Urgency behind SFL plan


Dictionaries across the English speaking world will need to be updated for the term ‘loose cannon’, currently- noun, a person whose reckless behaviour endangers the efforts or welfare of others.  In future they should be appended, ‘Charles Green’.

For months Charles has been busy telling anyone who would listen to him that his The Rangers club will never appear in the Scottish Premier League.  Now, he has told the world the Scottish Football League are set to propose reconstruction which would see the end of the SPL and create one fewer step between his new club and top flight football.  He told TalkSport, “I understand that the Football League [presumably he means the SFL]on Wednesday are having a meeting of clubs and it’s the intention of the executive to unveil what they think would be a restructuring plan for Scottish football.”

Green is one of the few from the SFL who have had anything to do with the plan, few were aware of it until his announcement yesterday.  I hear the other architects of the plan inside the SFL are chief executive, David Longmuir and Airdrie United director, Jim Ballantye.  My source also told me SFA president, Campbell Ogilvie was “in on the ground floor with the SFL plans”.  They will all, surely, be frustrated that Green was out there with the news before the league were.

As STV today reported, the SFA have set a deadline of 30 November for the leagues to agree a reconstruction plan, “threatening they would instead push through with their own plans to bring about change by the 2013/14 season if an agreement could not be reached”.  That’s next summer!

Timing here is everything, and is urgent.

The SPL Commission will soon convene into Improper Registration of Players at Rangers…
the predecessor club of The Rangers…
whose SFA membership The Rangers benefited from in order to compete in league football with less than three years accounts…
and who consequently are liable for penalties served on Rangers.

If found guilty, and no one is holding to the pretence otherwise anymore, the consequences for The Rangers are enormous.  Forget about the inevitable stripping of titles, this is of historical consequence only, prize money [of circa £15m]will also be reclaimed and a punishment levied.

As I have said before, the toxicity of the old club is simply not viable to continue with.  Newco Rangers either have to start from scratch, or the structures of Scottish football need to brought down with any penalties due wiped from the slates.

The Rangers share prospectus, now overdue, will have to detail these risks to the company unless an alternative narrative can be agreed and presented.

The chances of the SPL giving this Longmuir, Ballantyne and Ogilvie plan serious consideration are remote.  It is a nonsense, will be rejected by the SPL and may even face opposition from those clubs within the Scottish Football League who stand to benefit from the change, but will find the motivations behind it unsupportable.

Scottish football is enjoying a well-earned renewal this season, no thanks to the game’s administrators, but the serious allegation, that many leagues and cups were won for over a decade by a club which was paying players against the tax laws of the country and against SFA, SPL and Fifa regulations, has yet to be resolved.

Until we know the truth, hear the consequences, know that those responsible are no longer in control of the game and have been banned for life from future involvement, there can be no talk of expedient change.

STV’s revelation that the SFA have imposed a 30 November deadline is the greatest illustration yet why “heavily conflicted” Campbell Ogilvie should have been on garden leave months ago. All those who carried out the duties which led to this shambles, and who have legal responsibility for it, should receive the life ban from the game that was promptly applied to Craig Whyte.

A swift rebuttal of this nonsense with a clearing of the decks is required. There can be no discussions on these matters while inquiries are on-going and those responsible for recent events are still running the game.

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  1. How often can I say it? Joe Ledley is so often the unsung lynchpin in the team.


    Am I missing something? Apart from the long gone marbles?

  2. FourGreenFields


    11:37 on


    13 November, 2012


    Company Status








    Registration Date: 27/05/1899


    Registration Number: SC004276


    Type: Public Limited Company


    Registered Address







    G51 2XD



    Read it and weep zombie bigots






    Rangers Tax-Case ‏@rangerstaxcase


    @dysarty @swan70 it points to the fact that Rangers oldco (in liquidation) was a football club and not a holding company.



    2h Swan ‏@Swan70


    @rangerstaxcase RFC 2012 PLC SIC classification: 93120 – Activities of sport clubs. SIC Code for a holding company is 70100 not 93120. #dead


    Retweeted by Rangers Tax-Case



  3. Chunkles needs to be declared persona non grata, a threat to social stability, a danger to himself and others : promptly sectioned, medicated and given some good advice.


    Mainly : Go. Away.

  4. The Spirit of Arthur Lee on

    Can you donate to the Hearts fighting fund?



    As i have a few grand to burn




  5. miki67



    100% correct. Remove Joe and you remove a huge chunk of our midfield and how our team play. Take Sunday as an example, Joe is substituted at 1-0 and no great danger from St Johnstone, we know what happened next.

  6. The Spirit of Arthur Lee on




    @rangerstaxcase The problem with Scottish football is that we’re next door to England. It’s like having an M&D’s beside Disney World

  7. From previous thread


    Was at the O2last night watching Djokovic –Federer. Saw a few folk wearing the Hoops, wasn’t one of them unfortunately. The attentionto detail the organisers put in to provide you with achance to spend a few hours there and not just the two hours the match is in progress. Last week was brilliant,hope we cancarry that forward into the future.

  8. Paul67 – Excellent analysis. Ogilvie is the danger at the moment. If plans are foisted upon the SPL, constructed by him and his cronies, they will be to benefit one party only.



    And it will not be Scotland’s premier football club….

  9. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ on

    Starbucks & sevco?? Colour clash there me thinks. They’ll bin it like the green straws. o))

  10. miki67


    12:24 on


    13 November, 2012



    100% spot on – Joe does a fantastic job for us. So selfless, he will sacrifice himself for his team (see the Barca game)



    A true pro and definite starter when available.



    Paul67 – class, as always.

  11. Ogilvie has no shame because like a sociopath he doesn’t think he has done anything wrong, the fact that Regan stands by and watches Ogilvie get involved in reconstruction is proof positive of his spinelessness all we need now is a statement of ill intent from 80’s boy and the parcel of rogues will be complete..



    The time wasted on trying to revive the corpse could have been well spent had we a leader in the Scottish game instead we let three hugely conflicted men try to give the cheats a free pass, I’ll be glad to see the back of them when this finally comes to pass..

  12. ….Green is one of the few from the SFL who have had anything to do with the plan, few were aware of it until his announcement yesterday. I hear the other architects of the plan inside the SFL are chief executive, David Longmuir and Airdrie United director, Jim Ballantye. My source also told me SFA president, Campbell Ogilvie was “in on the ground floor with the SFL plans”.



    Longmuir ? Ballantyne ? Ogilvie ?


    Now there’s a trio of trustworthy & impartial thinkers to take us to a fairer & more successful future.



    I’d have more faith in Wonga,com or Ramsdens.

  13. Scottish football will continue to be the laughing stock of the entire football world so long as these clowns remain in office.



    Every one corrupt to the core.

  14. The zombies and their followers dont even hide the fact they think they run this country.



    One Nation…

  15. RangersTaxCase view about Disney v M&Ds is valid to a point. The positive aspect is that the fans of these teams aren’t satisfied with signings costing 300K, 600K, 650K and 900K respectively despite their being world class players.


    Southampton, Sunderland & QPR are cases in point. It should be no surprise these three teams are being upstaged by Norwich who at least put some care into their policy rather than what looks good to the fans and media.

  16. The SPL Commission will soon convene into Improper Registration of Players at Rangers…


    the predecessor club of The Rangers.



    Paul67 have we got a date when this meeting will happen ?



    longmuir ,ogilvie,regan and doncaster are all still in posistion and NO challange has been made to remove them from ofiice so far.



    as for the colt teams


    it was ra gers that put an end to the reserve league as they could not afford the costs.



    when are sevco going to learn ?


    ra gers got in an arms race an put their club inti liquidation even with tax payers and murrys cash.


    cannot wait to get into another arms race to set them back into oblivion




  17. A bit OTT from hibs.



    have confirmed they have sacked their stadium announcer “following a breach of conduct”.



    Reports suggest the dismissal relates to an incident at the club’s Easter Road ground during Sunday’s match against Dundee United.



    The Beatles song ‘Taxman’ was played near the end of the half-time interval.



    Hibs’ Edinburgh rivals Hearts have been served with a winding-up order over unpaid PAYE and VAT and are also contesting a separate £1.75m tax bill.



    And Hearts have asked their fans to invest in a share issue and buy up tickets for upcoming matches to help preserve the club’s immediate future.



    A spokesman for Hibs said: “The stadium announcer’s contract has been terminated following a breach of conduct.”

  18. Very good post Paul.



    In any other country in the world these people at the top of the SFA/SPL would have been hunted……….all the way to the courts.



    Our national media is a disgrace, in fact, I would go as far as label the bulk of them as not only criminally negligent but complicit in the corruption taking place at the top of our sports establishment.



    Time for the revolution to begin and get some good HONEST people in post.



    We also need a Public Inquiry to get absolutely to the bottom of the stinking mess, it needs fumigated.



    The Raith Rovers chairman would be my nominee for SFA President and give him the mandate to make our game wholesome.

  19. The Scottish Premier League is considering two plans for potential reconstruction of the country’s club football structure.



    The failure of the SPL and the Scottish Football League to jointly formulate plans for a new league has led to both bodies working on separate plans.



    SPL clubs will discuss the two alternatives presented by their league on December 3.



    Both models, at present, pay no regard to teams existing outwith the top flight, except the respective four or 12 who would be invited into the breakaway league as a result.



    Here is a closer look at the first proposal which will be put to SPL clubs.



    League structure



    Four clubs would be invited to join a new, 16-team SPL. It is not known how promotion/relegation to the SFL would be affected, but the bodies would remain independent.



    Financial distribution



    The financial distribution model would be modified accordingly to accommodate the four new teams, but there would be no amendment to the spread of wealth to the SFL.



    A look at proposal two being tabled by the Scottish Premier League.



    League structure



    Two leagues, an SPL1 and SPL2, would be formed, both consisting of 12 teams respectively. Each team would play each other twice in their respective divisions, creating 22 fixtures.



    After two rounds, the leagues would then merge and split into three groups of eight. Each team would again play each other twice, leading to a total of 36 games being played across the course of the campaign.



    The clubs in the top eight at the split would contend for the title and European spots, and would be guaranteed a place in SPL1 in the new season.



    The middle group would arguably be the most competitive. The teams finishing in the top four positions would play in SPL1 in the new campaign, with the bottom four playing in SPL2.



    The bottom group would fight it out to avoid relegation to the SFL. It is not clear at this stage how many relegation spots would be opened up.



    Financial distribution



    Finances would be further diluted amongst 24 clubs, but again all revenue would be retained by the league.

  20. I am interested to know hpw the SFL, whose attendances are counted in hundreds is going to push through any proposal.



    A break away league with Sevco at its head and asking SKY/ESPN for their own tv deal?

  21. Bawsman


    12:43 on


    Our national media is a disgrace, in fact, I would go as far as label the bulk of them as not only criminally negligent but complicit in the corruption taking place at the top of our sports establishment.




    read the Scottish Football Monitor – http://scottishfootballmonitor.wordpress.com/



    A piece by Stuart Cosgrove talks about “journalists from opposing papers gathered together to agree what to write.”



    This is story.



    Glastnost, it is not.

  22. Can you imagine the reaction to Charles Green if he was in charge of any other team in Scotland, he would be hunted back down the road in double quick time, it’s only because it’s sevco he’s even tolerated,!!

  23. Gordon_J backing Neil Lennon


    12:43 on


    13 November, 2012


    The Commission into the dead huns was delayed after one of those involved was in a car crash.



    Sounds a bit, er convenient to me …



    IMO they are waiting for the result of the FTT

  24. Charles Green says Hearts going bust would make it difficult for the SPL to survive – and believes the loss of a second major club could force a restructuring of the Scottish game.



    ‘There are problems at Hearts, who are now in financial difficulty, there are rumours that another couple of SPL clubs are in financial difficulty. So it is a time for change.’



    Says Chuck who tried to diddle hearts out of £300,000 and still has to pay them the full £800,000.

  25. As long as Ogilvie, Regan, Doncaster, Longmuir & Ballantyne are the decision makers, you can guarantee the wrong decision will be made.



    Remove them and start again, Scottish football doesn’t need reconstruction it needs revolution.

  26. Paul67



    The sfa and spl have proved beyond doubt that they are not


    fit for purpose. The good of the scottish game has taken a


    back seat for the purpose of benefiting one club.



    Surely there is a legal arguement to be rid of the people


    who have no interest in the integrity of the game.

  27. ASonOfDan – FF believe that the power now rests with the SFL (Stop laughing at the back) and that they should can just take back the European spots and cast the SPL clubs into the wilderness because of their world record attendances and TV viewing figures.



    Seriously. They are saying that and believe it.

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