Vossen not on list, lessons for Sky, BBC and others


Here’s how it works.  Celtic tell agents the profile of players they are looking for, who subsequently send their client’s CVs and DVDs back.  If one fits the profile (for example: a central defender, with pace, wage budget £X, transfer budget £Y), then he is retained for consideration.

Some retained for consideration make it onto ‘the list’.  Celtic actively pursue these players, usually more than one per requirement, as they know how deals can fall through.  If players start to drop off the list, either because they have not performed to standard when scouted, or Celtic’s approach is declined, names are added to the list from those retained for consideration.

That ‘retained for consideration’ folder generates more advertising revenue than anything else in football.  Lots of people are incentivised to link a name to Celtic (or many other clubs).  The agent can legitimately tell a journalist he’s spoken to Celtic about a player, the journalist can then trail the transfer saga for weeks, its rise, climax and last minute hitch, will generate millions of hits.  This is called Click Bait, you are the target.

Consider the near certainty of the reporting that Jelle Vossen was about to sign for Celtic.  The Genk striker matches Celtic’s criteria in several areas: he’s a striker, they will be able to afford his wages and transfer fee, they have received information on him.  Hundreds of articles have been written on this basis alone, generating thousands of pounds of advertising revenue.

The problem is, Jelle Vossen isn’t on ‘the list’.  His CV is stuck in a folder somewhere at Lennoxtown, not currently under consideration.  Celtic are not actively pursuing his services.

Danny Wilson?  Never made it onto the list.  His agent got a courteous response “months ago” when first asked if there was interest.  Danny’s CV is in the same folder Jelle’s is in.  When I spoke to a senior source at the club yesterday, the player is so far off radar, the source couldn’t even remember Wilson’s name when I asked about Celtic being rejected in favour of a newco.

The PR behind the message sent out with Wilson’s signing was inspired.  Some of the reporting was shameful.  The days of being able to twist a story against Celtic without consequence are gone.  The BBC recanted one story (at the insistence of reporter Alasdair Lamont).  Sky Sports News gave Neil McCann a stage for utter guff on Wilson rejecting Celtic, while much of the print and online media quickly moved on, not caring one way or the other.

The episode reminded me of the almost universal line the media took the day Neil Lennon resigned – unhappy at Celtic’s transfer budget, apparently.  This message was never attributed but it was reported so widely, you could trace the manipulation.  We even had the Usual Brigade of ex-Celts ready to express their disappointment at the club’s financial decisions.  Economic illiterates, to a man. The story was nonsense and almost certainly came from the same source as Wilson’s rejection.

There are strikers on Celtic’s list, but if the agent’s talking to the media, chances are, he’s not talking to Celtic anymore.

Here’s a Bob Dylan singing Like a Rolling Stone, especially for Neil McCann. How does it feel………?

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  1. LiviBhoy


    12:11 on


    25 June, 2015





    I watched Allan closely during the play offs as I heard we had an interest. He was very much less effective than I had witnessed earlier in the season, don’t know if all the paper talk has gone to his head?


    I’m wary of Hibs players bummed up by the Scottish press, we’ve had more bad than good from Leith IMHO mate.

  2. coolmore mafia on

    To this day I don’t know how we got away with the great Lennoxtown helping hand. Millions of pounds free from the council and SportsScotland.



    Well now we do – councillors and Peter Lawwell concocted it in a Knights of St Columbus private celebration in Dublin- where by coincidence PL and Mike Ashley met for the first time.

  3. Livibhoy



    A very good post previous. You’re spot on with your comparisons on Thomson and Broonie.



    I haven’t seen enough of the boy Allan to comment on his abilities or potential, but better-informed people than me, say he’s a player, so I’ll accept that your comments are good enough for me!



    I hope your right though!



    Off oot, 5 a sides to play now!




  4. Paul


    I’ve always thought Celtic never let it be known they were interested in a player (especially a perceived good one) until the player had actually signed, is there not a clause placed in negotiations with agents that any talk to the press etc will end Celtic’s interest in buying a player?

  5. Bawsman



    I think Hibernian showed that they are the kings of bad judgement. Going to Spain didn;t help them. A weeks holiday…sorry training camp before facing the hammer throwers of Vicky the Viking was not ideal preparation. They should have been ticking over in the UK and playing bounce matches.


    Allan is a lazy looking player. He has a continental style. I think if you look at the Youtube footage of him you will see what I mean regarding the defence splitting pass. He tore Sevco apart single handedly twice last season and I have seen enough to believe he COULD be a top class player if developed properly.


    It’s interesting where he may end up but the singing of McGeouch for another 12 months makes no sense to me. I would love Dylan to prove me wrong and prove to be a first team player but I am afraid they don;t see it and as myself and my Hibee colleague have commented this morning the plot appears to thicken regarding Dylan and Hibernian, the comments on Allan are my own thoughts. To me Allan is the epitome of a Ronny Deila player. He has talent. He needs coached and developed. He has fallen not on hard times but certainly down a rung or two.


    I see a lot of talent in this boy. Where he goes next may determine the rest of his career.




  6. I think that’s a very stupid policy especially when you can’t prove the agent is the source.

  7. LiviBhoy


    12:50 on


    25 June, 2015




    Mate, I could make a you-tube compilation that makes Gary Caldwell look like Maldini (got a particular downer on the heid as I travelled to Lisbon and Copenhagen only for two of his own goals to make the trek useless).


    I agree he looked classy early season (I did say that) but was that IT?

  8. I rate Allan, but he only has potential at the moment. He wouldn’t get anywhere near our starting 11. His fitness needs upped. He has an eye for a pass though. I’d think if Hibs stay down next year, he’ll be away but not to us – we should be aiming higher.



    Vossen, I’m not sure Paul, I think he is on our radar, but Celtic are, quite rightly, playing it down. He reports back to training next week. Developing story I reckon.

  9. embramike says "the Huns are Deid" on

    On the Wilson guff about joining a club with ambition, I would have thought that a 3 year old club’s ambition would be to become a 4 year old club !- and that’s a big ask !



    And Paul, on the comment about the son of a Rangers director telling anyone who will listen Celtic have only sold 8,000 season tickets, I saw your twitter response ..



    Paul Brennan ‏@CQN



    Last update I had was on deadline day, well north of 30k sold. Confirmed. Club delighted.



    Just how desperate and hurting are Ra Peepul ?? As Billy Connolly would say ..



    “More to be pitied than scolded !”

  10. Livibhoy



    Who do you see Allan replacing ?


    I cannot argue on his passing, not seen enough of that league


    What I did see was McGeouch and Fyvie being every bit as good as him ? IMHO


    That was in the very limited bits of games I did see



    Sorry not for me, he is 24 later this year so not a project ?



    I watched our 21s playing and there is some very very good Players in that team, who I would rather give a chance too first


    Doesn’t help he openly states he wants to go to them

  11. Don’t see where Allan fits in considering we just signed Armstrong and gave Commons a new contract.

  12. To paraphrase a popular modern comedian/polymath :



    Definition of “countryside” : The widespread killing of Scottish journalists.

  13. Bawsman



    Yep I totally agree. I don;t look at Youtube myself anymore. Every player looks like Pele.


    The only way to judge a player properly is in the flesh over a half dozen games minimum. Next best thing is a live match on television. I watch all live Hibs games as my wife is a Hibee. That is why I raved about Griffiths and believe me there is more to come from him goal wise. The boy is lethal anywhere 40 yards from goal.


    The boy Allan is a player. A seriously good player who in a good side would be a much better player.


    Just a wee ramble for this morning on the much talked about Allan who I believe presents very good value for money around the £500k mark.




  14. TheOriginalSadiesBhoy on




    From last blog, I enjoyed your post and the take on the Scott Allan situation. I watched him a few times last season against Thems. Brilliant in the league encounters but frustrating in the play offs ……. I actually ended up shouting at the telly. I thought he played in a lazy manner and was very ineffective. There is no doubt, however, that he has talent and, if he progresses, I hope he ends up with us. You could be spot on too about the reason for Dylan being retained by us for another season. He could be the leverage in a future deal for Scott Allan. I had very high hopes for Dylan being a star for us but that Real Madrid thug seems to have put an end to it happening. Mind you, he scored the greatest goal I’ve ever seen.

  15. Cowiebhoy,


    Never knew he was that old. Does change my opinion, thought he was much younger.

  16. :-) NatKnow, thats a cracker. “Definition of “countryside” : The widespread killing of Scottish journalists.”



    Hail Hail.

  17. Cowiebhoy



    I don;t see him replacing anyone. It’s a long season we need a good squad and a selection of players to fit all types of games and positions.


    Fair points. Just opinions of course.


    I didn;t see McGeouch or Fyvie play the sort of pass that Allan plays myself. Both different players to Scott Allan and certainly workers. Allan is a ball player. A very fine player with the ball at his feet.




  18. bawsman



    12:31 on 25 June, 2015



    I have to agree with you regarding Allan’s performance in the play offs, I thought Dylan McGeouch was the more effective player including making some defence splitting passes so maybe a case of better the devil you know

  19. Vossen Matches criteria in certain areas .. Why he not being considered then ?



    Does this mean more than likely no striker is being considered until we make group stages …



    Any word on janko paul67 ?

  20. McGeoch I’d two years younger than him, he’s had a full season of first team football which might just haven’t him back on track to continue his development.

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