Unwritten rules of football when you are head butted


There was a more direct than normal look to Celtic’s play yesterday, perhaps after our display earlier this season on Rugby Park’s artificial surface. At Kilmarnock, we learned that our normal passing game is best suited to grass.  At Livingston, we learned that we need more practice at getting the ball forward early against tight SPFL defences.

Referee Kevin Clancy declined to show Livingston striker Menga a red card for head-butting Ryan Christie, almost certainly because Ryan remained on his feet.  There are many unwritten rules in football, one is that if a red card offense is committed, the referee will not produce one unless the victim drops to the ground.  Even if this reaction is unnecessary.

That incident aside, the game could have had a different outcome it the ref clamped down on repeat offenses early in the proceedings.

Livingston are defensively better than anyone in the league, apart from Celtic, but they have scored only three goals from open play.  This was a concern when they caused so much havoc in the Celtic defence at corner kicks, but it was the throw-ins from Alan Lithgow which were the greatest concern.  Lithgow can drop a throw-in into the six yard box, where the first touch from either an attacker or defender creates a bun fight in the most dangerous area of the field.

It cannot be beyond Celtic to develop the combination of strength and technique necessary to replicate this ability.

The squad would have left West Lothian in sombre mood after the broken eye socket injury to Kristoffer Ajer that will keep the defender out until after the winter break.  Compensating for this disappointment is getting to the top of the league table for the first time this season after Hearts loss to Kilmarnock on Saturday.

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  1. glendalystonsils on




    An unbroken trail of misery and destruction since 1872.



    They got history alright.

  2. JIMTHETIm53. yes so do ,I but lets get a strawpoll on who wants him back, lots of ghuys on here know how to do a poll, ffs im 65 ive only just discovered emojjis bring back bobby ??.hh.

  3. Pffffffft, being of Teuchter blood myself, I can confirm it takes more than a cowardly imitation of a Glesga kiss to flair a hielander. Get that Livi punter oot of a Saturday night doon Sauchiehall Steet to learn his trade.



    Congratulations on your contract son, both your dad and Oh, Ronny, Ronny must be delighted.



    Speaking of Ronny, anyone else think he’d make an outstanding chief scout for us?

  4. Stan Lee died today. I used to love American comics when I was a boy. Marvel yes, but especially DC. Superman, Batman and Spider Man.




    Was a pleasure to meet yourself and all the guys.


    Sorry I couldn’t stay, will look forward to that chat.




  6. Sipsini


    I told you of my granddaughters Rhiannon, born in similar circumstances 12 years ago.


    She started Saint Thomas Aquinas school in August and is taller and fitter than her mum, my daughter Julie. I suspect Aidan is a wee battler like Rhiannon was.


    God bless him.



  7. Sipsini, thoughts and prayers for your great nephew Aidan. Sorry I missed you on Sat, had to rush for the bus. HH

  8. on a lighter note, please non dug lovers scroll past, the exiled tim and mike in Toronto might be glad to know ,Jorge the west highland terrier we adopted is responding to treatment, and is eating and drinking.??hh.

  9. MacJay


    Had the immense pleasure of his company on Saturday.


    So aye. Emancipation for BMCUW .



  10. As there’s not much afoot…


    ….we watched a belter of a movie at the weekend-



    Bridge of Spies,



    Tom Hanks and Mark Rylance.






    Tom must be a Tim.

  11. Ayrshire Tims have been and always will be the frontline. Girvan, Maybole, Ayr, Prestwick, Troon, Kilwinning, Kilmarnock. Just ask that fella that’s retired down to his roots down in Italy.

  12. SCB


    Mick was a very naughty bhoy and admits it.




    As you say.


    Hope you are well our Vegas stranger of late.



  13. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on








    Had the immense pleasure of his company on Saturday.





    So aye. Emancipation for BMCUW .











    When the blog has had quiet periods in the past I sensed Mick introducing topics to stimulate discussion.



    Not in a Macjay sort of way either :-)

  14. SCB


    In Saltcoats this Sunday at noon, a statue of Bobby Lennox will be unveiled.


    Magical the Ayrshire Buzz Bomb.



  15. EuroChamps67



    Interesting thought regarding Broonie, and haven’t seen a timescale for when he’s expected back.



    In very different circumstances Tony Mowbray threw him on at left back at Rugby Park, and he proceeded to play wide attacking left. As he’s gotten older he lies deeper and could play in a back three.



    It could work for certain games but wouldn’t like to see him up against a fast winger ;-)

  16. MacJay


    I know ya troublemaker ye.


    Learned to fight yer corner in Saint Paul’s Whiteinch like moi? ?



  17. Just read about Matt ‘stairpishedgate’ McGohsolonely. An embarrassing and all too predictable outcome.



    Oh dear

  18. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    JIMTHETIM53 on 12TH NOVEMBER 2018 8:52 PM


    DD, The Buzz Bomb was my father’s favourite player.






    From memory , wee Bobby was an inside forward pre Jock.



    Jock made him an outside left , recognising imho that his speed off the mark could best be utilised on the wing.



    Pre Jock , Bobby wasn`t much better than average.


    On the wing , he blossomed .



    Bobby Murdoch he moved from inside right to right half.

  19. JTT53


    What an absolute pleasure it was meeting you on Saturday. Hope it is first of many such occasions. My late father Robert had a Robert bias. His 5 favourite Celtic players of his time supporting them were all Roberts.


    Evans, Collins, Auld, Murdoch and Lennox.



  20. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on




    San Pablo



    Big part of my life.


    School , Church , Altar boy , Christenings , weddings , funerals.



    Kitalba , the long lost , also attended for a short while.


    As did Sydney Tim and a few others.

  21. MacJay


    Baptised in Sao Poulo Whiteinch.


    Married there on the feast day of Saint Peter and Paul. Reckon your wonderful organist mum played my baptism in 1965. ?



  22. Saint Paul’s Bhoy here…………..


    Both old and new……………………………..



    OldSkool CSC

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