Unwritten rules of football when you are head butted


There was a more direct than normal look to Celtic’s play yesterday, perhaps after our display earlier this season on Rugby Park’s artificial surface. At Kilmarnock, we learned that our normal passing game is best suited to grass.  At Livingston, we learned that we need more practice at getting the ball forward early against tight SPFL defences.

Referee Kevin Clancy declined to show Livingston striker Menga a red card for head-butting Ryan Christie, almost certainly because Ryan remained on his feet.  There are many unwritten rules in football, one is that if a red card offense is committed, the referee will not produce one unless the victim drops to the ground.  Even if this reaction is unnecessary.

That incident aside, the game could have had a different outcome it the ref clamped down on repeat offenses early in the proceedings.

Livingston are defensively better than anyone in the league, apart from Celtic, but they have scored only three goals from open play.  This was a concern when they caused so much havoc in the Celtic defence at corner kicks, but it was the throw-ins from Alan Lithgow which were the greatest concern.  Lithgow can drop a throw-in into the six yard box, where the first touch from either an attacker or defender creates a bun fight in the most dangerous area of the field.

It cannot be beyond Celtic to develop the combination of strength and technique necessary to replicate this ability.

The squad would have left West Lothian in sombre mood after the broken eye socket injury to Kristoffer Ajer that will keep the defender out until after the winter break.  Compensating for this disappointment is getting to the top of the league table for the first time this season after Hearts loss to Kilmarnock on Saturday.

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  1. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on



    MACJAY 1



    It’s in her autobiography.



    H.H Mick





    Thanks , Mick.



    Can`t argue with that , mate.



    Much as I`d like to .



  2. Don’t get me wrong.


    Great wee chanter………but the faux reverence around her rellies work with the Oranj Ordure took fantasy and parody off the radar………..anyone would’ve thought she was referencing Mother Theresa :) and not some wee herry bigot fae Glesga…….



    In FAKT….



    …..I was so angry it made me wanna Shout!




  3. Bankie


    Breathe deep and thank The Lord that you don’t have the same ancestors as Lulu.


    Works for me.






    Maybe another family member? lots of McCabe’s in the


    Govan and KP area.


    His mates were John O’Brien, Davie McGurn, recognise


    these names.


    H.H Mick

  5. Just caught the last part of Dan Snow’s documentary on Shell Shock. My word he is a plonker, after basically highlighting the MOD’s failure to look after servicemen with PTSD he then goes on to state that we (the public) have a duty to look after them because the Government and (get this) the voters send these men to war ffs!


    However, he did interview one guy an ex para from the Falklands Conflict (it didn’t become a war until that cow Thatcher won) who suffers from PTSD. He interviewed him in a pub in Bradford:


    Does anybody recognise This pub in Bradford?

  6. Big Packy 1……..beautiful hymn….the saltire looks good in her colours……much better than the hunish dark blue

  7. Melbourne Mick.


    Sorry Mick, neither of those names are familiar to me.


    A few coincidences in the past few days though.


    Hail Hail




    The auld sentimental memories were surfacing there


    thanks for the replies.


    Must go now, it’s papa time.


    H.H Mick


    Free the BMCUW1

  9. Pog


    They are still kidding on the Skirpal’s got poisoned.


    Government do not speak for you or me.


    End poverty and hunger.


    Eat the rich fat cats.


    Tiochfaidh ar la

  10. does anyone remember an accordian player called will starr, he was my fathers cousin on his mothers side ,apparently as good as or even better than jimmy shand, problem was he was a catholic from croy and jimmy shand was not.hh.

  11. DD



    Was Fr Simcox PP when you were there…………funny guy, always wanted to tell jokes……



    It’s funny wha ye remember!




  12. PR67


    Great to meet you again Saturday.


    Stop foxhunting.


    Shoot the foxhunters!


    Run Reynard Run.



  13. Bankie


    Father Simcox signature is on my Baptism Certificate.


    Wee sma’ globe indeed. ?Magic



  14. Bundoran Bhoy - TEAM OSCAR FOREVER on

    Final run done ??‍♂️



    Thank you to everyone who has supported me through this year’s events for Oscar Knox Fund of Solving Kids Cancer (final total still to be tallied up) any donations welcome, now to plan next years!! ???‍♂️



    ?? #TeamOscarForever #ForMyMum #TeamCoraRose #TeamSam #TeamEileidh #TeamStanley #TeamVanessa




  15. Got a link earlier to see our goals against Leipzig from a unique angle, after watching there was a link to a Celtic tv clip of Jozo and big Filip doing parliamo Glasgow really funny watching them trying to translate geez a swatch. Wee amusing story my daughter in laws father told me, He answered a plea from the local catholic primary school to help with football coaching after doing all the necessary checks went up on Friday to begin. It was him and the head master both mad keen Celtic fans. A few of the kids in Celtic kits,but the teacher had to tell them no team colours allowed as there were other denominations at the school,after warm ups and some skills and drills a wee game to finish. Picking teams he said right who wants to be the holy goalie.HH

  16. PapaJoe


    Hahaha magic.


    We all want to be like the Polska Holy Goalie, Saint John Paul. Artur Boruc loves the sanctified Holy Father too.


    Forza Polska



  17. Bundoran Bhoy – TEAM OSCAR FOREVER on 12th November 2018 10:55 pm




    That’s some miles you’ve done. Amazing work.

  18. 4 players I would sign in January..



    Jordan Rhodes



    Declan Gallagher



    Paddy Roberts



    Aiden McGeady



    However I think well go down the Ntcham, Bhoyata, Edouard route so can’t complain




  19. Nally


    That is 4 leftfield signings for me. The more I think and analyse. They 4 would be crackin signings.


    Great scouting bro. ?



  20. Nally


    Declan Gallagher was a Celtic youth we let go. Better than Hendry and McKenna.


    He should come home to Paradise.



  21. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    BIG PACKY 1 on 12TH NOVEMBER 2018 10:40 PM


    does anyone remember an accordian player called will starr, he was my fathers cousin on his mothers side ,apparently as good as or even better than jimmy shand, problem was he was a catholic from croy and jimmy shand was not.hh.




    My Papa – William Mitchell – was close friends with Will Starr – heard snippets from my mum growing up (Papa died when I was 2 – coincidentally given the time of year, he survived fightin in the trenches at the Somme).



    From my memory, my mum always spoke fondly of Will Starr. My mum’s family were also friendly with Jimmy Shand – like him they were also from Auchtermuchty – where my mum and dad spent their honeymoon :-))






  22. Celtic could do worse than go for the Motherwell striker . Did I read he was out of contract in January , he is no henrik , but a big rumble of a lad ,and as brave as they come .brendan would make him a player , if we don’t sign him , they may well do

  23. An interesting development.






    UEFA statement on Financial Fair Play



    Monday 12 November 2018



    UEFA has issued a statement regarding Financial Fair Play.



    “Financial Fair Play (FFP) has led to a step change in the health of the finances in European club football. Seven years ago, European clubs had a cumulative debt of €1.7bn. Last year, it was a profit of €600m.



    Without question, it has been a success for the game across Europe.



    FFP is a framework which clubs that wish to play in UEFA competitions agree to abide by. It relies on the cooperation of clubs to declare a complete and genuine financial position.



    While UEFA can test the information it receives, it relies on that information being fair and accurate reflections of a club’s finances.



    UEFA conducts an annual assessment of all clubs against the break-even requirements of FFP on a rolling three-year basis. This includes a thorough assessment of clubs’ financial positions on the basis of both the information disclosed by the clubs (based on their independently audited financial statements), as well as a number of compliance checks and analysis undertaken by UEFA (including independent external audits).



    If new information comes to light that may be material to this assessment, UEFA will use that to challenge the figures and will seek explanation, clarification or rebuttal from the club concerned.



    Should new information suggest that previously concluded cases have been abused, those cases may be capable of being re-opened as determined on a case-by-case basis.



    This approach is applied universally to all clubs that apply for a UEFA licence and participate in European club competitions.

  24. JIMTIM on 13TH NOVEMBER 2018 12:11 AM


    Celtic could do worse than go for the Motherwell striker . Did I read he was out of contract in January , he is no henrik , but a big rumble of a lad ,and as brave as they come .brendan would make him a player , if we don’t sign him , they may well do




    Yup. Not fast but Curtis Main is in the John Hartson mould .



    Good read from Phil






    Thanks for posting that fella. HH




    Auldheid, keep it lit. √


    Weebawbabbity, I’m proud to know you Amigo, God bless. √



    Claire Byrne RTE 1 / Stephen Nolan BBC 1, did a joint broadcast last night, and, using my Celtic detector sensors, and my, paranoid android arsenal of a skill set, I’m more convinced than ever, that brexit is a rouse, cooked up between the EU and the British government, to make out that, a united Ireland was no more than an unintended consequence…..to keep the peace, once the dust has settled on the realization that, a united Ireland is thee major step in the process, that breaks up the British constitution.


    Thing is, what happens to Celtic supporters in Scotland, if there is an influx into Scotland, of 000’s of highly pissed off Ulster-Scots, who will be welcomed with open arms by the smsm, who will inform the U-S’s that it was the cruel Irish who took thur land ?


    Can never be paranoid enough!





  26. Good morning CQN from a dark and damp Garngad


    Free the BMCUWP 1



    Bring on the Accies.



    D. :)

  27. 50 shades of green on

    Morning Tims.



    Sips prayers offered for wee Aiden.







    Most people hate the international break and usually I do to, However I’m off to Inverness/Dingwall this weekend to see my first Grandchild, so I wont miss any games ?.Perfect timing fae the wee Mhan. ?

  28. Morning , KEV J , feelings mutual my Blantyre friend, ps so glad a went to the hoot sat , everyone one of the ghuys were gents

  29. 50 Shades, that’s what you call timing by your grandson…



    Enjoy, it is a wonderfull thing being a Grandad, and hopefuly passing on the famous Glasgow Celtic to another Generation. ?



    Hail Hail



    D. :)

  30. morning bhoys from a dull overcast Cheshire, thanks for all yesses for bobby . Big Georges Fan Club – Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar, small world eh, apparently a good accordian player.hh.

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