Walk With Shay Green Raffle Army Update


WWS raffle updateCelticRollerCoaster and the Walk With Shay team kindly wrote this piece to update you how your efforts thus far have progressed.  I read stuff like this in genuine awe of the people I call friends.  Well done to each and everyone one of you.

I posted a more detailed (and excellent) read on the subject a moment ago, which you can view here.  Here’s CelticRollerCoaster:

As you know by now as part of our incredible journey to date, we managed to obtain the signatories of the last 11 Club Captains of Celtic on two tops; one home and one away. Two very special and unique tops covering 53 years of unbroken history. The professionally designed and framed Away Club Captains top is First Prize in our Walkwithshay raffle along with many other amazing Celtic prizes, with the draw being made on May 25th at Celtic Park so only 20 days left. The Celtic FC Foundation will also benefit in the share of proceeds.

To date, we’ve had an incredible response from all over the country and indeed worldwide (as far as Australia and Bermuda believe it or not) with just over 2,000 tickets already out there being sold by our amazing Green Raffle Army and directly by ourselves, but don’t worry we’ve kept some back just for you!

So, if you have still not bought your tickets, to win some of the incredible prizes on offer and also help these two great causes, please get in touch now.

Remember you can buy tickets by contacting the campaign team directly via the usual methods such as email walkwithshay@yahoo.com, Facebook and Twitter @walkwithshay or from one of our many Green Raffle Army sellers.

We will also be at outside the pools office at the start of the concourse (CQN corner) from 1:30pm prior to the game on Saturday if you wish to pick up tickets from us then.

As well, as the Club Captains Away top, our other amazing prizes include:

A full list of the prizes can be obtained by emailing us at: walkwithshay@yahoo.com

Part 1 of our incredible journey to obtain these incredible pieces of Celtic History can be read here (Attach link).

Thank you for Walking With Shay.

WWS raffle prizes
The link again, for more on the story, is here.

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  1. BIG JIMMY on 5TH MAY 2017 12:08 PM




    It’s because politic division in Scotland is no longer along class lines, it’s along constitutional lines.




    That’s what nationalism does.

  2. VFR800 is now a Monster 821 on

    VFR800 is now a Monster 821 on 5th May 2017 12:13 pm




    ernie lynch on 5th May 2017 12:07 pm



    The socialist argument still holds today, unless of course you are comfortable with propping up globalized financial institutions and cabals who are working it for the rich and not the poor.



    If that’s the case, you are part of Tony Blair’s Labour party and not the one I joined 40 years ago.





  3. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on

    Ernie Lynch



    Whats your take on Tory wins in Shettleston and Paisley?


    What is actually happening here…..widening demographic?….tactical voting?





  4. VFR800 IS NOW A MONSTER 821 on 5TH MAY 2017 12:15 PM



    As I said. Deliberately obtuse. If you regard the outcome of Brexit as in any way a positive or progressive thing then you are delusional. And I’m no more a Blairite than you are a Faragist.

  5. So Minty Knew!



    James Doleman‏ @jamesdoleman 3m3 minutes ago



    The current owner “is comfortable with it”



    James Doleman‏ @jamesdoleman 4m4 minutes ago



    Adds “We will be repaying the Lloyd’s debt with the money we raise by selling tickets to you”



    James Doleman‏ @jamesdoleman 6m6 minutes ago



    In the letter Whyte says the “current owner” of Rangers is aware of the finance plan



    James Doleman‏ @jamesdoleman 7m7 minutes ago



    Jury being shown a letter from Liberty Capital to Ticketus from March 2011 signed by Craig Whyte





    Your Dad is a wise man indeed.



    Not only with the words,but the work.



    As Flipper said-according to THECLUMPANY-the other day…



    They’re f’d.



    Another five years of this lot-with an increased and workable majority-is a trial too far.

  7. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on

    Id note the proliferation of new housing estates built on the ruins of old style working class communities.






    Whats your take on this?


    Whats going on.







    I do wonder about the particular voting system. It seems a bit quirky.



    But for the most part what I think it’s what I said at 12.14.



    Class consciousness replaced by identity politics.






    A coupla weeks ago,one of my mates mentioned that he didn’t think the tories had any right to push a hard Brexit.




    What like?,I asked.




    Well,the single market,customs union. We are f’d without them.




    Bear in mind this is a reasonably intelligent guy on £450 a day as an Oracle systems tester. Most of my friends erm aren’t!




    I asked him WTF he thought he voted for last June.




    His reply?




    To take back control of our borders and laws.




    Yes,he was correct. He hadn’t considered that the EU might want to protect theirs against us.




    I have got used to being governed by a party I despise-including Blair Labour-but I’ll never get used to the stupidity of turkeys voting for Christmas.




    Or Shettleston and Feegie Park voting tory.

  10. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on

    Ernie Lynch



    “Class consciousness replaced by identity politics”, thats a good stab, probably near the mark.


    De-industrialization, break up of traditional working class communities etc.


    Its depressing.




  11. Taurangabhoy on

    Thought you lot were joking about feegie. Hun unionists fear independence and will switch from labour to Tory. They will be good brown shirts Jack boots for little Britain.

  12. timmy7_noted on

    VFR800 is now a Monster 821 on 5th May 2017 12:03 pm







    I agree with your proposition regarding where people get their information, I’ve found it particularly distressing the move to the right of my own parents which I attribute to reading the Daily Mail and Express.



    But if you really believe we will ever get answers to all of those questions prior to any independence vote you’ll die waiting.



    Personally I’m willing to take almost any economic risk to get an independent Scotland where my voice will be heard.

  13. See the guy that won in Shettleston…



    20 years old with all the personality of a bowl of porridge.




    Apologies to porridge affionados…

  14. Taurangabhoy on

    Night all ,enjoyed the crac. Have a magic weekend. Hail Hail onwards the invincibles.

  15. TAURANGABHOY on 5TH MAY 2017 12:28 PM



    Yes, nationalism can be very ugly.



    Even Scottish nationalism.



    And I’m not sure that it’s wise for a Scottish nationalist to be mentioning brown shirts and jackboots. That might open a bit of a can of worms for you.

  16. ERNIE LYNCH on 5TH MAY 2017 12:03 PM


    BIG JIMMY on 5TH MAY 2017 11:55 AM





    ‘Honestly, for any so called Scot far less Scots living in feckin Paisley and Shettleston to vote for the Tories is just HUNbelieviable !’










    I voted Tory yesterday.




    And SNP, Green, Independent and Labour. Not necessarily in that order. I don’t think there was a Lib Dem standing, otherwise I would have voted for them as well.



    i’m confused ERNIE….SO who did you want to WIN ?



  17. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on




    Widening demographic replacing working class heartlands decimated by de-industrialization.


    Its sickening that a Tory can win Shettleston, staggering really.






  18. What I want to know is…



    If the turnout is so low, why does it take so long to count the votes. I mean, surely in Suffolk it doesn’t take that long to count the 47 valid ballot papers?



    (all others being spoiled because apparently the 6th finger gets in the way when you have to use those little pencils)

  19. TIMMY7_NOTED on 5TH MAY 2017 12:30 PM



    ‘Personally I’m willing to take almost any economic risk to get an independent Scotland where my voice will be heard.’






    Aye well. If there’s another referendum use that as a slogan instead of the bullshit we had last time.

  20. VFR800 is now a Monster 821 on

    The Green Man says SACK THE Board on 5th May 2017 12:19 pm



    Id note the proliferation of new housing estates built on the ruins of old style working class communities.





    In a nutshell! Thatcher’s children are buying up new build private housing in the old working class heartlands and they don’t give a flying F about anyone else but themselves.



    The policies of Thatcherism are now coming home to roost and the “property owning democracy” now need to ensure that they are “alright Jack”. It’s why we end up with a dysfunctional Labour Party; a centre-right Nationalist Party and a fractured Socialist movement.



    Nobody really cares about their community or next door neighbor anymore in many of these estates.








  21. BIG JIMMY on 5TH MAY 2017 12:20 PM


    As my wee MAW used to say ” There’s always GOOD that comes out of EVERY BAD” !




    Maybe, the Tory/UKIP ( Same Mob) gains in Paisley and Shettleston will awaken other Scots in other areas who previously voted “NO” to Independence….will now decide that IF there is another Indy Ref soon…they will vote “YES” ?….to make those Tories/UKIP Voters completely irrelative /



    I Dunno cos I aint educated enough, but from my own point of view on hearing about Shettleston and Paisley….my gut feeling is one of feck this for a laugh….give us Independence…..ANYTHING away from The Tories…..and feckin UKIP….which the Tories have now become !




    Either that, but I get enough money in my piggy bank…and feck off out of here…..The Lunatics are taking over…..





  22. The Green Man says SACK THE Board



    My theory is that the Tory ideology is just stronger. It actually requires someone to have a particular ideology to vote Tory, whereas for others not being an absolutely evil pr!ck is just a normal way of life and isn’t exactly ideology. Ideology requires conviction, and people with conviction go out and vote. Those without it….don’t.



    Ideology is also behind the SNP’s success (IMO).

  23. BIG JIMMY on 5TH MAY 2017 12:33 PM



    You got to list every candidate in order of preference. So you could vote for every one.



    You didn’t have to, you could just list the ones you wanted, even just one. But there seems to be some benefit in listing the ones you disliked the most at the bottom of the list.



    I suspect the system is too complex to be properly understood, particularly as it’s only used in Cooncil elections, so we’re not used to it. I think some of the weirder results might at least in part be due to confusion.

  24. A Stor Mha Chroi on

    James Doleman‏ @jamesdoleman 1m1 minute ago



    Findlay asks about Dave King. McGill says he was still on the board at the time of sale


    “We’ll certainly come back to that one” Findlay says

  25. A Stor Mha Chroi on

    James Doleman‏ @jamesdoleman 9 seconds ago



    McGill “without European success the club could not be profitable


    “I could give you a very good example”


    Findlay “just answer my questions”

  26. DAVIDOPOULOS on 5TH MAY 2017 12:40 PM



    ‘My theory is that the Tory ideology is just stronger’






    Well it’s the dominant, therefore the default, ideology. Cultural hegemony and all that.



    See also: the huns are the same club.

  27. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on




    As you know, for maybe the last 15 years….council housing is being demolished without replacement, its sink or swim in the new economy.


    You cant rent, pay 500-600 quid per month….well, f off then:)


    Its like a throwback Victorian economy….poor law, workhouse, prison, death….thats yer lot.


    As you say….Depressing.




  28. A Stor Mha Chroi on

    @jamesdoleman 45 seconds ago



    Findlay “The Rangers directors wanted to keep spending?”


    McGill, “wanted to follow the traditional model”


    Findlay “But there was no money”

  29. Taurangabhoy on

    Vfr800 Nobody really cares about their community or next door neighbor anymore in many of these estates.







    Couldn’t agree more. So why vote for the status quo. At least try something different! It can’t be worse than living under thatchers legacy.



    Ernie you need to get out more mate. Get some fresh air.

  30. ernie lynch



    Cultural hegemony and all that.





    Bingo. I seem to remember at least one commentator saying that New Labour’s rise to power was down to appealing to the emerging “average man” – the Mondeo driver.



    What’s the new emerging “average man”? The white van driver or the white haired Daily Mail reader?

  31. There was a mention, yesterday I think, at the High Court that the huns couldn’t get a consumer credit licence because of one of the directors (and this affected them being able to issue or use credit card facilities).



    Was anything made of that?

  32. UKIP’s DOUGLAS CARSWELL on TV right now,


    Despite ADMITTING his Party is now wiped out…” .he’s overjoyed at Tory gains as this now means that Theresa May will have a FULL MANDATE for a “HARD BREXIT”….The kind of BREXIT that UKIP WANTED ! “….unquote



    Hell mend those voters in Shettleston and Ferguslie Park Paisley……..I can now only imagine that other voters in Scotland ( especially Labour voters) will now be left with little or no choice but to vote for The SNP at the General Election…in order to get rid of the feckin Tories/UKIP ( Same Entity) out of Scotland.



    Independence ( warts and all)… is now the ONLY way forward for me….sadly Labour going further ” Doon The Stank”, locally and probably nationally ?




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