Value of Ledley’s back post goals


Celtic didn’t hit the heights of last week’s win at Tynecastle against Inverness last night but it was a remarkably controlled win nonetheless.  The game could have been over as a contest in the opening minutes but as the lead didn’t extend beyond a single goal the contest retained an edge.

Daniel Majstorovic was incorrectly penalised when he correctly challenged for the ball 25 yards from goal but the Swede’s lax initial response to the forward ball created the situation that resulted in his red card.  Dan had a painful game against Inverness last season but after they were reduced to 10 men Celtic were far too composed to let Inverness’ numerical advantage count.

We’ve spoken about the value of goals from midfield in recent seasons.  Kris Commons lit up Celtic’s season when he arrived in a flurry of goals last year but Joe Ledley’s efforts from the back post this season could prove to be even more important.

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  1. BT



    were you the only winner in the coupon yesterday



    EN was today




    i had a tactic …postponed game

  2. RalphWaldoEllison-is Neil Lennon Season 2011-12 on

    I post a link to a story from todays BBC website.



    In effect, Bankers (including 4 current employees of RBS) have been arrested for fraud as a result of an investigation by HMRC into tax related criminal offences.



    Ahem, anyone here know of any other tax fraud schemes in these parts?







  3. notthebus18-43



    the work of a fifth columnist …has to be



    either that or a buckie addict

  4. BT



    i`ll be passing thro Glasgow Friday 24th Feb …on way back from Edinburgh



    up for a beer circa lunch time /late afternoon

  5. blantyretim says:


    12 February, 2012 at 18:53



    PFayr says:


    12 February, 2012 at 18:54



    Thanks, will keep my eyes open for them.



    Off now to watch the 3rd season of Breaking Bad, been having a bit of cold turkey since the end of season 2 last week.




  6. Palacio



    The game will be on in the club. It will be a great atmosphere. There are quite a lot of exiled Tims here because of Airbus, I think, plus a surprisingly large number of locals who love the Bhoys.



    It sounds like your hotel will be on Hoole Road, where SwanseaBhoy used to live (and to be honest, the area hasn’t quite recovered yet from his and Mrs SB’s departure). You can walk to the club in 15 minutes from most of the hotels there. The club is very close to the railway station. Stay in touch and I’ll fix up to meet you nearer the time.

  7. Margaret McGill on

    notthebus says:


    12 February, 2012 at 18:39



    Whomever that is I hope they’re right. Maybe the Donut does too?

  8. Palacio67 says: 12 February, 2012 at 18:14



    I’ve just left a message on my bros phone looking for information.He should get back to me time tonight.


    He lives in Chester and has watched a few games at the Catholic club.

  9. Yesterday morning many were suggesting cousin had signed for Rangers.



    I asked if this was confirmed by Rangers and many posters referred to a BBC journo tweet and various other Willie McKay statements to that effect.



    I was wondering if there have been any confirmations from Rangers about this signing as yet ?

  10. If you watched the film of yesterdays match you may have seen Joe Ledley and Adam Matthews having a post match chat with Welsh internationalist Owain Tudur Jones who was a late substitute for ITC. That was the big fellow`s first appearance for over six months after a bad knee injury. He was only on for about five minutes and managed a yellow card.


    Someone to watch for the rest of the season. :-)

  11. Tim Malone Will Tell says:



    12 February, 2012 at 18:52



    I was at that game – Joe Craig’s finest hour.



    You’re no doubt right about Bobby Lennox but I thought the ref awarded a goal-kick after Greig broke Bobby’s leg.

  12. the hooped crusader on

    MurdochauldandHay says:



    12 February, 2012 at 01:19



    Blooody helll!!! talk about BFDJ eating all the Pies



    take a gander at this



    Cousin ate D’archivile

  13. I do not advocate that folk engage in these pathetic phone in shows as it just gives these imposters and ‘shock jocks’ like Keevins more power and credibility.



    I do acceot that for some reason folk seem to see value in listening and incredibly some folk who are genuine celtic supporters (clever ones from on here even ! ) do phone in and try to make reasoned and sensible points. Some e en think they are winning if they do make clowns like keevins sound even more stupid and ignorant than they already do.



    The truth is they only win when folk tune in and folk engage in good argument, it heightens interest and increases their rajar numbers which drives their economic engine. keevins dalzeil and the others benefit from this, and our guys will always sound biased and petty to the majority because delahunt or whoever hold all the aces and control the output.



    If folk have to go on these things then at least ask the really good questions like what did murray spend it all on ? Why was he allowed to create a precedent by selling the ‘future rights’ to commercial income streams without criticism ? Why did he sell to Whyte when he always said he cared about his legacy ? Why did he gamble with the clubs future with the tax dodge ? Why did no one challenge him from the media ? Where is the great new superdome / casino / leisure centre ? etc etc etc….. At least then we are asking these agenda ridden wretches some challenging questions which the brighter orcs might actually be asking, or scared to ask ?



    Much better than trying to argue about if they are entitled to be allowed to continue etc, which is something our owners will surely not seek to take the risk on.

  14. the hooped crusader on

    Sorry Bhoys bit of a technophobe the last post was a link to a picture of cousin`s but not worked, he would have gave BFDJ a run for his money.

  15. The Singing Detective on

    Africa Cup Final on ITV4.



    Ivory Coast just edging it over Zambia in the National Anthems Contest…..



    An auspicious start ?

  16. gordybhoy67



    got it sorted thanks mate….



    only problem now id the two hour transfer to and from the new resort…

  17. team is playing well and we are winning, long may that continue, but we have won nothing and until we do win something, we cant talk about our manager being successful.



    success for celtic is winning the league and competing in the champians league, that is the goals that is the measure of success.



    was at celtic park, last night for a meals and today i was at the superstore, looking across the road, the new building going up is looking good as is the landscape, celtic will need to get a move on if they dont want the stadium area to look a poor relation



    come on bhoys win the league and get us in the champians league, come on celtic PLC its time to get the celtic triangle started you know it makes sense

  18. PF ayr 17.55


    Iknow that, You know that,But he is feeding his goons a yarn and they are swallowing it.


    Cant and dont want to do link to VB statement.



  19. stephbhoy says:


    was at celtic park, last night for a meals and today i was at the superstore, looking across the road, the new building going up is looking good as is the landscape, celtic will need to get a move on if they dont want the stadium area to look a poor relation



    come on bhoys win the league and get us in the champians league, come on celtic PLC its time to get the celtic triangle started you know it makes sense







    much of the work will be dependent on the new road being complete first.



    the landscaping is the easier part.



    it will happen

  20. Saint Stivs says:


    12 February, 2012 at 19:37



    from what i seen the EERR is just about complete and looking over at the veladrome, it does seems that the landscaping is being undertaken i.e. soil, tree’s, footpaths etc… which will transform the look of the area.



    i was just looking at the area celtic own and little has been done to improve it



    i live in hope

  21. stephbhoy says:


    12 February, 2012 at 19:40


    Saint Stivs says:


    12 February, 2012 at 19:37



    i live in hope



    same here.



    but sure it will, we are hosting old queenie remember, and the cooncil are making a big contribution as well.



    thats what happens when you pay your taxes.

  22. leftclicktic



    the more they delude themselves



    the harder the kick up the erchie will be when the house of hun comes tumbling down

  23. BT,just get the earphones in and blast some celtic/rebel tunes


    and i am sure the time will fly by

  24. Tim Malone Will Tell says:


    12 February, 2012 at 19:15






    Link lifted from a post on RTC, which I should have acknowledged.



    I don’t remember reading the article at the time, but it is pretty damning.



    Did I ever mention that Gibbons and I were school contemporaries at St. Augustine’s?

  25. Ianinascoli


    ‘The Celtic Football Companion’ by David Docherty.


    Most of the eighties are a blur to me due to alcohol. I went to every home and away game during that decade, but my memories from a lot of those games is minimal. I got a copy of this book and it’s been fantastic for recollections of games during that period. More than a few arguements sorted because of it.


    It goes up to season 85-86. Is this the same one that you have or do you have an up to date version?




  26. Burnley 78



    You are correct



    But I assume you listen & you can put good Q’s together You would be better calling them.



    Best of luck !

  27. St Stivs


    In the Evening Times last week there was an article about the council giving the go ahead to build a hotel next to the arena. On the corner of London Rd and Springfield Rd. It also mentioned some sort of retail outlets.