Value of Ledley’s back post goals


Celtic didn’t hit the heights of last week’s win at Tynecastle against Inverness last night but it was a remarkably controlled win nonetheless.  The game could have been over as a contest in the opening minutes but as the lead didn’t extend beyond a single goal the contest retained an edge.

Daniel Majstorovic was incorrectly penalised when he correctly challenged for the ball 25 yards from goal but the Swede’s lax initial response to the forward ball created the situation that resulted in his red card.  Dan had a painful game against Inverness last season but after they were reduced to 10 men Celtic were far too composed to let Inverness’ numerical advantage count.

We’ve spoken about the value of goals from midfield in recent seasons.  Kris Commons lit up Celtic’s season when he arrived in a flurry of goals last year but Joe Ledley’s efforts from the back post this season could prove to be even more important.

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  1. Fleagle



    Oldtim called me yesterday at 3.00 to pick



    sorry I didnt post it divers 3.45 at Mussleburgh… dont know how it went.

  2. oglach says:


    12 February, 2012 at 15:02


    Player of the year Canditates







    Joe Ledley





    Young Player




    Big Vic





    Bhoys should have added this is MY selection and not the official list. Just an opinion.

  3. Moonbeams WD. Kano 1000 \o/ Supporting Neil Lennon 100%. says:


    12 February, 2012 at 14:50






    If people don’t want to answer your repetitive, circular, deflecting Q’s why do you feel the need to demand that we do?



    And if you dont answer me I’ll ask again until you do.










    MWD a question is superseded by a ? not a !!!!! got it, you have not asked a question, have you?



  4. bournesouprecipe on

    GOAL!!! Filip Twardzik converts from the spot again. Aberdeen 1 Celtic 4



    Via CelticFC

  5. Moonbeams WD. Kano 1000 \o/ Supporting Neil Lennon 100%. on
















  6. Paul67 – as you are about here’s an answer to your question to me the other day about the ‘Link’ facility not being user friendly.



    I don’t have a great deal of knowledge of these things but I do know that it is now harder to post links on here. I don’t do it any more because I broke the blog before and have yet to go in to the new way of posting links.



    Before hand people could post links without fear of stretching the screen and without having to go through a link creator process(user friendly)



    Now they can’t do that (not user friendly)



    If ‘new’ people of less frequent visitors come on they are unlikely to know this little working fact about the blog as well and may inadvertently post a link which will cause you trouble. It is unlikely to stop happening. Just my opinion but it may be something worth looking in to.



    And as for you asking me if I want to re-write it for you…… apart from not knowing how I am trying hard to imagine you asking that in a sincere way and not in the way my wife does when I have some mild constructive critique of the dinner and she says ‘perhaps you’d like to make it in furture’……




  7. Moonbeams WD. Kano 1000 \o/ Supporting Neil Lennon 100%. on




    Hebcelt came good on a wee promise from LC final day last March. The Bhoy is a gent. And manetable to boot.



    Unlike some on here today who appear to be wiping their backside with their own face.






    PS Not you BTW brimmer.

  8. blantyretim says:


    12 February, 2012 at 15:08



    Mental note,do not get BT to pass on urgent messages.





    Four members of my family went to the POTY Dance last year-brilliant night-and my sister has been left in charge of this year’s arrangements.



    My Dad has been nagging for a few weeks to get the tickets booked,and she finally got round to it on Wednesday.






    Now,in order to avoid one of those relationship-damaging murder suicide pacts when my Dad finds out,does anyone have two or three spares for the night?



    Big ask,I know,but rest asured,you won’t have to put up with my company,just that of my sister(s) and my Dad. Much nicer people….



    If there is anyone out there who can help,please let me know through these pages,or contact Lorna via The Samaritans,who will no doubt have her on speed-dial by now!



    Otherwise I’ll just have to console myself with a larger share of the spoils when the will gets read out….




  10. Aye, Jobo sure knows his stuff as WBA take a 5-1 lead.



    Only hope for me now is a goalfest in the Villa-Man City game at 4 as I have 4 single bets on there being at least 3, 4, 5 and 6 goals in that game! (odds being 10/11, 11/5, 5/1 and 9/1).



    So a no-score draw is virtually certain!



    Thinl I’ll put the ole laptop off until the 3rd goal goes in…




  11. Gordon_J backing Neil Lennon says:


    12 February, 2012 at 15:17


    Player of the year – Pick from any number of Celts



    Young player of the year – Is there any candidate bar James Forrest?



    Big Vic would get my vote.

  12. TTTT



    Another Peroni,excellent idea,have sent my


    good lady for more supplies……………….


    ……….what the hail’s keeping her?

  13. jobo me and you should start a punters club on here!!!



    for me the player of the year has to be Jimmy Forrest – when we had the sticky patch he was the one that grabbed games by the scruff of the neck and tried to get us back into it – Brown is doing it lately and Super Joe is quietly going about his business




    James forrest is miles ahead of them 2 at the minute imo

  14. Margaret McGill on

    northshorebhoy says:


    12 February, 2012 at 15:08


    Thanks for that.



    So the worst case scenario (#3) is a 3 year foray into semi-oblivion before the slate is wiped clean and the huns are back “good as new”. After 140 years of unsurpassed dignity and 30 of financial doping?? Thats it? The Celtic bored better manoeuvre better than that or Celtic could be in trouble from its own support.

  15. the long wait is over on




    From the last thread



    your scenario regarding Rangers /Whyte and liquidation has more than a ring of truth to it , subject to one glaring omission-



    Why would Ticketus – a high level commercial organisation with the wherewithal to lend 10’s of millions of pounds and one intimately familiar with the workings of football clubs and , presumably , aware of Rangers fiscal weaknesses – lend £18m or so unsecured.



    I’b be amazed if they did that with any team let alone one with a well known debt exposure which could become very liquid very quickly.



    Far more likely that they are secured creditors – either with a fixed security over land assets or a floating charge over the companies assets.



    Either way I find it inconceivable that the debt to Ticketus is unsecured and so just evaporates on liquidation.






    tommytwiststommyturns says:



    12 February, 2012 at 14:56



    P67 – IMHO Joe has been our POTY so far.








    During our autumnal bad patch,I referred to Joe as the best player in the country,esp for his ability to ghost in to score.



    Got annihilated on here for that one by a few posters who no doubt know better now.

  17. We’re spoilt for choice for POTY but I would give both the young player and POTY to wee Jamesie. he has been magnificent throughout the entire season.



    Think today could see the end of big Mick at Wolves

  18. tommytwiststommyturns on

    BMCUW – here you, I hope you’re not planning a Holy Cleric speech later in the season?! :-)



    I’m surprised that some people are selecting young JF as POTY. He’s had some brilliant games, but others where he’s just disappeared or not provided decent cover for his full-back. Not consistent enough, but then he’s still young.




  19. Margaret McGill






    Can anyone provide an accurate value for Ibrox, either as land only or a going concern? Does the local catchment area seem favourable for a new Asda?

  20. My best mate was saying that they’ll be queuing up to get Ledley to the EPL in the summer. And we were talking about POTY.



    I said Charlie Mulgrew which seemed to contradict myself, but what I meant was that to see how good Joe Ledley is you have to be at the ground, an unselfish team player, quietly being brilliant and supportive.



    You’ll not catch his nuances on TV.



    Charlie has a more appealing skill set for the telly – corners, free kicks etc.



    Both great players but Charlie has impressed me the most since his re-arrival – much more than the sum of his parts…



    And he’s got his own song too…




  21. tommytwiststommyturns on

    And Cyber-bully MWD chases another new poster away from the best Celtic site ever…..ban him Paul, you know it makes sense!




  22. Villa are playing Heskey on the left wing today again



    Get Man city hammered at 4/6 or half time/full time at 6/4



    Aguero at evens to score at anytime looks tasty as well

  23. My dad works in parkhead on matchdays and always chats away to Ledley’s dad. The Ledleys are definitely die hard Celtic fans now. We also bumped into him in a pub in Dublin when we were over for the super cup, really sound guy. Funnilly enough Frank McAvennie was in the same pub.

  24. POTY for me is Sammi – he has been immense given the crap he has taken from many alleged Celtic fans. He is always mentioned by NL as being a standout / unplayable. JF has been great this season but POTY not in my opinion. Bronnie is ahead of him in my POTY ratings -FF, JL and VW are all candidates. Just how exciting is this squad where we are debating which of them are our POTY.

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