted an interest picture of the SFA this morning.  The Association declined advice from Uefa to come into line with most of Europe (including England, crucially for many Scottish clubs) and extend the transfer window until the first business day of the week.

Doing so, however, would make a mockery of their suspension of Rangers International’s transfer embargo, which expires on 31 August.  To accept Uefa’s advice would draw attention to their oversight in not noticing that August ends on a weekend.

We all know this to be the case, but the Association would rather ignore their mistake than help out member clubs and draw attention to it.

Even Jim Farry checked the calendar.
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  1. Kelvinbhoy supporting Wee Oscar on

    Tommysbhoy.. did you just get a call from the ticket office? If you did can you get my email from Paul or we can catch up at next match. Cheers mate

  2. Its all positive, its all feel-good, its all optimistic. That’s good.


    Beware. Some of the sides in our group could take 7 off us.


    Its great we are there. But take it easy

  3. DBBIA



    Getting a ticket would be difficult and getting 2 would be even more so.(Boy would not want me going up on my own).

  4. Rubicon



    Don’t want to peak too early and cut my handicap again tomorrow!!! We’ve already lost a shot due to my performance last week! On the plus side, dare I say it, I’m on a bit of form at the moment – that’s us out now ;-)



    See you Sunday.







  5. Kelvinbhoy supporting Wee Oscar on

    Tommysbhoy – see that you were posting just as I was….cheers buddy. See you at next match.

  6. You score a left foot goal


    A right foot goal


    A header, a volley


    And then you score some more


    You do the hukki Pukki and you win the league


    That’s what it’s all about O!



    Oooh the hukki Pukki



  7. canamalar



    I echo mike in toronto’s words exactly. Keep it going kiddo. :))



    Weefra HH supporting Wee Oscar

  8. NatKnow - Supporting Wee Oscar on



    14:51 on


    30 August, 2013



    Is Biton one of the midfielders that say “Nir”



    For you older pythons…



    I hear he’s already joined the Knights

  9. No use moaning at the incompetent SFA.We have known about this for months.We have a member on the SFA panel,what is he doing?.Its all very well going on about it,but if we just sit back,say nothing,then hell mend us.WEEMINGER is bang on with his comment.Herenveen need money for Finn bogason.If they hold out until Monday,and no one comes in,then they might be more likely to take what they can get.We would be hamstrung.An absolute farce,which I am sorry to say,we are party to.

  10. Natknow



    Hahah….BT will know all about that!


    He looks good….a bit like the big cup…..surely a sign….




  11. Steinreignedsupreme on

    Another victory for our manager



    CELTIC manager Neil Lennon has been cleared of driving while using his mobile phone.



    Lennon, 42, was accused of the offence while driving a black Audi Q7 car on Glasgow’s High Street on July 26 last year.



    Stipendiary Magistrate Josephine MacLean ruled that there was no case to answer following a trial at the city’s Justice of the Peace court.



    The judge accepted an argument from Lennon’s solicitor that the Crown failed to provide the evidence necessary to convict him.



    She told Lennon: “I uphold the submissions that there is no case to answer.



    “You are not guilty, you are free to go.”



    The football boss thanked the judge before leaving court.



    His solicitor, Liam O’Donnell, said after the trial: “Neil is pleased that the matter is concluded and accepts it was a misunderstanding.”

  12. Snake Plissken on




    If he goes anywhere other than Ajax I think everyone will shrug their shoulders.



    If not…………

  13. BT



    Haha naw….nearly broke it n deleted stuff tho….wee BT in fae school yet?




  14. Neustadt-Braw


    14:53 on 30 August, 2013



    Big Nan


    14:44 on


    30 August, 2013









    Braw please pass this on to your contacts and see if we can get the numbers up.



    Wonder if Lenny has the handshake after that verdict?



    Just joking!

  15. On SSN ally interview on Celtic in CL coming up…. Got that on record ;)



    Biton has spoken, he’ll wear the No 6 shirt, saying its a dream to play for Celtic




  16. Delaneys Dunky on

    Just seen big Nir on SSN. Got a good feeling about the new Bhoy.



    Kickinthenakas…. Lol, it could be an omen

  17. tomtheleedstimsupportsweeoscar on

    I would be happy for the totally incompetent and corrupt SFA to extend the transfer window for two days and let the Huns pour more unnecessary money down the drain to hasten their demise (mark 2) whilst allowing the rest of us the time to miss out on more transfer targets.

  18. Afternoon Timland, as ever hun free in the mountain valley



    Alison Robbie ‏@AlisonRobbie 48s


    Teemu Pukki is having a medical at #Celtic at the moment

  19. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    Our so called strategy. Makes me laugh so it does…is developing CL players for other teams that dont play in the CL. 3 of them in the same window. How many seasons did Victor Gary play in the CL ? How many more seasons will they play ?



    Apart from undermining team building every second year I dont see any strategy. I see opportunistic money grabbing dressed up in spin.




  20. happy with the singings of pukki and biton today.


    yes, a couple of projects, but a wee bit up the scale from our last projects.



    I still believe we need to add a couple of quality players to the squad


    to withstand a chance of 2nd or 3rd in the CL group…don’t see it tho’


    we lost the spine of the team FFS.



    have we just to be contented??????

  21. I am happy celtic are looking to sign and fill the team with more good quality young players with potential. if they excel they will earn celtic titles, trophies, European football and good transfer fees. along the way a few will develop a real affinity for the club and stick around a little longer to guide the next group of young players to the top.



    kinda what’s happening with sammy, brown, ledley, izzy and Charlie etc… right now. once this transfer window is closed I doubt celtic will be active in the transfer market (buying or selling) for a couple of year, unless absolutely necessary (player demands transfer/ allows contract to finish).



    we should have a fairly settled team for the next 2 to 3 years so if those young players develop as anticipated we should be our team progress well and our club develop further.