Victory is there for Celtic


Spartak Moscow will have considered Celtic’s history away from home in the Champions League and this afternoon will look each other in the eye and warn against complacency.  There is nothing in 20 games in this competition proper to alarm them, but there is nothing in that 11 year history which will prepare them to meet this Celtic team.

Not since Martin O’Neill took his side to Turin in 2001 have we approached a Champions League away match with such enthusiasm.  Celtic will approach this game knowing they have nothing to lose and everything to gain from imposing the team and personal development achieved over the last 18 months on Spartak.

The game also comes at a convenient window in our permanent injury crisis but with Spartak robbed of key players throughout the team.

At home against Benfica two weeks ago concentration was the important sentiment but tonight is a different game.  The foreign environs will ensure Celtic players are always acutely of their surroundings but they also provide a platform, and a playing surface, for them to express themselves.

Although Celtic’s away record in this tournament has been poor the better performances have come against the bigger challenges: a draw in the Camp Nou, 0-0 after 90 minutes before losing in extra time in the San Siro, and it took ridiculous penalty decisions at the Stadio Dello Alpi and Old Trafford to deny us a point, so don’t be confused by the stats.

This one is there for us.

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  1. Maybe Levein didn’t want it to look like a cave-in by selecting Kris on top of S Fletcher.



    He has picked ratboy who may be suspended…could he not call Kris up when/if this happens?

  2. I’ve got a bet on for Celtic to win and a banker that both teams score.



    I think that both will come up!

  3. Philbhoy - It's just the beginning! on




    At least i read the bl*ddy article first!



    Hope you are well!




    that “record” has to go sometime……may as well be this evening!






  5. Hi traveling to Glasgow airport this morning I had the pleasure of a sevco following taxi driver.


    He has now enlightened me and guys we have it wrong in fact about ssvco, this guy could have been Traynor himself. 


    Punished to much , spl sfa are cheats , lawell runs Scottish football , it was only a bit of unpaid tax we all dodge tax if we can, Green is the new Fergus going to save them and fight anyone who says bad things about them , what about Nakamuras image rights and saved the best for last Traynor is an intelligent man and has called it right from the start 



    At this point I was trying to hold in the laughter , 



    This guy was a gem and if they are all like this then god help them

  6. DougC,



    Im guessing that the taxi driver assumed you were one of them from that coupon of yours











    LowBlow CSC

  7. Paul67



    From the Moscow media right through to the manager, team and supporters they think they only have to show up and it is a case of how many.



    They are in for a shock tonight.




  8. Just_a_Bhoys_game on

    TBH I hate it when we’re optimistic, a score draw will do me fine. Thats me being optimistic btw.

  9. 5pm kick offs are just weird. 6.45pm tonight we’ll all be absolutely knackered. And hopefully delirious. 4-1 to the hoops. Hooper Hat Trick and a Wanyama header from a corner.



    Jelly and ice cream in the Champions League.

  10. Craig Levein has said that Kris Commons is unlucky that he is not in the Scotland squad for the World Cup qualifying double-header.



    Commons has been in goalscoring form for Celtic and hads been touted for inclusion in the national team but Levein had previously said that there were plenty of players ahead of him in the queue for a midfield place.



    The Scotland manager reiterated that point when announcing his squad to face Wales and Belgium but urged Commons to continue putting in good performances.



    “He’s been really unlucky because he’s playing exceptionally well but it’s one of the strongest areas of my team,” Levein said.



    “He just needs to keep the form that he’s in just now and hopefully he’ll be in the squad sooner rather than later.”



    Asked if it would take injured players withdrawing from the squad to create an opportunity for Commons, Levein agreed.



    “That’s normally what happens,” he said.



    “He’s playing well and is on top of his game right now. I feel we’re well off in those areas and he just needs to keep it going.”



    Celtic boss Neil Lennon had talked up Commons’ claims for a place in the squad.



    “It’s not for me to say but if you’re talking on current form, yes,” he said.



    “Craig has a sense of loyalty to certain players and I understand that but you would like to think a fit Kris Commons against Wales would cause them problems.



    “He has been a huge part to our start to the season, played a big role in qualification, performed well against Benfica and his goalscoring form is good. He’s ticking all the boxes.”

  11. Can anyone provide a link to where Craig Levein said Commons was seventh choice (or words that effect) ?




  12. ASonOfDan




    “Celtic were the only team in the Champions League who didn’t manage a single shot on target on the opening matchday.”



    Official UEFA stats for the match vs Benfica





    Shots on target-3


    Shots off target-4

  13. Lennon n Mc....Mjallby on




    Aye,am havin’ some of that although I feel its a bit sacriligous no’ playing blues guitar on a guitar but I’ll be havin’ a better mooch around his stuff later to download so cheers.

  14. Philbhoy - It's just the beginning! on

    Who cares what Levien says!



    He’s an overpaid, underperforming SFA lackey.



    Like CO.



    And afew others.

  15. JJ-



    Herald Article (one of many soures)



    “But Levein reckons the wide areas are one where he is spoilt for choice. Levein said: “Kris has hit a bit of form, but we have Matty Phillips, Robert Snodgrass, James Forrest, Steven Naismith, James Morrison, Shaun Maloney and Jamie Mackie who have all played. “

  16. Thoughts on team? Matthews and Lustig struggling to make it.






    Ambrose, Wilson, Mulgrew, Izzy



    Brown, Wanyama, Ledley, Samaras







  17. DougC – There is no hope that Sevco/Zombie fans will grasp what has happend/is happening. It’s as if they have wittnesed a massive global disaster & their brains are refusing to accept the truth so to protect itself it comes up with a fairy story and a happy ending…like the nice Yorkshireman will once again get ra Mighty Bears to the top where they belong!!! And he wont have a £500 a pop share issue, hoodwink 35,000 “people” into subscribing and then flee to Monaco joining a Mr.C Whyte.

  18. setting free the bears




    I was drunker than I thought at that game, as I don’t remember any shots on target.

  19. Just_a_Bhoys_game on

    Stuff Scotland, we’ve a big game today. Bigger than any Scotland will hope to play.







  20. Jungle Jim



    Can’t find an actual quote but seeing as there are 4 wide players in the midfield squad and another 2 who can play that position in the forwards, we can only assume that he is at least 7th choice behind:



    James Forrest (Celtic),


    Shaun Maloney (Wigan Athletic),


    James Morrison (West Bromwich Albion),


    Robert Snodgrass (Norwich City),


    Jamie Mackie (Queens Park Rangers),


    Steven Naismith (Everton)




  21. ASonOfDan, that’s what I like to hear.



    SFTB, Kris Commons lobbed shot from the halfway line was on target. See Uefa stats…

  22. traditionalist88 on

    Stevo(from previous)



    You’d hope so(that it’d make a difference).



    And if you can send some of that patience my way I’d be grateful! Know what you mean – as long as procedure is followed ‘without fear or favour’ we are in for an interesting few months/years.




  23. “He just needs to keep the form that he’s in just now and hopefully he’ll be in the squad sooner rather than later.”



    Aside from Broonie, can Levein tell us what other midfielders are playing at the top of their game just now?



    When Naismith is banned and he calls for you Kris, tell him that you would rather go shopping than play in a Scotland team managed by him

  24. The wee girl abducted in Wales,every parents worst nightmare,some real scumbags in this world.

  25. Contrast this reaction to Neil Lennon’s when asked 3 ridiculous questions yesterday. Once a zombie, always a zombie…



    In Monday night’s press conference ahead of Manchester United’s Champions League group game in Romania against Cluj, Fergie was questioned over what he thought of Europe’s epic comeback win over USA in the Ryder Cup on the weekend.



    A Sky Sports reporter asked how he felt about the Ryder Cup victory, to which the Manchester United boss replied: “Listen, listen. This is a press conference about a bloody football match. You’ve got to go way over the top with your programme. I’m not answering that. We’re here to talk about football. Christ.”

  26. SoT



    PSG are begining to click in the league, I agree.



    The CL is a different ball game, just look at Man Cty.



    I will stick with Porto :>)



    I am a saddo when it comes to the gambling, thought I could cut down, but an addiction is an addiction.



    Best of luck with your bets.

  27. Just_a_Bhoys_game on



    I’d only change one, Wilson, he’s a weak link imo, even at the weekend against Mwell, there one good opportunity was when he took a wild swipe at the ball and it almost cost us. I’d rather see Rogne in there.

  28. Paul McGrath ‏@Paulmcgrath5


    @OfficialNeil best of luck tonight in Moscow hope u and the lads come away with a good result.


    Retweeted by Paulie Walnuts


    View conversation Reply Retweet Favorite

  29. A bit too much optimism here.



    We’ll be 2-0 down after 10 minutes.



    We’re doomed, I tell ya. Doomed!



    Private Fraser CSC who hopes he is completely wrong.

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