Value of Ledley’s back post goals


Celtic didn’t hit the heights of last week’s win at Tynecastle against Inverness last night but it was a remarkably controlled win nonetheless.  The game could have been over as a contest in the opening minutes but as the lead didn’t extend beyond a single goal the contest retained an edge.

Daniel Majstorovic was incorrectly penalised when he correctly challenged for the ball 25 yards from goal but the Swede’s lax initial response to the forward ball created the situation that resulted in his red card.  Dan had a painful game against Inverness last season but after they were reduced to 10 men Celtic were far too composed to let Inverness’ numerical advantage count.

We’ve spoken about the value of goals from midfield in recent seasons.  Kris Commons lit up Celtic’s season when he arrived in a flurry of goals last year but Joe Ledley’s efforts from the back post this season could prove to be even more important.

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  1. Moonbeams WD. Kano 1000 \o/ Supporting Neil Lennon 100%. on







    “I’ll ask again…”






    If people don’t want to answer your repetitive, circular, deflecting Q’s why do you feel the need to demand that we do?



    And if you dont answer me I’ll ask again until you do.











  2. In my opinion Butchers remarks are entirely out of order regards Sammi being involved in their man being sent off. He states that twice ICT have had a man ordered off against Celtic and each time Sammi has been involved his comment “Maybe it’s coincidence. I am not blaming him (Samaras), I am just saying he was involved in the incident.” is ridiculous, if he’s not trying to cast blame then why mention it, this idiot gets away with more dubious comments regarding the SPL, the officials and players than even the cardigan did and that’s going some.


    One rag even had a headline along the lines of – Butcher blames Samaras for the bad blood between the fans-

  3. DUSHANBE BILLYBHOY, I checked back your comment. It had an 83 character unbroken [====] line which stretched the page width. Large unbroken lines of links make it difficult for mobile users (around 30% of the total now) to read the site.



    Around 4 comments per day are hooked for this reason.



    Can I make a polite request that commenters work within the constraints of the blog template? Changing this issue is more complicated that it initially appeared.

  4. From FF



    ____If The Worst Happens


    Rumour is rife.



    Just as it was in the last phase of Sir David Murray’s tenure, the truth about Rangers’ plight is imagined and guessed at. The very future of the club, we are told, is in doubt.



    Even under new ownership, the good ship Rangers is still becalmed, and only time will tell if it will fire up again – or if a gaping hole below the waterline will sink it forever.



    Is it possible? Could 140 years of domestic dominance be about to conclude? Could a sporting institution that has become almost a pillar of Scottish society really be on the edge of the abyss?



    I really hope that it doesn’t happen, but if it does, and Rangers fold, you should ask yourself two questions; what did I do to stop it, and how will Rangers be remembered.



    The first question, only you can answer, and the second can only be guessed at, so here’s my guess, and you may not like it.



    Just as the past is constantly revised to make Celtic resemble something that it never was, with the passage of time, Rangers will be remembered negatively due to liars and revisionists telling a partial truth rather than the whole truth.



    Eventually, the club will be recorded as being a sporting and institutional embarrassment to Scotland. It will be remembered by Scottish society the way white people remember slavery: with discomfort and shame – and a gratitude that it has gone.



    In fifty years and a hundred years, people will deny that their forefathers actually supported the club.



    It is only by keeping Rangers alive that this fate will be avoided and that’s why the survival of Rangers is so vital. A future for the club is essential, not just for the obvious reasons, but because it will allow the club to protect its past from the kind of history revision that has allowed Celtic to portray itself as the polar opposite of what it actually was.



    Remember, history is written by the victors, and if Celtic outlasts its hated rival, every day of 140 years of Rangers’ existence will be blackened, sullied and denigrated in a way that few dare to imagine. The Rangers support will be remembered as a social pariah; a bigoted, sectarian, hardcore and unseemly element.



    Those people who hold the fate of Rangers in their hands had better realise that failure is not an option______________

  5. Big Dan is a liability as ever. Anyone who says he had a good game, must have been zoning in and out of the game. For a CB his tackling is very poor, clattering into the back of players to win the ball. Although he was sleeping as the ball was played in, his tackle on Hayes was never a red card. Perfectly clean tackle, played the ball.



    Super Joe is at it again, pleased for the big mhan. Starting to get the credit he deserves, he offers a hell of a lot more than goals.

  6. 2 Former Celts and 1 i wished we had signed in action in todays derby game – Wolves – WBA. Big Mick McC, Amrk A Fortune and Fletcher. Fletcher scored a cracker


    Good game – WBA just score to go in front 2 -1

  7. bt / antrinkev –



    you can withdraw your apologuies again as WBA have just scored to lead 2-1… :-(




  8. Paul67 says:


    12 February, 2012 at 14:51



    Polite request?…just bar him,Billybhoy?suspecthmmm

  9. Joe Ledley has been a consistent performer all season, whether played at left back, central midfield or on the left wing. He works hard, rarely wastes possession and does a lot of the unglamorous side of the game very well.



    Last season he scored six goals for us, including both in a 2 – 1 cup win at Inverness. This season he already has seven including a couple of winners in 1 – 0 games, yesterday and … well, I’m sure you all remember the other one.



    Four of his thirteen Celtic goals have come against Inverness. Joe seems to like playing Butcher’s mob!

  10. matt mcglone @MattMcGlone9


    Reply RetweetedRetweet




    FavoritedFavorite · Close Open Details My information on Rangers selling two lucrative parts of their business off in advance, comes from an 100% well informed impeccable source!



    Anybody know what this means?

  11. Wolves v WBA end to end stuff. A much better game than the usual bottom of the EPL games we are used to seeing. Excellent stuff.


    Fltcher -we should have bought him – Doyle is worth a look at also.

  12. Notthebus – that is about the most perceptive thing I have ever read from the keyboard of a Rangers supporter. Of course I can only disagree that the history he presents will be ‘revionist’ – it will of course simply be ‘The Truth’.



    Remarkable also that the main answer to his first question (what did they do to save the club) will be for almost every one of them, including those who were in control of the club, NOTHING. In fact the full answer will be ‘we contributed to the downfall by refusing to believe what we were being told and being happy to accept the lies peddled in newspapers’.



    There may come a time when they become angry with the papers for not reporting the truth but they will have to remember that they didn’t want to hear the truth and they turned on anyone who tried to tell them it – Spiersy for example, a man who broke ranks, suffered horrendous abuse, hadn’t the stomach for it and crawled back in-house to hide from the pelters he took. He knew. He is perhaps more culpable than those in his trade that didn’t want to know and were happy to take the ‘briefings’ from Eyepox insiders as gospel and be glad that they had such a privileged access to their


    favourite club.



    Damn them all to hell I say!

  13. Player of the year Canditates







    Joe Ledley





    Young Player




    Big Vic

  14. CQN Saturday Naps Competition – Week 27 Results & Standings



    Raymac was our biggest winner yesterday (Stormy Weather @13/2).


    Other winners include – bobbymurdoch’s CUW (Royal Tara @11/2), wolfetonebhoy (Bridgets Pet @7/2), and Rockon (Celtic Charlie – dead-heated – @2/1).



    +£11.58 bobbymurdoch’s winklepickers (7)


    +£ 8.50 Cathal (6)


    +£ 6.00 voguepunter (3)


    +£ 4.83 fleagle1888 (5)


    -£ 0.08 Rockon (7)


    -£ 1.25 What is the Stars (4)


    -£ 4.00 wolfetonebhoy (4)


    -£ 4.50 twists n turns (3)


    -£ 6.75 Eurochamps67 (5)


    -£ 7.00 Raymac (3)


    -£10.70 Som mes que un club (2)


    -£14.00 Che (2)


    -£17.50 hunza rugli (2)


    -£18.00 BULL67 (1)


    -£18.50 PFayr (2)


    -£27.00 oldtim


    -£27.00 The Token Tim


    -£27.00 tommytwisttommyturns



    *No selections from – hunza rugli, oldtim, The Token Tim



    Cheers, fleagle1888

  15. MWD



    Whoaaaaa there big bhoy. How did you come by the stornaway black pudding??



    I know you didn’t win it in the raffle as I had my hopes pinned on it and would have made you


    a fine and acceptable offer (I think) had you won it!!!




  16. Afternoon bhoys, cold, the sun is out, but hun free as ever.



    Somebody posted a picture of a car yesterday the Richard Hammond was going to drive the Shankill in Belfast.



    Can’t find it, any chance of a repost…



    Thanks in advance



    3 goals required in the Villa game for a nice wee 8 timer

  17. I should add that it is as long ago as 8 years that I was first told that Rangers were staring in to the abyss financially. Perhaps longer. This has been known about for years.



    Hell mend them

  18. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!! Tick Tock !! on

    Notthebus…….and they wonder why we detest them……their history is of their own making, and he has just confirmed the the truth of their history…….pathetically sad individual…



    They have provided plenty of evidence for their many critics…!!!

  19. The Good Ship Celtica. on




    In response to your reply on the last thread. Your post did not make me think that you thought I should not enjoy Celtic victories – apologies if it read that way.



    The point I was making is that the criticisms of our players, while sometimes made with the best of intentions, remind of a time in the not too distant past when our players and manager were lambasted by our own while they were winning. It made me uncomfortable then and I am always wary of it raising its head again.



    Furthermore, in my opinion, the criticisms are made for criticisms sake and there is no real benefit.





    Sailing On….

  20. Notthebus, someone with the gift to see himself as others see him, as an old mason may have observed.



    voguepunter, perhaps not.



    TTTT, yes, a good shout.

  21. DivitBhoy – wish I did – will be looking out for info on that one.



    IS that in advance of them going to the wall or in advance of them being bought by the Whyte Shyster?



    I wonder……




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