Value of Ledley’s back post goals


Celtic didn’t hit the heights of last week’s win at Tynecastle against Inverness last night but it was a remarkably controlled win nonetheless.  The game could have been over as a contest in the opening minutes but as the lead didn’t extend beyond a single goal the contest retained an edge.

Daniel Majstorovic was incorrectly penalised when he correctly challenged for the ball 25 yards from goal but the Swede’s lax initial response to the forward ball created the situation that resulted in his red card.  Dan had a painful game against Inverness last season but after they were reduced to 10 men Celtic were far too composed to let Inverness’ numerical advantage count.

We’ve spoken about the value of goals from midfield in recent seasons.  Kris Commons lit up Celtic’s season when he arrived in a flurry of goals last year but Joe Ledley’s efforts from the back post this season could prove to be even more important.

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  1. afternoon bhoys


    Was looking at our up coming fixtures


    Not counting our chickens after yesterday’s mib display


    But is it possible we can go 10 points clear of ra gers


    Due to the Dunfermline games on the Wednesday and the


    Motherwell on the Saturday


    The ra gers don’t play till the Sunday vs Inverness away


    Hope my counting is correct



    Havingapartywhenthehunsdiex csc

  2. Philbhoy - It's just the beginning! on

    geebee 1978



    I was going to put a “smiley” face on the end of my post, but reckoned everyone who read it would know i was joking!



    No harm meant!



    Keep posting!

  3. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!! Tick Tock !! on

    I’v had Channel67 for about 6 months now……don’t usually watch the Home games since I go to all the Home games but, due the ‘controversy yesterday, decided to watch it…… REALLY enjoyed it………ref was just a Fud

  4. Philbhoy – It’s just the beginning!…..




    To be honest, I did think you were joking until another poster told me to “go home” straight after. Didn’t want to be another in a long list of hun-suspects.



    No harm done….

  5. Amadeus is back in town.


    Goodness me, it was all happening in my absence.


    I think the most striking part was Minty letting it be known that CW was less than truthful regarding the original Ticketus deal.


    This will become significant.


    Hail hail

  6. Roddy


    I am afraid I cannot help you won’t be surprised to hear! I’m sure the CQN Friday night quizzers will know!

  7. I wish to take some credit for Joe Ledley`s recent good goalscoring form





    i have stopped putting money him





  8. The Spirit of Arthur Lee on

    Ok Lhads



    If you are looking for a laugh please try this.



    Go into You Tube and type Hitler Rangers lack of january transfer



    Dont have a drink whilst watching




  9. amadeus says:


    12 February, 2012 at 17:17



    Totally agree that Murray Group statement coupled with Whyte losing his Court case.



    Why would a Billionaire argue the toss over a £86k bill for fifty council houses. I could understand them arguing over owing the the Tax Man a billion but £86k…the end is nigh…:)



    Keep the Faith!



    Hail Hail!

  10. Soal



    Saw that the other day.



    Absolutely magic I nearly had a wee accident watching it!!!

  11. fan a tic



    we seem to be getting the goals from midfield that you commented were missing



    i think your are right re the reasons behind it

  12. PF Ayr 17.25



    You may not be alone on that one.


    I backed him yesterday (only £2 @ 12/1) to score 1st.


    When I went down to the Ladbrokes below the north stand at half time only 3 people were collecting.

  13. notthebus at 14.52



    That Hun is well clued up but terrified at his mob being exposed what they are.


    He gives a decent summation of the image of their club and support only to deny it as a Celtic conspiracy. Brilliant.



    I almost wish we had made up the Manchester riots, the Barcelona Bog Trophy, the sectarian signing policy, the honest mistakes, the tax dodging, the orange walks, etc, etc,etc……….

  14. Lennybhoy



    Whyte`s MO is to use limited companies and try and con unsuspecting suppliers etc



    he nevers pays for anything unless forced to



    to think they lauded him as a saviour …hilarious

  15. Dead and Loving it on




    as with all types of insurance , business or otherwise, the criteria has got to fit the policy



    With rangers I dont think that would happen, if rangers went out of the game



    ticketus could make a claim , that would get investigated, result…no payout



    its a bit like trying to insure the titanic ten minutes after it hit the iceberg



    rangers =titanic

  16. the hooped crusader on

    There are a few candidates for POTY but in this Neil Lennon`s second season as manager let us not forget how well this season is going under our young manager. When Charlie Mulgrew was signed there was sceptics deriding the manager, I thought Charlie would be a good squad player. When Fraser Foster was to re-sign I thought it was a step back, when big Sammi got a new contract there was more moaning from the fans. When Scott Brown got new deal the same moaning. Yes we all like to think we know best for our club and want the best for our club, if there is one thing we can not moan about and that is that we have the right man in charge of our team.


    In his first season as manager we won the Scottish cup, got to the final of the league cup were one point away from winning a league against a rankers team assembled at more cost than our own team, by a young manager who dismantled TM team and built a brand new young squad, who only just failed a clean sweep in their first season together.


    There was a post here a while back about the early years of Neil Lennon I would hope some one could repost it.


    It told the story of the trials and tribulations of our manager, who as a teenager came to Scotland as a youth with motherwell and then his release from manchester city and how he eventually ended up at leicester under MON. In that time he over came a serious back problem that nearly seen him lost to football, all along in the story we see a steely determination and will to succeed.


    We are seeing that self same will to succeed every week transmitted on to the park in our young team by Neil and the coaching staff.


    The Celtic support will always question team line ups and tactics but let`s face it, our manager know`s best and we all thought we knew better when in fact we don`t we only think we do.


    So it`s a large slice of humble pie all round, don`t know if I`ll manage it on top of all the ice cream and jelly though.




  17. Eurochamps67



    A post in reply to the original post reminds us all why we will be breaking out the jelly and ice cream.



    from FF




    Re: If The Worst Happens


    An interesting post Number Eight.


    The thrust of it is probably correct.



    History is usually written by the victors and often of course also by those driven enough to review it and record their personal objective/subjective conclusions for posterity, which can be heavily influenced by who is funding them and their individual conscience.



    I don’t think your analogy with slavery carries much accurate comparison.



    However I can see an analogy that might compare with the demise of the Church of Scotland and the historical positive that was our Scottish Reformation.



    Already as Rome gets its teeth into Auld Alba, we can see that our history and its interpretation will be up for grabs.



    That a public figure like James McMillan who has benefitted from the very best of free conscience and unfettered liberal society given to him on a plate by the suffering of generations of Protestant martyrs and Protestant social pioneers, can so freely be given a national platform to denigrate the same, is evidence that truth can be twisted by closed bigoted minds allowed and enabled to vandalise it on a public forum.



    I always laugh at Roman Catholics who hang so avidly to their faith yet so determinedly when given the chance to emigrate from a Roman Catholic country so consistently choose to do so to a Protestant one.



    A country where they know that they will find real freedoms for their mind and person to flourish to its full potential.


    Yet after they have benefitted from this bounty they will then combine to revert the entity back to the darkness they left.



    Someone should explain that to me, for I will never understand i

  18. hamiltontim says:


    12 February, 2012 at 17:32



    You see my post re-Palm and Easter Sundays?



    ….PFayr says:


    12 February, 2012 at 17:37



    A friend who deals with such Charlatans professionally was explaining how his ilk work, though not casting any aspersions in the direction of their saviour. Nor was or is he involved in any of dealings with the saviour.



    Keep the Faith!



    Hail Hail!

  19. Ahem,


    let’s not forget that it was Amadeus who said at the start of the season that Sammy would be the real star. Oh mama, I got slated for that view. Where are you now, you doubting fools!


    I’m so cool with it all, that I even like Broony!


    The way the fixtures are in the next fortnight, we could soon have an unassailable lead.


    If I were you, I would think about having a punt on Stokes – first player and hat-tricks. Goals are about to flow from our Tony.


    Hail hail

  20. Amadeus


    A poster on RTC last night was hinting the herald has a story in the pipeline about where the ticketus money has went to.Ohhh and in your absence the VB issued a statement fully backing Whyte including the belter he has had legal advice on the weeTC,


    That as its over 6yr old the tax man has no right to persue it :)))))).


    SOAL magic link thank you.



  21. The hitler video is an 18 rating btw. Should have watched it before I posted link!




  22. angelgabriel



    missed the last train to Ayr a few times



    nightmare …expensive taxi



    didn`t know about the later bus until recently



    how did you find it ?

  23. hebcelt says:


    12 February, 2012 at 17:44




    Was up in Stornoway a year back in August working for a week on the phone masts. I managed to cantact the president of the Stornoway CSC and met up with him and he took me to the Yacht club? to watch the second leg of the Utrecht game, A dissapointing night with the result but had a few drinks after the match with a couple of other fellow Tims. Foung it to be a nice club.




  24. Margaret McGill on

    When McLeish gets fired from Villa I think he should be the next manager for Scotland.


    Either him or Sir Walternattcio based on their resounding successes in management in the EPL over the years.


    I wonder what they’d be like as Scotland managers? …ah well time will tell.


    Int Keane Pish?

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