VAR will impact Celtic more than any club in world football


If there is any club in world football that will benefit from the introduction of Video Assistant Referee (VAR) technology, it is Celtic – in my opinion.  Other opinions are possible.  Refereeing is wide open to interpretation by fallible officials and is seldom consistent.

In my football supporting life, countless shoves in the box have been viewed as a penalty, or not.  The 2005 penalty at Tynecastle, when Rangers needed a late goal, springs to mind as quickly as the offside goal Newco ‘scored’ at Hampden on Sunday.  Then there’s the 1993 Douglas Hope decision, to allow Rangers to take kick off while 8 Celtic players were celebrating a goal in front of the Jungle.  Technically not a VAR issue, but a demonstration of what can happen without appropriate supervision.

VAR does not remove mistakes, honest or otherwise, however, it will make them significantly less likely.  When it is introduced to the Scottish Premiership in December, it will change the way we celebrate goals.  At the moment, I often glance at the linesman as a goal celebration starts, to check his flag is pointing in the right direction.  Only then can there be certainty.  From December, we will need to wait, often for several minutes, to find out if a goal has actually been scored.

The biggest impact of VAR will be as a deterrent.  Defenders will learn to stop grabbing shirts inside the box, off the ball incidents should quickly dry up, talent should be allowed to flourish.  Teams that learn this quickly will be first to benefit.

Yesterday’s decision feels momentous for the future of the game in Scotland.

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  1. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    If we can’t expect neutral refs VAR is the next best thing.



    Madden’s performance on Sunday was a joke. Not just the many, many blatantly biased decisions in the huns’ favour, but also the endless, low level,sabotage of our rhythm with the small decisions.



    We see you for what you are baldy!

  2. Bognorbhoy



    If you’ve ever had your Blanet deleted you would know all about it😳

  3. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    VAR is only as good as those in charge of its interpretation, it will change nothing in Scotland unless neutrals are invited into the country to monitor it.

  4. To the subject – VAR is totally dependent on the team watching the screens – if they are ex Scottish MIBs, I fear nothing will change – they have to alert the Ref – there lies the wiggle room!

  5. I do so hope you are right, Paul67. I hae ma doots, if the reviewers are picked from retired Scottish refs. Where games are televised it might indeed make a big difference.

  6. prestonpans bhoys on

    Well excluding the offside goal, VAR wouldn’t have impacted Madhuns handling of the game allowing huns to foul with impunity

  7. In fairness did read the blog, I agree playing fair and good football should benefit us.



    For all the chat in smsm, we would have won against 9 men on Sunday if var was present.

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  9. Paul 67,



    Blanket deletion: Is that some sort of protest 😀



    I have seen some ridiculous decisions in Englandshire via VAR.


    I think it has settled down a bit through time. I would expect similar ridiculous decisions in Scotland until it settles down.






    I too have been open to change after dialogue on here. I have learned much from my years on here from non football ( and football) chat. Long may that continue



    HH to all, VAR may not alter the journey but expect controversy during the ride.

  10. Still some ridiculous decisions after a VAR referral,remember it will be manned by Young,Dougal, Thompshun,McDonald etc.With technology now,there is no reason for a French official in Paris, or an Italian official in Milan,being the VAR referee for Scottish games and vice versa. Break the link in the cabal.

  11. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Was about to post longer comment but JinkyRedStar said most of it at 12:15.



    Central to VAR effectiveness is a guy whispering



    “Hey ref, you might want to ….”



    If that someone is busy reading the R@ngers News or watching an Orange Walk on YouTube …?




  12. Correct Bada Bing.



    Location of VAR officials are not constrained by Geography. Indeed matches could and should be adjudicated from a variety of countries on a random basis. Meaning matches in progress simultaneously could have one VAR team in Germany and another in Rome.



    Actually, let’s just always appoint Rome… 😂

  13. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Starting next season



    … I’d love a Celtic official (doesn’t have to always be Ange) to trot this out verbatim at EVERY post match interview ….



    “A situation where there are 42 senior clubs but 80% of all Grade One officials support just ONE of those 42 clubs doesn’t feel healthy …



    … but I have no comment to make about the performance of the officials at today’s game”

  14. VAR doesn’t cover deliberate, disruptive, persistent, targeted, tactically motivated fouling, of the sort the likes of TR is subjected to.

  15. BGFC here – ghosting on my bhoy’s logon.



    I heard the VAR reviewers are former Grade 1 Referees.



    I didn’t hear they would be Scottish, though – has anyone seen anything definitive on this?



    I agree that, if the reviewers are ex-Lanarkshire Grade 1 refs, then really – what’s the point?






  16. Actually – should have said, the wee mhan is doing his first stint as a DJ on Strathclyde University radio RIGHT NOW!!!



    Listen here:



    Blackberry Smoke on as we speak (unsurprisingly)…






  17. I don’t think VAR would have affected the game on Sunday.



    Penalty incidents: didn’t see any at the game but Hampden is a bad view and I had a good few pints on board



    Goals: Ours was fine, so were theirs. Onside for me. VAR may have called it but I don’t think it was obvious enough



    Serious incidents: Lundstum should have had 2 yellows but VAR would probably not have called a missed red incident



    Watching English footie, I really don’t like the VAR offside calls where it is impossible for a linesman to be sure it is off, hence not a clear and obvious error.



    The best offside rule was when level meant onside, not if some underarm hair was ahead of the defender’s boaby

  18. ERNIE LYNCH on 20TH APRIL 2022 12:35 PM


    VAR doesn’t cover deliberate, disruptive, persistent, targeted, tactically motivated fouling, of the sort the likes of TR is subjected to.




    Totally agree. i think it is a waste of money

  19. Any truth in the runout that VAR in Scotland will be a simple rebranded version of the English one called Hawkeye the noo?



    Sounds like racism to me

  20. Mindless bickering in a vain attempt to get the last word is tedious for everyone who can live without the last word.




  21. Paul67



    Couldn’t disagree more and it’ll not benefit Celtic one iota. In fact it’ll work the other way, and toenail offside will be worked against us.



    The likes of not fully fit referees ( Andrew Dallas ) will be Mr VAR in Scotland dodgy other ‘team ‘ goals just won’t be checked.



    Tav Pen CSC

  22. Jack’s stamp on Hatate’s ankle was a red card all day long, he needs sorting, he is a total coward.

  23. GVB will use the same tactics it was successful, the old firm boot boys will be in our wee bhoys heads , and maddens practices will be followed by whoever gets the game next week again because it was successful , we can never be allowed to win this league . There are over 50000 of us who pay to watch our club , we do so in the hope we can overcome the other teams and finish the season top of the pile , we don’t pay to watch our club cheated week in week out which is happening . We are Scottish football what state would it be in without us filling away grounds , creating the atmosphere at these pokey wee stadia , creating the tv interest that people will tune in and as is more common paying over the odds for it . Without us what would the laptop loyal do , how would they express there bias how would they express there hatred for all irish catholic celtic . Do they ever sit down and think if they would have a job without the Celtic , the sports hacks in this bitter wee country would be unemployable , it would take a complete brain overhaul to programme them to anything different other than slagging Celtic . I Like many thousands of others have spent most of our lives in my case over 64 years following the hoops , but by the blatant cheating and blatant cheating that is being sanctioned by the governors of Scottish football I wonder if it is worth it anymore , we are paying to watch a corrupt set up where Celtic will only win when they allow us too . I am mentioning the governance of Scottish football , when I should also be including those people who go under the guise of directors of our club , People who sit back and watch all that’s happening against our club and perform the three monkeys hear no evil see no evil speak no evil further allowing us to be mistreated . To enhance and clean up the game it’s time the suits in Hampden HQ were ejected from office AND for the good of CELTIC FC the same fate for our suits . Sorry for the rant bhoys .

  24. I had a dream about Scottish VAR last night – 3 ex-refs sitting in their pants fighting over the remote surrounded by empty cans and takeaway boxes scrawling wonky lines on the computer screens using dry wipe markers, rubbing them out and redrawing them around players in blue strips. 2 screens with the football on, one with a-team reruns, countdown or Columbo depending on who’s got control of the doofer



    Then my teeth fell out and I was back at uni taking my finals

  25. fergusslayedtheblues on



    VAR will not stop biased officials from doing their thing .


    I suspect you could find an infringment in many a build up to a goal and if you a an ex biased ref then whoopy doo .


    It would be interesting to be able to hear the dialogue from the officials mics as u get in rugby .


    I’m sure there was a you tube clip were ,I think an Australian ref could be heard discussing the reasons behind the VAR check and the basis of the decision .


    A lot better system I would have thought



  26. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Your logic is sound, Paul, but as you have pointed out on numerous occasions: “this is Scotland”.



    I try to keep things simple and ask would Scotland introduce something that could clearly benefit Celtic?



    History and experience suggest not.




    miked up refs would be funny.



    did you see Maddens reactions to JJ , McGregor and Hatate asking him about his decisions.


    I am sure lip readers worked out the full ” get tae f” intepretation and aggresive stance.

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