Unwritten rules of football when you are head butted


There was a more direct than normal look to Celtic’s play yesterday, perhaps after our display earlier this season on Rugby Park’s artificial surface. At Kilmarnock, we learned that our normal passing game is best suited to grass.  At Livingston, we learned that we need more practice at getting the ball forward early against tight SPFL defences.

Referee Kevin Clancy declined to show Livingston striker Menga a red card for head-butting Ryan Christie, almost certainly because Ryan remained on his feet.  There are many unwritten rules in football, one is that if a red card offense is committed, the referee will not produce one unless the victim drops to the ground.  Even if this reaction is unnecessary.

That incident aside, the game could have had a different outcome it the ref clamped down on repeat offenses early in the proceedings.

Livingston are defensively better than anyone in the league, apart from Celtic, but they have scored only three goals from open play.  This was a concern when they caused so much havoc in the Celtic defence at corner kicks, but it was the throw-ins from Alan Lithgow which were the greatest concern.  Lithgow can drop a throw-in into the six yard box, where the first touch from either an attacker or defender creates a bun fight in the most dangerous area of the field.

It cannot be beyond Celtic to develop the combination of strength and technique necessary to replicate this ability.

The squad would have left West Lothian in sombre mood after the broken eye socket injury to Kristoffer Ajer that will keep the defender out until after the winter break.  Compensating for this disappointment is getting to the top of the league table for the first time this season after Hearts loss to Kilmarnock on Saturday.

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  1. DD…



    Ye fancy catching a pint with BMCUW on Thursday Night, M on the bell all night.



    He can’t post to deny it so we’ve got a cheap might.??

  2. Good news about Ryan Christie, and also about the Bobby Lennox statue in Saltcoats.



    I see some similarities between Ryan and Bobby. Particularly in the region of the lugs.

  3. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    BANKIEBHOY1 on 12TH NOVEMBER 2018 9:14 PM


    My Maw – God Rest her, taught there…………..






    So did mine.




  4. Bankie


    I started the auld Saint Paul’s Whiteinch in 1970. Flitted to Knightswood and Corpus Christi. Met all my auld Saint Paul’s pals at Saint Tam’s in ’77.



  5. jimthetim53 it was to our lady I prayed all this week, to help Jorge the westie, she answered my prayers such a shame there isn’t many animal lovers on here.hh,

  6. Macjay1, Thanks for that info. It was during the Stein era I remember my father always raving about him.



    DD, sorry I didn’y get the chance to have much of a blether with you. I had to rush off to catch my train. I’ll be at the next hoot, God spares me. (That’s what my granny always used to say!)

  7. Big Packy


    Beautiful hymn. MacJay’s mother played that on the organ in Saint Paul’s Whiteinch.


    Wonderful she was. My dad was a singer of hymns too. Magical



  8. St Pauli’s……….



    We would doubtless know each others famillies –



    sma’ wurld.

  9. JTT53


    We had enough of a blether to realise we will both get on well and probably become good pals. That’s what I think. ?



  10. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    JIMTHETIM53 on 12TH NOVEMBER 2018 9:26 PM


    Macjay1, Thanks for that info. It was during the Stein era I remember my father always raving about him.






    Wee Bobby turned into a marvellous asset.


    Pre Stein , both he and Stevie Chalmers underperformed.


    Confidence ?



    I can see analogies in Brendan`s conduct of business today.


    Without wishing to hang the ” Stein albatross ” around his neck .

  11. BP, A beautiful hymn. I played it many times with my band at processions in May. All over central Scotland and of course Carfin Grotto.

  12. DD – a little later than you I think……..



    then fltted to that Green White and Gold haven we call Clydebank sur mer.


    St Columba’s thereafter.



    SkoolOfHardKnocks CSC

  13. Turkeybhoy @ 10:08 am



    “Disgraceful post last night from Danso.Seems like anything goes when the Board are in the firing line,any old crap can be spouted.The ludicrous content of the post,too ridiculous to repeat,but just as shocking was the follow up by SFTB,partially agreeing with him.I have seen much less offensive posts on here being deleted by the Mods.”




    I have absolutely no idea how you could mistake my post for one being in agreement with danso’s now-deleted post.

  14. JIMTHETIM53, did you ever play at the may procession in croy, that’s my late fathers parish, used to take us down there every year happy memories.hh.

  15. Dance if you you wannae dance.


    Please brother take a chance.


    Sing it loud and proud today.


    We are part of The Masterplan.


    Oasis CSC


    Tiochfaidh ar la

  16. BP, no. Croy had it’s own brass band. We were very friendly with them when we met at contests. Borrowed some players from then now and again.

  17. Hello again all you young rebels.



    Here we go Again top of the league again.




    Wee Lulu didn’t have a voice like that when she fronted the


    accordian bands in the Brigton masonic hall 8-))


    H.H Mick


    Free the BMCUW1.

  18. D.D.


    Masterplan a great song.


    Not bad for a B side and ,of course, Noel singing, rather than Liam.


    Hail Hail

  19. Lulu’s Who Do You Think Ye Ur



    …was a right laff.



    Much guff aired aboooot Oranj Halls………….




  20. Sipsini


    Volunteered for Wednesday and Thursday overtime this week. Working late. Sorry J.



  21. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    JIMTHETIM53 on 12TH NOVEMBER 2018 9:51 PM


    Macjay1, That brought a tear to my eye, haven’t heard that in years. I love the Sacred Heart.






    That`s good.



    In these days of ” difficulties ” for our Church , I am always reminded of what I was taught as a child.


    That the Church is not the Pope , the Vatican , Bishops et al , et al.


    The Church is the punters.




    And those who came before us.



    Now they have never let me down.


    Others sure have.

  22. JNP


    Masterplan is the best B side ever.


    Oasis and Stone Roses have the best B sides ever. One a City band, the other Reds.


    Prefer The Stone Roses to Oasis, but love both.



  23. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on




    Like BANKIEBHOY1 on 12TH NOVEMBER 2018 9:58 PM , I kind of wonder about those stories as well .


    But I`m in no position to know.




    Seen your post the other day to Norrie and you mentioned yuo


    were a McCabe, and i think you come from the Govan area so


    wondered if you were a relative of big Tam McCabe who i


    played with in the Govan fairfield tournaments?


    H.H Mick

  25. Melbourne Mick 10.10.


    That’s my name and was my Dad’s. It maybe just another coincidence though as my Dad was only about 5ft 7.


    He was a welder to trade and worked in the yards, he even done a spell in Harland and Wolfe, where he had to lie on his application form to be accepted.


    He did play a bit of football though.


    He was born in 35. In little Ireland ,Nethan St.


    Hail Hail

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