Victory is there for Celtic


Spartak Moscow will have considered Celtic’s history away from home in the Champions League and this afternoon will look each other in the eye and warn against complacency.  There is nothing in 20 games in this competition proper to alarm them, but there is nothing in that 11 year history which will prepare them to meet this Celtic team.

Not since Martin O’Neill took his side to Turin in 2001 have we approached a Champions League away match with such enthusiasm.  Celtic will approach this game knowing they have nothing to lose and everything to gain from imposing the team and personal development achieved over the last 18 months on Spartak.

The game also comes at a convenient window in our permanent injury crisis but with Spartak robbed of key players throughout the team.

At home against Benfica two weeks ago concentration was the important sentiment but tonight is a different game.  The foreign environs will ensure Celtic players are always acutely of their surroundings but they also provide a platform, and a playing surface, for them to express themselves.

Although Celtic’s away record in this tournament has been poor the better performances have come against the bigger challenges: a draw in the Camp Nou, 0-0 after 90 minutes before losing in extra time in the San Siro, and it took ridiculous penalty decisions at the Stadio Dello Alpi and Old Trafford to deny us a point, so don’t be confused by the stats.

This one is there for us.

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  1. Afternoon All


    I never go into these games full of


    confidence, there have previously been too many


    disapointments for that.


    Tonight is no different, Spartak are without key players


    but will still pose a threat. We have a young, team


    who with one exception, have played a total of 1 game


    each at this level, so it is a big ask.



    Having given my head the first paragraph, my heart


    can have the last word.



    We all believe that this team though


    young, are growing into every challenge,


    tonight just might be the night to end that CL away voodoo.


    Here’s hoping .. Hail Hail





  2. Tallybhoy,



    Just a few hundred views rather than the 2,600 or so yesterday!



    A fair few comments from Zombie deniers too, although I deleted most of them due to the language. Don’t mind opposing viewpoints but only if they can express themselves reasonable. That rules out most though.

  3. BMCUW


    Were it not for the fact that a game is coming up shortly, I would mention the fact that I had never heard of The Shins until you (?) posted about them on here. Intrigued, I listened to them on Spotify and enjoyed them. They were, to me , alittle like The Beatles early harmonies. Like I said, I would mention that but a game is only an hour away.






    PS How`s the weather in Moscow?








    I suspect that self-love listening to them will cause him to go blind before he goes deaf-which is a problem,since he’ll never find the remote to turn them down…..

  5. Just looked. Here it is. Great for passing football.



    1900 hours 2200 hours 0100 hours



    Weather Conditions


    Temperature (°C/°F) 13°C 55°F 10°C 50°F 9°C 48°F 8°C 46°F 8°C 46°F


    Wind Speed 2mph

  6. I’m happy with that team. As someone else said, it wouldn’t surprise me if Cha Mul Grew plays at centre back with Ambrose in midfield.



    The outcome of McGeady vs Lustig (if wee Aiden spends some time on the left) could have a big influence on the game.

  7. Joe F-Already done mate,got a daughter that age,can’t imagine what family is going through,your worst nightmare coming true.

  8. Don’t agree with benching Ledley but can see why. Spartak have shown themselves to be vulnerable at set-pieces, and I’m sure Lenny will be seeking to exploit that using Mulgrew and Commons.



    Hope the seeming 4-4-2 turns out to be 4-3-3 as in the Motherwell game, but this is a very good side either way. Forrest to come on 2nd half when they tire.








    Their stuff is short,but sweet.






    That’s why I said I’m right-and so are you! Music is usually too personal to reach much of a concensus on,tbh.





    Aye,but at least you were forewarned-you knew it was broken when you saw him running over…….

  11. SOAL



    Myself and 4 mates back in the early 90’s registered a


    supporters club hoping for a 20% allocation for the zoo and Aberdeen away etc… Worked a treat but a pain when they gave us 25 tickets for Love street on a Tueday night.



    Anyway we tried to register as the bananarama CSC but some jobsworth at Celtic park wouldnt let us..(:>(

  12. DBBIA – cheers! Don’t know it but I have that album so will give it a spin when I get home.



    I think Efe and Vic will be in front of the back 4 Hooper on his own with Commons behind – Sammi and Brown wider.

  13. South Of Tunis on

    starry plough @ 15 56.



    Yes ————-



    Used to go crate digging in one street towns across the Southern States .



    My partner on such trips was a Crewe supporter ——— he used to say —-.



    I -paraphrase



    Just think -Tunis – if everybody had taste like ours none of this stuff would be in these crates and being sold for peanuts

  14. Powerful line up.



    Spartak have a real game on their hands’



    C’mon Celtic! Intae thum!!!




  15. Key Spartak players , IMO – Dmitri Kombarov on the Left Wing ( Wilson will be busy, must be concentrated) and Kallstrom in Midfield.


    Very good players – McGeady on Right Wing and Ari or Carioca Attacking Midfielders. Emenike the Striker is not bad but when gets passes from wingers or midfield. Be careful with fouls. That referee gives many cards.





    Reliably informed you are well wrong on ANDREW67…..

  17. Forster



    Lustig Wilson mulgrew Izzy



    Browm Efe vic Sammi








    I think thats how it will go. Hope izzy is on top of his game. I would have been happier with ledley in for wilson. Then swap ledley with ambrose.



    Mon the hoops

  18. Состав на матч: Песьяков, Макеев, Инсаурральде, Пареха, Д. Комбаров (К), Кариока, Чельстрем, Деми, Ари, Макгиди, Эменике


    Запасные: Ребров, Билялетдинов, Брызгалов, Дзюба, К. Комбаров, Яковлев, Козлов


    Вперед, “Спартак”!

  19. sixtaeseven: 94 Million - a permanent embarrassment and a disgrace forever on

    Looks like it will be Ch67 audio for me.


    A throwback to the aul wieless days…



    C’mon the Celts!!!

  20. What will team be?






    ———————— Forster ——————-


    Lustig —- Wilson ——- Mulgrew —–Izzy


    ——— Brown —- Victor —– Efe—–


    ———–Commons ———– Sammy


    —————— Hooper ———–






    —————- Forster ———–


    Lustig ——- Wilson —Efe —- izzy


    Commons —- Brown –Victor– Mulgrew


    ———– Samaras —- Hooper




    Both are very decent but would worry that Efe and Wilson not played together as partnership, but a plus is that Efe knows the Nigerian forward very well





  21. The game does not start ’til 1800 (local time) over here!



    Does that mean than when I sit down to watch the kick-off, the 2nd half will already be starting back on TV screens all over Scotland?!



    2-1 the Hoops!




  22. It’s 12C in Moscow right now, exactly the same as Glasgow currently. Also dry at present with light winds.



    Cmon the hoops!!!

  23. seven fishes four steaks



    16:18 on


    2 October, 2012


    What will team be?






    ———————— Forster ——————-


    Lustig —- Wilson ——- Mulgrew —–Izzy


    ——— Brown —- Victor —– Efe—–


    ———–Commons ———– Sammy


    —————— Hooper ———–






    —————- Forster ———–


    Lustig ——- Wilson —Efe —- izzy


    Commons —- Brown –Victor– Mulgrew


    ———– Samaras —- Hooper



    Both are very decent but would worry that Efe and Wilson not played together as partnership, but a plus is that Efe knows the Nigerian forward very well






    Efe and wilson played together against motherwell did they not ?



    Wilson is coming on well lately but still doesnt fill me with confidence. Spartak strikers will be alot better than spl strikers.

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