Vulnerable underbelly of Fenerbahce


Let’s be clear about this, Fenerbahce looked at a Europa League group with Celtic and Molde and figured they and Ajax would progress.  They are paying some of the highest wages outside of the uber-resourced clubs in order to attract Robin van Persie, Nani and Raul Meireles, among others, to Turkey.  They clearly met stiffer competition than expected two weeks ago, when Molde stunned Europe with a 1-3 win in Istanbul, so Ronny Deila is right to suggest they are under greater pressure tonight.

This is our key advantage.  Fenerbahce arrive in Glasgow needing to bring the game to Celtic.  Had they won their opening fixture, they could have afforded a more conservative attitude.

As for Celtic, we’re at our best when counter-attacking.  Home and away to Malmo we dominated possession and territory but were picked off.  In Amsterdam we frustrated Ajax and broke forward with pace – which is something we have plenty of.

This is going to be a long, tense, night, but we can get at Fenerbahce.  Their early season league results have been positive, but there are signs of fragility, their only win by more than one goal was against the 17th placed team, and that was 7 weeks ago.  Maybe Molde uncovered a vulnerable underbelly.

Dermot, where to start?  You want things to happen before an important match day to unite fans, so I suppose he united us, but really?  Ill-advised, get on-message.

Eye on the prize for tonight.

Fan safety issue:

Uefa Security, Turkish Police, Police Scotland, Celtic and Fenerbahce met last night.  The issue of Flags and Banners was discussed at the request of the Turkish contingent.  They have highlighted their concerns for any banners being displayed which could provoke a reaction.

Political and religious tensions are running high in Turkey and it was expressed that the wrong displays could lead to serious disorder.  There will be banner checks on both sets of fans entering the stadium.

From what I can tell Fenerbahce fans enjoyed the ‘That’s not a knife’ parody, and our reputation with them is high, but Celtic fans will be in Istanbul in a few weeks and vulnerable if resentment exists.

Thank you to everyone who has taken a moment to donate to the Foundation this week via the Celtic fans who are competing in the Great Scottish Run on Sunday.  A wonderful aspect of humanity flows through the Celtic support.  If you get a chance to participate in the appeal, go for it:

Click here for my linked donation page.

Here for Steve Gunn’s.

Here for Thomas Eman’s.

Here for Robert Doherty’s.

Here for Stephen Hewitt’s.

Here for Kenny O’Neill’s.

It’s not too late to sign up for the GSR/Foundation, Sunday’s going to be a great day in Glasgow, if you fancy it……

If you entered the Magners’ Fanzone competition yesterday, check your email, winners have been notified.

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  1. Gary67,


    Including yours and a few


    Other moaners who’d rather have a go at anmyoedceltoc supporters than talk about the game, eh

  2. DD has basically told the Huns, that Celtic need them.


    The message is…..we looked the other way, now we want the bigot money.


    That’s about it.


    Appeal to the Huns, by telling them they are the same club.


    But its not true.


    So its rather squalid to say the least.





  3. Two things I can’t believe I’m saying..never nodded off during TBBs analysis which I believe he has spot on.



    Agreeing with Neganon…



    TD generally agree with ur posts but DDs comments are bizarre and hunguffery at it’s finest.



    Off to the BV



    Can’t wait to see the grey brigade and the hoops tonight.




  4. Jimbo67


    It’s a blog mate, just scroll past no ones in any danger or will get hurt, it’s not the be all and end all of everything.


    There are many on here who I scroll by as they don’t interest me. And them on me, it’s a two way street.

  5. TD67



    Come on now…we cant just be randomly agreeing.


    We like a good verbal sparring on CQN.


    But you are right….its just Celtic fans blowing off steam.


    No big deal.





  6. Afternoon Timland from a warm hun free mountain valley.


    Very interesting bloke is Auldheid, a brain like a sponge so he has.




    What must it be like having a erse like a cavern, must be all that rogering it gets from it’s masters Eh.

  7. F.A.B. Virgil (WATRC) on




    I like it as a thesis. Brian Quinn shields it well in conversation if this was the strategy.



    It might be possible that diminishing Scottish Football avec les blues is DD Plan B to hold up his share price until such times as a new opportunity comes over the hill which would enable him to sell for a large profit.



    The interest return meantime whilst loose change makes an ’emotional’ investment worthwhile.






    Not getting this at all. Is there some subtle suggestion that the GB are preparing something the Turks might find offensive? Not sure I can think what that might be?



    Any between the lines interpreters out there?




  8. TheOriginalSadiesBhoy on

    A brilliant analysis of the plight in which we find ourselves. We need to somehow free ourselves of Dermot Desmond’s grip.

  9. The Battered Bunnet on

    The other intriguing aspect of Dermot’s comments is the ‘Rangers’ context.



    Between cash crises, retail ‘deals’, criminal cases and asset provenance, beyond a dripping roast for the Legal profession, there isn’t much prospect of the club Dermot seems to be referring to becoming very much at all any time soon.



    Why tether Celtic’s future to a dead donkey? Quite inexplicable.

  10. Noisy bunch of Fenerbahce fans have just passed my office in West Regent Street,.



    They seem to be in good humour.

  11. Afternoon bhoys and ghirls. Sitting in the sun at Cameron House and just watched some of the Fenerbache players finish a wee stroll and now doing a press shoot. They all look very relaxed. I thought they were all arguing with each other doesn’t look like it.



    2-1 the hoops tonight.









  12. F.A.B. Virgil (WATRC) on

    TD 67



    You didn’t just express an opinion, you had a fly kick at 4 honest Celtic supporters who are trying to do something they think is to the betterment of the club. It would be nice if you could express your opinions without continually having a fly kick at the 4.

  13. Jimbo67



    Celtic at all times to win, others in here will say the same, but on the other hand they soil there shorts if they don’t, it suits there agenda, a winning Celtic is no good for them, success suffocates them, they no longer have podium and there political end game dies, oh no my friend a loss to me is unthinkable, to them?


    Like the Scottish main stream media, they already have there swords well sharpened and swing it at everything Celtic , board, DD, PL, RD, JC, players, they are more interested in the political banners that are held up at the North East stand, trotskyites and 5th columnists.


    They don’t care about Celtic one bit, it’s all about the politics.


    Lurking Huns GIRFUYs

  14. As Canman said yesterday, and the thought did cross my mind as well, as it did Auldheids, the last time he, DD, so droolingly spoke about the hun, the next thing they did was to go bust.

  15. As usual with Celtic I really haven’t a clue how tonight will go, hopefully we can stay composed and not lose any stupid early goals.



    Craig Gordon is due a big game performance.. Really need all the bhoys on top form and the famous 12th man in fine voice.



    Not easy starting 11 for the manager to pick, start tierney ? Start commons ? Start lustig or janko at right back… Here’s mine



    —– Gordon —–



    -Lustig–boyota–simo– tierney-









    —— Griffiths. —-



    Really hard to pick since I haven’t seen simo play or much of tierney .. Some will say it’s harsh on efe but Iv sadly seen enough to be happy not to see efe in the hoops again.



    As usual my biggest complaint is the firepower we have been left with. The worst in My time supporting the hoops.

  16. South Of Tunis on

    If the cap fits -a wee suggestion .



    Spend 5 minutes learning the difference between a delusion and an illusion.

  17. F.A.B. Virgil (WATRC)


    A fly kick? Seriously?


    While they lambast everything DD sais, I’ve to sit and agree with the?


    Ehhhhhhhhh, that’s not the way it works, they can think and post about DD and no one can state an opinion on them?


    Your having a laugh right?

  18. F.A.B. Virgil (WATRC) on

    Think it’s all about the defence tonight. The other bits are pretty stable. I’d prefer we don’t experiment with a non-left back playing left back. Recipe for disaster at this level though Matthews against Barca undermines this thinking.



    Key will be in not losing an early goal and in keeping control of the game. Normally I’d think they were hurting but they’re top of the Turkish League and may regard Molde as a freak. I much prefer confident teams who underestimate us.



    Looking forward to this one. A good test and barometer.




  19. The Battered Bunnet on




    Just so you and I are quite clear:



    1) I’m not a “Dermot Desmond Hater”. You’re painting in black and white and missing the light and shade.


    2) I have nothing whatsoever to do with Resolution 12, although I do applaud the effort and motivation of those who are leading it.



    Love back, with lollipops.

  20. Tonyd



    If the Celtic board charged £100 a game and changed our jerseys to blue you would still back them.



    Your entitled to your opinion no doubt but when it’s always predictable it’s hard for people to take seriously.



    Enjoy the game.



    And the brazen. Lucky man

  21. On the troubles over at Narnia, it’s not a thing a dignified business man would get involved with, it is what it is, DD not in the business of supplying oxygen to upset the masses of a bunch of knuckle draggers.

  22. F.A.B. Virgil (WATRC) on




    Seriously… yes. The discussion was about DD. You chose to have a fly kick not even about Res 10, but who was doing Res 10, at the same time. Your choice.



    Personally I’ve never met Auldheid marching in the fifth column… never.




  23. What is the latest on Armstrong, not much talk about his injury and a big loss I feel.






  24. F.A.B. Virgil (WATRC) o


    Well he posted what was not right and what was, with his track record, I’d say keep it shtum.


    It’s nearly two years since it started ffs,.


    It’s slower than the start of Game of Thrones.

  25. TheOriginalSadiesBhoy on

    TONYDONNELLY67 on 1ST OCTOBER 2015 1:25 PM









    Long post and ended as I thought, just another DD hater, and telling a billionaire how to run a business, aye very clever.





    Just a pity he couldent reach heights of the Gang of Four on res 12 eh?





    Like a Hearse driver telling Lewis Hamilton how to drive a Racing Car,





    Sometimes it is better to sit quietly at the table and have everyone think of you as a fool than to speak up and confirm it for all to see.

  26. RE DD,



    I find it hard to believe that he is that far removed from the thoughts of the Celtic support re our thoughts on the clubs from Ibrox.


    Surely he must know we, or what seems to me to be a large proportion of the Celtic support, want nothing to do with them, never mind mentioned in the same breadth and considered still part of the OF?



    I wonder was he more playing up to/for Sky and their apparent (well to me and many of my mates at least) love-fest with all things rangers?


    He clearly still wants us to be part of the EPL and the money that entails, so is he merely pandering to them, by bringing rangers into this comments alongside us?



    Or is he indeed really that far removed from us?






  27. The Token Tim


    Nope like you in my opinion he is leading them on, telling them what they want to hear, others in hear don’t like tha view, but that’s fine, suits there agenda.

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