Unproductive costs


Lewis Morgan has had a difficult shift this season.  The 23-year-old winger was used sparingly as a squad player before the concurrent absences of Odsonne Edouard, Leigh Griffiths and Bayo saw him drafted into the striker role against Rennes on 28th November.

Lewis scored a good goal that day but he is not a striker.  He made another four appearances in that position before Edouard’s return, which brought the experiment to an end.  He made 17 appearances in League One for Sunderland during the second half of last season.  In the Wembley play-off final, he was brought on as an early substitute, while Aiden McGeady remained on the bench, but his time in the North East was not particularly productive.

Now he is Going to Miami for talks with Inter (not that one), with the MLS side having agreed a fee with Celtic for his permanent transfer.

There are several things about our experience with Lewis Morgan I like.  Celtic scouts considered him the top talent in the Championship, a player with the potential to make the step up.  It is good that we sign players like this.

He was loaned back to St Mirren, then after six months at Lennoxtown, out to Sunderland.  He was given a chance in the qualifiers, then put through the striker turmoil, which gave Neil Lennon a chance to assess the player.

The player has a League Cup winner’s medal and a Wembley experience, things that he will be talking about for the rest of his life, and is likely to sign a contract to keep him in Florida for a few years.  He would have hoped to hold down a first team place at Celtic, but on balance, the move from St Mirren has worked out well for him.

We have difficulty keeping players who are outstandingly successful, but they usually leave a for fee that allows us to further strengthen.  What happens with players who do not make the grade is also important.  Getting them off the wage bill, for a fee and hopefully a profit, stops the budget from being clogged by unproductive costs, a problem we have discussed on these pages since the days of Martin.

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  1. bankiebhoy1


    thanks, not to Tom Kerridge standard


    just a good humour, service and a warm welcome, with decent unpretentious pub grub a level above the chains

  2. The jury is not out on Julien for me. A crucial figure in a number of domestic and European games. Worth every penny we paid for him.

  3. BLUEGRASS CELT on 10TH JANUARY 2020 4:47 PM


    “You mentioned 8 players . Elhamed isn’t good, Frimpong is good ( but not a RB. Swap him for Forrest). Julien , the jury is still out. Taylor looks like he could be good. The rest are either on line or just shite.”



    The jury is out on Jullien? Are you watching the games?



    “And BTW , I seldom post on here so don’t know how you can say I’m never happy.”



    I can tell pal. Using the terms “happy clapper” and “project” are making it pretty obvious.

  4. Celtic have won 10 domestic trophies in a row and all things considered, have had a good European campaign.



    I’d hate to hear from a guy like that when we aren’t constantly winning…

  5. I would prefer celtic got business done quicker and I also agree we need a couple of quality players. A forward and a centre mid would be my choice. The main thing we need to do is sort the tactics when teams flood the middle of the pitch.



    I like Scott Sinclair but it was right time for him to move on. Morgan done nothing of note and it’s right he moves on to. There are several other players that could leave who have done less than both.



    It’s good that o’connor is going to get some game time. He will be better prepared to challenge frimpong next season. Future planning is a good thing.



    Last thing, there are 18 or so games to go in the league and I would be amazed if points were not dropped over the course of the season by all the teams in the league, but of perspective is needed at time.




  6. bluegrass celt on



    It’s not very nice getting called names is it?


    Right I’m no a bed wetter and your no a happy clapper.


    Take a wee chillaxitive mate. Just giving my opinion which I thought you were allowed to do on here without getting called names.


    Just cause we see things differently disnae mean we don’t want the same outcome. Enjoy your weekend 👍

  7. WDH



    Hi mate.disagree with you bout Babbitty browsers.imo it’s a poor pub,poor staff and last time I was in it the manager openly talking about residents who stayed there and breaching all levels of guest privacy.idiot didn’t know he was farting his mouth off bout a good friend of mine.That was a few years back.never been back.


    Hope your well my friend



  8. BB`s used to be the go to place for a regular bunch of CQNers but, after Paul 67 found a new watering place and Old Tim plumped for the Blane valley,numbers dropped dramatically. I suppose some of the staff were not great but as one who likes Real Ale, I prefer a good pint to lager served with a smile.




    Do you know if the new guy will continue with Real Ale ?

  9. “I tried to get him on a few occasions,” said McInnes.



    “We have been patient in our search. I recognise him as a very good, confident footballer.”



    Maybe this transfer lark is not just quite as simple as many seem to think.



    Cheerio for now.

  10. An Tearmann


    was what I was saying, has now been taken over.


    Will re open in about 6/7 weeks after refit


    always really disliked all about the feel of the place


    Will be wort a visit when doors open

  11. BLUEGRASS CELT on 10TH JANUARY 2020 5:33 PM


    I meant Elhamed IS a good player.




  12. BLUEGRASS CELT @ 17:40



    With you on the name-calling.



    There are those on here who believe, for whatever reason, that they are ‘more Celtic’ than others, that they can call people ‘bed-wetters, happy clappers, huns an trolls, simply because views differ.



    The annoying thing is that their ‘pals’ thenlatch on, meaning a poster can become a target & get abuse from different angles.



    My posts have been attacked by these people who have used the fact that I am a relatively new to the site – they obviously feel that they belong on here more than I.



    Of course, one soon gets wise and scrolls past everything & anything they post.

  13. The hands cant hit what the eyes cant see on

    @ DAVID17 on 10TH JANUARY 2020 6:41 PM



    “He is worth every penny.” Ian Bankier, 27 November 2019- Celtic AGM.

  14. Strange that BBs getting slagged. I used to go there late 80s for soup and a pint before games. Went a few times with family in noughties and a dinner upstairs with friends. Got back into it in the last decade with my dad and he loved the staff. Brian Quinn also seemed to like it



    There are many worse pubs in that area of town

  15. Pógmathonyahun aka Laird of the Smiles on 10th January 2020 6:41 pm



    This is what we are up against but yet the Club refuses to take the SFA to the cleaners despite the information supplied by the Res 12 Requisitioners. Makes my blood boil 🤬🤬






    Yet you can intimate violent acts against our support and that is hunky dory – FTSFA






    And some tims think VAR is a good idea. Imagine these three wise monkeys who reviewed the incident on any panel. I couldn’t see any favourable decisions for Celtic there.




  16. Overseas



    I agree that Julian is a player( needs to drop the play acting when fouled)



    Ajer isn’t currently a top CH and needs a rest. We don’t have a back right now



    Should get a proper CH in on loan or signed this window; not Ajer’s fault

  17. No idea how some can say elhamed is a good player


    Has looked good in his 3 games


    Yip 3 games





    Fraser Foster and Elyounousi and Bauer are all on loan, so not our players



    Astounding statement from Paul67


    ” they usually leave for a fee which allows us to further strengthen – wow, absolute wow


    So we lost 14 players in summer, including the core of our defence


    Sorry Bolingoli is poor


    Julian looks ok to me


    Frimpong was a stroke of luck, as Elhamed injured and looks like Bauer not fancied


    Huge success there then


    Moussa Dembele left ( remember Edouard was already with us) so has Bayo strengthen us ???



    Frightening incompetency is what I am seeing with our signing strategy


    How many need to go this window, then again in the summer


    As many just not good enough ???

  18. bluegrass celt on



    Thank you my friend. I’m in my 60th year so I’m at the “life’s too short stage” to fall out with people , especially ones who I have never met. I’ve followed your posts amongst others. Keep up the good work



    HH 👍

  19. If Sinclair was on 33k a week and we kept him for 6 months(800,000) , then we should have been after a fee circa 1m



    Will be interesting to see the accounts next year as it appears he went for zip

  20. i'vehadtochangemymind on

    Varadkar you stupid cnut, only the Irish celebrate black and tans who came to kill the Irish.




  21. Anyone any idea how good


    Luca Connell


    Lee O’Connor


    Jonathan Afolabi




    Marian Shved




    Me, I’ve never seen them play


    Mind you we strengthened in the summer


    Tierney – Scottish internationalist


    Boyata – Belgium internationalist


    Lustig – Sweden internationalist


    How well have we replaced those 3 ?

  22. glendalystonsils on

    The SFA have redefined ‘brutality’ in their explanation of the Ryan Christie decision. How anyone can review footage of the incident and claim it was a deliberate and brutal act is beyond me .



    Perhaps they just don’t like us?

  23. NORRIEM on 10TH JANUARY 2020 7:20 PM



    El Hamed has played 12 times this season. He started in the draw at Rennes and victories against Cluj and both against Lazio



    It’s a wonder how successful we’ve been, finishing top of a challenging Europa League Group a game to spare, given the number of new players we’ve had in our team this season

  24. TONYROME on 10TH JANUARY 2020 7:06 PM


    Pógmathonyahun aka Laird of the Smiles on 10th January 2020 6:41 pm



    And some tims think VAR is a good idea. Imagine these three wise monkeys who reviewed the incident on any panel. I couldn’t see any favourable decisions for Celtic there.




    Correct. You just spoke a book.

  25. How well have we replaced those 3 ?



    We a better record this season than last so pretty well

  26. celtic40me


    Apologies 3 league games from 20



    I agree we have done exceptionally well, credit to Neil and the coaching staff


    Doesn’t make it right with level of turnover in summer



    Incidentally I fully support a reduced squad


    I want better quality to replace the reduction, and not the numerous punts


    Imagine trying to create a list of duds we have gone through this past 10 years


    Amido Balde, ( head still shuddering at that one)

  27. I think El Hamed is a good player because I’ve watched him 12 times and I watched him play very well against a team that’s third in Serie A



    It’s enough for me to form an opinion

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