van Dijk and the 50-80 game value opportunity


Likely summer signing number two, Virgil van Dijk, arrived in Glasgow this morning for a medical after terms were agreed with the player and his club, Groningen.  The 6’4” player, who will be 22 next month, is a Dutch under-21 international.

Virgil is two weeks younger than Victor Wanyama and emerged into the Groningen team around the same time Victor pitched up in Glasgow, they have made almost exactly the same number of appearances for their respective clubs, 62 top flight games in total, in the case of Virgil.

62 games is an interesting figure.  Enough to bed in, catch local scouts’ eyes and have well-travelled men from Glasgow watch several times before making a recommendation.  Not enough to catch the eyes of less well-organised, but no less resourceful, scouts in the bottom half of the English Premier League, who Celtic now seem to compete for talent with.

If Virgil is the real deal, another couple of dozen games might have changed the competition for his signature.

Is there a 50-80 game window which can deliver sufficient evidence of a player’s talent, but not too much evidence, which evaporates the value gap?  This hypothesis would be easy to test and if it holds would provide an interesting filter on the hundreds of names pushed to the club each year.

Have you booked for the Lions Roar event at Celtic Park tomorrow night?  Last and precious opportunity to watch how the European Cup was won with the men who did the work.  In short, priceless.  Tickets available here.

Speaking of the men who won it, buy Heart of a Lion here:

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  1. Steinreignedsupreme on

    Glad to hear he landed on his feet.



    Not many better themselves after leaving us – that Henry Larkin fullah was about the only other one I can think of who went on to better things.

  2. Ahem….I think you’ll see that I posted big Dick would sign for us as far back as Sunday….

  3. We have a great template now, we need to adjust our (Celtic’s) season to ENSURE EUROPEAN football beyond Christmas.

  4. masty is neil lennon on

    every dutch site and twitter feed concur on 1 thing…this bhoy was the best centre back in Holland last year..

  5. SMB



    I think I beat you to it on Tuesday evening when the i`s were dotted and t`s crossed

  6. Paul67 your leader gives too much of our scouting strategy away. Sevco eg might try and copy our successful strategy, eh! Naw forget about it :>)



  7. lionroars67


    12:23 on


    20 June, 2013 – previous



    According to The Crown Office in the 1st year of the Bill of 25 cases that got as far as being charged only 13 went to court and we’ll find out in November how many actually got convictions. There were none in the first 6 months.



    It doesn’t look like the Police are focussing that hard on it all. (excuse the pun).



    As we know the law’s an ass, and I think they’d be quite happy to see this bill repealed.

  8. And heres a copy of the post…..






    23.61 on


    16 June 2013 Big Dick wull sign fur us oan Fursday…

  9. Our first two signings have a combined height of 12 feet 8 inches!



    Or approx 3.87 metres as we say out here!



    Big Bhoys!




  10. pabloh_AKA_NEIL LENNON on

    The E-Tims comic is SUPERB. If you haven’t seen it check it out. Quite lengthy but first half is hilarious, second half answers any sevconians claim that Sevco are Rangers.

  11. Smashie



    Did you use your contacts in the Dutch grass cultivation society to obtain that information?!

  12. OldTim67



    Tried to call but it went to answer machine. I’ve left a message but will try again later.

  13. ……and another thing, posters on this blog use far too many abreivs when typing….full words only please…

  14. pabloh_AKA_NEIL LENNON on

    Looks as though Van Dijk could be a good piece of business.



    Interesting that we’ve signed a centre half & a powerful centre forward well before July – because for the previous as many years as I can recall throughout the whole summer it’s what the fans have begged for!



    Well done Celtic. Players in place early for a tough Champ Lg qualification.

  15. SmashingMilkBottles on





    12:55 on 20 June, 2013









    That’s what my good close personal friends call me…. you can call me Mr milkbottles


    and as for how i got the info? The ghost of Alex Cameron stuck it in my desk top drawer in an envelope which said “Don’t Open til Wed 19/06/13 pm”

  16. twists n turns on




    2 more strides yesterday and that 50/1 shot was a winner too. Still, second at that price is not bad, and on top of 3 other winners yesterday I shouldn’t moan. My other unlucky one yesterday was Sweet Emma Rose. Although I advised it each way and backed it each way, it still leaves ya thinking what might have been. Still no point in being too greedy.



    Good luck today. If my tip in the 2nd race pulls, you’ll hear me shouting all the way up in sunny Scotland, and possibly beyond…..

  17. The Boy Jinky on




    Just nipping out for an ice cream to help cool me down. Would you recommend a magnum :)

  18. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on



    Wee Bobby Collins.


    Tommy Docherty.


    Yeah,I know,before your time.




    How`s about Judas?


    Liam Miller with Perth Glory.That`s Perth,Western Australia.

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