Value of Ledley’s back post goals


Celtic didn’t hit the heights of last week’s win at Tynecastle against Inverness last night but it was a remarkably controlled win nonetheless.  The game could have been over as a contest in the opening minutes but as the lead didn’t extend beyond a single goal the contest retained an edge.

Daniel Majstorovic was incorrectly penalised when he correctly challenged for the ball 25 yards from goal but the Swede’s lax initial response to the forward ball created the situation that resulted in his red card.  Dan had a painful game against Inverness last season but after they were reduced to 10 men Celtic were far too composed to let Inverness’ numerical advantage count.

We’ve spoken about the value of goals from midfield in recent seasons.  Kris Commons lit up Celtic’s season when he arrived in a flurry of goals last year but Joe Ledley’s efforts from the back post this season could prove to be even more important.

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  1. celticrollercoaster says In Neil we trust on

    ernie lynch says:


    13 February, 2012 at 01:11



    Nae coward, just a realist! Sometimes you have to step back!!







  2. Moonbeams WD. Kano 1000 \o/ Supporting Neil Lennon 100%. on




    Don’t have a copy of letter on my phone.



    Will post in morn from my PC.




  3. celticrollercoaster says In Neil we trust on

    Anyway Bhoys, off to bed.



    Will get a letter off MWD soon and we can all act on this!



    HH and sweet dreams off jelly and ice cream!




  4. Exiled Tim:


    Personally, I subscribe to a tactic mooted on RTC. Collate every documented piece of evidence documented by the sleuths who contribute to that superb blog, then send it to every single director of every Club in Scotland (except, obviously, the Hun).


    Point out how they have been cheated too, and how the Huns stay in the lower leagues would benefit Scottish football.


    Simultaneously (and privately), organize Celtic Supporters Clubs worldwide to write our Board, making it crystal clear that our support will melt away like snow off a dyke if they do not strenuously oppose the Newco option.


    Best of luck with the VW!

  5. No to Newco.



    Anyone who says yes to Newco is saying it’s fine to cheat.



    Letters great idea but to give us more power I would recommend a boycott at away grounds.

  6. setting free the bears says:



    13 February, 2012 at 00:45





    Keevins is a no-nothing balloon, he often hints that he’s had ‘insider discussions’ about the future, he then contradicts this with ‘…nothing’s happened and nobody knows what’s going to happen…’



    He has honed the controversialist persona which he believes will wind-up his audience in order to provoke a reaction, thus paying his bills. That’s it, there is no in-depth knowledge, no football expertise, no journalistic curiousity, just a needle merchant.



    He has repeatedly exposed his own ignorance of Ranjurz plight and the complexities of the tax case. Delahunt has repeatedly explained to him that, in the event of liquidation, there is no longer a ranjurz. Whether Celtic need them or not is immaterial.



    CW may try and start a new team that wear blue and play at Ibrox but there’s nothing to stop someone else doing exactly the same thing at the same time. Callers have explained to Keevins on a number of occasions that SPL has a contingency arrangement in place in the event of a member club being unable to compete.



    It’s strange that the number of Celtic fans who are put through to SSB far outweigh the number of ranjurz fans, equally remarkable is the number of these Celtic fans who feel the need to express their support for the ‘Celtic need ranjurz’ theory.



    Keevins and King in particular are of the same ill-informed opinion. They are the equivalent of the ‘tap-room’ experts who claim secret knowledge and are listened to by half-cut bampots who don’t know any better.



    Both these characters are proud of their ignorance of the internet, yet they freely quote from RTC in particular.









    Jelly’s on it’s way!

  7. On nightshift again enjoying the informed and uninformed discussion on CQN. For my money the hand of SDM is still somewhere at the tiller of TFOD. Whyte is a patsy and will probably be rewarded for his efforts in the normal darkside way. However, I don’t think everything is going to Minty’s plan. Whyte isn’t playing this the way he was supposed to. All of the (not so) small claims court appearences and supporting negative publicity is opeining even the eyes of the MSM and the unquestioning fawning to all things Rangerz is starting to slip. Murray’s plan to ride in on a newco and start again looks to be in tatters as the probing of previous Hun practices unearths ever shadier deals. This is in effect a perpetual motion device as each revelation encourages ever deeper scrutiny. Where Murray once hoped to let Whytey take the blame, liquidate Rangers and start again with his and Rangers’ reputation with the media and UEFA pretty much intact, trhis looks increasingly unlikely. Of course he still has his friends in lots of places who will try to minimise the damage, but the cat is now out of the bag and the cat herders are running low on succulent lamb. It is therefor, in my humble opinion esential that all associated with Celtic keep up the pressure to expose Rangers’ dishonesty and scotch the myth of Scottish football needing a strong Rangers. That way lies Jelly and ice cream.


    An emphatic no to newco.





  8. Have no problem with new co if it is done properly and they apply to the SFA for registration and are accepted. The next move for them is to apply to the SFL giving all relevant documentation that proves their bona fides as a team who are capable of paying all relevant taxes and fees to the state and to fulfil their obligations to their employees.

  9. Defo no to newco. a joke to even consider it. its going to get messy bhoys……. they wont just go away and they have numbers.




  10. Imatim and so is Neil Lennon on

    2010 Never Again



    The big Dan sending off in hindsight will imo work against the forces of hundom. Just like the dodgy penalty at Tynecastle did which was saved by Frazer Forster.



    If we win the appeal it will be saying cheating and corruption is once again at play and has been seen as such. (so therefore unlikely)



    If we lose the appeal then once again it will be as clear as day that cheating and corruption is alive and well and being endorsed by the establishment. (once again the world at large will see what we continually have to deal with and it will galvanise us on and off the park)



    Either way we win.



    And just a wee addendum and previously posted on CQN



    Just a little reminder of what a certain hun linesman is capable of………….I give you Stuart Macauley, SPL assistant referee and MIB



    Stuart Macauley is one to watch.



    He will follow follow in the footsteps of the linesman who made the red card decision.



    Macauley has precious in not seeing thing like everyone else.



    Remember the Ricksen kick a Guess who the lineman was?t Aberdeen a number of years ago?



    Remember the Huns game at Ibrox against Dundee Utd where Utd had a legitimate goal chalked off for offside when it hit Weir?



    Remember the same game the stone wall penalty Utd should have had which would have seen a Hun see red?



    The same linesman every time. Always unlucky for Celtic and lucky for the Huns.

  11. just rewatched the highlights there, never a red and big sammy on fire right now and i cant help but think that if ict played that way every week they would be above murderwell. butch must really hate us. crazy.




  12. Also, like the other poster says, the hearts pen and big dans red are all too common in our endevours and the club or board never seem to do enough about and seem happy with the win and when it costs us points it just looks like sour grapes. we dont do enough to deter the cheats from cheating us.




  13. Kevin,



    Lived in west Las Vegas for 2 years: 2004-2006. A memorable N. American CSC is one of my fondest memories, although can’t actually really remember too much about it…

  14. .




    Manager thrilled by ‘gigantic’ Samaras display as club prepare Majstorovic appeal




    NEIL Lennon admitted Celtic were more industrious than inspiring in the 1-0 home win over Inverness which restored their four-point lead over Rangers at the top of the SPL on Saturday.




    “Things are going very well,” said the Celtic manager. “But there is a long way to go. I was wary of the Inverness game, off the back of Wednesday night.



    “The lads hadn’t had much time to recover and go again but their attitude and quality at times was fantastic.



    “It wasn’t a vintage performance from this team, but it was pretty solid against a very tough Inverness team who had a week’s rest and who freshened things up a little bit.



    “We toyed with the idea of freshening things up ourselves, but we decided just to stick with the majority of players who played so well [in the 4-0 win at Hearts] on Wednesday night.” The Celtic manager, set to appeal Daniel Majstorovic’s straight red card for a professional foul, reserved special praise for Georgios Samaras who was moved to the lone striker’s role when Celtic were reduced to 10 men.



    “I am delighted with him,” said the former Celtic skipper. “I thought he was gigantic, especially when we were down to 10 men. He took the responsibility of leading the line, ran the ball for us when we needed him to and challenged for every header.



    “He was backed up by Ledley, Scott Brown, James Forrest, and Charlie Mulgrew, who had a great game again, and my back four was excellent in the second half.



    “My goalkeeper didn’t have a save to make although there were a few dangerous crosses we had to deal with. In the main, we were in the ascendancy until the sending-off and that gave Inverness a psychological lift, but the way the players conducted themselves was very pleasing.”



    Inverness manager Terry Butcher took little comfort from the improvement in his side’s performance from last weekend’s 2-0 William Hill Scottish Cup defeat at home to Celtic.



    He said: “We were better in the first 10 minutes than we were in the whole of last week’s game and that gave us a good platform to go on.



    “But we didn’t do enough with the extra man to get the equaliser and put Celtic under real pressure. It’s all well and good saying you only lost 1-0 to Celtic but you still lose the game so I’m disappointed.”



    Summa ft SPLPOTYCSC

  15. RalphWaldoEllison-is Neil Lennon Season 2011-12 on

    So if I understand this correctly…



    Barcabhoy ( a well known board malcontent) makes an unsubstantiated claim about the intentions of the Celtic board vis a vis the possible re-entry of a reformed/revamped RFC into the SPL and possibly any division of the SL except Div 3.



    Organically it seems, a petition/list of some sort emerges which opposes a NEWCO for RFC, and all that that apparently entails.



    Veiled threats are made about boycotts and sundry other actions that might transpire when/if such a decision by the Celtic board is made.



    Discussions ensue about the veracity and intentions of various posters regarding this scenario.



    Insults start to fly and some flouncing occurs.



    Please remember the following facts!!



    RFC still exits.


    No administration has been announced.


    No liquidation has been announced.


    No Newco decision by the SPL/SFA has been announced.


    Celtic FC board have made no announcements about their intentions ref any of the above.


    The HMRC tribunal decision has not been abnnounced.



    We do not need to argue amongst ourselves about rubbish, especially when it is just the ramblings of people who we would not normally listen to.



    We are top of the league, we are four points clear, we are in one cup final and the quarter finals of the other with a key rival eliminated.



    Just support Celtic FC and leave the crap to the supporters of other teams.



    Time enough to get agitated if we actually have a decision to disagree with. At present there is no such decision.



    Please…sign off, get to bed and behave yourselves.



    Nigh NIght




  16. Somehow I cannot envisage myself singing:


    We don’t care what the Newco say




    Oh the Newco are Whyte owned



    So it’s a NO. Once, twice and thrice NO.


    And its a goodnight from me.




  17. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    RalphWaldoEllison-is Neil Lennon Season 2011-12 says:


    13 February, 2012 at 05:14



    Lea` the boays alain.


    It`s just the steamie syndrome.:-)



    “Insults start to fly and some flouncing occurs.”


    A great line.

  18. Good morning friends from a dry and a little mit milder East Kilbride.



    Top of the league and we’ll remain there until at least 25 February – will they still be around by then?



    Next February league fixtures –


    Sat 18th – Rangers v Kilmarnock


    Sun 19th – Celtic v Hibs


    Wed 22nd – Celtic v Dunfermline


    Sat 25th – Motherwell v Celtic


    Sun 26th – Inverness v Rangers




  19. Not sure whether a little mit milder refers to a need not to wear gloves or my poor attempt at a German translations.



    I’m sure you know what I mean..




  20. RalphWaldoEllison-is Neil Lennon Season 2011-12 says:


    13 February, 2012 at 05:14



    Thanks for that naughty boy slap down mate.



    I live in California at this stage of my life, but it has not always been so. I grew up on the playgrounds of South Ayrshire. Gloating and a dig at those I “mingled” with back in the day is a past time I am currently enjoying immensely. Perhaps it is beyond the dignity of my advancing years to chuckle at the work of the chuckle bothers Murray and Whyte, but something I am extracting a great deal of glee over at present.



    Perhaps they will ride the storm and weasel out of their current demise, who can predict the inner workings of the current governing body? I would suggest you enjoy the current state of our own position and chuckle along with the rest of us. It wasn’t so long ago they were salivating at the idea of us disappearing forever.

  21. Good morning CQNers from MK where the weather has returned to a positively balmy 6 degrees.



    Nothing from the Rangers journalist propagandists to review this morning?

  22. Jobo Balde


    Good Morning from a very sunny Cyprus


    One important amendment to your fixture list I think.


    The game V Motherwell is at home!



    Could make a difference.



    have a great day




  23. Jobo


    Oops….and Hibs is away.


    Maybe a bit tougher than at home but Hibs are a very poor outfit this season (despite getting a 0-0 last time out against us)



    63 degrees at the moment.


    However,this has been the coldest,wettest winter on record here.


    Still,we need the water for the Summer months.



    Best Regards




  24. Paul67,



    Sorry about the size of the link, I did use the ‘link creator’ but I must have forgotten to copy it, sorry again.

  25. RalphWaldoEllison-is Neil Lennon Season 2011-12 on

    Macjay and San Diego BHoy



    A wee bit fun, I know. But we do not have our enemies to seek.



    As for the forces of darkness and their demise, well roll on big time!!



    Whyte is done, but I await some form of vitriol being heaped on DM and the old board.



    Seems to me that they are all worse than MBB in their complicity to the carnage at RFC



    Main Stream Media are worried that they might not have any conflict to exploit in their columns and chat shows.



    Where would any drama be without tension, conflct, resolution rise and fall.



    SDBhoy, it’s only 11.30 for you, some of us east coasters are past bedtime.



    I really am off to my scratcher this time.










    Good to see you posting on here again recently-I trust you and your son enjoyed your recent trip to see The Bhoys? Hoping for good news about him,fingers crossed.



    It’s no to newco for me,every step of the way.



    BTW,I liked your comment about American beer yesterday. Never been a fan of the stuff either.



    But I still say Peroni is the tipple of choice for Italian tank commanders and cruise liner captains!