Unproductive costs


Lewis Morgan has had a difficult shift this season.  The 23-year-old winger was used sparingly as a squad player before the concurrent absences of Odsonne Edouard, Leigh Griffiths and Bayo saw him drafted into the striker role against Rennes on 28th November.

Lewis scored a good goal that day but he is not a striker.  He made another four appearances in that position before Edouard’s return, which brought the experiment to an end.  He made 17 appearances in League One for Sunderland during the second half of last season.  In the Wembley play-off final, he was brought on as an early substitute, while Aiden McGeady remained on the bench, but his time in the North East was not particularly productive.

Now he is Going to Miami for talks with Inter (not that one), with the MLS side having agreed a fee with Celtic for his permanent transfer.

There are several things about our experience with Lewis Morgan I like.  Celtic scouts considered him the top talent in the Championship, a player with the potential to make the step up.  It is good that we sign players like this.

He was loaned back to St Mirren, then after six months at Lennoxtown, out to Sunderland.  He was given a chance in the qualifiers, then put through the striker turmoil, which gave Neil Lennon a chance to assess the player.

The player has a League Cup winner’s medal and a Wembley experience, things that he will be talking about for the rest of his life, and is likely to sign a contract to keep him in Florida for a few years.  He would have hoped to hold down a first team place at Celtic, but on balance, the move from St Mirren has worked out well for him.

We have difficulty keeping players who are outstandingly successful, but they usually leave a for fee that allows us to further strengthen.  What happens with players who do not make the grade is also important.  Getting them off the wage bill, for a fee and hopefully a profit, stops the budget from being clogged by unproductive costs, a problem we have discussed on these pages since the days of Martin.

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  1. Lazio have scored more goals than anyone else bar one team in Serie A. They average 2.3 goals per game, they scored 3 against Juventus twice recently

  2. Last week P67 said our aim in this window would be to have acquired a squad with the aim of winning every remaining domestic football match.



    We’re one third of the way into this window, we kick off again in just over a week and we’ve sold two players and signed nobody.



    I’m getting more resigned to the idea that this window will finish with us having acquired a few loanees and completely dependent on french eddy for the second half of the season. We’re going to risk the 9 rather than spend this window.

  3. No problem for me if we sign up quality loanees




    We won’t,but we should.


    Win the 9 anyway possible.I don’t care.

  4. DAVID17 on 10TH JANUARY 2020 6:41 PM



    Man Utd chief Ed Woodward is highest-paid PL club director + earned £3.1m last season:







    Hi David.


    If you check out David Low on twatter he poses this question




    But was he the highest paid football club director in the UK? That is the question.@heavidor



    Hope your good mate.




  5. How do I join the Clique on here or am I already a member. As far as I can see very few agree on anything apart from fact that Pedro is paid too much.


    Anyhow regarding the transfer window must admit I thought we would have something by now, it’s starting to look like we will end up with a couple of Loans from the EPL.

  6. Having just made the post received a text saying a young Striker from Basel costing 1.5 million is coming in. That sounds ominously like a project if it’s true.

  7. cigalasporfavor on

    I stay regularly at BB,s and in my humble opinion the staff,some who have been there for 20+ years,are as good as it gets.I don’t think Fraser went out of his way to try and boost staff morale and to say the least,he certainly didn’t try to buy their loyalty.


    On a football front and without trying to be too controversial,in my job I,ve worked with many different non-eeu nationals and also guys from Eastern Europe.With the odd exception there is normally a distinct mentality associated with each nationality.Basically,what I,m suggesting is that if we want to guarantee 10iar we should sign a couple of east Europeans.They think,work and act like most Scotsmen did 40 years ago.

  8. That press release from the SFA is a disgrace.To class that shirt/ shorts grab by Christie,where his hand ended up,purely accidental,as “Brutality”is beyond the pale.This challenge happens regularly,grabbing jerseys,or going down,shorts.Normally called “A professional foul”by every commentator.Brutality is having your face smashed in by an opponent who sees you head the ball clear,but still follows through with his head,to do severe damage to your opponents face.As happened to Ryan.What about a straight elbow to the face to smash your opponents face,as happened to KT.Both yellow cards,both on TV,watched by millions.No retrospective punishment.This is adding insult to injury.Rubbing Celtics nose in it.Our Board,will shock me if they give a reply.Useless tossers,in advance.

  9. Bluegrass Celt ! @Mcnut! Totally agree ! Ps thankfully ya not late Friday all day sat or Sunday! Or the man who never reads back would be attacking your posts! Well said both of you

  10. It was the RIC and the DMP who were to remembered



    The B&T and Auxies were effectively mercenaries sent to do the counter insurgency work that the Irish RIC/DMP did not want to do

  11. glendalystonsils on

    corkcelt on 10th January 2020 8:23 pm



    There was some discussion earlier on the blog about the fact we seldom get much value from these £ 1-2 ish million signings .


    Although we did get Henrik for around £650,000 so maybe we should be looking at an even lower price bracket!;-))

  12. MCNUT on 10TH JANUARY 2020 6:49 PM


    BLUEGRASS CELT @ 17:40




    With you on the name-calling.



    ## We all are.we do type to each other in the most aggressive of ways,even wearing thimbles sometimes,but on the whole it’s just Tim’s putting their point over##



    There are those on here who believe, for whatever reason, that they are ‘more Celtic’ than others, that they can call people ‘bed-wetters, happy clappers, huns an trolls, simply because views differ.



    ## ‘more Celtic’ I would take issue with that.just Tim’s putting their point over,ok it may be to abrupt or terse for your liking but I am confident you have the knowledge and education to overcome such posts.you could also name those who attack your differing view,imo posters could then look back and decide instead of a veil being thrown over





    The annoying thing is that their ‘pals’ thenlatch on, meaning a poster can become a target & get abuse from different angles.



    It could be argued that is as much a shiteswipe at all again.as me ol maths tutor used to say define your variabkes







    My posts have been attacked by these people who have used the fact that I am a relatively new to the site – they obviously feel that they belong on here more than I.







    Of course, one soon gets wise and scrolls past everything & anything they post.

  13. The SFA really do need taken to task.



    The Christie decision was simply wrong and the attempt to justify it tonight is pathetic.



    Peter Lawwell has definitely been sleeping in the job as Morelos walks clear of any consequences for blatant rule breach following his sending off and yet out guy kops it and then gets vilified for his non offense.

  14. onenightinlisbon on

    The sale of Lewis Morgan would appear to sum up the “headless chicken” approach managing our resources. A player who, when played, showed nothing but was played anyway before Scott Sinclair. Played in a position alien to him, and it showed. He is now sold as well as the player he was keeping out the team. If this inspires anyone with confidence in either the manager or the board then God help us all….

  15. onenightinlisbon on

    BTW, I’m not a hun, bedwetter, mineshafter or whatever pish is thrown at any Celtic supporter who dares to question either the board or the manager on here. ….

  16. Sent to early




    My posts have been attacked by these people who have used the fact that I am a relatively new to the site – they obviously feel that they belong on here more than



    Having read most of your posts Mc Nut I don’t think that is the case at all.when you have been fully answered you step over instead of replying


    You are new,there is no narrative to controll


    Post away freely,we are all Tim’s,naebdi is gonnae gee yi a doin.


    Bluegrass Celt dealt with his problem,and I am glad he did,I came on tonight to offer a bit of typed support to a long established poster,but you were in first painting us all as a


    Clique.its not your right to feel under attack and I hope you continue posting and your feelings subside,but you have got to take the dissent your posts will generate.


    Hope yir well




  17. Why did the SFA release that statement ? Is it normal to explain the reason for a given punishment days after said punishment was imposed?

  18. Coneybhoy 7.04



    ‘re babbitys



    Only me with the criticism after a personal experience


    To be fair most who I know who still go in enjoy it.its just me who doesn’t go near it.


    Hope your well mate




  19. Too many generalisations re cliques and gangs because SOME posters share SOME viewpoints and disagree with SOME other viewpoints.

  20. Klimala,Soro,Sissako,being actively pursued according to Stephen Mc Gowan from the Mail.With the squad in Dubai.

  21. Wondering who should take FtSFA to task for this Ryan Christie decision ?


    Maybe leave it to Celtic fans, to get to the truth, then the board will not back then

  22. The SFA have done an absolute hatchet job on Ryan. He is one of their star players in the national team. It is a staggering attack on him personally and they’ve stuck two fingers up at Celtic FC in the process. I cannot recall this having happened before. To let Morelos walk free for the same offence let season and for his disgraceful gesture and then crucify their own player shows everyone what their agenda is. This is what corruption looks like.

  23. Worst clique on the timternet anybody can join … happy Celtic fans, unhappy Celtic fans, trolls & timposters .. a blog open to all :-)



    Canny wait until the Thistle game on the 18th …. might take our minds off the twenty ninth …. as for the “panic” about the twenty ninth and they we should be miles ahead brigade … am confident this Celtic respond to pressure like they have since Neil took over nearly a year ago … nothing taken for granted but still very confident in our manager & team … others might disagree am sure ya “Celtic” fans will soon find out between now & mid-May with Copenhagen in around 5weeks, as a wee Bhoy Celtic very rarely competed in Europe after Christmas so pretty thankful for these times :-)

  24. glendalystonsils on

    If I was Ryan Christie , I would publicly state that I would not be available for any Scotland squad until a ‘fit for purpose’ SFA is in place.



    I wonder if RC could legally challenge their defamation of his character as deeming him capable of brutality?

  25. DAVID17



    Ryan will obviously retire from international football with immediate effect.



    Or will he continue to take it up the arse.



    Time to stand up for yourself son.



    As for the board……………there’s not enough vaseline to soothe their arses after the amount of times they’ve been stuffed.



    I think they ENJOY it!



    I’m ashamed to be associated with those bar stewards.

  26. Turkeybhoy



    A clacket of cliques.



    I like that,fitting.lol


    I prefer a bra full of manboobs.😊




  27. glendalystonsils on

    Anyone any idea who the 3 officials who decided Ryan’s case are? Two found him guilty , the other one had a conscience.

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