Virgil’s suitors


Aye, sure, Dick Advocaat would like to sign Virgil van Dijk for Sunderland.  Of course he would, but Virgil is very unlikely to go to Sunderland for a host of reasons.  Many clubs have made inquiries about Virgil but the player has an understanding with the club.

For a start, he’s going nowhere until after the Champions League qualifiers are over with, and even then, player and club have agreed that only approaches from tier-one clubs will be considered.  No disrespect intended for Sunderland, but a haul of one cup in 79 years leaves them well off the pace.

The prospect of Celtic being interested in Steven Fletcher, as reported in The Herald this morning, is unlikely to make any difference.  If Fletcher is wanted it will be for the qualifiers, there will be no quid pro quo.

Virgil has two years left on his contract and there’s little prospect of him extending his stay in Scotland, so if Celtic decide to listen to offers in late August it’ll do no harm having as many English clubs as possible bidding portions of their TV bounty for the player.  So let Sunderland bid away.

You and I have been working on the whole Mary’s Meals project for a couple of years now.  It’s not a big part of any of our lives, but what we’ve done is a big part in the lives of thousands of kids we’ll never know.

Reaching the 1 million kids fed each day figure last month has reinvigorated the charity.  It’s a worldwide phenomenon but incredibly started here in Scotland.

At midnight tonight a couple of guys will start to walk the West Highland Way, 96 miles, a 17 thousand feet ascent.  They hope to complete the journey within 24 hours.

You and I know that not every journey is completed on time, some, sadly, will never be completed……… but these two are close to hitting their £6k target figure for Mary’s Meals before they set off.  Go and give them a a couple of pounds, help drive them on to complete the task.  Every £1 you give will feed a child for a month.  A month!  Tell me you’re going to do something better today and I’ll not believe you.

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  1. Mountblow tim on

    Good Morning CQN



    Delaneys Dunky


    Hope you have a great day with family and friends


    All the best from up the hill



    Not on the site to much these days with the wife being back and forth to hospital


    Hope you lads and lasses are all well



    I try and find the time each day to catch up with all the posting


    Till later



    Keep the faith




    Hail Hail




  2. Mon The Hoops! on

    dena29 12:07 on 5 June, 2015



    …having serious problems with laptop so many adverts I get fed up waiting



    …Is there no other alternative?



    like turn them off?






    On that page you might need to select the Browser you use i.e. Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer



    ==> Download to to your download folder ==> once in click the .exe file and that will install the ‘add-on’ / ‘extension’.



    Hope that helps.

  3. macjay1 for Neil Lennon


    12:19 on


    5 June, 2015


    I need somebody.



    and ski to the line …………………



    Please please help me , help me help meeeeeeeeeeeee :-)))




  4. If Virgil isn’t committed for the full season he should be sold ASAP and a replacement brought in prior to the qualifiers. A player who has it in his head that he will be leaving at the end of August won’t be 100% committed in qualifiers.

  5. timmy7_noted on

    Due to the weather I will be stuck at home in G43 decorating which would normally have me a little non plussed but knowing that the hun monkeys a few miles away will be getting soaked will somewhat ease the decorating pain………..



    The only time I ever wish for bad weather is when that lot are out.



    So no shopping/eating/drinking or generally spending money in town for me tomorrow I hope the businesses in town have their worst takings in years.



    In the run up to the holiday season my wife is a regular attender to the city centre shops not tomorrow though.



    Saving money,keeping dry and no alarming visions CSC.

  6. leftclicktic on

    Mountblow tim


    Ye came into my thoughts this morning


    Y.N.W.A sir


    congratulations to not so slow oldtim podium

  7. leftclicktic on

    From earlier



    “Elche relegated from La Liga & replaced by Eibar due to unpaid Spanish taxes #withoutfearorfavour #financialfairplay”




    SSN website



    Elche have been relegated from La Liga over unpaid debts to the tax authorities and Eibar will take their place in Spain’s top flight next season.



    Elche, who finished the season in 13th place in the standings, were punished for “very serious infractions” of Spain’s sports law and league rules and also fined £130,000.



    Based near Alicante in south east Spain, Elche have already said they would appeal if they were relegated over their tax debts, which they insist are due to be settled in full by the end of July.



    Basque club Eibar were playing in La Liga for the first time in 2014-15 and went down on the final day of the season after finishing 18th.

  8. Hi Paul67,



    Great news that we have an agreement with VVD, once again sound player management.



    No doubt there was a win/win player/club agreement. Without TV resources we have to be so much smarter than other Clubs of out status.



    Interesting you haven’t pooh-poohed Steven Fletcher’s possible arrival. As I gave great faith in RD, if he comes he’ll be the right man for the role.



    Another thing I’m liking at the moment is when we are looking at players who might not be playing to their full potential, we have a coaching staff that can turn that situation round.



    I’m looking forward to the UCL qualifiers, something you don’t hear every Season.



    Hail Hail

  9. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on



    12:23 on


    5 June, 2015






    I never really understood the significance of the lyrics of “Help”…. ….until John explained that it really was a cry from the heart.



    The song has now taken on a completely different meaning.



    Let`s not talk about “Mother”


    Even more moving.

  10. ArranmoreBhoyLXV11 on




    SMSM in overdrive…do you notice there’s always a Sevco angle in OUR stories !



    Dick? Aye right…he s a rubbish manager..it’s paper talk. Pretending they’re involved..



    KEEP telling them ALL they DO NOT EXIST..Liquidated..end of..



    Hope the rain on the Oranges is biblical…



    Orange fest – a fake tanning convention..from fake fans of fake team



    In RONNY we trust..




  11. leftclicktic on



    Are there nae weans about the house to help you :)))))


    I cant help as mine are out.:))))

  12. Mon The Hoops!



    Cheers …….. sounds simple enough …..if I’m not back I’ve killed the laptop









  13. leftclicktic


    12:30 on


    5 June, 2015




    Are there nae weans about the house to help you :)))))


    I cant help as mine are out.:))))



    no lefty my only Ghirl is at work and not home til 6 am going to try to do what


    Mon The Hoops! suggested as soon as I find out what browser I use :-))))




  14. Canalamar


    (from last night). I took up your suggestion and tried Google, but I could not find anything which confirmed this:


    “The Saudi club are already committed to sharia law and the promotion of sectarianism our club (Celtic) simply had to sign on the dotted line that says they don’t and won’t object.”


    Could you point me towards the information please – thanks.



  15. Mon The Hoops! on




    Just tried it for Chrome, I normally use Firefox, it was even more straightforward than my earlier post. If you follow the on-screen instructions you should be fine.



    Haven’t tried it on IE but I wouldn’t recommend using that browser anyway as it is targeted most by viruses, trojans etc…



    Good luck…

  16. Thunder Road on




    Cannot remember which poster said it but someone advised, if you go onto the Newsnow Celtic page and click on the cqn article, then you arrive at it and bypass the ads.


    Haven’t tried it yet myself personally but it may be worth a try?

  17. Why should we have to install Adblocker etc just to log on to CQN? you heid yins get this nonsense sorted out. Hail Hail Hebcelt

  18. saltires en sevilla on

    On Saturday afternoon I had arranged to meet family in Bearsden for a few beers, before watching Big Cup Final. Intended travelling via Central and Queens street.



    That option no longer viable due to Eejitfest!



    I wonder how many others are having their weekend plans disrupted? Also, concerned for those who are blissfully unaware, and unintentialy get caught up in the festivities.



    Anyway, on a more positive note, bestwishes to everyone out walking for good causes. Hope it stays fair farther North.











    Utmost respect for the articles posted,but the ads are a bit of a pisser.



    Some balance may be required. I click on an ad a few times a day,usually at work,but that system is set for them to appear in a separate browser.



    It’s only fair that the site gets some income,but people have been complaining for months that the ads are actually preventing access. This is wrong. As the person in charge of that side,I think you might at least be polite enough to address their concerns.



    So far,I have not seen one comment from you about it.

  20. glendalystonsils on

    Seems Guidetti can’t find a club willing to meet his wage demands. Look at it another way, John. Perhaps there are no clubs who think you are worth what you’re asking.


    And BTW stop blaming Celtic, Ronny Deila or Scottish fitba for it all, and start looking at yourself.

  21. Right. Who’s up for a Vigil to make sure Virgil doesn’t leave?



    I don’t have a problem with the badverts popping up.



    But then I’m super dooper cool.



    That must be it.



    MWD said AYE





    Awright,bud? Pleasure to finally meet you last time I was home.



    Was your last paragraph a wee bit of satire?

  23. North Cyprus (formerly Baku) Bhoy on




    12:18 on 5 June, 2015






    Baku for my sins mate.



    Don’t you forget to eat and I’ll see you for a few again soon. But not in Inverness, never again.




    Have you managed to find the Bhoys of Baku CSC yet?



    They are now located in the Mexicana restaurant, just off Fountains Square.



    Let me know if you need any help.




  24. Steven Fletcher….in fact any player, is not going to come to Celtic to achieve a 50% drop in wages.


    It’s a non story

  25. Mon The Hoops! on

    dena29 12:34 on 5 June, 2015



    … as soon as I find out what browser I use :-))))






    Click on http://www.whatsmybrowser.org/ that will tell you which browser you use.



    If you now go into https://adblockplus.org/ it should automatically detect your browser.


    If not, on the right hand side there are various icons for all the different web browsers i.e. Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera, and a few more.



    Click on yours ==> follow the instuctions ==> refresh the page & and all* adverts on every website will disappear.



    * some low-key ones might remain but won’t be intrusive.




    hebcelt 12:41 on 5 June, 2015



    Why should we have to install Adblocker etc just to log on to CQN? you heid yins get this nonsense sorted out. Hail Hail Hebcelt



    The CQN site will get paid for every advert that pops up and will probably get paid more if people click on them. It will help Paul67 et al with server costs etc.



    Personally I would prefer a donation button to help with the costs, but in the meantime I’ll switch the adverts off.




  26. Thunder Road


    12:37 on


    5 June, 2015






    Cheers for that



    Mon the hoops tried your suggestion I think I use chrome(the symbol looks familiar)



    just told me ad blocks has been installed………… is that it?



    Wont celebrate just yet:-)




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