Victory is there for Celtic


Spartak Moscow will have considered Celtic’s history away from home in the Champions League and this afternoon will look each other in the eye and warn against complacency.  There is nothing in 20 games in this competition proper to alarm them, but there is nothing in that 11 year history which will prepare them to meet this Celtic team.

Not since Martin O’Neill took his side to Turin in 2001 have we approached a Champions League away match with such enthusiasm.  Celtic will approach this game knowing they have nothing to lose and everything to gain from imposing the team and personal development achieved over the last 18 months on Spartak.

The game also comes at a convenient window in our permanent injury crisis but with Spartak robbed of key players throughout the team.

At home against Benfica two weeks ago concentration was the important sentiment but tonight is a different game.  The foreign environs will ensure Celtic players are always acutely of their surroundings but they also provide a platform, and a playing surface, for them to express themselves.

Although Celtic’s away record in this tournament has been poor the better performances have come against the bigger challenges: a draw in the Camp Nou, 0-0 after 90 minutes before losing in extra time in the San Siro, and it took ridiculous penalty decisions at the Stadio Dello Alpi and Old Trafford to deny us a point, so don’t be confused by the stats.

This one is there for us.

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  1. I wish I had seen the Zenit info before I put on a










    singles doubles trebles



    7 bets @ 75P wont break the bank {:>)








    Don’t you mean 44,when Dick’s ten-bob note was still worth a pound or two?

  3. South Of Tunis on

    Starry plough / BMCUW ——-.



    A very long time ago girlfriend had a record collection which consisted of Lou Reed / David Bowie / Mott The Hoople and Jobriath.. It drove me up the wall .



    I retaliated by treating her to Northern Soul , Rocksteady and Country choons whenever she was at mine .



    It didn’t last





    Putting it on repeat on the sounddock to try and figure it out based on what you have said.



    I know sod all about timing and register,I just know what I like,find interesting,quirky or whatever.



    Now I have a wee bit of a clue what to listen further for,so…..







    Cheers bud, will need to leave the office a bit earlier to make it to the pub on time.



    Quite like the fact there is no waiting around for the game. Means I can catch the Barca later as well!

  6. traditionalist88 on




    Is there any significance in ‘Tomorrow’…










  7. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    Ole Dick’s ten bob note is priceless, it’s been through more regenerations than Dr Who.

  8. pabloh_AKA_NEIL LENNON on

    OG Rafferty



    When will you be spilling the beans?



    And why the delay?

  9. Yesterday I informed that Spartak were going to show performance on the stands. UEFA delegate forbade that performance.


    Today I hear that UEFA delegate forbade performance because key of the show was lettering that according to the delegate was offend to Celtic. I don’t know what it was but source said it was political. Source said it was something questioning Celtic beeing British (or from GB).





    David Bowie?



    Nae wunner it didnae last.



    Three decent songs,Sound and Vision,Heroes,and The Man Who Sold The World.



    And LULU did a better version of the last one,ffs!



    Legend? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  11. South Of Tunis



    As soon as one of the Fairer Sex starts with “do you have to always play music or what is that you’re listening to” you kinda know that the taxi will be at the door in the next few months, the stayers always realise not to come between a man and his choons!!



    Found some lovely Northern Bits the other night in my Dropbox from an old club Mate of mine and she really was The Greatest Dancer..

  12. lefthandpillaroldjungle on

    talk sport opened with….rankers have had to play on a plastic pitch this season..now celtic have got to play on one too !!!…WTF !!!…

  13. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on

    I really do hope the hoops are wearing the hoops tonight….!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Have to say – and am trying to be objective rather than partisan – that was the best speech I’ve heard from Ed Miliband. Good central theme with the ‘One Nation’ idea (clever as well – nicking some Tory ground) and he didn’t miss his targets either.




    A bit harsh on the Auld Bowser mate, he’s got a few tunes….Young Americans for instance is a very good album…I remember all the Glasgow Bowie Freaks freaking their knickers when Dave turned up as a Philly Soul Bhoy…classssss

  16. I'm Neil Lennon (tamrabam) on

    You know a lot of the fun has gone out of telling the huns what is happening next, because they really believe all is well.



    I seen Jabba the huns version of “EBT and image rights for dummies”.



    You know when all of this sevconian farce is behind us, we should set our sights on seeing off the likes of Jabba and the the MSM (no typo) for the role that they have played. They have no future and every fitba fan in Scotland knows, to a man, that they flung their not inconsiderable weight behind the huns getting straight back into the SPL, revealing their true colours



    Last year the the MSM spent all their time telling us Lenny was the devil and ignored the real evil in Scottish fitba. Either


    a) They are all ejits who just really genuinely don’t understand and as such shouldn’t be in the job, they are in.


    b) They are educated and have a pro sevco agenda because of their background, but are poor at trying to hide it.


    c) They are educated but so upset after being proved so incredibly wrong about the huns going bust that they live in complete denial of what has actually happened, (Holy Cause deniers!) and are trying to retrieve the situation by muddying waters.



    Regardless, they are on the verge of getting it completely wrong on a mega scale once more.


    Their current campaign of muddying the waters, Charles Green style seesm to be attracting hun support. I wonder what brought the MSM back into line and in support of Chucky? Was it succulent lamb? Private Jets? or was a simple rendition of the sash enough?



    I wonder if Ally has used his media genius today? The last I seen he was linking the “Mad Men” cartoon with the recent unfortunate circumstances surrounding two youngsters in care. Morally outraged Ally, like some demented flag burner outside the Danish Embassy in the middle east calling for a ban on Lurpak. I particularly liked the Samaritans touch to that story as well. The Samaritans will be busy if sevcos away form keeps up much longer.



    Oh well, I personally wont hold my breath expecting the SFA/SPL to correctly punish oldco for their misdemeanours. They don’t have the stomach for that. Personally I find it hard to believe that most of them are still in work, but thats where we live isn’t it?



    Don’t mention the zombies…..

  17. Lefthand etc



    Look on the bright side. That Talk Sport opening could be viewed as an item providing the contrast between the differences between two clubs who were once considered similar in status.




  18. South Of Tunis on

    I thought the Velvet Underground’s drummer – Moe Tucker was one great drummer .



    Years later —— I was very surprised to learn that she had become a Tea Party lu-lu who fully signed up to that Obama is a closet socialist who is plotting to destroy America from within guff.



    Speaking of Obama —— my elderly neighbor visited me recently . Italian news program on the tele . Italian journo describes Romney doing his Obama is a Manchurian Candidate / Socialist spiel . . Very old man neighbor says ——-



    ” only a dumb ass American could believe that a man whose politics on most things are to the right of Berlusconi, is a Socialist “

  19. Okay, I was going to post about Spartak but unfortunately have to go.


    Very shortly. Their defence (whoever the players are) are awful. They lose many goals from set pieces. Spartak are good in counter attacks, but lose the concept when the other team attack. Defence? Celtic are better. Midfield? I would say draw or their adventage. Strikers? Draw.



    Every result is possible but my bet is 1:0 for Celtic.


    Will hopefuly watch the game with Russian commentary.





    To overcome The Laughing Gnome,in particular,and have a back-catalogue as limited as he did-and still be declared a legend-makes me wonder if,in fact,he is a genius after all

  21. Afternoon all, looking forward to the game, particularly McGeady up against Izzy (or will it be Chuck?).



  22. Lefthand etc


    Sorry. Was distracted and typed mumbo jumbo. This is what I meant! :



    Look on the bright side. That Talk Sport opening could be viewed as an item providing the contrast between two clubs who were once considered similar in status. Their plastic pitch was in Scottish 4th tier, ours in CL Group Stage. Yes?




  23. Sweet, looks like I can sneak away early enough to watch the game!


    lovin’ it!!


    and I took delivery of the 125 top yesterday


    whose commentary do we have the pleasure of this evening?

  24. Fascinating team selection possibilities with Ledley Samaras and Kayal all fit, though I don’t think Adam Matthews will be risked.



    I think Neil Lennon will have an away goal in mind, and with Hooper on form he’ll promote Sammi, with wee James Forrest benched.



    But then, he could yada yada yada

  25. This a very rocky and dangerous road to be going down.



    Some of the patter on here this afternoon.



    Keep this up and we’ll be as good as saying drummers have some intrinsic artistic quality. Something more than just tapping all the numbers they know out loud.



    Which is what they do basically.




  26. South Of Tunis on

    Bowie meant zillch to me but the coke addled fascist salute at Victoria Station was super naff —

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