Various gaps but central defence is strategically important


As the football operation at Celtic enjoys its first break since returning to training in June, focus at the club moves to recruitment.  Celtic have been busy renewing contracts throughout the first half of the season, the notable exceptions being Dedryck Boyata and Scott Brown, but reinforcements are needed ahead of the Champions League qualification games, if not the second half of the season.

The biggest area of concern is central defence.  Filip Benkovic will (probably) return to Leicester City in June, while Dedryck Boyata will hope to cash-in on last summer’s World Cup appearances before he produces too many like those at Ibrox on Saturday.  The Marvin Compper experiment was over before it began, while Jack Hendry has dropped to fifth choice and the fitness status of Jozo Simunovic has to be assessed on a minute-by-minute basis.

That leaves Kristoffer Ajer (20) as the only reliable option for a position that cost us dearly against AEK in August.

There is work to do elsewhere.  Right back needs strengthened, we are crucially short of headcount in the striker department and there’s a reasonable chance Scott Brown will move on this summer, but while moves are underway to cover some of these gaps, I would forgo all other positions to get central defence sorted out this month, despite the fact that right now it is the most settled of the positions discussed.

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  1. The plot thickens over the Beaton farce.Has anyone ever heard of a Referee,in his report,refer to incidents that took place on the field,he did not take action over.Never.Why would they?Something really not right about this decision.Because,as the Compliance Officer tells us,Beaton reported these incidents,and deemed them unworthy of any punishment,then the Video panel were not used to look over the incidents again.Has this ever happened before.No.Chris Sutton does not miss them in his column today.Someone is at it big time at the SFA over this.If these incidents had gone before a panel,and they found no case ,there would have been an outcry,but because they did not,then we go only on the word of a Referee who was either cheating on the day,lying in his report,it is inconcievable he found no offences commited when saying he witnessed them,knowing full well he will not be taken to task .


    This reeks of corruption.Either Beaton,the Compliance Officer,or the powers that be ordering it.The whole thing is just a farago of lies.


    Again I will ask,since the Compliance Officer was brought in,does anyone know of any incidents where the Referee has highlighted contentious issues during the game,explained why he took no action,therefore cancelling the need for a panel review.I have not.

  2. traditionalist88 on

    CELTIC40ME on 4TH JANUARY 2019 10:57 AM



    Defoe looks after himself and he hasn’t lost the knowhow that made him an international. The consensus is he’ll rattle in a few goals up here and its hard to disagree. He did so for a pretty average Sunderland team from 2015-2017.



    Of course Celtic would have been aware of his availability. I’m not saying we should have signed him but he may have been down our list.



    I think Weah and Bayo will sign but fans are understandably uneasy about the tedious, drawn out process when we are trying to sign players.



    What was to stop us negotiating a fee 2/3 weeks ago for Bayo?




  3. Good morning CQN from a mild but dry and last day of my time off Garngad



    So according to reports it does not look like we will get:









    I predict this will go on to the last hour of the window and we will end up paying over the odds for McKenna, Shankland and some other bit part player.


    If the idea is to get rid of the deadwood before we buy or BR is leaving in the summer and they are keeping cash for new guy for January next year then we are fecked.


    Although, having said that, I still think we should have enough talent in our squad, if one or two grew a pair of haw maws to win the league.


    Yes I know it is only day 4 of the last 3 shambolic transfer windows



    Aff oot back to bed to wet it.



    Have a good yall



    D. :)

  4. South Of Tunis on

    !! BADA BING !! @ 11 13



    For what it’s worth – Italian click bait sites have Parma refusing to pay ” absurd money ” for him . In consequence of that they have him going to Rapid Vienna or Celtic

  5. Go tell the Spartim on

    I think the main thrust of frustration when Celtic deal for players is the procrastination of our negotiating team, if we got in and did deals quicker (where we actually agree a fee etc) then we wouldnt have to deal with this angst every goddam transfer window.



    We all know transfer dealings can go **** up at anytime we never do ourselves any favours.



    I dont expect us to get any of our transfer “targets” that are mentioned in the public domain, despite Catmans confirmation of Mr Weah (thats not a slight on Catman in any shape or form)

  6. Oh and still no comment from our custodians about no protection for our players from the corrupt refereeing organisation, as someone said Beaton is the first ref in history to send off someone for dissent, but allows assaults on our players.



    Grow a pair Celtic ffs



    D. :)

  7. Anyway are we relying on Weah to sort everything out fast



    An 18 year old untried project…. God struth



    D. :)

  8. South Of Tunis on

    An addition to the will he /won’t he sign for Parma Bado kite flying is that Parma are hoping that the presence of Gervinho ( a fellow Costa D’Avorio national) in the Parma dressing room will persuade Bado that Parma is the place for him .

  9. Following the SFA’s recent bestowing of sainthood on Morelos, let’s not forget the five recent ‘serious’ charges that were levelled against Sevco and how that one turned out. It seems that nothing sticks to a slippy thing if it’s out of Ibrox.

  10. It’s glaringly obvious that they are indulging in the economics of the madhouse hoping that they win the title and get the CL cash. They have no short medium or long term plan other than stop 10 at all costs.


    Defoe and Davis are decent players who know the game but I don’t believe that Brendan and Lawell are in any way stupid enough to think that we can get away with a few project players to get us over the line


    We will come back from the break fresh and fit and raring to go. Kieran has probably won more than the vast majorit.y of their squad and the importance of being winners can’t be underestimate.


    I hope young Defoe manages to catch his easyJet to Tenerife. I am sure he will be highly impressed with the amazingly high standard at the new club

  11. Just how long does it take to get a loan deal over the line.Weah,has been over,looked around,seems happy.With Bayo,we seem to be increasing the bids by £ 100,000.From 1.75 to 2 million now.


    Brendan over in Dubai for a quiet week before the training starts,probably a nervous wreck by now.

  12. Only another 27 days before the transfer window slams shut!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    A reliable source told me to expect the bigots to sign Charlie Adam this week , a perfect fit.



    Spurs are looking to off load Victor, could we maybe get him????



    Don’t think we should be in a panic just yet though, I trust and hope we get our arse into gear soon.




  13. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on







    Imagine Sir Rod leading us all off on that one…












    Rod has the perfect voice for it.



    Harry played a significant role in the civil rights movement.

  14. Gallagher the referee being worked by SKY, remember who pays your wages. Glad I got rid of it.

  15. On the Defoe signing,funny enough,my bed is bone dry.He was a fantastic striker,but age takes its toll.The killer for him,is he has lost that burst of speed.Will find it tough in the rough and tumble of the SPFL.Davis was another very good player,but when a struggling Southampton team,who he used to be 1st pick for,did not play him,tells astory.We see Broony,super fit,losing a yard,how it affects his game.The big thing is,they will not come cheap.Even a loan deal will be costly.This definitely a massive last throw of the dice for them.Their wage bill far exceeding anything theycan afford.No resale value.


    Remember,last Saturday,we played without,KT,Rogic,Eddy,and to an extent Calmac.Get our finger out,reinforce,and they will be in the grubber come May.

  16. succulentlambstinks on

    If Celtic do not speak out about the corrupt hun Beaton then they won’t get another penny from me. Enough is enough.


    Total shitebag of a Hun loving board.


    They are failing the supporters bigtime.


    Let’s starve these bastards out of a job before it’s too late although it most probably is too late.

  17. We lost against them , because we had no bottle . We s### ourselves . We can’t expect to win games with more than half a team hiding , the same suspects hid against , hibs , and Kilmarnock


    too . Our much lauded coach , made a few gaffs into the bargain , playing McGregor at left back was a mistake , his continual loyalty to players now not good enough to don the hoops is another mistake , we can’t afford many more mistakes if the 8 has to be achieved . Also Instead of bleating on every time that wee scumbag Morelos irritates us , Why in the name of god don’t we have a player who can stiffen him . He sticks it on broonie at every turn , that wouldn’t, have happened a few seasons ago , he had a go at 3 of our players not one of our players marked his card . Way way to soft . Time to toughen up mr Rodgers

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