United caught in good but fragile football trap


It could be a big weekend in the race for the Premiership with Celtic away to bottom club Dundee United tonight and Aberdeen at fifth placed Ross County on Sunday. The gap at the top is currently three points, with Celtic having a game in hand. Tonight’s result will give the league table a true look, at least until Sunday afternoon.

Those of us of a certain heritage cannot take a trip to Tannadice lightly. Despite seeing United relegated since their 80s peak, they were never a bad team. Even now, cut adrift at the foot of the table, they play far better football than any other team I can remember in that position.

The recent Dundee derby was a case in point. United had the lead and should have buried Dundee before the fragility which has stalked United this season caught up with them. Tonight’s game will present a different proposition. Unlike against Dundee, when they went looking to put the game to bed, United will be far more cautious against Celtic, who will have to do their usual shift against a packed defence.

Despite this, United are bottom for a reason. They’ve won two of 21 league games, are 11 points from the play-off spot and need to pull something spectacular out of the bag this month to avoid relegation.

Three points, please, Celtic.

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  1. foghorn leghorn on

    i just had a massive lunch to add to my huge breakfast



    i think im going to need 2 lidl bags for the game tonight




  2. TD67



    You will like this one.


    Im starting to believe this whole Stranraer scenario was set up.


    In fact…a False Flag Flare Fiasco.


    I just need to prove it:)


    Im on the case.


    And….There was no LIDL bag…..thats the smoking gun.


    The Hun meeja engineered it.






  3. James Doleman ‏@jamesdoleman 2m2 minutes ago


    Breaking: Glasgow Sheriff rejects bid by WiFi company 802 Works to arrest £300,000 from Rangers FC

  4. O.G.RAFFERTY on 15TH JANUARY 2016 12:34 PM


    James Doleman ‏@jamesdoleman 2m2 minutes ago



    Did you expect anything different NAW CHANCE.




  5. Dundee Utd have been awful this season and we should be racking up a cricket score. No excuses.


    Also would the real Stefan Johansen please stand up?

  6. A Glasgow Sherriff lets the Cowboys off.


    What a surprise eh.


    Dodge City right enough.








    I think the decision has put a decent company out of business and its employees out of a job.



    Hopefully it might serve as a deterrent to any firm offering their services in future.



    Meanwhile,it seems a poor poor decision. But so was the one to go into business with them in the first place.

  8. I’ve said it before on here, THEMS are untouchable, now I’m beginning to believe they are invincible to.



    I can only hope they are paraphyletic too!

  9. Oh Oh Oh we’re Sevco you know


    We never pay for feck all


    Its magic you know


    The Sheriff says on you go


    Oh oh oh We’re sevco you know








  10. Afternoon Timland from a damp hun free mountain valley.


    Got to feel sorry for the couple who run the WiFi co, they will never see a penny of all their hard earned.


    Fecking cheating scum

  11. Justice Scoddish style eh


    Ye canny beat it.


    Sheriff….thats what you need for the Wild West of Scoddland.


    You could not make it up.




  12. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    The way of the big bad world



    The scum get away with murder whilst people relying on benefits and small businesses are being fecked over by the establishment



    I give up

  13. What is the Stars on

    Regarding the wifi company I wouldn’t be too concerned about that ruling today.


    I am sure the case will go to a full hearing and justice will prevail (fiat Justitia ruat caelum)

  14. 802 Works will be pursuing the payment dispute either through the courts or arbitration, they may still get paid…if Sevco are still around by the time the case comes around…

  15. This decision only relates to the arrestment that was lodged pending the case being heard.



    It’s not a great surprise.

  16. What is the Stars on

    1. Judge also noted that there were people with “deep pockets””who were determined not to let club go out of business.


    2. Judge said he was influenced by new financial figures given to court showing RFC loss from June to Dec 2015 down to £500k


    3. Judge told court he was satisfied that there was ‘no immediate risk’ of Rangers going put of business.

  17. Was the Wi Fi court case not just to ring fence the money in the event of insolvency ?



    They are still owed the money. But that could be another story.


    However does that insinuate that the latest hun model is not likely to fold in the near future?






    PS : Ernie from last thread. Don’t believe the adverts, Lynx pulling power is way over-rated.

  18. I do have to agree with some on here, the judicial system here scares me, every department of it, I kinda had to sit up the other day when FAC where at that meeting in the capital, when that arse…. McCaskill spoke, that is one horrible bitter bitter man, and the cabal of government and the law system here in Scotland frightens me, I’m serious, it REALY does, Free Masonary has been around a long long time, more so scottish free Masonary, they work within, and close up the shop, very very dangerous thing when called upon by a scottish ran Presbyterian institution, I’m afraid there’s only one result, I fear for the tax case next month, it should be a slam dunk, although I seriously doubt it.

  19. That hun bigot mob have no shame


    They will resort to any available underhand method.


    With all the corruption in football and athletics going on…you would think that somebody would be asking questions about sevco….but no.


    Multiple court cases, Millions in debt due to loans…and still they roll on.


    Stinks like rotting fish.




  20. it was always comforting to believe that cheats never win.


    Uncomfortable as it may be, that adage does not apply in Scottish fitba nor court rooms.

  21. Why on earth would ANY company and/or football club ever want to deal with Ibrox Head Office on anything other than a proforma basis?



    If they are indeed bidding to buy any players, surely the higher the bid, the bigger the likelihood that the transfer instalment plan will not be honoured.



    It would appear that in all legal disputes involving Sevco, including those associated with the SPFL/SFA, the Ibrox inhabitants are given the benefit of even the smallest, not necessary reasonable, doubt.



    We had better get used to this in the coming months.



    One thing that has always puzzled me is why, when we know what we now know, did HMRC agree to accept Duff & Phelps, as Whytes preferred choice of administrators?





    Is the judge trying to say that in six months the huns lost half-a-million in total?



    It’s more than that a month,Ffs!!!



    This is getting ridiculous now,there seems to be no way of law,in the sense that most people would understand it,being applied against anything which has 1872 on it.





    They saw it as a chance to get D&P for the crooks they knew them to be,but had previously been unable to prove.



    This blog was full of stuff like that back then.



    Aaaah nostalgia ….

  24. 15TH JANUARY 2016 12:54 PM


    1. Judge also noted that there were people with “deep pockets””who were determined not to let club go out of business





    And added, that he has shaken hands with each of them, no doubt.