Unwritten rules of football when you are head butted


There was a more direct than normal look to Celtic’s play yesterday, perhaps after our display earlier this season on Rugby Park’s artificial surface. At Kilmarnock, we learned that our normal passing game is best suited to grass.  At Livingston, we learned that we need more practice at getting the ball forward early against tight SPFL defences.

Referee Kevin Clancy declined to show Livingston striker Menga a red card for head-butting Ryan Christie, almost certainly because Ryan remained on his feet.  There are many unwritten rules in football, one is that if a red card offense is committed, the referee will not produce one unless the victim drops to the ground.  Even if this reaction is unnecessary.

That incident aside, the game could have had a different outcome it the ref clamped down on repeat offenses early in the proceedings.

Livingston are defensively better than anyone in the league, apart from Celtic, but they have scored only three goals from open play.  This was a concern when they caused so much havoc in the Celtic defence at corner kicks, but it was the throw-ins from Alan Lithgow which were the greatest concern.  Lithgow can drop a throw-in into the six yard box, where the first touch from either an attacker or defender creates a bun fight in the most dangerous area of the field.

It cannot be beyond Celtic to develop the combination of strength and technique necessary to replicate this ability.

The squad would have left West Lothian in sombre mood after the broken eye socket injury to Kristoffer Ajer that will keep the defender out until after the winter break.  Compensating for this disappointment is getting to the top of the league table for the first time this season after Hearts loss to Kilmarnock on Saturday.

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  1. Glad Almere posted, … thought maybe there had been a coup during the evening a moravcik had seized control of CQN?

  2. Almore



    Probably not, but if you guys want to go, I would be pick you guys up and take you ther/drop you home afterwards.

  3. I never caught he match yersterday, but it’s hard to be critiacal after and excellet week ( few weeks) run of form.



    However, I read elswhere that if the Zombies win their next two games they will be top of the league on Dec 2nd.



    If ever an incentive was required to push on and improve the squad then that is it.

  4. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Always going to be a tough game against stubborn opposition on a terrible pitch.


    Although big on paper, the squad begins to look short in quality with a few injuries. If the likes of Hayes can’t get on for a game like that you have to wonder about their future.


    Think we played into their hands a bit by coming inside too often in the final 20 yards. With a packed, well-set defence you have to try to break it up by stretching them long or wide.


    Was crying out for a Roberts type player. Beat a defender, draw another out of position then the cutback for someone attacking the space. Without that we should have tried more combination plays, dummy runs, quick switches, etc.


    First of a five game run with no home games. Hopefully get some of the injured players back after the international break.


    December is a big month.

  5. Paul67



    I thought Ryan Christie ended up on the deck inside the net?



    Kevin Clancy’s leniency or gross incompetence is just another day in SPHell where Sevco have four times more penalties than anyone else.



    Will be another compliance decision or will it given that Clancy saw it and gave a mere foul?



    We’ll just have to ‘stew’ at the top f the league.



    Hail Hail .

  6. On Sunday a tale of two refs.


    One clearly see’s the head-butt but decided to follow SFA guidelines regarding Celtic and not send player off .


    He spoke to both players instead so had viewed.


    Meanwhile on the other side of the city an Edinburgh jury type applies a draconian punishment for handball as per SFA handbook in any incident that can benefit sevco..


    The mssm follow up with their patriotic job of praising him and glossing over the fact that guy’s first yellow was due to a consistent cheat conning the ref as he does on a weekly basis.


    The best wee country must be proud of this week’s refereeing performances.

  7. SAN LUIS on 12TH NOVEMBER 2018 12:36 PM


    I never caught he match yersterday, but it’s hard to be critiacal after and excellet week ( few weeks) run of form.



    However, I read elswhere that if the Zombies win their next two games they will be top of the league on Dec 2nd.




    We’ll be winning the League cup that day which might give the zombies a chance to go top. However, they’re away to Hearts, after suffering a home defeat to Villarreal, so maybe not:)



    I think we left it too late to up the tempo yesterday. That said, we can’t complain too much after the week we had.


    Hopefully big Kris makes a quick recovery and is back like a Norwegian Zorro in the new year. Benkovic and Boyata have both been excellent, but neither are as good breaking forward as Ajer did a few time yesterday. Get well soon young man.



    We came inside so often as both JF and SS returned to their old habit of facing towards their own goal when receiving the ball.


    We created the option of only having a sideways and backwards pass.


    I mentioned after the game that Calum never attempted any of those great forward diagonal balls that he has been using since he moved deeper.


    Was he worried the pitch made it impossible to control them?


    Our floaty corners were also woeful and it’s hard to figure out why our coaches gave no instruction to change this especially when Morgan came on.


    We struggle on these pitches as our tactics are unsuited.


    Time for the coaches to take a more pragmatic approach when playing on carpets.

  9. Now heres the question. WHY didnt Christie go down like a ton of bricks the 1st time Manga suck the heed on him? Being brave? Gets you nowhere Ryan. It only gets you another headbutt because he thought ‘well I got away with it the 1st time’. None of us like the ridiculous theatrics of players like Morelos, but you get no medals for ‘bravery’ in Scotland. Learn a lesson son.

  10. FAN-A-TIC


    “Our floaty corners were also woeful “.



    I’ve been grumping about this for ages with my mates. I was down at Newcastle at the weekend for the Bournemouth game. Big Ki Sung Yeung is playing for Newcastle now and apart from having a good game in general, his corners were delivered at real pace, causing havoc in the penalty area. Apart from the long throw-ins Paul mentioned, surely this is another area to practise.

  11. Mike: Sorry, had to go back to classroom. I am going. Teuachtar Ár Lá has offered to bring me out so I’ll stick with that. I’ll be in touch via email to arrange a meet up.

  12. One of the major problems we have, one that was highlighted yesterday, is we are reliant on an inexperienced 20 year old to lead the attack game after game with no one to even allow him a break by getting substituted. For a club of Celtic’s size that is negligence and needs to be rectified on 1st January. Edouard played the full 90 minutes yesterday not fully fit. He took two bad tackles, neither punished by the joke with a whistle, and we had no one to replace him.


    Griffiths is unreliable and continually injured so we need someone to assist Edouard.

  13. On corner kicks, if Lewis Morgan is on the pitch he should take them, and free kicks. Great delivery with both feet.

  14. The Scum have a hard December as well.2 games against Hibs,1 Hearts away,Aberdeen ,us.A very long way to go.We have seen how shit they really are.We are superior everywhere on the park.No worries


    Time to make a positive move in January to bring Paddy back to the love of his life.Not KT,Celtic.We should be able to get him for a reasonable fee.So many games,like yesterdays,you just need that touch of brilliance to open up a defence.Jamesy,just as effective coming in from the left.


    So much depends on our CH position,and RB.


    Scum beat a 10 man Motherwell at home,7-1 and they are world beaters.We beat St Johnston 6-0 away,Saints have won all their games since,and hardly conceded a goal in the process,but,who cares.Let them slabber.

  15. The Celtic deadball situ especially corners has long past chronic level, the contact in the box level, never mind goals from corners rate, is abysmal and has been highlighted on here and elsewhere for yonks amongst the support.



    With McGregor ( bless him ) now taking every corner nothing gets met in the box his floaters don’t float they are either too long or too short.



    We weren’t any better when main striker Leigh Griffiths was forced to deliver every corner with whip.



    Celtic have not had a weighted ball player for too long and with Benkovic Boyata or Ajer queuing up at corners its time to.



    Get it sorted Brendan CSC




    That and the great idea of Eddy cutting back a free kick to the right of the penalty area supposedly to Sinclair that was too far behind him to get a shot away. Who dreams these things up? Our set pieces on the whole are a pile of shyte. Most of the time when a corner does find its intended target it usually bounces of the top of the head and loops high over the bar. Benkovics goal last week from a corner is the only time we got it right this season I think. So, lets try and get free kicks and corners right before we start practising long throws.

  17. GlassTwoThirdsFull on



    Yeah – the wide players were well off their recent performances. Thought Hayes might have came on for Sinclair. Might have stretched the defence wider on the left.


    Agree about corners. They don’t look like they put much into practicing them. More of a put it into an area and hope for the best! Very little variation.

  18. Every set piece we do,wether its corners,free kicks,or throw ins,is really,lamentable.Throw ins,drive me mad.I said yonks ago we should use the multi -ball system at Celtic Park.We have adopted it to an extent,but there seems to be a shortage of balls.Watch the difference in Spain for example.With the height we have,you would think we would be a real danger at corners.We have seen how good Dedryk can be,but delivery seems very poor.Has anyone witnessed any improvement in these areas since Brendan took over?No one gets excited now when we get a corner.

  19. Is it true that that Sevco have had more penalties this season than the rest of the league combined?


    And that they’ve had more pens this season than Brendans Celtic have since BR arrived?

  20. The official site has 3 strikers listed in the First team and none listed in the reserve team. Our third striker appears as Mikey Johnston who tome, is not a striker.



    33 first team and 16 reserves excluding those on loan and only 2 of which are strikers. This is poor planning.



    There must be strikers who we can get on loan. we currently have a 20 year old as our sole fit striker and who looks like to be carrying an injury from rough treatment

  21. Did anyone notice the strange stance Dedryck took up when defending a corner against one of their big men? He seemed to be crouching down to chest level with the guy ready to shove him it seemed, looks dangerous to me and an easy pen decision for the Sevco minded Refs.

  22. Bundoran Bhoy - TEAM OSCAR FOREVER on

    Final run done ??‍♂️



    Thank you to everyone who has supported me through this year’s events (final total still to be tallied up) any donations welcome, now to plan next years!! ???‍♂️



    ?? #TeamOscarForever #ForMyMum #TeamCoraRose #TeamSam #TeamEileidh #TeamStanley #TeamVanessa

  23. Bundoran Bhoy - TEAM OSCAR FOREVER on

    Final run done ??‍♂️



    Thank you to everyone who has supported me through this year’s events (final total still to be tallied up) any donations welcome, now to plan next years!! ???‍♂️



    ?? #TeamOscarForever #ForMyMum #TeamCoraRose #TeamSam #TeamEileidh #TeamStanley #TeamVanessa




  24. bigbhoy on 12th November 2018 1:43 pm



    It is poor planning. Hopefully Eddy can stay fit til January and we’ll pick up somebody on loan.



    We generally play 1 up top so a 4th striker would likely spend a lot of time in the stands. We are one short.

  25. Off topic,but watched Outlaw King last night.Very good,and well made.Chris Pine,the American playing Bruce,sounds as if he was brought up in the Gorbals.Great battle scenes,and the wee lassie at the end singing during the credits,beautifully,a wee Tim.

  26. Great wee Hunskelper probably available in January.Gary Hooper,only 30.Great player for us.I think he would do a job again.

  27. weebobbycollins on

    Gary Hooper? No thanks…


    Gary Caldwell–4 games, 4 defeats…Karma ya bas…he brings it on himself so he does…

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