Virgil is in a different place than Victor and Gary were


Virgil van Dijk looks like a level-headed footballer, so I don’t think his game will be upset by his agent’s loose lips.  He has enjoyed a remarkably successful first season at Celtic Park but any attempt by his representatives to create an earner this summer is likely to be inhibited by the three years remaining on his Celtic contract.

There is always a risk of serious injury, but short of that, Virgil’s market value will not diminish in the next 12 months and may even appreciate.  He is in a completely different situation from Victor Wanyama and Gary Hooper, who glided into the last two and one year of their contracts respectively.

It’s a truism of football that those spending a nation’s the mineral wealth on football players tend to get what they want, but it remains to be seen if a handful of Champions League performances are enough to tempt this kind of approach onto the table.  Great player though he promises to be, Virgil’s not been tested at the top level over a prolonged period.

Thanks again for all your support of the Mary’s Meals Malawi school kitchen project ahead of Friday’s CQteN St Patrick’s Day dinner.  You can get involved here.

For whisky aficionados, we have a very special auction running between now and 12:00 on Friday.  We have bottle No. 1 of a limited edition (291 in total) Craigallachie Telford’s Bridge, in a wooden box and presentation cardboard tube, whit an authentication certificate.

Bids are by email only to auction@celticquicknews.co.uk.  This is a rare and valuable bottle, an opening bid of £100 is on the table.  Shipping within UK and Ireland is included.  Please include contact details and your bid amount.

Rest in Peace, Rose Theresa Brennan, who died yesterday, and our thoughts and prayers to Martin42 on the loss of his mother, for the difficult days ahead.

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  1. bognorbhoy oscar in my thoughts/ support the dam 5/we are all neil lennon on

    “If you want happiness for an hour


    take a nap.


    If you want happiness for a day


    go fishing.


    If you want happiness for a year


    inherit a fortune.


    If you want happiness for a lifetime


    help someone else.”

  2. bognorbhoy oscar in my thoughts/ support the dam 5/we are all neil lennon on




    Rose Theresa Brennan

  3. BMCUW



    How the hell did you get time to type that lot and still claim podium?? :-))



    Weefra HH supporting Wee Oscar.

  4. WeefratheTim


    11:52 on


    11 March, 2014





    The farm is Kypeview, they do scramblers now. I know the owner well. :-)))



    Wee Oscar.






    Kypeview. I know it well. Not too far from my neck of the woods in the Glessart.

  5. Paul sincere condolences to you and Martin 42


    May her soul and the souls of all the faithful departed rest in peace

  6. The Honest Mistake loves being first on

    Paul67 and martin42.


    I’m very sorry to hear of this.


    God bless.

  7. glassford03



    I know, HT has told me all about ye. We’re just past deadwaters towards Strathaven. :-))



    Weefra HH supporting Wee Oscar.

  8. Bang on Paul67…..



    Virgil has not been tested over a long period.



    His value is nowhere near what some people think at the minute.



    Glad to have him for CL campaign next season.



    Let’s not get carried away as the prospective buyers certainly aren’t at the minute.



    His agent is just being ermmmmmm…..,an agent.

  9. Glad to have him=will be glad to have him.



    He will be punted if we don’t reach group stages.

  10. Weefrathetim



    I regularly head up to Kype Reservoir with the camera so am out your way often. It’s a fantastic area. Took a lot of photos up High Kype Road last year and a few at St Bride’s Poultry Farm as well.



    Too many photo opportunities in that area. You can look me up on Facebook for some of the photos if you ever have the time

  11. TheOriginalSadiesBhoy on

    Sorry to hear of your loss, Paul. Prayers will be said for you and the family.



    12:32 on


    11 March, 2014



    OK. I’ll use my other address. That would explain lack of response to my other mails.



    I’ve been snivelling into my pillow, at the abandonement. :)

  13. "mouldy67" supporting the fearless Oscar Knox on

    Paul67 and Martin42, sorry to hear of your loss, thoughts and prayers with your family




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