Victor’s contract offer, Charlotte and Willie


I hear from good sources at Celtic Park that despite Victor Wanyama declining to sign a contract extension since October last year, the player is an absolute joy to deal with.  His professionalism is well rooted; there have been no “rolled out of the pub” emails about this guy, nor is there likely to be.

There are usually reasons why a player with the best part of three years left on his contract (as it was) declines a one year extension for dramatically better wages (Victor is on an entry level contract and was offered a top pay deal).  We now know discussions were taking place for a proposed move to QPR last summer.

According to Victor’s agent, Celtic blocked the proposed move, costing the player £1m in wages.  It could be argued that advising Victor to decline Celtic’s new contract offer also cost Victor a substantial sum.

Herein lies the problem.  QPR were paying the kind of money that would make Louis XVI wince.  Staggering sums were paid to players, well beyond their value.  Despite this, those very same players are now readjusting to life as lower-division players.

The irony has escaped Vic’s agent, but the contract value proposed to the player during QPR’s pre-guillotine era made declining Celtic’s offer almost a year ago look like a good idea.  The contract offered by saner-Southampton clearly pales by comparison, which will make the decision to sit on entry-level wages at Celtic for nine months look ridiculous.  Of course people are getting irritated, there are questions to answer about the advice given.

My guess is that the agent needs to pull a big contract offer out of the bag.  Victor is a special talent but Louis XVI-type offers don’t always come along in twos.  If Victor goes, it will be to a club matching Celtic’s valuation and the money will come in handy.  If he stays, Celtic expect to retain their top player for another two years.  No one, and I mean no one, is distressed at this prospect, after all, Celtic sell when they choose to, not because they have to.

So the Daily Record have (for the second time, in case you’ve not been paying attention) dipped their toes into Charlotte waters.  Items “leaked on to the internet, where they are openly available” have been used, without reference to source, and without concern for apparent legal consequence.

As far as I am aware, none of the owners of the material leaked have disputed their authenticity or declined permission for it to be used.  Our media are a huge part of this story, they feature in galling terms in many of the leaked documents.  The cry of legal probity was convenient, but has twice been shown to be nonsense by the Daily Record (who have been highly selective on who to target).

It is a huge story.
There are months of material waiting to be written about.
The Daily Record are doing what many said cannot be done, without consequence.

But, this one does not fit popular narrative, and is likely to cause the kind of schism Mme Guillotine did in 18th century France.  Seek Truth, as someone once said.

Willie Wallace………… what can we say?

Willie came onto CQN last night before leaving for Australia today.  This is a taste of what he said:

“I just wanted to come back onto CQN this evening to say my farewells as myself and Olive head back to Australia tomorrow.  I would like to offer my heartfelt thanks to all the Celtic supporters I have met during the past month, at book signing events, in supporters clubs such as Greenock and at the CQN Golf Day.

“Also to everyone at the Lions Roar event last Friday where Bertie stole the show as usual! I came all the way from Australia and I couldn’t get a word in! The 1254125 charity tells you everything you need to know about Celtic supporters.

What is amazing about this Celtic family of ours is that when you live at the other side of the world you still know that this is a special club with wonderful supporters. Then you come back to Scotland and realise you actually under estimated these things because Celtic is even better than you remember and the fans are truly amazing. The best in the world.

“To everyone on CQN can I say a very special thank you. I hoped that the book would go well and we’d sell a few copies but it was never about money – it was about telling my story. I arrived at Winning Captains house and was met by a mountain of books to sign – all ordered by the CQNers. I had to go back another day to finish signing and the mountain was as big as before! I’ve been avoiding him ever since!

To Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan – when I heard his name I thought that would be some round of drinks! He’s been great, helping make Heart of a Lion what it is – a really good Celtic book – and turning up at the CQN events and book signings.

“Thank you the CQN’ers.

“Thanks to the Celtic family and I look forward to our next trip home to Paradise.

“Hail Hail and all the best to each of you and your families.

“Willie Wallace

“Keep the Faith!

“Hail Hail!”

Willie, it has been an utter joy.  Thank you.

Heart of a Lion:

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  1. twists n turns on

    Gordon J



    Congratulations. You must be very proud. I can promise you I shall buy a copy. (If it’s good, I’ll buy books 2 and 3 as well!)

  2. twists n turns on



    a psychological thriller in Glasgow? Who is the main character? Craig White?

  3. twists n turns,



    It is a work of fiction. the standard disclaimer about “no resemblance to real people, alive or dead” will be added.



    Mind you, with everything going on these days it’s hard to write fiction that is more entertaining that the factual stuff …

  4. .



    Panathanikos Quick News..



    Georgious Samaras Agent.. Costa Strikeros..Has stated that Celtic FC refusing to Let Georgious play as Twin striker with Skippy aka The Moaning Marsupial..Has made Celtic FC over 50 Million Pounds Sterling in the Last 2 Years..



    Celtic FC..Quickly responded by Stating..’He’s No a Striker’ he is a Fat Ersed Aussie..



    Summa of SkippyCSC

  5. Do use think lenny has blown his budget already with the signings of virgil and balde ?



    By looking at mcfadden and this ex wolves defender he possibly has.



    Maybe now he had to sell before he will buy.



    On mcfadden, i like him as a player.smart footballer but would rather see rogic,mcgeouch play more games next season than sign mcfadden.

  6. Tom McLaughlin



    Glad to be able to help! Now, if anyone can advise me how to refresh a page on an i-phone 4 without having to scroll all the way up the page, I’d be most impressed!



  7. with all these great developments in the pipeline at paradise


    and champions league games to look foward too



    if only the board could get us into a new set up


    what about spl division 2?


    all the top smsm saying its the place to be



    nah……..think we should just stay where we are


    hun/zombie free



    back tae lurking



    when are them audited accounts due?







  8. Maybe the fact that victor didn’t sign was the reason he lost 1 million. Had he signed his contract he would have made possibke1/2 mill..


    Sack the agent

  9. .





    12:39 on


    26 June, 2013


    A fine day…..



    Where’s WEEFRA?






    Don’t know but l have Not seen his Invisibility Cloak for a Few days..



    Oh Wait..




  10. I’ll ask again…………..Is a standing area on hold still?



    Thought we were going to give it a try?

  11. A re-post from the last thread.



    Totally off topic but I would like to wish my namesake, CARLO Ancelotti, all the best at Real Madrid.



    Not one of my favourite clubs, by any stretch of the imagination, but a thoroughly decent and nice guy.



    Very good player and a very good coach, who has been in (almost) constant employment (as a coach) since the early 1990s.



    Still one of the very few to have won the EC/CL as a player and coach.



    Has family in Scotland as well.



    Just watched part of his first press conference in Madrid which was an eclectic mix of Italian and Spanish, with a few French words thrown in for good measure!



    Awrabest Charlie!








    On the 5,I just highlight time of last post,touch the time at the top of the screen,then hit the “broken arrow”



    It then returns to the previously highlighted post.



    Hope that helps.

  13. South Of Tunis on

    Gordon J



    Excellent !



    I’ve read 2 novels published by Ringwood –



    Torn Edges — Brian McHugh


    Whisky From Small Glasses D A Meyrick



    Both were very enjoyable reads —- looks like you’re in good company .





    Unless he improves his English,he’ll always be at nothing clubs like Real Madrid.

  15. NatKnow - "We welcome the paper-chase..." on

    Hail hail to WIllie Wallace. It’s been great reading about his trip here,


    The book and the various encounters with CQNers.



    Gordon J – well done on the publishing deal. Make sure you let us all know when it’s available.



    Paul67 – what specifically were the daily record referring to? As you know most of us avoid it lest we are corrupted by the pestilence.

  16. Neustadt-Braw on

    Gordon_J backing Neil Lennon


    12:37 on


    26 June, 2013


    Off topic I’m afraid, but a little announcement for you all … my first novel is going to be published, hopefully later this year.







    congratulations…..enjoy the journey…..look forward to the story….HH

  17. BMCUW



    I believe that Ancelotti was taught by his daughter(?!) who was employed by Chelsea before he got the job!



    His Scottish relatives, allegedly, were no help whatsoever!



    I think they are mainly on the east coast – ken?!




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