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  1. Paul67 etal



    My biggest bug bear in football is Players falling down and rolling about as if seriously injured,after he’s got the tackler booked, or red carded, he get’s up and carries on playing, that should to be stopped.



    There should be a rule, if anyone is lying on the grass faining injury they should be sent of the park for 15 minutes to recover from the injury,the same should happen to players who are genuinely injured, they should get time to recover from said injury, It could stop a few who have the art & skill to make a dive looking like he’s injured himself, stop trying to bluff the referee,



    How many times have we seen footballers look like they are seriously injured then get up and carry on playing. it makes me angry when this happens,they should be punished ,that’s why I think that 15 min off the park to recover from serious injury, or a fake injury.



    I hope that Celtic get the win tonight, but to be honest all I’m interested in is winning 8 in a row.then carry on from there.

  2. mike in toronto on




    Being reported as:



    Celtic starting XI: Bain; Toljan, Simunovic, Boyata, Ajer, Hayes; Brown, McGregor, Christie; Forrest, Burke.



    Celtic substitutes: Gordon, Lustig, Izaguirre, Sinclair, Weah, Edouard, Johnston.

  3. FAN-A-TIC on 21ST FEBRUARY 2019 4:51 PM





    I think that video to support goalies red has been doctored .



    There is a double motion to push out his elbow that does not appear on the tv pics of incident.



    Also strange that it only surfaced today giving plenty of time for an edited alteration.

  4. TONTINE TIM on 21ST FEBRUARY 2019 4:55 PM


    !BADA BING!! on 21ST FEBRUARY 2019 4:00 PM



    TIMHORTON on 21ST FEBRUARY 2019 1:53 PM



    after sundays game, some on here thought the league was done and dusted. after last night i dont think so, they are after us



    Said same last night…..



    *when mersey tunnel mooth conceded the League tae us after Sunday my thought was “I’ve passed this way before”, when MON claimed they were the bench mark and allegedly told the players he would always be truthful tae them but they would hear him telling a wee lie and that they were the better side, he told him then that at minimum we would win the League and shortly after we gubbed them 6-2.

  5. Fool Time Whistle on

    From previous thread



    16 Roads & Fan-a-tic



    I agree with both comments.



    Sectarianism hasn’t gone away – it’s just not been fashionable or vote catchy to do anything about it.



    We had throwing of objects at Ayebrokes regularly, batteries, lighters, bottles, coins – with video & photographic evidence in support. But zero comment & action.


    We had sectarian singing constantly at particular games at that place – with no comment from the SFA.


    We had attacks on Celtic players at that place during the game – with no comment from the SFA.


    We had fan damage by their fans at Pittodrie that was airbrushed out of things until someone at the BBC revealed it after our game against Killie – why was it kept quiet?


    We have the Police pretending to be pro-active by stopping coaches & taking photos of bottles of Buckie they took from fans – while the same police ignore sectarian chants because it suits their agenda.


    Whatever the result later today, the headlines tomorrow are likely to be of misbehaving Celtic fans taught a lesson by robust Spanish Police. The fact that it’s a fabrication & distortion of facts will get lost in the static.






  6. mike in toronto on




    Nothing that shows up on the internet would surprise me…. I guess we’ll see….

  7. 50 shades of green on

    Looks like a 3 5 2 formation to me, although could be playing Ajer just in front of the back 4 .



    More likely Toljan and Hayes as wingbacks though with a solid back 3.

  8. Scary team selection — all looks a bit trendy vicar to me.



    Doing something but not really believing in it.



    Had high hopes that things could happen / various moons align and we could give them a scare.



    Now …



    Dr Who tactics to watch the game.


    Find a couch I can hide behind.



    However we are match for them.


    But only if they turn up in Motherwell strips.



    It is the hope that gets you …







    Scottish football is rapidly self destructing. Everything about it at the moment is poisonous. The refereeing organisation is crooked from top to bottom. Any criticism of them by managers or clubs is likely to be met by retribution on the pitch. Steve Clarke’s Kilmarnock got their’s last night via a red card and the non-award of a penalty. The SFA, SPFL, the media, the clubs are all complicit. I don’t think in my lifetime I can remember a period as poisonous as the current time we live in.



    It’s likely to continue too, unless someone says, “Enough is enough.” Chairman Mao said that a journey of ten thousand miles begins with a single step. I’ve been following the hullabaloo on social media this morning. Steve Clarke is right and very brave to condemn it the way he did. He deserves everybody’s support. Lots of our fans are rallying to condemn the Rangers support but our fans did it to Kris Boyd on Saturday. It’s also no use condemning their support for hitting the linesman at LIvingston with a coin if one of ours does the same to Boyd. We know everything that any negative action by the Celtic support or by a Celtic player will be headline news and the subject of much condemnation and prolonged debate in the media and that any similar behaviour from the other side will not be held up to similar scrutiny. It’s the way things work in a society when you are part of a minority. Especially an uppity, noisy minority. Most right minded people would like it to stop, I would imagine, but who is going to take that first step? It won’t be the politicians, that’s for sure. We are currently seen as part of the problem, ‘the other side of the coin’ by most people in Scotland and UK. Saturday’s behaviour gave them evidence that we are.



    If the situation is to change, it has to come from us. We have to make the first move. It won’t come from Rangers or their acolytes in the organisations mentioned above. Celtic have to put our house in order. Celtic have to introduce a zero tolerance policy towards those elements of our support that embarrass the club and the rest of the support. Fergus introduced a policy making it clear that any form of discrimination would be unacceptable and not tolerated. That needs to be revisited, highlighted and promoted with vigour so that everyone gets the picture. Negative chanting needs to be called out and dealt with by the club. Refuse to handle tickets for away games if fans embarrass the club. Issue a code of conduct for home games stating what is not permissible: sectarian chanting, flares, smoke bombs. We were doing well for so long but have become complacent and we are now part of the problem. We can’t occupy the moral high ground if we do the same things as the people we complain about.



    Our Celtic Board need to show an example by providing leadership. If we put our own house in order and show zero tolerance to behaviour unbecoming of Celtic fans then pressure will build on others to do the same.



    Sorry for the long post. My iPad crashed 5 times and Some of my post got lost and I had to try to remember what I had said. Nightmare.




  10. Are we going 4-4-1-1?



    Toljian Boyata Simunovic Ajer


    Forrest Brown McGregor Hayes







    Or 3-2-5?



    No centre forward is a big mistake; I fear for the lads now

  11. Bain.


    Toljan, Simunovic, Boyata , Ajer.




    ………McGregor, Brown, Christie.





    Actually, pretty much the same as normal but with Hayes for Sinclair.




  12. mike in toronto on

    1. Just got that off the tinternet…. so, no promises that it is accurate.



    2. DId Bayo not get registered for Europe? Given that he will be with us next season, I hope that he gets some time. Plus, I just have a good feeling about him…. think he will do well for us.

  13. What about this:




    Toljan, Simunovic, Boyatta, Hayes.




    Forreat, McGregor, Ajer, Christie.



  14. Fool Time Whistle on

    Ref Bachman sending off.



    Little mention made of Kamara’s dive after contact.


    Referee should have shown common sense & advised both players.


    I still can’t tell from footage I’ve seen whether Muir claims he saw it but couldn’t tell what had happened OR he didn;t see it at all & relied upon his far side linesman for his decision.



    When a forward stands up against a goalkeeper at a corner the way Kamara, it becomes obstruction as soon as the ball is played. An intelligent referee would have stopped the corner being taken until he’d spoken to both players. Quite how the linesman could truly say that the impact of Bachman’s arm against Kamara was a foul is also debatable. Once Bachman’s arms were above his head, Kamara’s action prevented him from freely moving his arms. We see keeper’s pushing forwards away regularly & we see defenders and forwards pushing each other around as a corner is about to be taken. Kamara’s actions have been overlooked both before the contact & afterwards. He got up within seconds & played on without a problem. He simulated to get another player penalized/sent off. A yellow to both would have been in order since Bachman knew he was bringing his elbow down on Kamara’s head but beleived that he had deniability since Kamara was impeding him. Kamara’s yellow for diving. Play on.



    The issue will now become one of consistency. All eyes will be on referees & especially Muir when there is an incident in the box at corners. Muir looked to me like he panicked & responded to their baying crowd & the feigned outrage of Rangers players. It was a mess & badly handled but the legacy will be what happens with similar incidents henceforth.



    Conspircay stuff will abound because the SFA choose to issue statements about fan behaviour & sectarianism when we all know that real solutions will never be implemented as long as clubs inists that they’re not responsible for what their fans do. Meanwhile, that statement is a distraction from the pressing issue that is completely ignored by the SFA. the standard of refereeing in Scotland.



    COYBIG & I hope all Celtic fans get home safely.



  15. Set up with KA bringing the ball out from the back?



    Midfield diamond with RC at the top?


    OB and JF work the channels with nobody leading the line.



    Sounds crazy but it might just work.

  16. Brendan seeks to move on from SevcoBigotGate scandal by getting Craig Levein to pick his team?? ??‍♂️

  17. mike in toronto on




    BBC must have copied my idea! :)



    I would be okay with Brown and Ajer as the 2 in a 4-2-3-1 …. have SB more as the holding mid, and let Ajer burst forward when the chance arises … I like when he pushes forward with the ball … gives the team a bit of drive… and in that formation, he could be even more effective doing that.

  18. JG @ 5.30



    You are a bad man.


    I was worried about the similarities but shut up about it.



    No CFC manager needs such comments …



  19. Madmitch



    I think it might be a backs to the wall 4-5-1 first half and then unleash Eduardo and Weah. Sinclair probably dropped for losing the ball in contact EVERY time on the weekend

  20. Outwith Championship Manager Tactical Systems don’t win teams.







    or 4:2:3:1



    are all so much fluff and fashion



    Only a performance from the players can win this. They need to be more accurate and less inhibited by fear of error. Funnily enough, being away from home will result in fewer groans at lost possession when players try something, so it might just work in our favour.



    Hope the Mestalla gets on the Valencia players backs, if we frustrate them and sneak an opener.

  21. 50 shades of green on

    3 arrests made in the cheating Beaton alleged threats, interesting timing of the news eh.

  22. TOSB @ 1.58



    I’ve predicted a Celtic Statement soon.



    They did raise ‘sectarianism’ at the AGM you’ll recall when the questioner brought up


    some of the chanting now prevalent and clearly under that claim.



    I agree the game in Scotland is unraveling fast and the answer to John Beaton was Andrew


    Dallas, the answer to Dallas was Bobby Madden and the answer to Madden was Alan Muir.



    ‘Whataboutery’ won’t close the gaps between the two clubs and the SMSM are a bigger danger to Celtic’s





    Celtic sat back and have watched a manager receiving real death threats, and players have been physically


    abused in at least two grounds in the SPL. Our fans have been mistreated in Amsterdam and Valencia and we


    suffered more stadium damage that all the grounds collectively.



    Theres nothing more broken or failed in policy than our the boards link with the Celtic supporters, whom I believe they are deep down very proud of.

  23. Must say I agree with Bournesouprecipie, We can’t have it both ways, we need to clean up our own act.


    Really angry at the heavy handed tactics of Spanish Police. I was in an Airport Lounge in Viga when they cut loose and started whacking innocent people left right & centre, it’s not a good place to be.


    I would hope that Celtic would make an official complaint but unfortunately their is a disconnect between Official Celtic & the Supporters and the likelihood is nothing will be said or done.


    Re the match, I am nervous at the best of times but if we go 3 at the back I’ll be freaking out altogether.


    Anyway here we go best of Luck Celtic.

  24. C.O.Y.B.I.G.



    Got zero expectations of a result tonight, but I have hope in my heart ;-))



    Bold team selection…crazy or genius…we’ll soon find out ;-))




  25. Celtic started really well at CP, but it didn’t last long even although Valencia came expecting to escape with a draw, and were overjoyed when they went two up.



    It’ll be very different in the Mestalla and I fear the worst and hope the bhoys put on a show especially for the travelling Tims.

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