Unproductive costs


Lewis Morgan has had a difficult shift this season.  The 23-year-old winger was used sparingly as a squad player before the concurrent absences of Odsonne Edouard, Leigh Griffiths and Bayo saw him drafted into the striker role against Rennes on 28th November.

Lewis scored a good goal that day but he is not a striker.  He made another four appearances in that position before Edouard’s return, which brought the experiment to an end.  He made 17 appearances in League One for Sunderland during the second half of last season.  In the Wembley play-off final, he was brought on as an early substitute, while Aiden McGeady remained on the bench, but his time in the North East was not particularly productive.

Now he is Going to Miami for talks with Inter (not that one), with the MLS side having agreed a fee with Celtic for his permanent transfer.

There are several things about our experience with Lewis Morgan I like.  Celtic scouts considered him the top talent in the Championship, a player with the potential to make the step up.  It is good that we sign players like this.

He was loaned back to St Mirren, then after six months at Lennoxtown, out to Sunderland.  He was given a chance in the qualifiers, then put through the striker turmoil, which gave Neil Lennon a chance to assess the player.

The player has a League Cup winner’s medal and a Wembley experience, things that he will be talking about for the rest of his life, and is likely to sign a contract to keep him in Florida for a few years.  He would have hoped to hold down a first team place at Celtic, but on balance, the move from St Mirren has worked out well for him.

We have difficulty keeping players who are outstandingly successful, but they usually leave a for fee that allows us to further strengthen.  What happens with players who do not make the grade is also important.  Getting them off the wage bill, for a fee and hopefully a profit, stops the budget from being clogged by unproductive costs, a problem we have discussed on these pages since the days of Martin.

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  1. When VAR is introduced in Scotland we’ll be lucky to finish in the top 6!



    Bring back THE BUNNET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. bluegrass celt on

    I’m more a Sentinel Celts bloke these days. Most fellas on there appear to be on the same page.


    CQN is a mixed bag these day ( or maybe always has been)


    It’s always worthwhile however, to hear opposing or alternative views and that is why I throw the odd comment in on how I feel about how my team is being run.


    I get that we are all different . Some feel that Pedro can do no wrong and has the stats to back it up. Others think that 10 trophies on the trot is a remarkable achievement and speaks for itself.


    Winning the 8 in a row should have been a no brainer and should always have taken care of itself. ( this season I’m am worried)


    Winning the treble cup competitions is indeed a remarkable achievement considering these games are like treading on eggshells for us at times.


    For me,I’m uneasy about which direction our leaders are tackling this season ( every season if you include how we approach Europe) . I can go on Sentinel or read their posts and 99% will agree with how I feel.


    I like to post on here now and again, perhaps just to find out why I feel different from Paul’s posts. I’m quite happy to hear alternative views, the more the merrier in fact.


    I’m no snowflake by any means but any name calling replies usually gets short shrift with me which is a shame.


    Just tell me I’m wrang and explain why. Quite happy to take it on board.



    All the best guys HH

  3. onenightinlisbon on




    Many thanks, nice to know someone actually reads what I post. LOL

  4. Bluegrss Celt



    Keep on keepin on mate.post freely.i lurk on sentinel celts,it is a good blog with many fine Tim’s posting.all info posted by us all is up there for debate.hope to see yi on again.i like to see good cogent arguments be it pro board,anti board or just bout life in general,





  5. The SFA/Newco are just getting warmed up.



    Big Mogga couldnae handle the bullsh!t very early.



    It baffles me why, well it is Gods story, so I’ll just cheer on the Glasgow Celtic.



    Time is a Constant?



    The Almighty created order…. as we move along 24/7……. the disorder is ramping up mega.



    RES12 crew, I hope you get the objective you set out for, I sincerely do.



    RIP Dolores.

  6. weebobbycollins on

    Stick your head out of the transfer window and what do you see?


    Lots of little deja vus looking up at me…

  7. Many thanks guys. I wasn’t looking for the sympathy vote but thank you for all kind words of support .


    My faith has been restored.


    God bless 👍

  8. The Bhoys need our Support every minute of Every game from here on in.



    These achievements are never gained easily – certainly not by displeased customers.



    Save the ire for the Board but Support Every player selected from here on in.



    Time for the Lightning Neil.

  9. After the nonsense SFA statement about Ryan Christie, I would suggest that not only he but every Scottish Celtic player should make themselves unavailable for Scotland. They quite obviously and blatantly detest us; so, why should we accommodate them. Anyway, our Internationals play far too many games.



    Has there ever before been a statement about such a decision?

  10. Keep bumping into Kris Boyd in local shops



    Desperate to remind him of bad refereeing decisions, after his recent comments.



    That would be fun :D

  11. BLUEGRASS CELT on 10TH JANUARY 2020 9:29 PM


    I’m more a Sentinel Celts bloke these days. Most fellas on there appear to be on the same page.






    is it the talkin dugs page ?

  12. I don’t think I’ve ever been as disappointed as a Celtic supporter.


    Not in results or the team, because actually we’ve done pretty well this season so far, but in our supposed custodians.


    I can’t remember ever having a board who have allowed themselves to be walked over as much as this one. They’re not stupid so I have to assume that they just don’t care or they have some agenda which doesn’t involve defending our club and our fans at the moment – and that hurts.


    They should be ashamed of themselves.

  13. anyways.



    young ryan.



    those bhoys from the north are extremely proud to be scots, play for scotland, win a cap. i get it,



    on this occasion, if i was charlie christie, i would be advising my bhoy, enough is enough,



    you have been severely assaulted in games at the national stadium, you have been braver than brave for them.



    but now they denegrate you,



    so no more “playing for scotland”.



    in fact if i was ryan, i would actually, tell them that if full public announcement like prince harry

  14. jinkyredstar ‘Frimpong Merrily on High’ on

    After the SFA shit re Ryan – if someone in our Board does not step up then we are finished – I am no newbie and I understand business and politics but this is a line in the sand. We are being called out by the school bully. Stand up Peter or Fk off.

  15. Seen Tom Kerridge mentioned earlier. Two of his dishes have become favourites at our place. Fish stew with chorizo and lamb shoulder with boulanger potatoes. Delicious meals and easy to do.




  16. jinkyredstar ‘Frimpong Merrily on High’ on

    Oh and while I’m still here – BB’s was our HQ for years, we where welcome and many a song was sung. One or two took agin the place and the whole match day of CQN changed. In fact that was when CQN changed.



    I enjoyed the old days very much, with many a much lamented poster – I wish the new owners all the best – please don’t do food on slates!

  17. I think any cerebal Celtic fans who does NOT want VAR in Scotland have been successfully played by gym trainer.


    If one club in the whole world would benefit from it, it is Celtic.


    However all about opinions.



    If Bauer is not up to it and El Hameed is never fit then we need a right back to win the league.


    Plus 2 centre forwards and 2 wingers if Elyanoussi is never fit.


    Not projects but experienced players.


    Brown and McGregor and Forrest need help.



    Hope I’m wrong obviously but we won’t win the league with inexperienced signings and loan deals.



    Aye, I’m worried alright…. We need to shelve the business plan this window or this is going to turn into a fekin disaster.

  18. Big thing for players to go to a major tournament ,and they have a chance.I would never say don’t play to any player.I know people’s feelings on this,but the SFA,are not Scotland.Players still feel it as an honour to represent their country.Not the SFA.





    Every game would be MAGICAL.



    We Need Tunes that EMPOWER the players.



    Most dinnae know the Rebels in oor First Team.



    Power sharing.



    Come on You Bhoys in GREEN.

  20. Where did the story start that El Hamady is “Never fit”.The guy had a very nasty stretch playing g.We all witnessed it.These kind of injuries usually create a stress.Seems he has just aggravated an adjacent area.Couple of weeks,says Lenny.Hardly Boerigtter,or whatever he was called.Too many far too happy to use the term “Sick note”.

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