Unproductive costs


Lewis Morgan has had a difficult shift this season.  The 23-year-old winger was used sparingly as a squad player before the concurrent absences of Odsonne Edouard, Leigh Griffiths and Bayo saw him drafted into the striker role against Rennes on 28th November.

Lewis scored a good goal that day but he is not a striker.  He made another four appearances in that position before Edouard’s return, which brought the experiment to an end.  He made 17 appearances in League One for Sunderland during the second half of last season.  In the Wembley play-off final, he was brought on as an early substitute, while Aiden McGeady remained on the bench, but his time in the North East was not particularly productive.

Now he is Going to Miami for talks with Inter (not that one), with the MLS side having agreed a fee with Celtic for his permanent transfer.

There are several things about our experience with Lewis Morgan I like.  Celtic scouts considered him the top talent in the Championship, a player with the potential to make the step up.  It is good that we sign players like this.

He was loaned back to St Mirren, then after six months at Lennoxtown, out to Sunderland.  He was given a chance in the qualifiers, then put through the striker turmoil, which gave Neil Lennon a chance to assess the player.

The player has a League Cup winner’s medal and a Wembley experience, things that he will be talking about for the rest of his life, and is likely to sign a contract to keep him in Florida for a few years.  He would have hoped to hold down a first team place at Celtic, but on balance, the move from St Mirren has worked out well for him.

We have difficulty keeping players who are outstandingly successful, but they usually leave a for fee that allows us to further strengthen.  What happens with players who do not make the grade is also important.  Getting them off the wage bill, for a fee and hopefully a profit, stops the budget from being clogged by unproductive costs, a problem we have discussed on these pages since the days of Martin.

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  1. I love Fergus McCann and hell always be a hero to me but Celtic fans should remember that he would have voted Sevco straight into the top league….. Incidentally something PL never did.



    Trabacho mañana



    Buenos noches compadres

  2. jinkyredstar ‘Frimpong Merrily on High’ on



    BB’s was sold and will reopen in another guise, now under the ownership of Rab Hawes, so effectively part of a chain!


    Saturday night beneath the plastic palm trees😀

  3. glendalystonsils on

    What difference will VAR make if the same guys who stitched up Ryan Christie are reviewing it?

  4. Week in, week out we watch our players being hacked with impunity by the opposition. Scott Brown was assaulted at Ayebrokes last year by that little Kent, but we now have a situation where one of our players is being accused of brutality by the SFA and our Board stand back and do nothing.


    We’re not sitting in the back of the bus we’re not even being allowed to board it ffs. 🤬🤬

  5. Just thought I’d put put my humble opinion in regarding Scott Sinclair, he is an absolute Celtic hero in modern terms in my opinion , like all wingers he was inconsistent but how I measure him is what he done off the ball, tracking back and putting in a shift unlike the guys he was replaced with, which if you look back at was a big problem in the last game, it’s a problem Neil hasn’t rectified

  6. Jobo Baldie on 10th January 2020 11:45 pm









    Ta for yir Helping so many 2 Believe.






    Celtic Oui.

  7. Now that it has come out that our CEO was pays more than any CEO in the UK. I do hope that the happy clappers will realise our club is being run as a cash cow for peter lawell



    Obscene salary for failing 3 out of 5 CL qualifying


    Once again 9 in a row means nothing financially to PL. keeping the money in the bank and losing the league will reward PL financially



    No parking tanks on marble stairs until tanks parked on heated driveway



    Ps reason Lewis Morgan thrown into team was due to peter lawell not investing our money into its strike force

  8. Its a firm.






    Certain people Profit.



    Noone Knows Anything.



    TontineTim warned about China.



    Wow they are gobbling things up like a Turkey.



    Their STATE?

  9. Syd, do you believe, I mean honestly believe, that PL is deliberately sabotaging our club in order to enhance his own remuneration?

  10. I would have thought VAR wouldn’t necessarily require the panel to be based in the same country as where the game would be played . Modern technology and all that.


    And just for clarification, instead of the old days were in the 70’s the match official here would be known as “William T Flute, Larkhall” , we would have “VAR officials , Michael P Murphy, FIA

  11. D9comedy. No he is not deliberately keeping our club back. It’s just his business nature



    He was a cost cutting CEO at Scottish coal


    He done a great job in 2003 coming in and changing our business to be more efficient and had to at the time have control of everything



    But he has never ever been a forward thinking CEO in any of his roles and his control of everything stops our club improving. He is great to come in change a business , but about ten years ago we needed a new forward thinking CEO who would empower top people to make fast correct decisions



    We don’t have that We have an autocratic CEO who decides everything



    If Sevco has the same Turnover as us. And we had PL in charge slowing everyone down , we would not stand a chance



    We are hindered with PL, we have about 50m in the bank , but we don’t have the organisation to spend it when needed , Like now



    We talk about prudence , but when it comes to his own salary that does not seem to be the case

  12. bluegrass celt on



    So basically, the team as a whole earns £2.4 m by winning the league but Pedro gets £3.5m ? Nup, something doesn’t compute here.


    I’m sure somebody will put me right on this

  13. Bluegrass. PL earned 3.5m last year Salary and bonus. One of his bonus is on balance sheet Strength


    So nothing for him to win the league



    Pl is slowing our club down


    We can’t compete in CL qualifying against teams on a fraction of our income


    Now Sevco have caught up , same is happening in Scotland



    We cannot buy players without a non football person ( PL) running his eye over them, recommending cheaper options etc


    So in end nothing happens

  14. bluegrass celt on



    Exactly my point.


    Scott Sinclair was probably one of our top earners but only on half of that guys salary ?


    And some folk think he’s doing a great job whilst draining the coffers. No wonder there’s a lack of activate every New Year and summer windows. If I was in his shoes and was a dirty greedy, rid neck immune bassa………I’d probably be the same . Thank fook I’m the opposite







    Kojo…. CQN oh no.



    Loyalist Pedro. Please for Petes Sake unban 16Roads…. that he is allowed to post.



    Forever and Ever.



    Love is the…. Love is Fundamental.



    C E L T I C – Incredible.

  16. AT, if only you knew about Crazy Magoo, it involved me, obviously, and an elderly skier frae, I’VE Always guessed France.







  17. BLUEGRASS CELT @ 2:23



    Peter Lawwell Remuneration And His Worth To Celtic





    I know that this is an emotive subject and everyone is entitled to their view, however there are certain figures bandied about that need clarifying.



    PL’s basic salary is £1.2m – that equates to £23k/week. This is lower than a good number of players in the squad. PL is not a member of a squad, he is the man in charge from top to bottom and is by any measure an extremely successful CEO- should he really be paid less than a player in the squad, who may be injured for periods, may suffer loss of form….etc.



    Take for example Scott Sinclair – his salary was c£2m basic and yet his contribution over the last year has been minimal. A CEO can never be ‘out of the game’ for any period – if he did not perform week in, week out, the club would suffer badly.



    The 2018/9 figure of £3.5m was inclusive of a £2.3m bonus accrued over previous years.



    Last year Celtic’s turnover was £83m – Football & Stadium income was £43m (52%). Merchandising and all Sponsorship & Commercial income amounted to £40m (48%).



    Peter Lawwell is the person who negotiates all Merchandising and Sponsorship deals – therefore he is directly responsible for 48% of the club’s income. Knowing what we know about the Ibrox club’s shambles in their commercial affairs should make us all thankful we have a CEO like PL.



    In addition he handles all the transfer finance – our phenomenally profitable dealings in the transfet market stand testament to him once again.



    Has he made mistakes in the past? – of course. Will he make mistakes in future,? – probably.



    He is a Celtic man, has turned down other clubs to stay at Celtic Park – yes he is highly paid, most top people are – however he represents tremendous value for money and Celtic would be the poorer without him.

  18. McNut. With regard to your comments about peter lawell



    1. Champions league money make up for 30% of our clubs income when we are in it. We constantly lose out to clubs on a fraction of of income. Why can’t we complete, because peter lawell is not a person who can plan as all decisions go through him. Losing out was due to him and in any other business , failure to plan would mean dismissal


    2. Scott Sinclair was a BR signings. While we all dislike the snake , the one thing he did do was put his foot down with PL. under any other manger PL would never sanction a wage such as SS


    3. Peter lawell was responsible for Delia a project manger that brought our turnover down to approx 50M. Which was less than our turnover in 2004, in any other business it would have meant dismissal for a CEO


    4. Wilogate. A mistake that peter lawel years later admitted was his fault. Cost our club about 100M in income over next few years. It was a mistake , he admitted to it and got away with gross misscompetance


    5. Transfer dealings. Last years window to strengthen the team for CL qualifying was a shambles. We were not ready or prepared again(. Repeated failings should not be rewarded ). To get knocked out by cluj and kiss out on 30-40m in income due to a lack of investment ( 11.6m spent out of 60m available ) is a dismissal in any other business


    6. Sponsership. Indeed PL has helped to negotiate good contracts , easy for a Bad CEO to do that. His earning of the contracts etc is a very. Small % of income lost due to poor planning



    In summary. If we lose the league to Sevco with a Hugh amount of cash in the bank is down to



    1. Peter lawell


    2. Fans like you who unfortunately believe the myth of a great CEO,



    while in reality our club would have improved dramatically with any of the EPL CEO’s in charge



    Peter lawell is given a Remit by DD. Run the club on zero debt while having some success



    We are run 100% by Peter lawell for peter lawell

  19. Sometimes you cannae access links.



    Sometimes people make the wrong call.



    a Blog is something else.



    I reckon CQN is alright.



    The Leaders have been very questionable IMO.



    9 is gonnae be very Tough to get.



    Neil against the hun.



    They are throwing Everything at it.



    A cracking call – Give Neil a 3 year contract.



    Thank You Neil Francis Lennon.

  20. bluegrass celt on



    Do you seriously believe Big Pete represents good value for money? Considering where we are in Europe, the guy should be refusing to take a wage.


    I truly think he has held up our progress , especially when we have been so dominant in Scotland . Since the 29th we’ve have spent most of our time discussing where we went wrong and where we go from here. We should never have been in this predicament in the first place. We should be out of sight from the rest

  21. Bluegrass. Our business department and football department should be concerned about creating enough liquid assets to be maximised in reinvesting in the team without threatening the business as a going concern



    We generate all the income needed to be successful at CL qualifying and SPFL. However our football department is limited in its resources to spend. Example is Peter lawells man who is at best a fitness coach being assistant manager and no use when it comes to tactics etc. even less in helping to source new players

  22. We are soo cash rich. We could bring two players in on 100k per week for a year and it would hardly make a dent on our bank balance



    Shows how far we are off the pace

  23. TURKEYBHOY on 10TH JANUARY 2020 8:27 PM


    That press release from the SFA is a disgrace.To class that shirt/ shorts grab by Christie,where his hand ended up,purely accidental,as “Brutality”is beyond the pale.This challenge happens regularly,grabbing jerseys,or going down,shorts.Normally called “A professional foul”by every commentator.Brutality is having your face smashed in by an opponent who sees you head the ball clear,but still follows through with his head,to do severe damage to your opponents face.As happened to Ryan.What about a straight elbow to the face to smash your opponents face,as happened to KT.Both yellow cards,both on TV,watched by millions.No retrospective punishment.This is adding insult to injury.Rubbing Celtics nose in it.Our Board,will shock me if they give a reply.Useless tossers,in advance.




    I agree TURKEYBHOY and I would also add……



    In the SFA Statement that I saw on TV, they also say ” The groin area is a delicate part of the body”. They used that description to try and justify it as “Brutality” ?


    What they STILL didnt explain was ” Why was Morelos allowed to display the EXACT same “Brutality” without


    any retrospective punishment from the Compliance Officer …AND while all us Guys will agree that the “Groin is a delicate area”….if its so “Delicate”….then why do Refs NOT STOP the game when a Player is hit in the groin with the Ball, or in a collision etc etc, like they usually do when a player gets a bang on the head ?


    Is the head MORE delicate than the Groin ?



    Again, how would the SFA explain it when Kent PUNCHED Scott Brown in the Jaw and received no retrospective punishment….several people have been KILLED with ONE PUNCH….Why was THAT Punch NOT viewed as “Brutality”, but to grab someone in the Groin is viewed as “Brutality”….in Ryan Christies’s case ?


    I havent seen or read anyone DYING because someone grabbed their Groin.



    This so called “explanation” by the SFA and should be seriously challenged by Celtic in a Court of Law ( if possible), and I dont believe that the SFA “View” would stand up in Court ?


    IF I were to Punch someone on the Jaw and grab someone by the groin in Public in SEPARATE Incidents and I was charged with on Two separate counts….I believe that ANY Court would view the Punch in the Jaw as being more “Brutal” than being grabbed in the groin.



    Since the game in December 2018 and the “brutality” displayed by Morelos in particular, the SFA tried to explain those assaults away by stating that The Ref ( Beaton) SAW those incidents and viewed them as somehow “Acceptable”, and NO retrospective punishment was handed out to Morelos, so celtic FC SHOULD also be asking ” Why does one Ref ( Beaton) view the assault by Morelos on Christie in December 2018 as acceptable, and yet Christies on Morelos on Dec 2019, which was ALSO seen by the Ref ( Clancy), to merit being “Cited” by the Compliance Officer for further punishment ?



    IN FACT…looking at BOTH incidents a year apart, it is PERFECTLY CLEAR that in Dec 2018, Morelos was knelt on the ground and DELIBERATELY reached up to grab Christies groin….where as Christie and Celtic have apparently suggested that Christie was only trying to grab his shorts as Morelos stepped past him, and therefore not only was it NOT deliberate…but it certainly was NOT an act of “Brutality” ?


    Going into the challenge it was/is PERFECTLY CLEAR that Christie had “Sold himself” in the challenge and Morelos easily side stepped Christie, and like 99.9 % of Players, Christie attempted to grab almost anything when realising that he was beaten by Morelos…and simply reached out to grab Morelos by the Shorts or Jersey.


    Christie wasnt even looking at where his hand went, but Morelos most certainly DID when on his knees and looking up to grab Christies groin in Dec 2018.


    The SFA have now denied an Employee of Celtic FC the “Right to Work” by banning Christie for an incident that they have viewed as “Brutality”….but it is a “Charge” that would never stand up in a Court of Law, and could never be “Proved” to be deliberate in the same Court ?



    Celtic should take this matter to the Courts ( if possible ?), although I doubt that they will, but Celtic FC and Ryan Christie should tell the SFA where to go, when the SFA and the Scotland Manager comes calling for Christies services.


    If the Scotland team were facing a VITAL World Cup/or EURO Qualifer etc DAYS after Christies incident…would The SFA have become involved if Christie was a VITAL part of the Scotland Team ?




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